Sated, Satisfied PG-13 Susan/Talia And if Talia was a vampire? Complete

Death PG-13 Susan/Talia Eventually, it will be even Susan's time to die. Complete

24 Hours PG-13 Susan/Talia A lot can change in 24 hours. Especially on Babylon 5. Complete

Evyuna PG-13 Lyta/Susan   implied Susan/Talia If you have eyes to see you will always crave art. If you have ears to hear you will naturally seek music, and if you have felt the soft tender touch of your lover's mind you will never be able to want less. Complete

WMD PG-13 Lyta/Susan   implied Susan/Talia There was a reason for everything, and here is the punchline. Everyone is born to die. Complete

Truth Is... PG Susan/Talia Susan's thoughts after 'Divided Loyalties'. Complete


The Wolf At The Door PG-13 Susan/Talia Susan/Talia, how it might have happened behind the scenes. Complete


Reenactments PG-13 Susan/Talia Multi-fandom anniversary crossover. Complete

Armor Falling 15 Susan/Talia When forces collide... Complete

Transference 15 Susan/Talia After the devastation of losing Talia, Susan struggles to find meaning in her life. Years have passed and still the pain in her heart is fresh. The heart remembers... Complete

All These Walls PG-13 Susan/Talia An angry Russian Commander, a worried Captain, and a confused Security Chief seek answers as to Ivanova's recent mood swings. Meanwhile, her raging takes a heavy toll — on her and someone who was in the right place at the wrong time. Complete

Too Much Information PG-13 Susan/Talia Michael Garibaldi learns the meaning of TMI. Complete


The Vorlon Gift 15 Susan/Talia The Vorlons return something that Susan thought she'd lost forever. Complete


Girls Night 15 Susan/Talia/Delenn They have to unwind somehow. Complete

The Hour of the Wolf PG Susan/Talia Alcohol brought numbness and unwelcome clarity. Complete

Gunpowder Treason and Plot PG-13 Susan/Delenn The war on Terror takes on many forms. Complete

Awaiting Your Orders 18 Susan Ivanova/Kara Thrace Battlestar Galactica - Kara's reputation for not following orders had followed her. Complete

Del Robertson

It's a Not-So-Wonderful Life PG-13 Susan/Talia It all starts with an explosion - and ends with a bang. Complete

In Space No One Can Hear Your Heart Break PG Susan/Talia Ivanova learns the hard way that you should always think before you speak. Complete

Saving Talia PG Susan/Talia Talia asks for Susan's help in dissuading Michael from pursuing her. Complete

WatchingHer PG Susan/Talia One event, as seen through five different points-of-view. Complete

I Hear the Secrets That You Keep 18 Susan/Talia Have you ever thought about what close-proximity really means? Complete

Fire and Ice 1 2 3 4 15 Susan/Talia Something sinister lurks aboard a derelict ship. On-Going


Spark 18 Susan/Talia A new direction, born in the aftermath of death. Complete


All Along PG-13 Susan/Talia No synopsis given. Complete


Void PG Susan/Talia Whether or not to believe. Complete

Unbreak My Heart PG Susan/Talia Words aren't always simple. Complete

Envoi PG Susan/Talia Set in 2259, this is a tale of that search we all must make in order to find that one perfect thing. Complete

The Past is Another Country PG Susan/Talia Set in 2262. Susan Ivanova is given the chance to change her past and redeem her future by an usual source. Complete

We Are Made of Stars PG Susan/Talia She wondered sometimes what it would feel like when she died. Complete


Like Stars Against the Sun 18 Susan/Talia "Nothing gets out, nothing gets in. It's safer that way." Complete


Five PG Susan/Talia Five! Complete

Holding The Storm 15 Susan/Talia Talia ask for a favor. Complete


Things That Go Bump in the Night PG Susan/Talia Susan Ivanova hates Halloween. Complete


Dogfight PG Ivanova/Roslin Battlestar Galactica crossover - I whisper my goodbye to the sunset makers. Complete

Time Waits for No One 1 2 PG-13 Sam/Janet Stargate: SG-1 crossover - SG1 gets stuck in the future. Ivanova is there. Carter has no clue why Janet has never been comfortable with PDA. On-Going


One Step Forward... PG Susan/Talia Escaping boredom. Complete

A Small Favour PG Susan/Talia Michael needs a favour. Complete

TV Butches Anonymous PG-13 Susan/Talia Multi-fandom crossover - Something has to be done about Valentine's Day. Complete

Everlasting Joy PG Susan/Talia Thoughts of an artificial personality. Complete


The Cure 18 Susan/Talia Susan and Talia resolve their UST. Complete


Intruder PG Susan/Delenn No synopsis given. Complete


Another Long Day, Just Like the Ones Before PG Susan/Talia Susan always looks forward to reaching her quarters at the end of a long day. Complete

Susan P

Living with Ghosts 15 Susan/f The B-5 Command Staff is called upon to help a woman with ties to the Resistance, and more than a few secrets. Ivanova is drawn to her and their similarities bind them together. Complete

Lap Dance 18 Ivanova/Scully Scully gets *much* more than she bargained for while investigating a missing person's case. Set in the X-F universe, some time after "The End." X-Files crossover (sort of). Complete

A Meeting of Minds PG-13 Susan/Talia A follow-up or missing scene for the first season episode: Mind War.  Talia receives a visit from someone unexpected as she tries to deal with the aftermath of events surrounding Jason Ironheart's visit. Complete

One Step Forward. Maybe PG-13 Susan/Talia A follow-up or missing scene for the first season episode: The War Prayer. Talia helps Ivanova process her feelings about Malcolm Biggs. Complete


Ranger PG-13 Susan/OFC Susan meets a new friend and things get complicated. Complete