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Journey Home
By Becky Sullivan

Cassandra Frasier sat in math class trying to pay attention to Mr. Saunders as he spoke about quantum physics. Her mind was on her mother, Dr. Janet Frasier. It had only been two weeks since her adopted mother had been killed in the line of duty while trying to help wounded soldiers off world on P3X-666. For the second time in her 17 years she had lost a mother. Her biological mother had been killed on her home world of Hanka. She had been rescued by the SG1 team and later adopted by Janet. In time, Cassandra had come to think of the entire SG1 team as her family.

Cassandra didn't even hear the end of the day school bell ring. She sat at her desk staring straight ahead. It wasn't until Mr. Saunders came over and gently nudged her, did she come out of her thoughts. "Cassandra, didn't you hear the bell?"

"What? I um, no, sorry," she replied softly. Without further word she slowly picked up her books and walked through the hallway toward the front door.

"Cassie, want to hang out," Dominic called from down the hallway. Oblivious, she kept walking numbly out the front door. The honking of a car horn brought her back to reality. She looked around and saw the familiar Volvo parked at the curb. 'Want a ride home?" the friendly voice called out. Cassandra half smiled and walked over to the car and jumped in.

"How was your first day back to school?"

"Probably as hard as your first day back to work was," Cassandra responded.

"It seemed like I couldn't walk the hallways without someone expressing their condolences. I know they all mean well, but by the end of the day, I was ready to leave."

"I know what you mean. Everyone was looking at me like I'm from a different planet."

"At least your sense of humor is intact."

"Sam, I miss her so much," Cassandra said and then started to cry.

"I know sweetie, I miss her too."

"I don't think I'll ever feel happy again."

"You will, we will, it's just going to take some time."

"How can you say that?"

"Cassie, remember when we found you on Hanka? You had lost everyone you knew. Remember how you felt?" Cassandra nodded yes. "You thought you'd never feel happy again. But slowly you healed, and I know you will always remember your birth mother, just like you'll remember Janet. Time has a way of healing. Right now it's still new and raw." Sam half smiled. "Come on, let's go pick up a pizza and binge."

An hour later the two were sitting at home on the couch finishing their pizza. "Sam, do you think mom was in much pain, you know when it happened?"

Sam sighed and looked at the child who had become her daughter from the moment they first met. "No, I don't think she knew what hit her. It all happened so fast."

"I guess that's something, she wasn't in any pain. I have homework," she said quickly as she got up and left the room.

Sam went out to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of wine. She looked around the kitchen half expecting Janet to appear. Instead she was met with silence and her memories. Sam thought back to a year ago when she first realized she was in love with Dr. Janet Frasier.

Sam had come over to help Janet celebrate Cassandra's sixteenth birthday. The two co-workers were standing in the kitchen talking and sharing their day as they waited for Cassandra to come back for cake. It all seemed so natural, Sam being with Janet in her home. With Janet there was an ease she didn't feel with other people. As much as she loved her team, Jack, Daniel and Teal'c, they were her buddies. With Janet she felt a different kind of closeness. She looked at Janet and suddenly realized that what she was feeling was love, not the friendship kind of love, but in love. Janet couldn't possibly feel the same way. Before she had a chance to let her mind take in her new feelings, she heard the frantic call for help from Dominic.

Both Sam and Janet tore outside and found Cassandra prone on the front porch. Everything became a blur as they rushed Cassandra to the infirmary on the base. For the next few days it was touch and go as Janet tried to save her daughter. It was only intervention from Nirrti that had saved the young girl from near certain death.

Sam remembered clearly the day she told Janet of her feelings. It was a week after Cassandra had been admitted to the infirmary. It was Saturday and that meant a chess game with Cassandra. As Sam entered the infirmary she called out hi to Janet and went over to Cassandra who was sitting up in bed doing homework. Janet was happy that at the end of her shift she could take her daughter home.

"Hey Sam," Janet called over. "How about joining us tonight for a welcome home dinner for Cassie?"

"Are you sure you feel like company?" Sam asked.

"Absolutely," Janet responded.

"Okay, well, how about I pick up some Chinese food and bring it over? Does that appeal to you Cassandra?"

"Only if you bring those little dumpling things."

"Cassie!" Janet admonished her daughter.

"Deal!" Sam said as she jumped off the bed and picked up the chess set. "I'm going to head home, shower and change. What time?" Sam asked.

"We're leaving in about an hour, so say, six?"

"See you then," Sam said as she smiled and left.

Cassandra looked at her mother and smiled. "Mom?"

"You okay?" Janet asked with concern as she walked over to her daughter's bedside.

"I'm fine. I didn't mean all those horrible things I said. I do think of you as my mom."

"I know honey. You weren't yourself. It's okay, we're okay. It would take a lot more than that to push me away."

"Jack said you pulled a gun on Nirrti to save my life."

Janet cringed. She hadn't wanted her daughter to know that in a moment of desperation she did the only thing she could think of to save her daughter. She would have killed Nirrti without hesitation. "She was messing with my kid, and mama bear went into protection mode. Cassie, I may not have given birth to you, but in every way, you ARE my daughter, and I would do anything and everything in my power to keep you safe and happy. Always know that."

