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By mel



Serena Southerlyn glanced at her watch as she juggled a steaming latte, her satchel, a handful of mail and the keys to her office which she somehow managed to open without dropping anything or spilling her coffee on herself. The satchel fell to the floor beside her desk with a heavy thwump, the keys clattered across the desktop and came to a halt against a perilously leaning pile of folders, and the stack of mail landed in the middle of her blotter along with her coffee.

It was with a semi-frazzled sigh that she, herself, dropped into her chair. She knew that when they pressed for the speedy trial that things would be hectic, but the evidence was so overwhelmingly in their favor that it'd seemed like a solid strategy at the time. Now, now she was running on three hours of sleep and was seriously considering having an IV slipped into her arm to just pump the caffeine into herself intravenously.

She picked up her coffee and blew into the top of the paper cup before taking a sip as she began to sort through the mail and messages that had been left on Shannon's desk. She smiled at the sight of the new Burberry catalogue and slid it into her drawer to drool over later. She had just begun to shuffle through the remaining folders and slips when there was a knock on her door.

"Come in," she hollered, surprised that there was anybody here at six thirty in the morning who needed to see her.

"Ms. Southerlyn," a 1L stepped inside hesitantly. "This was just dropped off for you by courier."

Serena held her hand out and motioned the young woman closer. "What courier?"

"I don't know. Bill just said to get it up to you A-SAP, so here I am."

"Thanks," Serena muttered as she took the proffered envelope and flipped it open. "Oh holy mother of …," her rant was interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone.

"Care to inform me as to why I have just been handed a subpoena to appear as a witness for the defense in your rape case?" a familiar alto drawled.

Serena sighed. "I don't know Abbie, I just got Trevor's updated witness list handed to me. He's also added a nurse from the hospital to his arsenal as well. Do you have any idea what he's planning?"

"I'm not sure," Abbie sighed. "But my presence has been requested for tomorrow and Friday, so I'll head on up there tonight and we can sort through some theories then. Shit, I have so much goddamn work on my desk right now it isn't even funny. You focus on your case, I gotta go try and come up with some sort of explanation for Thomason as to why I've been summoned and need to return to New York for a trial I have no ties to."

"You have me," Serena smiled.

"Yeah," Abbie agreed, her voice softening at her girlfriend's reminder of how much she did have in New York. "Why is it that I'm hoping you having me isn't the reason I'm being called up there. Look, Ser, I need to go if I'm gonna make it up there tonight. I'll text you with my flight info when Janis sets it up."

"I guess I'll be seeing you tonight then," Serena murmured. "I gotta call Alex and let her know what's happening."

"Benson is going to go into overprotective guard dog mode. Good luck controlling those two. I'll be up as soon as I can."

"Thanks babe. I'll talk to you later," she hung up distractedly and immediately scrolled through her contact list to call Alex. "Pick up, pick up, pick up," she muttered as she paced back and forth in front of her desk. She watched distractedly as one particular pile of folders threatened to topple, but she was too concerned with trying to figure out what Trevor was up to to really care. "Dammit Alex, pick up!"

"Oh god, Liiiiiiiiiiiiv," Alex moaned, her hands tangling themselves in the sheets as her back arched up in pleasure.

"Is that your phone?" Olivia asked, pulling back slightly from the writhing blonde to listen.

Alex gasped at the sudden absence of pressure and looked down at her lover. "Do not stop," she growled, untangling one hand from the sheets to wrap it into messy brown locks and guide the woman's mouth back to where she need it. "Mmmm, so close," she moaned, her head dropping back to the pillows at the return of Olivia's tongue to her clit.

"Voicemail. Of course," Serena mumbled to herself as she listened to Alex's outgoing message. "Alex, it's me. That better be a damn good orgasm you're having right now to be ignoring your phone. Just got handed an updated witness list from the defense. Call me when you get this. Court starts at eight, so if it's after then leave me a voicemail and I'll call you back when I can breathe."

Olivia groaned in pleasure as she felt Alex's inner walls convulsing around her tongue. She placed one last adoring kiss to Alex's sex, smiling to herself at the small twitch and satisfied groan that the gesture brought, before she slowly ran her tongue up Alex's toned abs, through the valley of her breasts and up the graceful column of her throat before capturing her lips in a searing kiss.

Alex moaned into the kiss, delighting in the feeling of Olivia's body straddling her hips, reveling in the taste of herself on her lover's lips and tongue. "You are amazing," she murmured. "I could really get used to being woken up like that every morning."

"You definitely wouldn't hear me complaining," Olivia smiled and reclaimed the blonde's lips, groaning softly as she felt Alex's fingers trailing down her back.

"My turn," Alex grasped Olivia's ass and squeezed the firm muscles, using her grip along with her body to carefully flip Olivia over onto her back. "God Liv," she moaned as she felt Olivia's hips arch up into her, spreading a copious amount of wetness against her stomach.

"Alex," Olivia groaned, again shamelessly grinding herself up into her lover's stomach. She was so close, already so perilously close after making love to the beautiful blonde that she just needed … a … little … bit … more. "Christ," she gasped as she felt the wonderful friction of Alex's body pull away. "Please," she moaned, blindly reaching for Alex's hip in a failed attempt to regain that wonderful pressure against her straining clit.

"Shhh," Alex soothed as she dragged her fingertips down Olivia's torso, short nails scraping lightly against over sensitized skin leaving faint pink tracks across olive skin. "My turn," she murmured with an unmistakably feral glint to her eyes as she grasped Olivia's inner thighs and pulled them open wider.

"Lexxxxxxxx," Olivia hissed at the stretch, her hips rocking upwards in an ineffective search for contact, for pressure, for release.

"Mine," Alex whispered, her voice soft and reverent and oh so fucking possessive, as she lowered her body to the mattress and settled herself at the apex of Olivia's thighs. "Mine," she repeated herself, her breath dancing over her lover's pink swollen lips before she flicked the tip of her tongue lightly against the straining bundle at the top of Olivia's opening.

"Yessssss," Olivia moaned loudly at the fleeting touch.

"Mine," Alex purred, leaning in and sucking softly against Olivia's clit before quickly releasing the sensitized nub and running her tongue down through her lover's sex, moaning loudly at the heavenly flavor of Olivia's desire.

"Please Alex," Olivia gasped as she felt the blonde's tongue thrust inside her. She was close. So fucking close.

Alex looked up the length of her lover and could see, could literally see the way Olivia's muscles were coiled and ready, so fucking ready, to let go. She slowly slid two fingers into the brunette, moaning softly at the feeling of hot wet velvet surrounding her, clenching against her, drawing her in deeper.

