Thin Lines PG-13 Emma/Regina A spell is broken and another one is cast. Complete

E.A. Phoenix

A Change of Heart PG-13 Emma/Regina Regina thinks Valentine's Day is a worthless holiday. Can an encounter with Emma convince her otherwise? Complete


When You Wish Upon a Star PG Emma/Regina No synopsis given. Complete

What Dreams May Come 18 Emma/Regina The dream is always the same, when it comes... Complete

What Happened to Happily Ever After? 15 Emma/Regina An Evil Queen, a town invaded by zombies and her sherriff girlfriend who just happens to be handy with a chainsaw. Is a happily ever after too much to ask for? Complete

Fit To Be Tied G Emma/Regina No synopsis given. Complete

By The Light of The Silvery Moon G Ruby/Mary Margaret No synopsis given. Complete

Who Hunts the Hunter G Ruby/Belle No synopsis given. Complete

A Pack of Two PG Ruby/Mary Margaret No synopsis given. Complete

Not With A Bang PG Emma/Regina Written for the Villain Big Bang. Complete

Too Little, Too Late PG Emma/Regina For the millionth time you wonder if this is a mistake but you know that it was inevitable, that you would come back, that you needed this, that you needed her in your life. In fact, this single moment is worth it. It had been too long since those dark eyes had looked at you, even in contempt. Complete

And the Thunder Rolled 18 Emma/Regina Written for the FSAC: Dog Days of Summer 2013. Complete

Heart in Hand PG Emma/Regina No synopsis given. Complete


Blood Red Moon 1 PG-13 Regina/Ruby The curse has been broken, magic is in Storybrooke and above the tree line the first full moon rises. On-Going

Hearts Beat Fast PG Emma/Regina   Mulan/Aurora Henry isn't the only one suffering from nightmares. Complete

This is How it Ends 1-5 6-10 11-15 15 Emma/Regina Regina travels to Boston to retrieve Emma on her 28th birthday not Henry. Emma must decide if she is willing to help Regina and risk Regina and Henry's lives if/when Emma's past comes back to haunt them all. On-Going

Deals Made in times of Darkness PG-13 Emma/Regina Emma makes a deal with Mr. Gold at the mines after saving Henry. Complete

One Door Closes, Another Opens 15 Emma/Regina Regina is beside herself as Henry is risen from the mind shaft. Companion piece to Deals Made in Times of Darkness. Complete

Wish Verse Prologue 15 Emma/Regina   Red/Maleficent Henry wants to protect Snow White from his mom after The Miller's Daughter. He seeks help from Rumpelstiltskin to make a wish. One wish. Little does he know that by making this wish he changes everything, and everyone’s destiny. On-Going

Magical Mishaps Happen 1 15 Emma/Regina   Regina/Tinkerbell Regina travels to Boston to retrieve Emma on her 28th birthday not Henry. Emma must decide if she is willing to help Regina and risk Regina and Henry's lives if/when Emma's past comes back to haunt them all. On-Going


Heart's Desire PG-13 Emma/Regina After Regina gets flung into the clock tower, after her chat with Robin, Emma comes looking for her. A "It's Not Easy Being Green" coda. Complete

Beautiful 15 Emma/Regina   Regina/Robin Emma Swan has a problem: she can't stop staring. Inspired by the scene where Regina - fresh from making out with Robin - goes to meet Snow, David and Emma and looks so absolutely gorgeous and happy and in love that it was ridic. And made me write fic. Complete


Sparks 15 Emma/Regina Emma wakes up extra warm. Complete

A Captured Moment G Emma/Regina Family fun makes Emma happy. Complete

Paint the Town Red 15 Emma/Regina Emma comes home late. Complete

Morning 15 Emma/Regina Emma wakes up to find she's not alone. Complete

Relaxation, Interrupted 15 Emma/Regina Regina is relaxing in the bath. If that's not enough then I don't know what is. Complete

Unintentional Thoughts PG Emma/Regina "It was unintentional, really. Regina had no idea how it happened. One minute they were arguing and the next they were blown apart by their combined magic." Complete

