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By sHaYcH


"Honey, where's your blue shirt?"

"Which one, love?"

"You know the one... you wear it under the black pin stripe all the time."

"Oh, yeah, it's over there, why?"

"I want to wear it today."

"But I was going to wear it for court tomorrow."

"So we'll do laundry," Olivia said, as she slid her arms around Casey from behind and nibbled on her neck.  "Wearing your stuff is like having an all day hug."

Casey melted.

"Here," she said, handing over the garment in question. 

Liv took it and slipped it over her head.  "How's it look?"  She primped and preened, modeling the top for her lover.

Casey laughed.  "It looks fine, but if you don't want it to look fine on the floor, you'd better cut that out."

Olivia sauntered into her lover's arms.  "Oh?"  She tipped her head up and nipped Casey's chin.  "Wouldn't want to be late for work."

"Again," Casey whispered as her eyes closed in hedonistic delight.

The detective groaned.  "You would remind me."  She smacked Casey's bottom and scooted away before the taller ADA could retaliate.

Mock-glaring, Casey said, "I'll remember that."

"I hope you do," Liv replied in a teasing tone. 

Chuckling, Casey turned away and began to pin her hair up in a loose chignon.  When she was done, she reached down and picked up a long, reddish scarf and wound it about her throat. 

"Hey, isn't that-"

"Yours?  Yeah, but you never wear it anymore so..."

Olivia grinned.  Wrapping her arms around Casey, she said, "I wonder if they'll ever figure it out."

"What's that?" Casey replied as she turned and cuddled her lover.

"That we're wearing each other's clothes."

Casey snorted.  "They're guys, Liv.  They probably think we shop at the same stores."

Laughing, they exited Casey's apartment and headed for work.

"Don't look now, but I think there must have been a sale at Macy's recently - our clothes doubles are at it again," said Detective John Munch sotto voce to his partner, Fin Tutuola.

Fin just gave him a look like he was nuts.

Elliot, overhearing, turned to glance at his erstwhile partner and shook his head. 

"Women," he said with the air of one who has no clue.  "I thought there was some law against wearing the same thing as your best friend."

Fin's outraged glare turned to Stabler.  "You're both blind as bats."  Shaking his head, he said, "Ain't you two done never seen nothin'?"  As if completely unable to fathom the two other detective's idiocy, Fin shook his head and strode off toward the coffee bar.

"What?  What'd we do?" Stabler said, his face an innocent mask of confusion.

"Elliot, my friend, I believe we are, in the parlance, 'in the dark' with regard to some esoteric shade of our social structure.  Perhaps it is time for us to engage in that skill for which we are gainfully employed.  Namely, we should detect - ferret out the meaning of this strange phenomenon of our lovely ladies wearing garments of similar fashion and style whilst appearing to avoid any of the cattishness common to such faux pas," said Munch.

Elliot blinked and then shrugged.  "Or we can just forget it.  I mean, what do we care?  We're men.  To us, clothes are for one purpose - to sop of the stains from all the shit we spill on ourselves." 

At that moment, Captain Cragen came storming out of his office, the front of his shirt a ruined wreck of blue - obviously a pen had exploded, leaving the older man covered in ink.

With one eyebrow raised, Munch watched their commanding officer head for the bathroom and said, "You may be right, my friend.  You may be right."

The End

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