Wanting to make Olivia see stars, Alex purposefully kept herself from setting any kind of rhythm. She thrust hard and fast, stroked slow and deep. Two fingers became three, and she almost came herself at the low deep guttural moan of pleasure that escaped Olivia at the surprise, but before the brunette could fully adjust to the feeling of fullness she withdrew two of the fingers and teasingly rocked in and out of Olivia's opening with the one finger that remained buried in hot velvet.

"Christ, Alex," Olivia groaned at her lover's playfulness. She was so close. She was right there on the edge and she just needed that little bit more to push her…

Alex, hearing the painful need in Olivia's voice, lowered her tongue to the brunette's throbbing clit and began laying light flicks across it as she added a second finger and purposefully curled them to rub over the ribbed patch at the top of Olivia's channel.

That little push was all Olivia needed as she felt her entire body seize before releasing in waves, in sharp, violent, pleasurable waves that rolled through her with such an intensity that she was left boneless and weak when the racking tremors finally subsided.

"Are you ready Counselor?" Liz Donnelly's voice snapped Serena out of her distracted haze.

"Hmm?" Serena arched her brows questioningly. She'd missed the Bureau Chief's question.

"I said, are you ready?"

"Yeah," Serena ran a hand through her hair. "I mean, I was. I mean, I think I am. I mean…"

"Holy hell woman, what's wrong?" Donnelly snapped.

"Got an updated list of defense witnesses delivered via courier this morning," Serena dug the envelope out of her satchel and handed it to Liz. "I've been trying to figure out what he's planning."

Liz scanned the page and Serena noticed the look of surprise that lifted the older woman's brows as she reached the bottom of the short list of witnesses. "Why in the world would he be summoning Abigail?"

"I don't know," Serena sighed.

"Mmm," Olivia moaned contentedly as she kissed the top of Alex's head. "You are … that was … wow."

Alex smiled and propped herself up onto her elbow to better look at her lover. "You're pretty wow yourself Detective. You ready to get up and face the day?"

"Does that mean laying in bed naked all day isn't an option?" Olivia murmured, lifting her head off the bed to kiss Alex soundly.

"Mmm," Alex moaned, her body instantly responding to the brunette's caress. "I thought you wanted to go by your place and pick up some clothes for tomorrow?"

"I don't want to," Olivia murmured as she traced delicate circles against the small of Alex's back. "But I don't think I should show up tomorrow in jeans and a leather jacket."

"Yes, but you look so hot in that jacket," Alex purred as she leaned in to kiss her lover hungrily.

"You're insatiable," Olivia chuckled.

"Are you complaining?"

"God no," Olivia smiled. "Just making an observation. You know, I am a Detective."

"Well, Detective," Alex kissed Olivia one last time before she climbed off of the bed. "I'm going to go take a shower – if your finely tuned investigative skills can help you find it, you are more than welcome to join me," she teased as she sauntered into the gleaming white bath without a backwards glance.

Serena glanced at her watch as she listened to Alex's phone ring through to voicemail, again. "Dammit – are you two still going at it? It's twenty till eight and I'm heading down to court, so I'm turning my phone off. Hopefully by the time we're at recess you two will be done fucking each other's brains out and you'll answer your phone. In case you can't tell, it's serious. Call me."

"So who called earlier when we were, um, busy?" Olivia asked as she walked into the kitchen to find Alex wrapped up in a fluffy white robe staring at her phone.

"What?" Alex asked, looking up at her lover with a look on her face that was a cross between embarrassment, amusement, and fear.

It was the fear, that tiny ember of fear, that made Olivia's heart skip a beat. She dropped the sweater that she was holding and quickly crossed the room to where Alex was sitting at the island. "What's wrong?"

Alex reached out and pulled Olivia in closer to her, wrapping her arms around Olivia's waist and burying her face in the crook of the brunette's neck. "Serena called twice, something about a change to Trevor's witness list. She sounded worried," she murmured, drawing strength from the warmth and solidity of the woman in her arms.

"So call her back and see what's going on," Olivia squeezed Alex gently.

Alex glanced up at the glowing green clock on the microwave. Seven fifty nine. "She's in court, her phone is going to be turned off. Brennan is a complete Nazi about phones ringing in his courtroom."

"All rise," the bailiff called out in an almost bored tone. "The Honorable Judge Brennan presiding."

Shit, Serena thought to herself as she pushed herself up out of her chair. Still no word from Cabot. She glanced over at Trevor Langan and had to fight to keep from scowling at the pompous ass and the smug smirk that she wanted to knock right off his face. Smarmy bastard. What are you up to Langan? She glanced quickly over her shoulder into the gallery and caught the eye of Liz Donnelly, her message clear in her gaze. Get me Cabot.

Liz nodded and pulled out her phone as she quickly stood and left the crowded courtroom. As soon as she cleared the heavy double doors she dialed up Alex and hit send. "Get your face out from between Benson's legs and answer your damned phone Alexandra," she muttered into the cell as it began to ring.

"Just call her and leave a voicemail," Olivia murmured as she rubbed Alex's back reassuringly. "The trial just started – it can't be that bad. Tell her that we'll meet her at her office at the lunch recess and that we'll have food with us. She can update us then."

Alex nodded and was in the process of dialing Serena's number when her phone rang.

"Is that the Poltergeist theme?" Olivia cocked her head inquisitively.

"Yeah," Alex smiled.


"Nope – that's Liz's tone," Alex chuckled softly in spite of the knot of worry that had developed in the pit of her stomach. "Liz, what's going on?" she answered the call.

"Did you get Serena's message?" Liz asked without preamble.

"Yes, I was just about to call her back and leave her a message," Alex answered. "Do you know why she called?"

"Trevor subpoenaed Abbie Carmichael and a nurse from the hospital, um," the Bureau Chief paused to recall the woman's name, "Heather Finnerty, if I remember correctly. We need to figure out what that sad excuse for a human being is planning – how fast can you two get to my office?"

"Um, an hour?"

"What's going on?" Olivia whispered.

"I'll be waiting for you."

Alex frowned as she set her phone down on the counter. "We need to go down to Hogan to meet with Liz," she answered Olivia's question. "Trevor notified the court of a couple new witnesses this morning."


"Abbie and one of our nurse's from the hospital. Do you remember a nurse Finnerty? Heather Finnerty?"

"I don't know," Olivia ran a hand through her still slightly damp hair, mussing it in what Alex thought was the most adorable way. "I was a little preoccupied with this hot little blonde that was insisting on climbing into bed with me."

