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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay kiddies this a Olivia/Alex. I have watched L&O SVU but I haven't seen all of them. This is from my mind and I realize that some of the events are weird but I have made few adjustments to my liking. I saw in one episode that Olivia's mother died. I'm keeping her alive, she does drink but she doesn't drink to a drunken state everyday. Also in my story, Olivia is 33, Alex is 31, Elliot, and the rest of the guys' ages I'll make up as I go along. I guess you can say everything is A/U. And this is my first ever fanfic so if you could give me some feed back that would be great. It can be good or bad I don't care, this idea just kept popping in my head. Oh yeah, this may get to be a NC-17, but for now it is more of a PG-13 to R.
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Music of a Relationship
By Teresa R.

Chapter I

Past 1981:

The day was a dreary, approaching the night and there with her mother a little girl stood, looking toward the sky on the outskirts of a small parks edge. A new snow was beginning to fall and ever so slightly pile onto the original two feet that had already fallen. It was one season that the girl loved the most, the winter, the turning of the season from warm to cold in general appeased her. There was always something about the snow that gave a sense of security, although the little one knew it was a lie, but the purity of it just gave her the best feeling inside, even if the situation wasn't as agreeable.

Off in the distance, a black car pulled up, sleek and powerful within itself but yet, a sad reminder at the same time. Out of one of the doors popped a little blonde girl completely fascinated with the snow as well as the new falling. She twirled in a circle unbeknownst to the onlooker that stood off in the distance with arms stretched out and a smile plastered on her face. Watching from the side of the car was a man, too tall for his own good, but exuded enough gentle characteristics to give off the aura of a grandfatherly type man gently watching as his granddaughter played about.

The brunette stood and watched mesmerized by the girl taking in all she could, all the snow, all the crisp air around her, all the things that she probably wouldn't see again and actually live in for a while. Completely wrapped up in her thoughts, she never saw her mother leak away and gather some snow up in a ball. Nor did she see the wind up of her mother and the release until she felt a thud at the back of her head.

"Mom!" she said as she turned around, forgetting about the girl.

"What? It's about time you took your eyes off that girl." she answered with another snowball in her hands.

"What's that supposed to mean?" building up some of the defensives.

"I'll love you no matter what." she stated with a loving smile on her face.

"I think...I think I already knew that but it is always nice to be told again." the girl gave a smug smile and looked away for an instant to watch the blonde again.

That's when she saw it, the man reached into his coat and pulled out a rather bulky device and put it to his ear. After a couple of nods of yes he put the device back into his coat and called to the girl. The girl was still having fun walking around in the snow when a look of despair crossed her face. Her head hung low as she walked back to the car, the man opened the door for her and she forced herself into the car. He shut the door, looked at the brunette and tipped his head. After that he wandered to the driver's side and drove away.

That's when another thud caressed the girl's back. She stood there for a while gathering a plan in her mind and then she bent down, picked up some snow and slowly turned around. Her mother stood in front of her while she packed together another ball of snow and said, "Now that I have finally got your attention, how about we drop these things and head home for a cup of cocoa?"

"Okay, but on one condition."

Wary of what that condition may be, the mother narrowed her eyes trying to read her daughter but to no avail.

"Okay, what is it?"

"THIS!" and with that proclamation the brunette launched the snowball at her mother and waited for the impact.

Her mother was ready and sidestepped the incoming ball, throwing hers in return fire. The girl saw this display of returned fire and ran toward her mother. Poised and ready for the full force her daughter would administer, she stood her ground like a rock. The little girl came forth and tackled her mother to the ground. Laughing in a fit of giggles and empty threats of "I'm so going to get you back!" filled the air.

The mood quickly changed as her mother looked into her face. Flash backs to that night flooded her memory as she stared at her daughter and her eyes, her face. Her happy face turned into one of sadness as she stared. The girl, knowing good and well that face her mother showed, began to stand. After dusting herself off of the snow did she lend a hand to her mother still lying on the ground. Gracefully she took it and stood up next to her daughter. Together they started walking in the direction of their home.

"Mom?" a tentative voice asked.


"I'm sorry, I forgot that I look like h..."

"Don't finish that sentence!" she snapped, causing the girl to cower away slightly before continuing, "I'm sorry, it's just, I don't know. How 'bout we just forget this and get that hot cocoa?"

Knowing her mother well enough, she agreed and mentally berated herself for causing the pain in her mother.

The rest of the night was filled with card games and card houses that never got past the second story. The blonde girl a distant memory as she tried to spend the rest of the night enjoying her time as she knew one day this memory of today would stay.

Chapter II

Present December 2004:

"Hey 'Liv, you in there?" Elliot asked as he waved a hand in front of his partner's face.

"Huh…what?" startled by the voice intruding on her thoughts.

Olivia had pulled a chair up to the window to watch as the snow fell upon New York. She loved the snow and she loved just sitting there and watching it for hours on end, and the rain too. The best times with her mother often occurred when it snowed, it was one interest about this phenomena that often had them both sitting by a window drinking cocoa silently and watching it.

