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Unbreak My Heart
By Fewthistle


Words aren't always simple when they have to embrace the consequences of life.

For Susan Ivanova, words had never been simple. Like falcons, hoods removed, slender leather chords loosened, her words took to the sky on sturdy wings, wild, untamable. They could never again be leashed, never be unspoken, and she had learned their fearful savagery.

She had watched as words that left her lips had torn at Talia's flesh, leaving gapping wounds that no muttered apology could heal. All that could heal them was love, a love that Susan knew she could not survive giving.

Too much lay between them. In the one, small step to the warmth of Talia's embrace, lay a chasm wide and unforgiving as the universe, cold and vast and impassable. The best that Susan could do was to keep the sharp, wicked claws of her words from Talia's already scarred flesh.

So she learned the art of silence. She cultivated the void, the nothingness of space.

Sitting in her Starfury and watching as the last traces of light from Epsilon's sun disappeared into the hungry maw of blackness, Susan allowed the one thought she always denied to speak its solemn truth.

"I love you, Talia."

All things scream silently, she thought: We are a God in ruin.

The End

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