17th July 2016

Cursed 1.1 Ferawicce and 1.2 Shadows by Daryn Wilde.

Person of Interest
Scenario # 1, Scenario # 4, Scenario # 9, Scenario # 10 and Superhero Move by ralst.

22nd May 2016

The 100
Morning After, Take Two by ralst.

The Devil Wears Prada
Like Love by Gin.

Lost Girl
Geminus Fatum by Kate.

A Heart Darkened by Wine by Ursula Kincaid.

3rd January 2016

The 100
Lives in the Balance by Mich.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Born to Run and Run for Love by Kurna.

Doctor Who
Poppet: A Delicate Strand of Vignettes by DiNovia.

Moments in a Life Just Ordinary: Breakfast and Dinner by ncruuk.

Last Tango in Halifax
Some Dances in Harrogate: Small Talk and Perfect Cadence by ncruuk.

Once Upon a Time
Dinner Invitation by Kurna.

Person of Interest
Sail to Apollo by Rysler.

Pitch Perfect
Second Place is the First Winner by Mich.

Strange Empire
The Obligation by KJ.

Keep Calm and Battle On by Quill Bard.
A Quiet Night by Kurna.


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