"Hey! You invited me into bed with you!"

"Mmm," Olivia smirked. "You liked my pillows. Why Abbie?"

"I don't know," Alex sighed heavily as she got to her feet. "I need to get dressed."

"Hey," Olivia murmured, placing a finger under the blonde's chin and demanding eye-contact. "We'll figure this out."

"I know," Alex shrugged.

"Alex," Olivia ducked her head to recapture her lover's gaze. "I love you."

"I love you too Liv," Alex answered softly before capturing Olivia's lips in a gentle caress. "I better get changed," she murmured as she pulled away.

Olivia sighed as she leaned down to pick up her discarded sweater off the floor, hating Trevor Langan more than ever for taking the happy loving glow out of Alex eyes and replacing it with what could only be described as fear and uncertainty. She pulled the red sweater over her head and ran her hands through her hair, taming any strands that might have become disheveled before heading into the living room in search of her boots. She had a feeling it was going to be a very long day.

Olivia was staring out the floor to ceiling windows overlooking Central Park trying to remember anything, anything about the nurse Liz had said was subpoenaed, when she heard Alex call out softly, "Ready to go?"

"Yeah," she turned to face her lover, noticing the way Alex's fingers played with the collar of the sweater she still held in her hands. She drank in the sight of Alex in her casual black slacks, pink oxford, and her golden blonde hair pulled up in a messy twist. Exquisite. "Are you?"

"Don't have a choice," Alex shrugged halfheartedly as she pulled the cream sweater over her head. "I can't wait for this madness to be over," she muttered as she adjusted the collar of her shirt that was now poking out of the neck of her sweater before slipping her glasses back on.

"C'mere," Olivia murmured as she crossed the room and pulled the blonde into her arms. "Whatever happens, happens. You know Trevor – he likes to try and shake things up. Likes to try and pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat. Especially when he doesn't have a case. Which, he doesn't. The DNA on this one alone is enough to put this guy away for a very long time."

"I just wish I knew why he subpoenaed Abbie," Alex murmured into the hollow of Olivia's throat, drawing a distinct measure of comfort and strength from the familiar scent of sandalwood and leather that was so distinctly Olivia.

"Well, why don't we get down to Liz's office to see what's going on then? I called El and asked him to pull anything he could find on the nurse that Trevor added to his witness list – her schedule, when she was in our room, etcetera, and he's going to meet us at Donnelly's office."

"Alright," Alex agreed as she lifted her lips to press a soft kiss to the underside of Olivia's jaw. "Let's get going."

Alex and Olivia entered Liz Donnelly's office to find the older blonde standing behind her desk, palms flat on the blotter, completely focused on whatever was on the pages that she was studying. Alex nodded her head toward the couch, silently directing Olivia toward the leather sofa as she closed the door behind them.

"What do you have?" Alex asked after the door clicked shut.

Liz looked up and blew her bangs out of her eyes. "Detective Stabler just dropped this file off on his way to a scene. Heather Finnerty was the nurse on duty the morning you decided to demand your accommodations changed from the private room set up by Judge Hermann to the semi-private room that was occupied by one Detective Olivia Benson."

"Well, at least it isn't Nurse Ratchet," Alex mumbled as she dropped onto the couch next to Olivia.

"Do I want to know?" Liz groaned.

"I may have thrown up on her shoes in my rush to get down to Olivia," Alex answered with a small grin. "But this Nurse Finnerty, I don't remember her. I'm not even sure as to why she would qualify as a witness in this case, honestly. She may have observed us after the attack – but she has nothing to contribute to evidence as it pertains to the attack itself so why was she even allowed? Both her and Abbie should be disallowed as witness due to their lack of personal knowledge regarding the crimes."

"She's been called as a character rebuttal witness. As has Ms. Carmichael," Liz sighed. "And I don't see how it's relevant either. The only thing that makes even a modicum of sense is that Trevor is going to use them to try and discredit your testimony."

"But that's ridiculous," Olivia grumbled. "Our testimony is going to be restricted to the night of the attack – what happened, when we were approached, and so on and so forth. He was caught in the act of assaulting an officer of the court," she pointed towards Alex, "and assaulting a police officer with a deadly weapon by a NYPD Detective. He was caught red handed. Never mind the fact that once he was in custody we were able to compel a DNA sample from him that then matched him to the three prior victims."

"I can't believe Trevor is actually taking this thing to trial," Alex mumbled as she massaged her temples. "It's suicide. Usually he has more sense than to try something this stupid."

"Is there any way to force Brennan to excuse them as witnesses?" Olivia asked.

Liz shook her head. "Not if they're character witnesses. The defense is allowed to call whomever they wish to refute evidence put into record by the prosecution. Thank the sixth amendment for that one."

"It's going to be a hailstorm of objections as soon as Abbie gets up there," Alex groaned. "There's no way Serena is going to let him just go after Abbie."

"Maybe that's what he wants," Olivia thought aloud. "It's not a secret that Abbie was quite the playgirl when she was here and Serena – while not in the closet – hasn't exactly hidden her preferences either. Maybe he wants to discredit Serena, not us. Try and show that the prosecutor is biased because she herself is a lesbian. You know, the typical defense bullshit of look what this hand is doing while I fuck you with this other one."

Alex and Liz stared at the Detective.

"What?" Olivia frowned.

"You might be onto something there Detective," Liz murmured thoughtfully.

"But he has no relevant grounds upon which to question with whom Abbie is in a relationship with," Alex shook her head. "Even if he's stupid enough to ask the question, it's an easy objection to win. And still, why the nurse?"

"She probably witnessed us cuddling in my bed," Olivia shrugged.

Alex looked up and frowned. "But, again, he has no grounds upon which to bring that into evidence."

"Well, beyond the chance that she might have seen you drooling on my boob, I can't think of anything that she'd have to offer. It's not like either of us were in good enough condition for a rousing game of naked twister when we were in the hospital – how much harm can she do?"

"Don't!" Alex and Liz glared at Olivia.


"Don't jinx it Benson," Donnelly scowled. "Christ, is there not one superstitious bone in your body?"

Olivia was about to apologize when Liz's phone beeped. The Bureau Chief picked up the Blackberry and glanced at the screen, then her watch, and then back at the screen and frowned.

"What?" Alex and Olivia asked.

"That was fast," Liz murmured as she quickly typed out her response. "Update from Southerlyn. Opening statements are done. Responding officers for each of the rapes are up next."

Alex glanced at Olivia's watched and nodded. "They're moving quick. Makes me really wonder what Langan is up to – he usually likes to showboat and take his time."

