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Regina gasped sharply as Emma released her lips and pulled back. A hand rose to her tingling lips on its own. She blinked.

"Why did you do that?" Regina demanded, her voice dangerously low.

Emma shrugged, "Why not?"

A million and one reasons flashed through Regina's mind and her mouth opened to start spilling them out, but none of them sounded. Her mouth opened and closed a few times, like a gasping fish.

Emma smirked, even if the former Queen killed her when she finally regained her senses, seeing her this flustered was totally worth it. And kissing her - kissing her was definitely worth it. She leaned in again and pressed her lips to Regina's. She held there, and with anyone else she would have backed off and walked away but she kept her lips pressed against the stunned brunette's and waited.

After long wonderful minutes, and it really was minutes, Regina finally merged with the present. She reached out and pulled Emma closer to her while her lips moved over the blonde's. They smiled and moaned into the kiss as it deepened. Their heads spun and their magic combined and twisted in a playful dance, invisible to everything except their senses. When they finally parted, they looked into reflective eyes and saw the depth of emotion swelling within.

Emma smiled and leant her forehead against Regina's to catch her breath. The pounding in her head and chest finally subsided, she whispered, "That's why."

Regina grinned, knowing exactly what she meant, and then pressed forward again, their lips meeting instinctively.

The End

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