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Dinner Invitation
By Kurna


Ruby looked over at the two men standing at the sheriff's table. After the heated exchange before they were now glaring at each other. It seemed both Neal and Hook had tried at the same time to ask Emma Swan out for a date. As soon as the two rivals realized it, they had started to argue. Emma was almost forgotten, sitting there fidgeting, obviously very uncomfortable with this whole situation, where both her would-be suitors were in a silent stand-off.

"Good morning. The usual, please."

Ruby jumped in surprise. She had been so entranced with the little drama that she had not heard the new customer. It was none other than Regina Mills, the newly re-appointed mayor of Storybrooke. And the former Evil Queen was usually not somebody whose entrance was easily overlooked.

"Uh, good morning, uh, yes, right away."

Ruby got busy with preparing a coffee-to-go, while the mayor looked towards the sheriff's table. There the two men had started arguing again.

"What is that commotion all about?" She asked Ruby.

"Oh, both of them tried to ask Emma out for a date tonight. I think she still hasn't agreed to either of them." The waitress answered while handing over the requested coffee.


The mayor shook her head, then paid for her order and picked up the cup. She prepared to leave, but suddenly changed her mind and veered off towards the booth where the sheriff sat.

"Ms. Swan?"


For once the sheriff seemed happy to see the mayor, probably relieved about the distraction.

"You will meet me tonight for dinner at my house. Be there at seven."

"Uh, okay?"

"Good. Have a nice day."

The mayor left, but turned around once more and winked at Emma.

"Then it is a date."

The surprised sheriff's look followed the woman till she had left. Then she turned to her two suitors.

"Well, as you've heard I have now other plans for tonight. So I've got to politely decline both of your invitations. See you."

And with a smirk at the shock still evident on their faces, she got up and prepared to leave as well. Ruby looked at her curiously as she stopped to pay.

"I bet they didn't see that coming."

Emma laughed and waved goodbye.

"Neither did I, Ruby. Neither did I."

The End

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