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Emma's Decision
By Kurna


Emma Swan paced back and forth. Her hands were moving while she muttered in agitation.

"It's a difficult decision, okay? I have been thinking about it for hours."

She sent a quick look to her audience. Snow and Ruby were sitting on the small sofa. Ruby was smirking, while her mother still looked confused. Snow opened her mouth, closed it and then opened it again.

"Let me get this straight. Regina invited you? On a date?"

"Yes, this morning at the diner. Ruby was there as well."

"Oookay. And now you need our help?"

"Exactly. You are my mother and Ruby is my best friend. I have problems to decide and I hoped you could help me."

"Of course we will help you. Right, Ruby?"

"Yeah, absolutely."

The waitress added her support.


Emma looked relieved.

Snow bent forward.

"So you are not sure, if you should go?"

"No, that's something I already know. I can't decide on an outfit. Which top should I combine with my jeans?"

Emma held up a long-sleeved navy blue shirt in one hand and a low-cut burgundy top in her other hand. Snow looked shocked while Ruby's smirk intensified.

"The burgundy top, definitely. It's just the right side of slutty to show you are interested."

Snow almost choked, but Emma nodded.

"Thanks for the advice. I will take it. Why was it so easy to say "yes" to Regina's invitation, but so difficult to decide what to wear?"

The End

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