"Well, let's get back to work combing through these files – there's gotta be something here that we're missing," Liz instructed, effectively putting Alex and Olivia to work.

An hour and no new ideas later Liz's phone buzzed again and she read the message off with a small smile. "She's putting Warner on the stand now."

"Too fast," Alex murmured to herself as she leaned back on the couch and tried to sift through the series of events from their stay at the hospital. There had to be something that they were missing.

"Your Honor," Serena pushed up from her seat and rounded the prosecution's table. "The People would like to call Doctor Melinda Warner as an expert witness as it pertains to the evidence recovered in these cases."

"Mister Langan?" Brennan looked over at the defense table.

"The defense stipulates that for the scope of this trial that Doctor Warner qualifies as an expert witness," Trevor drawled.

"Could you please state your name and occupation for the court," Serena prompted Melinda Warner through the obligatory expert witness qualification questions.

"Melinda Warner, Medical Examiner for the City of New York."

"Doctor Warner," Serena continued without looking away from the jury as she asked her next question. "Could you please walk us through how, exactly, DNA evidence was collected from each of the victims."

"Of course," Melinda nodded. "Rape kits were performed on each of the victims. The first step of the process is to have the victim disrobe while standing over a large piece of examination table paper to catch any and all debris that might have become entangled in their clothing. Once removed, each article is placed into a plastic bag and sealed to preserve any evidence that might be on the fabric."

"Evidence such as what?" Serena prompted, noting the already slightly glazed look of the second juror from the left in the back row.

"Hairs, fibers, bodily fluids," Melinda offered easily.

"So after the clothing is collected what happens next?"

"The physician conducting the examination takes notes of any and all lacerations, abrasions, bruises. Then those injuries are photographed for evidence."

"So after the victim is forced to strip and have pictures taken of their injuries, what is the next step?"

"Examination of the stomach, groin, inner thighs, vaginal area with a Wood's lamp."

"And what is that?" Serena walked Melinda through the familiar pattern of questions.

"Kind of like a black light. Semen and other bodily fluids light up under it so that the samples may be swabbed and submitted for DNA comparison. The pubic hair of the victim would then be combed with a sterile comb to check for any other trace evidence that might have become trapped in the hair. Once the external exam the doctor then performs an internal exam," Melinda continued without prompting. "Checking for tears to the hymen, if the victim was a virgin before the event, bruising of the vaginal walls, the condition of the victim's cervix. Trauma to any of these places would be indicative of sexual trauma. The vagina would then be swabbed for fluids and then aspirated, the aspiration fluids would then suspended in a wet slide for microscopic examination. Samples of all fluids would be submitted for DNA testing."

"Anything else?" Serena asked.

"The underside of the victim's fingernails would be scraped, her fingernails clipped and bagged as evidence."


"In case the victim fought her attacker," Warner explained. "If she scratched him there would be skin cells left under her nails. DNA evidence is the most precise way to identify a victim's attacker."

"I see," Serena nodded for show before continuing. "And did the three women who were raped have any DNA evidence left on or inside them?"

"They did," Melinda nodded. "Each kit came back with semen samples that we were able to run through our DNA database."

"And what did you find when you ran the DNA?"

"That it wasn't it in the database," Melinda answered. "But they all matched. Each victim was attacked by the same man."

"If the samples recovered weren't in the database, how can you be so sure that Mister Walker was their attacker," Serena connected the dots for the jury.

"A sample was retrieved from Mister Walker via court order once he was arrested for assaulting a police officer and an officer of the court during the course of another attempted rape."

"And that sample collected from Mister Walker once he was in police custody matched the samples stored in the database that were submitted from each of the women's rape kits."

"It did. It was a perfect match."

"Thank you Doctor Warner," Serena offered Melinda a warm smile. "No further questions your honor."

"Mister Langan?" Brennan nodded toward Trevor.

"No questions, your Honor," Trevor replied. He wanted to argue something there, but the officers who testified to the chain of evidence from the scenes to the hospitals to the transfer of collected evidence to the Medical Examiner's office left him no room to play without making him look like a complete ass. Stupid kid should have taken the deal that he was offered, this case is air tight, he shifted slightly in his seat and picked up his pen in a show of being ready to take notes on what the ADA's next witness testified to.

"Are you sure Counselor?" Brennan questioned.

"Yes your honor," Trevor nodded.

"Very well," Brennan frowned. "As it is now eleven forty five, court will adjourn until one o'clock for lunch," he tapped his gavel authoritatively.

"All rise," the bailiff bellowed.

Everybody stood and watched Judge Brennan make a hasty retreat to his chambers. As soon as he was gone the people in the gallery began to shuffle out and the bailiff lead the jury back to the jury room while officers collected Chase Walker and led him back to one of the meeting rooms reserved for defendants down by the holding cells.

Serena gathered her notes and stuffed them into her satchel, eager to get up to Liz's office to see what theories had been hashed out while she was busy presenting the People's case.

"Smooth walkthrough of evidence recovery," Trevor smiled at Serena as he too packed up his bag.

"Thank you?" Serena's reply came out as more of a question.

Trevor nodded. "You received our updated witness list via courier this morning?"

"I did," Serena nodded, surprised that he was bringing it up. "I was surprised you provided as much notice as you did. The new names were a bit of a surprise," she continued, hoping he would offer some sort of insight into why exactly those two witnesses were added.

Trevor had the decency to look mildly abashed. "I'm sure they were," he conceded.

"Why?" Serena couldn't help asking, figuring that this whole conversation was surreal enough – she might as well press her luck and see what else Langan would offer up.

"Suffice to say," Trevor answered carefully, "there are some clients that one takes on in private practice that seem like a good idea in the beginning that then morph into a complete nightmare and you end up in court with your hands tied and very few options available to you. Have a nice lunch Ms. Southerlyn," he nodded, almost to himself, as he left the room.

"How'd it go?" Alex asked as she watched Serena walk into Liz's office.

"Good," Serena shrugged and dropped her coat and briefcase on the floor next to the door. "Smooth, really," she frowned thoughtfully.

"What?" Liz asked, noting how the ADA's attention was focused not on them but on something in her head. "Southerlyn!" she bellowed when her original question failed to elicit a reply.

"You two should get changed for court," Serena turned her attention to Alex and Olivia. "This thing is moving fast. Trevor isn't really putting up much of a fight on cross. I already sent word to Elliot that he would probably hit the stand this afternoon. I want you two ready to go just in case as well."

"Okay?" Alex frowned.

