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Times Like These
By Ironline


Casey stomped through the door to her office and threw her briefcase on the leather couch; her perpetual bad mood was rolling off her in waves. The thoughts running through her mind were maddening as she paced the length of her office, so much so that she didn't notice the single white rose lying on her desk. As Casey paced she started to mutter under her breath "Waste of time, waste of time, I'm a time waster, I waste her time!" It was the end of her working day and the first time she'd had to reflect on the day's events, in fact the first time she'd stepped into her office that afternoon she'd been so busy. The conversation she had had with Olivia that morning played over and over in her head. She abruptly came to a stop as realisation hit "she said I was a waste of her time". Dejected Casey slumped into the chair behind her desk, "How could she think that, does this mean she wants out?" With a sigh Casey placed her head in her hands and groaned.

Meanwhile in the lobby Olivia entered the building, her purposeful stride belying none of the nervousness she was feeling inside. It was the third time she'd been in the building that day, the first time ended with her size seven in her mouth, although by the time she'd realised what she'd said it was too late, all she could see was Casey's retreating back. Her mind immediately went into overdrive on how to rectify what had happened. "Stupid, stupid, stupid, I can't believe I told her she was a waste of my time". This needed to be fixed as soon as possible. It had been two months since they'd officially started dating; it had been wonderful for them both, the added support of a lover through difficult cases and the benefit of not having to lie about her day because her lover would already know the gruesome details, alleviated an enormous amount of stress.

But her uncanny ability to say stupid things at stupid times was threatening to undo it all. The situation called for major damage control and Olivia knew just what to do; Casey had confessed a few weeks ago to being a hopeless romantic, so Olivia set her plan in motion and had returned a second time to find Casey wasn't in her office. Unable to wait too long she had decided to leave the rose on Casey's desk and placed the card over it. The reason for Olivia's nervousness was because she had expected Casey to call her and she hadn't heard a thing, which meant her plan had crashed and burned. Olivia slowed her pace as she reached Casey's office. The door was ajar so Olivia braved a peek around the doorframe into the line of fire; expecting a barrage of abuse she was surprised to find a dejected looking Casey slumped in her chair. Taking a tentative step forward Olivia leant against the door jamb, and noticed that the rose on Casey's desk had seemingly not been touched.

"Hey" with Olivia's greeting blue eyes looked up to meet brown.

"Oh detective, I thought you had better things to do with your time." Casey's tone was as hard as steel.

Taking a step into the office Olivia chose to ignore the comment and gestured to the rose on the desk, "did you notice your rose?"

Casey looked confused until she followed Olivia's line of sight; she was a little shocked to realise a rose had been there the entire time she'd been in the office, but before she could stop herself she replied "Liv, do you really think one rose is going to fix this!" still with a little edge to her voice, at the same time relief flooded through Casey as she realised Olivia did indeed want to fix this and that it wasn't over for them (although she retained the right to be fully pissed at Olivia).

Locking her soulful mocha eyes with the ADA's Olivia spoke,

"Casey, I chose a white rose because it represents the truth and purity. There's a card on top of the rose - will you read it, please."

Olivia's voice was soft but commanding, the same tone she would use with a victim, and that wasn't lost on Casey; she had a mind to refuse but that was just childish so she just nodded to Olivia, stood up and reached for the card. Opening the card she began to read:

If time could stand still with me in your arms, I'd happily stay there forever.

Because it's times like these that time flys by and I have no net to catch it with.

But only time will tell if this will last or if time will erode it,

And smooth the cut of you in my soul.

For now it will be wonderful to spend a little time in your arms,

There could be no better use of my time.


As Casey read the heartfelt card Olivia had made her way around the desk and stood directly in front of her. Casey looked up and smiled.

"Hey you're a poet and I bet you didn't even know it," Casey's sense of humor seemingly came out at the weirdest of times and this was no exception.

Realizing that the fire in Casey had been sated for the time being Olivia took the opportunity to ignite an altogether different fire. She stepped close to the ADA, consuming her personal space, looking deeply into her eyes and trying to convey her emotions.

"I meant every word" she put her arms around Casey's waist.

Acting of their own accord Casey's hands trailed up Olivia's arms and rested on her shoulders; they stayed like that for a while just content with looking into each others eyes, they stepped into each other at the same time and held each other tightly.

Olivia turned her head and whispered into the ADA's ear "there's no place I'd rather be than in your arms, my love."

Each movement of her lips brushed against Casey's ear, which caused Casey to shiver in response. Casey knew that this woman had truly conquered her; in a heartbeat Olivia could make her turn from angry to a molten puddle of desire with no effort only her presence. They turned at the same time and their lips met. The kiss was slow and sensual; it communicated emotions that hadn't yet been voiced only spoken with their eyes.

They say that home is where the heart is and to Casey and Olivia it sure felt like coming home.

The End

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