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Music of a Relationship
By Teresa R.

Chapter III

Alex walked in a daze trying to place what Olivia had just said. Then it hit her.

Past 1981:

It was 1981 and little Alex Cabot had been wanting to go to the park. Any park for that matter, just to a park. Her parents opposed it, they wanted her to stay inside, and kept citing that they were too busy to take her. She was resourceful and she had her driver Henry take her. Henry obliged and took her to a park, and it just so happened to be the one Olivia was at. She remembered catching sight of two other people at the park that evening. How they actually held each others attention, rather then the split-second attention she got when talking to her parents. It was something she longed for with her parents, but it never happened. She heard a trill go off near her and she began to run about the snow, taking up its essence because she knew it was time to go. Henry answered it reluctantly. He never liked the way the Cabot's treated their only daughter in the household.

"Alex, dear, it is time to go. I'm terribly sorry, I'm sure your parents feel the same as well."

"No, they don't, the only time they feel like me now is when a stock isn't going the way they want it too." little Alex said looking down while dragging her feet back to the car with the opened door.

Present 2004:

"You didn't happen to have on a black beanie did you?" Alex asked.

Olivia brought her head up at this, looking at Alex with confusion.

"Um…yeah, how did you know that?"

"I was the little girl you saw there all those years ago."

Chapter IV

Olivia was speechless, she couldn't say a word. She didn't know what to say, what could she say?

"Aren't you going to say something?"

"I was just thinking back to that night when my mom said 'No wonder rich kids are dysfunctional, they don't get to act like kids.'"

Alex stopped and looked at her, like she was just degraded.

"No! Not that I'm implying that you are dysfunctional, because you're not in any way dysfunctional, you're just Alex! I'm mean…you're not just Alex…you're smart, beautiful, wait!. . .that came out wrong, I didn't mean that. No, I mean you are smart and beautiful and…"


That voice, it could stop anything, even Olivia, waving her hands in the air trying to get a point across that hasn't come out yet.

"Sorry, I just remember that night like it was yesterday because…Never mind."

"Don't be sorry I thought it was cute."

And with that comment, Alex continued forward leaving Olivia to catch the flies, well really it was more like snowflakes, considering it is freezing outside. Once over her shock she took off to catch up to Alex.

The little deli was quaint, no too extravagant, not too shabby, a place Olivia thought she could eat at more often given the atmosphere it gave. The laid back deli caused all the wear and tear of anyone's job to lift off their shoulders and concentrate on what was happening now rather than the past or near future. The arrangement of chairs looked inviting and the table for two by the window was soon occupied by the two women of SVU.

"You can't be serious." Alex laughed.

"As serious as a heart attack, Elliot and Kathy have had me baby-sit for them."

"Oh my God, I cannot see you doing that."

"You'd be surprised by me."

"I'm sure I would."

The thought of Olivia baby-sitting Elliot's kids was surreal to Alex. She had never baby-sat for anyone; in fact, it was usually her who was baby-sat. Always having someone there for her that wasn't her mom or dad.

Their conversation over Olivia baby-sitting came to a close as a shrill rang through the deli. Both women checked their cell phones but it turned out to be Olivia's.

"It's me." she said holding up her cell, "Benson."

"Hey it's me Elliot. Listen, can you pick up Dickie's other half from school?"

"Um sure, do you want me to take her home?"

"Yeah, could you, Kathy and I are taking him to the doctor and I have a feeling, at the rate all these kids came in with the flu before us, it's going to be a while before we get out of here."

"Alright, I can do that, anything else?"

"I don't think so, if we aren't home by at least five could you maybe stay and guard the house?"

"Yeah, and good luck on getting out of there."

"Yeah, thanks, bye."

Olivia hung up and Alex looked at her with a face that said, 'I know I shouldn't pry, but I just have to'.

"So what's up?"

"Elliot and Kath are stuck at the doctor's office and they asked me to pick up 'Dickie's other half' from school."

"So what's her name or does she go by that?" she asked inquisitively while resting her chin on the palm of her hand as if intrigued.

"It's Elizabeth." Olivia stated, staring back at her trying to figure out just what she was trying to set her up for, but she had to pick up Lizzie. "Well I guess I have to go pick her up, school is almost out for her."

"Yeah I guess you do."

They stared at each other wanting to say more but nothing came to mind. Instead, Alex got up and Olivia followed suit. Once outside Olivia broke the silence, "I enjoyed this; we should do it again sometime."

Staring into the brown eyes she grown to…love? No, it wasn't love; Alex convinced herself…it was understanding? No,…respect? Alex had no name for it, she just knew that she enjoyed being with Olivia. Her presence made her day brighter, and brought a smile to her face. It was far beyond friendship and she knew it. It was just a matter of her saying it to herself.

"I did too, maybe some other time Detective?"

"Of course." answered Olivia as she hailed a cab for Alex.

A cab pulled up to the curb and Olivia stepped forward and opened the door for Alex to get in. When she saw that Alex made no move to get into the cab, Olivia gestured with her hand that she had hailed this cab for her. Alex got the hint and graciously took to open door to step into the cab. A smile was exchanged between them, not just any smile, but a smile that held feeling, feelings that needed to be discussed but probably wouldn't and not any time soon. Before Olivia closed the door she decided to take what ever they had between them and take it to a more personal level.

"And Counselor," she waited for Alex to look at her, "you don't always have to be so formal, Olivia will work just fine if that is okay with you."

Alex smiled, she always thought she should call Olivia by her first name rather than Detective, but she didn't want to come across as all play and no game. Her calling her detective had always been a façade, one she maintained because of the welcoming she got when first introduced to SVU.

"Alright Olivia, and it's not Counselor, it's Alex."

Olivia smiled with amusement and said, "Okay, Alex, I'll see you later."

With that Olivia shut the door and waved good-bye as the cab sped off, then she hailed a cab and headed over to Elizabeth's school to pick her up.

Part 5

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