"You spaced out and I've been trying to get your attention for the past five days." Elliot said sarcastically.

"Yeah right, you should try prying yourself and the guys away from a game on the T.V. Now that requires work." she countered.

Faced with the truth, Elliot cleared his mind and finally got to the question that he was going to ask.

"Munch and Fin are going on a coffee run since it has been abnormally quiet around here."

That was the truth, since coming in that morning not a single big case had graced its presence in the squad.

"Do you want anything?"

"Yeah, coff…no scratch that, hot cocoa."

He gave her a weird look but dismissed it as he smiled and left her to stare out the window again.

And that she did, until another voice interrupted her. Not a gruff one like Elliot's, but a soothing calm one that she loved to hear these days.

"Good afternoon Detective."

Olivia turned her head to the woman that the voice belonged to…Alex Cabot. With her arms still crossed she turned in her chair to give her full attention to the blonde.

"Likewise Counselor."

A smile crept onto the ADA's face as she deposited her briefcase on the ground next to her feet. Clad in another one of her power suits, with a black trench coat around her shoulders, she looked nothing but stunning ever since the first time Olivia laid eyes on her. Even now she looked stunning. Then she came to know the ADA in her glasses, and she was absolutely a goddess, but no glasses today.

"Coming back from court?"

"Yeah, guilty verdict but that was to be expected with the tape we had."

James Rogers raped and killed a woman in her apartment a week ago. Crime scene was a bloody mess on the bed particularly but James made a stupid mistake…apparently he loved to keep a video diary of his activities. In his haste, he forgot to take the camera with him, CSU found it and now he is sitting in a cell at Rikers for a very long time.

"Yeah, are criminals getting dumber and dumber or have they all just developed Alzheimer's?"

"Yeah they all seem to forget they will get caught by New York's Finest…sometime."

A laugh was exchanged between the two and more gentle bantering about the stupidity of crooks today continued until Munch and Fin came back from the caffeine run.

"Cabot, you're looking well, good to see you. I take it the verdict was a good but expected one?" Munch commented.

"Of course it was a guilty verdict and by the way, your charms are useless." Fin shot down Munch's swaying of the ADA that seemed untouchable.

"Well if my charms are useless, what makes you think that yours are going to work?"

"I don't. I'm just sayin' that because it seems that you have to be Olivia to actually have a real conversation with Cabot." Fin pointed out while handing Olivia her cup.

"You do know there is a procedure called sexual reassignment right? I'm sure you could opt for that." Munch said.

"Why I oughta…"

"Gentlemen please, let's not get into a fight about this." Alex reasoned.

"Yeah, it is just easier for us to talk since not many women are around to talk too in this line of work." Olivia also reasoned.

The reasoning seemed to work as both men debated it and finally saw the just of the statements. There was one thing missing to make the circle complete and that was Elliot, he was no where to be found in the room.

"Hey guys, where's Elliot?"

"Oh yeah, while we were in line, he got a phone call, one of the munchkins got sick at school so he had to go pick 'em up."

"Oh." was all Olivia had to say. She loved Elliot like the brother she never had, and she loved his kids just as much.

"Well if you will excuse me I'm going to go mindlessly surf the net to pass the time since nothing has come in."

As Munch turned to leave Fin shouted at him, "Porn doesn't count as surfing!"

"Aw man, always got to ruin my fun don't ya Odafin?"

"Yeah, but you know it's the truth."

Munch waved his goodbye, Fin excused himself to find something in the machines to eat with his coffee and then it was just two. By now Olivia was standing beside Alex holding the cup.



Both spoke at the same time and a small laugh escaped both of them as they motioned for the other to go ahead with what they were saying.

"Okay, since lunch has passed, how would you like to go out for a light lunch/dinner?" Alex asked hoping the answer would be yes.

Alex had come to like the detective standing in front of her from day one, albeit, she was a bit brash at the beginning but Alex knew she would have done the same thing if she was in the detective's position.

"Um…yeah sure that would be great, let me just get my coat."

After Olivia had gotten her coat she and the ADA exited the precinct and went in search of a small something to settle a small bit of hunger. The snow was still falling as they approached a small park's outer edge. The silence hung heavy still as they walked. Olivia immediately recognized the park from her childhood.

"I used to come here when I was little." she said as she pointed to the park.

Alex looked up at the direction Olivia was pointing. She too did recognize the park as well for she did visit it on occasion, even if it was a very rare occasion.


Olivia nodded and said, "Yeah, way back in the day."

"Oh come on," Alex laughed, "you can't be that old if I visited it "way" back in the day too." she said putting quotations around 'way'.

"You came here as a kid too?"

"Yeah, but it seemed it was never for more than five minutes."

"Really? I remember one time, when I was…like 10; me and my mom were walking home from taking a walk. We passed by here and I remember seeing a little girl jump out of a black car. But it wasn't for long, and I think she knew it." Olivia said remembering that evening.

Part 3

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