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Emma's mind swirled in the foggy haze of waking. The only thought registering was how surprisingly warm she felt. She straightened one leg and then froze. It had connected with another leg, another smooth warm leg. Her eyes flashed open and she looked to her side. There she saw the most peaceful face she'd ever seen Regina make. Emma blinked a few times as the memories of last night flooded back to her in a mix of retro flashes and vivid images.

The daughter of Snow White had slept with the Evil Queen.

Well ain't that a twist…. She remarked dryly to herself. But despite the absurdness of the situation she felt a warm fuzzy feeling inside her that was usually only evoked by Henry. She shut her eyes quickly when she felt Regina's arm reach out and rest against her side. Don't move, don't move, don't move... She opened one eye slightly and saw Regina watching her with a guarded expression. It seems the former Mayor was just as affected by this as she was.


Regina offered a tight smile, "Miss Swan."

Emma rolled her eyes as she rolled the rest of her body to face Regina, "After last night, aren't we a bit past formalities?"

A bare shoulder shrugged uncertainly.

Emma took a long deep breath in, and then out, in an attempt to calm herself and to consider the words she was about to speak. "Look, Regina, before you put your walls back up and try to brush this off, I just want you to know that I don't regret last night, not in the slightest."

Regina's eyes narrowed slightly, but not quite in a glaring way.

"I know that it was a bit rushed, and intense, and, well, passionate… but I guess it's the same with nearly everything between us."

Regina's face relaxed slightly, but she didn't respond.

"And I also think that this," Emma reclaimed the hand that had been removed when she had rolled over, "is a good thing."

"What makes you think that?"

"One, Henry will be happy that we're not fighting." Emma smirked as she remember some clothes been torn last night. "Two, I actually care about you, more than I've admitted. Three, you deserve a chance at real happiness, without other people and magic getting in the way. You've seen first hand how I defend the ones I care about."

The only response was fingers wrapping around Emma's hand.

"And four, although I'm sure there are many other great reasons not fit for young ears," Emma winked, "we make a great team."

Regina smiled slightly at this, remembering the concentrated effort they both made to peel Emma's tight jeans off.

"So, there you have it. I'm happy about last night, and I am open to more."

Regina took a small breath, "I see you've put some thought into this."

"Not a lot else to think about in Fairytale Land…."

"I suppose if it's for Henry, and you have his best interests at heart, and not your libido, then I am sure we can come to some sort of arrangement."

"Arrangement?" Emma shook her head, "Regina I just told you that I like you, as in really like you. Yeah, it would be great for Henry to see his mums together, but don't you want to give this a shot for us?"

Regina smirked, "I was teasing dear."

Emma laughed in relief. Her eyes twinkled mischievously, "So does this mean I can stay for breakfast?"

Regina rolled her eyes but couldn't hide the amusement from her voice, "Is food all you think about Miss Swan?"

"Who said my breakfast was food?" Emma grinned wickedly and kissed Regina before she could reply. She knew they'd argue later, they always would find something to fight about, but right now Emma was happy and she planned to do everything in her power to make sure Regina was too. They could figure out the rest later, together.

The End

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