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A Captured Moment


"Your photos haven't arrived yet," Regina stated without looking up from the file she was reading. Emma had just walked in and opened her mouth, as she had for the last 3 days, but her girlfriend pre-empted her question.

Last week Regina had magicked herself, Henry and Emma to Adelaide Zoo, Australia, for a family outing. After a day of photos, prizes, and souvenirs they had posted the items and then poofed home. And Emma wanted the package, now. She stomped angrily and matched into the kitchen to get a snack to calm herself down.

The next day was the same, and the day after. On the sixth day of waiting Emma stormed in the house. "Regina!" She yelled impatiently.

She found Regina in the kitchen, who held up a hand as she entered to silence Emma. Her sulk wavered slightly as Regina sauntered over to her, removing her apron along the way. Regina stepped into Emma's automatic embrace and kissed her long and slow until she was sure she was the only thing Emma was thinking about. When she pulled back she kissed her way up Emma's neck, gently nipping her earlobe before she huskily whispered, "You're parcel arrived today…"

Emma grunted in response until the words sunk in. And then she was off like light, searching for her treasure. She found the box in the lounge room, covered in international postage stickers. She quickly opened the box and located the photos.

"Hey, would you be able to take a photo of my family for me please?" Emma proudly gestured towards Henry and Regina standing in front of the panda display.

"Sure," the girl replied.

Emma wrapped her arms around the two people she loved most in the world. When the girl indicated she was about to take the photo Emma tickled both Mills' sides to make sure they smile. Regina was not impressed.

"Excuse me....?" Regina began.


"Tehgan, thank you. Would you be able to take another picture please? This time without any nonsense," she glared at Emma.

"Of course," Tehgan chuckled.

After another fierce look from Regina Emma didn't dare tickled her again. She smiled happily at the camera as the photo was taken.

They thanked the girl and Emma quickly brought up the display on the camera. The last photo was great, but when she looked at the photo of the three of them laughing, her from being mischievous, she felt tears prickle her eyes.

"Show me Emma!" Henry tugged on her sleeve. She held it down for him as she smiled lop-sidedly. After a moment he looked affected too.

Regina rolled her eyes and took the camera from Emma. Seconds past and Emma was worried she was going to get in trouble again, but finally Regina looked at her with tears and a wide genuine smile. In that moment time seemed to stop and Emma felt full of pure happiness. It was times like this that she treasured the most.

Emma felt Regina's arms wrap around her shoulders from behind. She didn't know how long she had been staring at the photo for but she didn't care. After setting it down gently she pulled Regina into her lap and kissed her deeply. She was so in love with this woman and she couldn't wait to have the photo on her desk at the station, announcing to the world that she loved her family, and they were happy.

The End

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