"I need you two to go now so I can talk to Liz, she's been an invisible second chair on this one, and as witnesses you can't hear what we need to discuss now."

"Why?" Olivia asked.

Serena looked at Alex pleadingly, her eyes begging for them to leave so they could get to work. "As witnesses and victims in this case, we are not privy to any information regarding the case beyond the scope of our testimony and that of any individuals called to rebut our testimony," Alex told Liv quietly.

"But I always know what's going on when I'm called," Liv argued.

"Liv, you're not being called as a detective on the case this time. Anything pertaining to the defendant would have been obtained after you were shot seeing as these were all John Doe rapes until that night. Therefore you were not involved in the investigation into Walker's background and, by that argument, you are not privy to the information gathered from it. Besides, if we're going to get lunch and swing by both of our places to change – we need to get going," Alex stood and held her hand out to help Olivia up.

Olivia took the proffered hand and frowned.

"Liv," Alex sighed. "Would you rather stay here and go over boring legal issues or do you want to go get some lunch with your incredibly hot girlfriend and watch her change clothes?"

"No wonder you upped SVU's conviction rate so much Alexandra," Liz chuckled. "That is quite the compelling argument. Detective Benson, I suggest you have Ms. Cabot contact that incredibly hot girlfriend of yours that she mentioned so you can get some quality ogling in before your presence is required in court."

"Liz!" Alex laughed.

"Get out of here you two," Serena smiled, her expression softening her words. "Meeting room F is ours for the duration of the trial."

Alex smiled her thanks at Olivia as she sashayed through the door that her lover held open for her. "So what do you want to do for lunch?" she asked as they made their way down the hall toward the elevators.

Olivia smirked as she took a quick look around to make sure that she wouldn't be overheard. "I dunno," she drawled playfully. "How about … you? With a side of you, and then maybe a little you for dessert?"

"I see," Alex laughed as she punched the call button for the elevator. "And you say I'm the one who's insatiable," she murmured, watching Olivia's shit-eating grin grow larger in the reflection of the elevator doors. "Unfortunately I don't think we have that kind of time today."

Olivia laughed and was about to respond to Alex's accusations when the elevator dinged and the doors opened to reveal a three quarter-full car. They joined the throng without a word, nodding silent greetings to the few individuals with whom they were familiar, their teasing conversation halted in deference to decorum. Their shoulders bumped slightly when the crowd shifted and the overwhelming urge to just reach out and touch the other saw Olivia shoving her hands into her pockets and Alex crossing her arms over her chest in an attempt to fight that urge. It was in this manner that they joined the other occupants in staring at the display above the doors counting down the floors until they were able to exit to the marble tiled lobby.

"What if we picked up some sandwiches from Giovanni's and take them back to your place?" Olivia offered as she followed Alex across the lobby toward the revolving doors leading to the street.

"That could work," Alex nodded thoughtfully. "You sure you wouldn't want to eat out though? I mean, we've been pretty well house bound for the last week."

Olivia smiled as she lifted her hand and let out a shrill whistle to hail a cab. A yellow sedan separated itself from traffic and pulled to a stop at the cub in front of them. She opened the door for Alex to climb in first, following suit once the blonde had scooted across the seat. "I'm sure," she leaned in and whispered into Alex's ear. "This way I might still have a chance at dessert."

Alex's responded with a loud throaty laugh and a shake of her head. "Ahh, I see."

"I don't see how in the world you think you can eat this," Alex frowned as she carefully cut Olivia's meatball sub into more manageable pieces. Only Olivia would think that a meatball sub was a good idea when she still only had use of one arm. "You only have one hand and you ordered what has to be the messiest sandwich ever invented."

"Thank you," Olivia smiled at Alex as the blonde set the knife down on the side of her own plate. "Giovanni's makes the best meatball subs though," she rationalized as she picked up a piece of her sandwich and took a gigantic bite. Rivers of marinara shot out the sides of the roll as she squeezed it between her fingers, but years of practice had Olivia leaning over her plate so the globular drops fell onto her plate instead of her lap.

"Uh huh," Alex replied skeptically.

"Mmm," Olivia moaned appreciatively as she chewed. "Almost as delicious as you are," she smirked.

"Liv," Alex admonished as she set her turkey club croissant down onto her plate and delicately wiped at the corners of her mouth with her napkin.

"What?" Olivia replied, her brown eyes twinkling with amusement. "It's true."

"Well then I guess it's a good thing that we don't have to be back at the courthouse precisely when the trial will reconvene for the afternoon session, isn't it?" Alex arched a perfectly sculpted brow questioningly.

"That is indeed a very good thing," Olivia nodded her agreement, a silly grin tweaking her lips as she stared at Alex. Her attention was so completely focused on the regal blonde beside her that she failed to notice the trails of sauce that were running down her wrist and onto her sleeve.

"And you know what's even better?" Alex grinned as she picked up her sandwich, realizing that Olivia was oblivious to the mess she was becoming.


"That I have a washer and dryer right down the hall."

"You wanna do it on the washer?" Olivia frowned. "Kind of strange, but okay," she shrugged.

"While that does sound adventurous," Alex laughed as she waved her hand at Olivia's. "I meant that your sweater will be ruined if we don't get it in the wash soon."

"Oh," Olivia looked at her stained sleeve. "At least it's a red sweater," she shrugged and licked the trail of sauce off her wrist.

"I did provide you with a napkin," Alex shook her head as she pointed at the paper napkin that was sitting on the table beside Olivia's plate.

"Yeah," Olivia smirked. "But I gotta keep my tongue in shape," she waggled her brows suggestively.

"Oh my god," Alex laughed. "That was bad Liv."

"You like it."

"Just don't waste all those licks on your wrist Detective," Alex purred as she lifted her sandwich. "I have plans for that tongue."

"Ummmm," Olivia swallowed hard before she regrouped enough to reply, "I will certainly take advice that under consideration then Counselor."

Olivia finished rinsing off the last of the lunch stuff and set it into the dishwasher, using her foot to lift the door before she bumped it shut with her hip. She absentmindedly wiped the residual wetness off her hand onto the back of her jeans as she padded down the hall toward the bedroom where Alex had disappeared into to choose her clothes for the afternoon.

"Do you really think we're going to get called today?" Olivia asked as she paused to lean against the doorframe.

"I sincerely doubt it," Alex's voice answered from the dark depths of her massive walk-in closet. "Which one?" she asked as she walked out holding a navy suit in one hand and a black pinstripe in the other.

"Neither," Olivia replied, her smile wolfish and her eyes hungry as she pushed off of the doorframe and stalked into the room.

