12th December 2014
9th December 2014

At What Cost and Self-Censorship by EldritchSandwich.

2nd December 2014

Once A Year, Love Transcends Reality and Weather Experiment by blackrider11.

Guiding Light
Surrender, Natalia by alexn.

Mass Effect
The ash the burnt roses left by karen alexander.

18th November 2014

The 4400
3459: Lorelai Gilmore part 13 by CharmedLassie.

Bomb Girls
If The Sun Were Only Mine by DJ Shiva.

The Devil Wears Prada
Perfect, Give Me Lilies, Damaged, Cracked, Silence, Bliss, Stay and Always at My Side by emeraldorchids.

The Facts of Life
Two Hearts by Blitzreiter.

The Gilmore Girls
3459: Lorelai Gilmore part 13 by CharmedLassie.

The Good Wife
Love Is and The Push and Pull by Jaina.

Guiding Light
Once Upon a Christmas Day by Jaina.

Rookie Blue
Tales from the Closet by Nora C. Parker.

20th July 2014

The Devil Wears Prada
What Happens in Vegas...Can Follow You Home by quiethearted.

Guiding Light
A Day in the Life, Five Things Natalia Rivera Never Thought She'd See, Retreating in a Different Direction and Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? by Jaina.

Once Upon a Time
Heart's Desire and Beautiful by Jaina.

True Love's Kiss by EldritchSandwich.

Venice: Season four, episode 12 by Jaina.

Rizzoli & Isles
Road to Hell, Paved With, etc. by Jaina.

Rookie Blue
Honesty Will Get You Everywhere by Mickyd.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles
A Place To Keep Her Safe part 1 and Mission: Protect John / Sarah Conner part 1 by Victoria Anne.

The Day Is Gone by Jaina.

The West Wing
The First Lady Is One Hot Lady part 1 and More Than A Job part 1 by Victoria Anne.

9th July 2014
21st April 2014

DC Comics
Sweet Things by ToaR.

The Devil Wears Prada
Possession by Logan Wolfe.
The Tree by Silverie.

Done Pretending parts 1-5 by Jennifer Lee.

Evil Queen and Sleeping Queen Once Upon a Time music videos by 71prowler.

Slippery by Odon.

Warehouse 13
Sick Day by CrimsonCat.

15th April 2014

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Tomorrow by KC.

Once Upon a Time
An Interview With... by ralst.
Not With A Bang, Too Little, Too Late, And the Thunder Rolled and Heart in Hand by Geekgrrllurking.
Why by KC.

10th April 2014

Women's Murder Club
Peanut Butter and Chocolate by doughts.

19th January 2014

Daylight by Jessica Knight.

Scott & Bailey
Carpe Diem by Filbertfox.

An Unexpected Turn by Skye.

5th January 2014

The Devil Wears Prada
For Want of Sustenance by Logan Wolfe.
Lucky Girls, Serendipity, Into the Fire and Deeper Into the Fire by Gin.

No one but you by Jenny Frame.


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