Why G Emma/Regina Regina gasped sharply as Emma released her lips and pulled back. A hand rose to her tingling lips on its own. She blinked. "Why did you do that?" Regina demanded, her voice dangerously low. Complete

So Close 15 Emma/Regina Emma can't finish. Complete


Dinner Invitation PG Emma/Regina Emma is invited for dinner. The mayor witnesses this. Complete

Emma's Decision G Emma/Regina This story is a sequel to my OUaT story Dinner Invitation. After Regina has invited Emma on a date, the sheriff needs help from her friends with a difficult decision. Fluffy. Complete

The Day After New G Emma/Regina This story is a sequel to my OUaT stories Dinner Invitation and Emma's Decision. Emma talks with her friend Ruby. Fluffy. Complete


The Magic of Christmas PG-13 Ruby/Belle Santa Claus is coming to town and he has a surprise for Ruby. Complete


Power PG Emma/Regina Regina watches the ocean after a storm. Complete

Breeches 18 Emma/Regina Emma really likes the way Regina looks in her riding clothes. Complete

Assets 18 Emma/Regina Written for the kink meme prompt: Regina/Emma — “Queening" / face sitting, top!Regina. Complete

Tease 18 Emma/Regina Emma, Regina, and a tie. For mature audiences only, please. Complete

Kissing Mrs. Claus PG Emma/Regina Swan-Mills family holiday-inspired fluff. Complete


A Fortunate Mistake New PG-13 Regina/Ruby A simple mistake leads to something unexpected. Complete

Every Me and Every You New PG-13 Regina/Ruby Regina didn't think that Ruby cared. Ruby didn't think that Regina noticed. They were both wrong. Complete

On the Importance of Typing Skills New PG-13 Emma/Regina There were two things that immediately brought Emma to a standstill. One, there was a young boy sitting beside the opulent desk, apparently doing some homework, and he turned to stare at Emma with wide, innocent eyes. It had to be the woman's son; Emma really hated having to take someone in when family members were around. And two… Shit, she was hot. Emma always got just a little bit flustered with the hot ones. Complete

Strength of the Wolf New PG-13 Regina/Ruby Ruby finds herself with amnesia, and someone may or may not be out to hurt her. Regina helps her work things out. Complete

Two of a Kind New PG-13 Emma/Regina Regina's tattoo appeared at dawn, on the morning of her seventeenth birthday. Complete


The Journey Home 18 Regina Mills/Kathryn Janeway Star Trek: Voyager crossover - This all started as a comment fic on tumblr, and then Kayryn made a fucking gorgeous manip and so it kind of…took on a life of its own. There is really no plot, just some fluffy interaction and a “what if Regina was in Starfleet?” exposition. Complete


Welcome to the FLPD 1 15 Multi-fandom crossover - two new deputies join the Femslash-Land Police Department and find that nothing is quite what it seems. On-Going

An Interview With... PG Emma/Regina Emma and Regina's friends and family are interviewed following the discovery of their relationship. Complete

Ros Sawyer

Beautiful Disaster 18 Emma/Regina When Regina meets, then falls for, Emma she is forced to break an old engagement with her only friend Maleficent, She is stunned to find Maleficent has another suitor, Calleigh, who lives much of her time in the form of a horse. Lily and Jessica, two out-of-towners have recently moved back to Storybrooke with their teenage daughter Susan. Complete

Secrets and Lies PG-13 Emma/Regina AU for episode 1. Kinda random. Complete

The Hurt Behind Her Anger PG-13 Emma/Regina AU for episode 2. Complete


Normal [Monsters] 1 2 3 18 Emma/Regina A Swan Queen-focused re-write / re-imaging of the 4x07 - 4x09 arc because, as much as I loved Gay Elsa, bringing Emma back to herself and in control of her magic was Regina's place. Plenty of Swan-Mills Family feels abound. Complete


Once Upon a Blue Moon 1 2 PG-13 Belle/Ruby Two curses compete for dominance of the Beast, and the Moon leads to Beauty. Complete

Curiosity and Wolfish Tendencies New G Ruby/Belle Ruby knew better. The Wolf however... Complete


The Clock Tower 18 Emma/Regina   Regina/Mary Margaret What if there was more to Regina and Snow White's acrimony than hatred? Complete