"Why?" Alex frowned as she surveyed her selections. They were both perfectly fine suits and she knew she looked good in either of them.

"I haven't had my dessert," Olivia licked her lips.

Alex paused as she felt her sex clench at her lover's statement. "I see," she murmured as she turned to hang the suits on the door to the bathroom before turning to face Olivia. "Then I guess the most prudent course of action would be to correct that unintended egregious oversight as soon as possible, wouldn't it?" she asked as she placed her hands on her hips and smiled.

"Alex," Olivia groaned as she gathered the willowy blonde in her arms. "I want to slowly strip these clothes off you – running my lips, my teeth, and my tongue over you as I move down your body. I want to cradle your gorgeous breasts in my hands as I take your nipples in my mouth and tease them until you're moaning my name in pleasure," Olivia murmured playfully against the shell of Alex's ear, her hold on the blonde tightening as she felt Alex shudder slightly and heard her moan softly at her words. "I want to lay you down on that bed," she nodded toward the piece of furniture in question as she brushed her lips against Alex's neck, "and taste you. Run my tongue over and around and through your very center. I want to plunge my tongue into you as deep as I can. I want to gather you in my mouth and suckle gently as I bring you to the apex of pleasure and hold you there, right on the edge where your legs and tingling and your body feels like every nerve ending is on fire until you literally beg me to let you fall. Could you please, please, please, not make it sound like some sort of legal recourse that is to be considered and amended?"

Alex nodded and swallowed thickly. "Okay," she husked.

"I can't believe we lost track of time like that!" Alex groaned as she dropped into the cab. "Seriously Liv, the afternoon session started almost an hour and a half ago!"

Olivia arched her back in a slow sensual stretch and smiled. "We're fine, baby. Serena has two witnesses to talk through and Elliot before she will get to either of us."

"And if Trevor continues to not ask any questions on cross?" Alex muttered as she fidgeted with her glasses.

Olivia's smiled faded as she considered that fact. "We'd better hurry," she agreed as she pulled out her phone to send a quick note to her partner. Are on our way to my place to change. If you get called before we get there – STALL!

She finished sending the message and looked out the window at the traffic surrounding them. At least, she thought to herself, it's midday and it's not as bad as it could be. "Hey buddy," she tapped on the plexi to get the driver's attention. Once he looked back she flashed her badge. "There's an extra twenty in a tip for you if you get us there in ten."

The cabbie grinned a gap toothed smile and nodded. "You got it lady."

"Make yourself at home," Olivia smiled she dropped her keys into the bowl on the console table next to the front door. "I'll only be a minute," she pressed a soft chaste kiss to Alex's cheek as she made her way past the blonde en route to her bedroom.

"Ah, Detective," Alex teased. "You don't want me to 'help' you get changed?"

"I want," Olivia assured the blonde with a smile. "But you're the one who so responsibly pointed out that court reconvened about ninety minutes ago. I think it'd be best to just get a move on this time," she hollered over her shoulder as she disappeared into her bedroom to select something suitable for court.

"Don't forget to pull something for tomorrow as well," Alex called down the hall as she perused Olivia's library, smiling indulgently at the number of paperback crime novels gathering dust on the shelves.

It was strange to be at Olivia's place, Alex couldn't help feeling as she scanned the names of familiar authors. She'd gotten so comfortable with the brunette being at her apartment that she'd forgotten that it was temporary.

What will happen when she comes back here? Alex thought as she moved to stare out the window onto the somewhat grimy street below. Will I ever see her when we go back to work and our phones start ringing at all hours of the day and she comes back here to sleep at night?

Olivia quickly pulled a pair of black trousers off their hanger and dropped them onto her bed before she turned back to the closet to retrieve her suit jacket and a shirt. She quickly stripped off her more casual clothes, kicking them off to the side of her dresser before pulling on her slacks and shirt. The jacket was next, and then she carefully slid her arm back into her sling and reached behind her head to adjust the strap for comfort. She walked out of her bedroom adjusting the sleeves of her maroon turtleneck, tugging gently at the ribbed fabric to get them to hang 'just so' out of the ends of her suit jacket. She spied Alex standing at the window, hands clasped behind her back in what was her prototypical 'thinking' pose.

"Penny for your thoughts," Olivia asked as she sat down on the couch to slip her boots on.

Alex turned to face her lover and smiled. "Just thinking," she shrugged.

"I know," Olivia tilted her head questioningly. "You okay?"

"Fine," Alex smiled. "Ready?"

Alex waited for Olivia to pass through security before she led the way down the hall toward the meeting rooms in search of the room that Serena had reserved for use during the trial. Her stride was purposeful, the rhythmic clicks of her heels against the floor tapping out her I'm gonna kick some ass cadence, her shoulders were set and she had a look of concentration on her face that practically shouted for everybody to leave her alone. Olivia, in awe of the powerful blonde as always, followed obediently a few steps behind, her hands shoved into her jacket pockets as she watched the delicate sway of Alex's hips as the blonde strutted down the hall.

"It's down here," Alex called quietly over her shoulder as she led the way down a small offshoot corridor that was lined with meeting rooms.

Olivia just smiled to herself and followed the energized blonde. Damn I love her in heels, she thought to herself as she again let her eyes fall to the spectacular sway of Alex's hips.

Alex paused with her hand on the knob to meeting room F and turned to face her trailing lover. "Did you see something you liked, Detective?" she murmured, her eyes twinkling with suppressed laughter.

"Absolutely," Olivia growled softly. "This skirt … the way it hugs your ass … and those heels … I'm a little wet just from watching you," she murmured playfully.

Alex bit her lip and looked down in a moment of embarrassment before she looked up and looked deep into Olivia's eyes as she replied, "I'm a little wet from feeling you stare at me like that," before she threw open the door and strode purposefully into the small rectangular room.

"Fuck me," Olivia exhaled as she followed Alex's path, thankful for the fact that her jacket would hide her now painfully erect nipples.

"So," Elliot grinned as Olivia closed the door tight behind her. "What took so long? Get caught up at church again?"

"Shut up Elliot," Olivia blushed.

Elliot laughed at his partner's embarrassment and kicked a chair out at her. "Have a seat and make yourself at home stud, Serena just called the second victim twenty minutes ago."

Alex glanced at her watch as she set her satchel down onto the conference table. "So the first vic was on the stand for a little over an hour? I guess that means Trevor actually did something on cross. Any word on what he asked?" Alex asked as she set her satchel down on the floor and gracefully lowered herself into the empty chair at the head of the table.

