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So Close


She always got so close. Never quite over the edge, but close. Close enough for the frustration to return instantly.

Emma growled and muttered under a huff as she threw back the covers and got up. She reached for whatever clothes she could find and pulled them on hastily. Within 72 seconds of standing up she was sneaking out the front door and down the stairs, out into the cold winter morning.

She ran. She started at a full speed, and then eased into a steady pace as she made her way towards the forest. The more she thought about what stopped her from finishing the harder her feet hit the ground. Everything was fine until dark locks and soft hands entered her imagination. After a few seconds, long enough for her to realise who it was, she would rebel and fight the image and consequently block all hope of seeing that edge.

"Stupid fucking Regina ruining everything," Emma growled through clenched teeth. "I can't even fucking ma-"

Emma collided hard with someone and they both went sprawling. She opened her eyes when the world stopped tilting and saw the early light seeping through the canopy of the trees. She just got through thinking how pretty it actually was out here before the verbal tirade started.

"Miss Swan!"

Oh crap.

"Beside the fact that you're running on my path, why in all the Realms weren't you paying attention to where you were going?"

"Me?" Emma yelped when she realised that Regina was standing over her. She got to her own feet. "Why weren't you paying attention?"

"I was fully aware of my surroundings. You appeared out of nowhere. What are you doing here?" Regina took a step into her space. "Why aren't you taking care of Henry?"

Emma spluttered for a moment before the frustration found her again. The frustration quickly evolved into bubbling anger. "He's with my parents. What are you doing here?" Emma took a step forward in challenge, "Why are you out at this time of the morning?"

"I can do whatever I please. I do not need your permission." Regina emphasised.

"Maybe you do!" Emma said. Regina's defiant tone had blinded her for a moment, and when she realised what she said her eyes went wide in panic. Expecting a physical response she took a step back.

Regina's eyebrow had raised, and now lowered. Her eyes narrowed and her voice got almost inaudible. "What did you say?"

Emma gulped. "Ah… It's not safe out here. You shouldn't be running alone. You should have asked me to come with you."

Regina glared at her for a long moment. Soon it was like she was searching for something, so Emma held her fiery gaze and her ground. Finally Regina turned up her nose and stepped around her. "Keep up, Miss Swan."

Emma turned in time to get a goooood look at Regina's retreating behind. She sighed heavily and took off after her. So much for relieving that tension…

The End

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