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By Annette


From somewhere in the deepest recesses of space…

"Honey, I'm home…" A smile accompanied the statement as the tall, chestnut-haired woman walked into the living room. Spying the object of her affection seemingly engrossed in a vid she decided to switch to stealth mode. Just as she was about to reach out and touch the glowing blonde mane of her lover…

"Did you know that Passion and Perfection is getting ready to celebrate its fifth anniversary?" The blonde turned in her chair and smirked at her lover. "Oh, and Susan my love… sneaking up on a telepath?"

Only slightly chagrined Susan pulls said telepath to her feet and captures her lips in a smoldering kiss. "Mmm… you seemed a bit distracted love, so I thought I'd take a chance."

"Sweetheart, even if I weren't a telepath, I'd know the moment you entered a room." Grinning at the slightly blushing Commander, Talia continued. "As I was saying, Passion and Perfection is celebrating its five year anniversary. I think we should send them a note thanking them for keeping us alive in the fan fiction realm."

"Ah, I think that is a splendid idea! I remember some of those stories…" Slowly running her eyes up the length of the blonde's body Susan meets her lover's eyes. "As a matter of fact, I think we should reenact a few of my favorites." Taking her lover by the hand she led her into their bedroom.


At another point in space and time…

"P'taq!" The enraged brunette cursed as she stormed through the halls of Engineering. "Vorik! Carey! Get your buts out here. NOW!"

Carey ran from his spot at the aft console while Vorik walked quickly toward the enraged Klingon.

"What is the hold up with the gel pack replacements? I have plans this evening that I do not intend to miss!"

Vorik raised an eyebrow at the volatile woman and calmly stated. "We had a faulty pack and had to replicate a new one. This caused a slight, but unavoidable delay in the completion of the project. We are moments away from completing the diagnostics and should have a report on your console within the hour."

"Well then, don't just stand there, get that diagnostic and report finished!" Turning away from the two men she headed to her office and opened a channel. "Torres to Seven of Nine."

"Seven here."

"Hey, sweetheart. I should be able to get out of here in about an hour. Is everything set for tonight?"

"Do you doubt my ability to perform the tasks we discussed?"

Chuckling at the rejoinder B'Elanna could almost see the implant rise on her lover's brow. "Of course not. You know very well that ever since I managed to pull my head out of my ass I finally see you as the extremely competent, wonderful, beautiful, sexy woman that you are." Receiving no response, B'Elanna knew she had managed to fluster her normally unflappable Borg lover. Deciding to let her off the hook she continued. "I'll see you in an hour love. Torres out."

A little over an hour later B'Elanna is just stepping into her quarters.

"You are late." A scowling Seven intones.

"Only two minutes!" B'Elanna replies. "I hope you didn't start without me."

"Two point two-seven minutes. And it would be pointless to start without you as you are a requirement for this activity."

"Good answer." Pulling the blonde into her arms she gives her a proper greeting. "Mmm, I'll never get tired of kissing those lips. So, what did you decide on?"

"In my search for this evening's entertainment I have found that Passion and Perfection is about to celebrate its fifth anniversary. As you recall, that site is our favorite, even though there are elements that we refrain from viewing. I have been perusing some of the stories about us and have found a number that I believe are suitable."

"Ooh, I remember some of those. As a matter of fact, one comes to mind that I know by heart." Taking her lover by the hand they move toward the bedroom.


In yet another time and place…

"Well, I've finally gotten William to settle down for the night." Dana sighed as she walked into the living room. Taking note of her lover totally engrossed in something on her laptop she slips onto the sofa next to her and begins to read over her shoulder. "Ooh, I remember that story! I actually thought you might have ghost written it, it was a little too accurate don't you think?"

Looking up from the screen Monica smiles and cups the redhead's face. "Yeah, I had the hardest time convincing you otherwise. You were so mad thinking I was telling anyone with an Internet connection intimate details about us. I still can't believe you thought I would do such a thing!"

Blushing, Dana takes the brunette's hand in hers and kisses each knuckle. "I know, I jumped to conclusions, but I made up for it later didn't I?"

"Mmhm… and then some."

"So, why are you reading it again? Need a little inspiration?" Dana says as she slides closer and rests her head on Monica's shoulder.

"No. I was just surfing around. Passion and Perfection is in my Favorites and when I got there I noticed that they are getting ready to celebrate their fifth anniversary. I was going to send them an e-mail congratulating them and asking for more Scully/Reyes fiction."

"I see. I hope you weren't reading any of those Scully/whoever stories Mon." The slightly accusatory tone softened by a lifted brow and smirk.

"Of course not, honey. Why on earth would I – I'm the one who has the genuine article, right here in my arms. Oof.. I mean in my lap" Monica quickly puts the laptop down, as there is not enough room for it and the suddenly amorous redhead on her lap.

"Good answer." Climbing from her lover's lap the redhead reaches down to help the brunette to her feet. Hand in hand they make their way into their bedroom. "Now lets go see how well you remember the good stories shall we?"


On the outskirts of Cheyenne Mountain

"Samantha Carter! What do you think you're doing?"

Startled, Sam looks up from her laptop screen into the adorably angry face of one Janet Fraiser. "Hey Janet!"

Hands on hips the petite redhead glowers at the smiling blonde. "Don't you hey Janet me missy. What did I tell you about bringing work home? You are supposed to be recovering from your last off-world mission… not to mention making up for those hours you had me terrified when we couldn't contact you. But, instead of spending quality time with me – your lover – you choose to stare at a computer screen!"

"Whoa there Janet, this isn't work related." Seeing the dubious expression on her lover's face Sam pulls her into her lap to see for herself. "Look, see… I was just looking at Passion and Perfection's site. It's their 5 year anniversary."

Seeing that Sam was in fact perusing their favorite website she turned toward the still smiling blonde. "Oh Sammy, I'm sorry for snapping like that. Sometimes I don't know why you put up with my short temper."

Hugging the now mollified redhead more tightly Sam whispers in her ear. "Well, remember this story?" She says as she clicks the link to open it.

"Ooh, yes I certainly do."

Watching as Sam scrolls to a particular passage Janet begins to read. Peering over her lover's shoulder Sam begins to read along and then starts to act out the words on the screen. A few minutes later, laptop forgotten, they walk hand in hand into the bedroom to finish the story.


In a Midtown apartment

"Hey, Liv? Can I ask you something?"

"Sure. What's up?"

"Do you remember that fan fiction story where I was always bumping into things, and falling and generally having a bad day? Then you came along and basically saved me from myself, and we finally realized we wanted each other?"

"Vaguely. I think it was on Passion and Perfection, let me check…" Logging onto the Internet Olivia select ralst.com from her favorites and pulls up the site. "Hey, it's their 5th Anniversary! We should send Rachel an e-mail, don't you think?"

"Absolutely! I love this site. But first, where's that story woman."

"Easy there Hon, what's the rush?" Olivia asks as she peruses the titles.

Wrapping her arms around the brunette and resting her chin on her shoulder Alex purrs into her lover's ear. "I was thinking about it just now and I remember how much I loved that scene where you rappel down the elevator and rescue me. Then on the way up we start making out… every time I read that it makes me hot."

Swallowing loudly Olivia finally finds the story in question. "Here it is, Elegantly Inelegant, let me find that passage…"

"Yep, that's the one… Ooh stop there!"

As the two read the passage they each become aroused by it. Reading on it's not long before they decide to act out the rest. As they make their way into the bedroom Olivia looks to Alex.

"I don't think I can recreate the rappelling part, but everything afterwards…"

The End

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