"Nothin," Elliot shrugged.

The three of them made generic small talk as they waited for the fated knock on the door to summon Elliot to give his testimony. Finally, after what seemed an eternity but was, in all actuality, only about forty five minutes, the expected knock finally echoed through the room.

"Detective Stabler, they're ready for you," one of the security personnel called through the closed door.

Elliot stood and slipped his arms into his jacket. "Alright. I'll see you ladies when I'm done."

"Good luck El," Olivia gave her partner a high five before he headed out the door. "So what do we do now?" she asked after the door had slammed shut.

"Anything G rated that you can think of to keep busy," Alex replied as she pulled a book out of her satchel. "You want the book you had me grab for you?"

Olivia blew out an exasperated breath as she ran a hand through her hair and nodded. "Yeah. I hate waiting out here, why can't we at least sit and watch what's happening."

Alex shrugged as she flipped open her book. "Mostly because I don't want us to be a distraction to the proceedings. Serena usually tries homicides, not sex crimes, so I don't want her in there thinking that I'm in the back row second guessing her. And, by us staying out until we're needed, it steals any argument Trevor might have about my presence unduly prejudicing the jury to his client. You saw the papers that Serena showed us, we made front page of the Times; if we were to sit and observe the entire trial Trevor could try and argue that just by our presence in the courtroom we swayed the jury against his client."

"So it's safer this way," Olivia summarized Alex's argument into a handful of words.

"Basically," Alex nodded. "Yes."

"Could you please state your name and occupation for the court," Serena asked the standard opening question of her new witness after he was sworn in.

"Elliot Stabler, Detective with the Sixteenth Precinct, Special Victims Unit."

"And what is the Special Victims Unit?"

"We deal with sex crimes," Elliot answered simply as he sat back in the chair and got comfortable, easily answering each of Serena's questions about the investigations into the prior rapes.

"So, because of the physical similarities of the victims your unit decided that an undercover operation would be the best approach to catching their attacker."


"Whose help did you enlist to perform this operation?"

"Our ADA, Alex Cabot."

"Was that your decision?" Serena asked, trying to head off what she imagined Trevor's line of questioning to be.

"We decided as a team that ADA Cabot best fit the description of the prior victims."

"So you approached her about assisting the squad?"

"We sent Detective Benson to ask her."

"Why is that?" Serena tilted her head for dramatic effect. "As the lead on the case wouldn't it have been your responsibility?"

"We work as a team," Elliot replied smoothly. "And as ADA Cabot would be accompanying Detective Benson into the club, we thought it best that Detective Benson seek out her assistance."

"And ADA Cabot agreed to go undercover?"

"She did."

Serena nodded and began questioning the protocol followed by the unit, where backup was situated during the operation, how Alex and Olivia were monitored once they were inside the club.

"What happened after ADA Cabot and Detective Benson left the club that night?"

"I called Detective Tutuola over the radio and let him know that the agents inside the club were leaving and he headed off to the rendezvous point to wait for me to swing by with the van to pick him up."

"And what did you do?"

"I remained in position in the van listening to Detective Benson and ADA Cabot as they left the club as I waited for them to get to ADA Cabot's vehicle that was parked behind the van."

"And where, exactly, was the van parked?"

"About half a block down from the club. It gave me a good position to observe the front entrance without drawing too much attention to the surveillance van."

"I see. So what happened as you listened to ADA Cabot and Detective Benson walk the short distance to their vehicle?"

"They were approached by a male who made a suggestive comment regarding ADA Cabot's ability to 'help him'."

"How did ADA Cabot respond to that?"

"She didn't have a chance. I heard a shot fired and immediately abandoned my position in the surveillance van to pursue on foot."

"Who fired a gun?"

"Mr. Walker. My partner, Detective Benson, was laying on the street with a GSW to her right shoulder."

"And where was ADA Cabot?"

"Mr. Walker was dragging her around the corner of a building into an alley."

"So what did you do?"

"Detective Benson yelled at me to go after ADA Cabot, so I dropped my radio in her lap and took off running."

"And what did you find?"

"He had Alex bent over a trashcan at the end of the alley," Elliot answered, the memory causing him to forget to use Alex's formal title. "She was fighting him, kicking at him."

"And then what happened?"

"He punched her in the head," Elliot's voice quieted minutely at the memory of how Alex's body dropped from the hit. "I identified myself as NYPD and demanded that he release the girl and drop his weapon."

"Could you see a gun on him?"

"Not at that time," Elliot shook his head. "It was in his left hand that was pressing into ADA Cabot's back, forcing her down over the trashcan."

"So you saw Mr. Walker punch ADA Cabot in the head, and then what happened?"

"He threw ADA Cabot aside, and I again directed him to toss his weapon. He stood there for a moment and then Detective Benson repeated the demand from a strategic position behind me."

"So Detective Benson, despite being shot, followed you into that alley after the perpetrator?"

"She did," Elliot answered and he noticed the quiet murmuring that rolled through the jury at that piece of information.

"Did Detective Benson's appearance have any effect on Mister Walker?"

"He tossed his weapon aside and placed his hands on top of his head."

"Who secured Mr. Walker?"

"I did," Elliot answered. "Detective Benson passed out from blood loss not long after he surrendered."

Serena nodded and continued with her list of questions, effectively walking Elliot through everything that happened once the bus arrived on scene and Alex and Olivia were transported to the hospital, to the extent of their injuries. She purposefully let her questioning end before Alex's loopy behavior could be brought into record.

"No more questions your honor," Serena smiled a small smile of thanks at Elliot as she returned to her seat.

Olivia glanced at her watch and blew out a loud breath. Four fifteen, El had been on the stand for a little over an hour now.

"Just relax and read your book," Alex murmured without looking up from her own novel.

"I wish I knew what was going on in there," Olivia grumbled.

"Testimony," Alex answered dryly. "Nothing you can do about it, just read your book Detective."

"Since when did you become so hands off when it came to a trial?"

"Around the time I woke up in the hospital and knew that I'd eventually be called to testify against my attacker," Alex replied. "I'm not trying it, I can't control it. So, I'm reading this book."

"How far have you gotten?"

Alex smirked as she looked up at her lover. "I've read this same page for over an hour and I still can't tell you what it says."

"Waiting sucks."

"I agree wholeheartedly Detective," Alex nodded.

Trevor theatrically studied his notes for a few seconds before he nodded to himself and stood to address the court.

"Detective Stabler, what was the approach that Detective Benson and ADA Cabot used once they were inside the club?"

"They were going to dance, hang out. Try and draw attention to ADA Cabot."

"And you were positioned in the van during the time Detective Benson and ADA Cabot were inside the club?"

"I was."

"So you had uninterrupted access to Detective Benson the entire evening? Everything that she heard, you heard?"

"That is correct."

"Hear anything good?"

"I'm sorry?" Elliot frowned.

Trevor smirked and addressed the court, "Your Honor, the defense would like to introduce defense exhibit 12 into record and show it to the jury."

Brennan, expecting this move, nodded. "Bailiff, could you please bring the AV Cart in and dim the lights."

The bailiff nodded his understanding and quickly retrieved the cart from the hall behind the courtroom and easily set it in position before he dimmed the lights.

"This is surveillance video taken inside the club on the night of the undercover operation," Trevor explained to the jury as he lifted the remote and hit play.

The screen flickered for a moment before a silent video of the dance floor inside Sugarland popped up onto the screen. "Here," he pointed at the image of Olivia and Alex dancing, "are Detective Benson and ADA Cabot on the dance floor inside the club on the night in question."

Serena could only watch as Alex began dancing more and more seductively with Olivia, grinding herself down onto the Detective's thigh as they moved together. When the short snippet of video ended Trevor motioned to the bailiff to turn the lights back up and he again turned his attention to Detective Stabler.

"Did the behavior shown on that video fit with standard procedure when conducting an undercover assignment?"

"Yes," Elliot replied. "The definition of going undercover is to fit into a specific stereotype or role, so I would say that Detective Benson and ADA Cabot played their roles perfectly."

Trevor feigned a brotherly grin. "Played their roles perfectly? Come on Detective, two hot women dancing together like that," he waved at the now blank screen for emphasis. "That definitely looks like more than playing a role. Why, exactly were they chosen to go undercover together – because they are a couple?"

Serena jumped out of her chair like it was on fire. "Objection!"

Brennan nodded. "Sustained. Mr. Langan, please keep your questions focused to the scope of the Detective's investigation."

"Your Honor," Trevor turned his attention to the judge. "Detective Stabler was the one monitoring the situation inside the club. I am merely questioning the relationship between Detective Benson and ADA Cabot. Surely that falls under the scope of the investigation into my client."

Serena had to fight the urge to stomp her foot in righteous indignation. "Your Honor, the status of the relationship between Detective Benson and ADA Cabot and whether or not enjoyed themselves dancing while executing their roles in an undercover operation designed to draw out a rapist who was specifically targeting lesbians is irrelevant."

"Sustained," Brennan agreed. "Mr. Langan, please restrict your questions to issues that were brought up under direct questioning regarding the procedures used and or the events as they occurred."

"Yes, your honor," Trevor replied, doing his best to look properly chastised as one more nail was hammered home into the coffin that was this ridiculous case.

Alex and Olivia looked up from their books when the door to the conference room opened to admit Elliot and Serena, both of whom looked monumentally pleased with themselves and life in general.

"Good afternoon in court?" Alex asked, nonchalantly flipping the front jacket of the novel she was reading between the pages as a bookmark.

Serena nodded as Elliot replied, "Yup."

"It went well," Serena smiled. "Trevor took it fairly easy on the women who agreed to testify, although he did get each of them to say that they were lesbians," she shrugged.

"Nice little tip of his hand as to what he's going to try and distract the jury with," Alex muttered disgustedly.

"He did show the surveillance tape from inside the club during Elliot's testimony," Serena told them.

"What did he do with it?"

"Suggested that you two had a damn fine time 'working' together," Serena shrugged. "We got that line of questioning shut off though pretty quickly.

"Bastard," Olivia muttered.

"He doesn't have anything else to try," Serena shrugged, quickly justifying herself by arguing, "The DNA is airtight, the witnesses are all supremely credible. He has to try something."

"I still don't like it," Olivia grumbled.

"Me neither," Alex and Serena echoed.

"Are Liv and Alex going to be okay on the stand tomorrow?" Elliot turned his attention away from his partner and onto the prosecutor.

"We'll be fine," Alex assured him. "At least we know the game going into it – right?"

"I guess," Elliot shrugged as he jammed his hands into his pants pockets. "Liv, you okay with this?"

Olivia offered her partner a reassuring smiled. "El, we'll be fine. Don't worry about it."

"Alright," Elliot frowned. "If you say so Liv. I gotta get back to the House to check in with Dad, he wanted a report on how it all went this afternoon and then I gotta get to Dickie's soccer game before Kathy turns my nuts into a change purse."

"She knows how to do that too?" Alex smirked.

"Probably almost as well as you do Counselor," Elliot winked.

"Well, I'll have to call her up so we can discuss our techniques then," Alex drawled.

"I don't think I want you discussing technique with my wife Cabot."

Olivia laughed. "Are you afraid Alex will convince her to come over to our team? Because I gotta tell ya, Alex's technique is ah-maz … oompf!"

"That's enough you!" Alex growled.

"As we're on the topic of 'technique'," Serena segued awkwardly. "I noticed you two were a little tardy in your return to court this afternoon."

Alex and Olivia just smiled and shrugged noncommittally.

Serena rolled her eyes and continued her lecture. "For the love of God, the Yankees, and all that is holy, do not stay up all night doing the horizontal tango. You'll look more convincing if you don't have gigantic circles under your eyes."

"I could always blame the dark circles on being woken up repeatedly by nightmares," Alex argued, her eyes twinkling with amusement. "Nobody needs to know that it was an endless string of earth shattering orgasms."

"You're killing me Cabot, just … behave," Serena lectured.

Deciding that that was just too easy of shot to ignore, Olivia chimed in, "But it's so much more fun when she's naughty."

Serena let loose a bark of laughter before she was able to contain herself. "Don't you dare start with me Benson."

Enjoying the light banter, Alex looked at Olivia and batted her lashes teasingly. "Oooh, tell me Detective, what would a girl have to do to force you to use your handcuffs?"

Elliot clapped his hands over his ears and started singing, "Lalalalalalalala!"

"You two," Serena pointed her finger at her friends who were wearing twin faux angelic smiles. "Whatever. You're on your own, but I don't want to see any hickeys. You hear me? Now, I need to get over to the airport to pick up Abbie," Serena glanced at her watch as she shrugged her coat on. "Her plane lands in an hour, and lord knows I will never hear the end of it if I leave her stranded there waiting for me. I'll see you in the morning, bright and early."

"Eight?" Alex clarified.

"Exactly," Serena nodded. "Be here by a quarter 'til. I swear I'd complain if it weren't for the fact that I just want this damn thing over and done with."

Part 8

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