Cassandra felt the tears roll down her face as she let herself be pulled into a tight hug. "I love you too mom."

"I love you too sweetheart. How about you get your stuff together and we go home a little early?"

"You don't have to ask me twice," Cassandra responded as she jumped off the bed and gathered her school books together. She couldn't wait to go home and sleep in her own bed.

Janet unlocked the front door. She hadn't been home since Cassandra was rushed to the infirmary. It felt good to be home again. "Honey, I think you should probably rest before Sam gets here."

"I can't believe how tired I feel."

"Sweetheart, your body went through a lot this past week. It's going to take some time to get back to feeling yourself."

"I think I'm going to go upstairs and have a shower and hang out in my room until Sam gets here."

Janet pulled her daughter into a tight hug and kissed her on the forehead. Cassandra went upstairs. Janet walked out into the kitchen and stopped short when she saw the birthday cake still sitting on the counter. Everything had stopped when Cassandra fell ill. Suddenly Janet felt her legs buckle. She hadn't let herself have a moment of rest while Cassandra was sick, and for the first time she let the enormity of the situation settle in, as she let herself slide down to the floor. She sat up against the kitchen counter and wrapped her arms around her legs and started to cry. The next thing she knew someone was taking her into her arms, whispering quiet words of encouragement.

"It's okay sweetheart, I'm here, it's okay. Everything is okay."

Janet looked up into loving blue eyes. "Sam?"

"I'm here, just let it out."

Janet let herself cry until she finally collected herself. "Well that was embarrassing," the petite doctor whispered.

"Naw, you've had a rough week, you needed to let it all out. You probably missed the memo that said CMO's are allowed to cry when their kids are fighting an alien virus brought on by Nirrti."

"I did miss that memo." Sam stood up and held out her hand to Janet. Janet took it, and smiled as she stood up. "Hey, where's dinner," she asked to lighten the mood.

"I didn't think you and Cassandra would be home so soon. I thought I'd come over and clean up the very stale birthday cake and replace it with a new one," Sam responded shyly.

Janet smiled warmly at the taller women. "Thank you Sam. Thank you for everything this past week. I couldn't have gotten through everything without you."

"Aw shucks ma'am." Sam hated any kind of accolades. "If you're okay, I'll go get dinner and a cake and be back as soon as I can."

Janet nodded as Sam headed out to the living room. "Wait Sam!" Janet called out.

Sam came running back. "What? Are you okay?" Sam asked with concern.

"You called me sweetheart!"

Sam blushed a deep red. That was the last thing she wanted, Janet to know, her true feelings. "Did I?"

"Was I wrong?"

Sam saw the look of sadness spread across Janet's face as she stepped closer to the doctor. "No Janet, you weren't wrong, I called you sweetheart." Sam took in a deep breath and let it out. "I'm sorry, I never meant for you to find out my feelings towards you. I'll go now," Sam said as she started to head back out.

"Hold it right there Major!" Janet said in her commanding Doctor voice. Sam slowly turned around. She couldn't judge Janet's reaction. "I outrank you by two days Major Carter, so at attention!"

Sam stood at attention, waiting to be admonished by the doctor. She knew that she had just violated a bunch of rules, but she didn't care.

"So, am I understanding this correctly? You have feelings for me Major?"

"Yes ma'am," Sam responded quietly.

"And how long have you had these feelings Major?"

"Four years," Sam whispered.

"How long Major? I can't hear you."

"Four years, ma'am."

"This is a real problem."

"I know Janet, look, just forget you heard anything."

Janet cut in, "you are still at attention Major Carter! So, when were you going to tell me about your feelings?"

"Well, never. It's against regulations," Sam stuttered.

"Why now, why tonight?"

"I saw you on the floor crying and I can't stand seeing you so upset."

"Major, you can stand down. I think I've heard everything I need to hear." Janet bore her brown eyes into Sam's blue.

"I guess I'll see you Monday then," Sam said as she turned to leave. She hoped after Janet was through telling General Hammond that one of his female subordinates had feelings for the CMO, she would still have a job to go to.

"You've just professed your feelings for me, and I don't even get a goodnight kiss?" Janet asked playfully.

Sam's eyes got big as she turned back to face Janet. "What?"

"You heard me, Major. Front and center." Janet stood on her toes and pulled Sam into a long kiss. Sam thought her legs were going to buckle. The last thing she expected was for Janet to feel the same way.

"I didn't see that coming," Sam murmured.

"Sam, I had no idea you felt the same way."

"You mean, you have feelings for me?"

"Sam, I fell in love with you when you and the team came back and you turned into that crazy untouched cave person," Janet laughed. "Those bushy eyebrows, did it for me," the petite doctor kidded.

Sam playfully punched Janet in the upper arm. "That was over four years ago!"

"I guess we've lost a lot of time. Sam, I want you in my life, more than just as a best friend."

"Is that an order ma'am?"


"So is this assignment long term?"

Janet smiled and playfully took a lock of Sam's hair and twirled it. "How does a lifetime sound to you?"

"Far be it from me to go against doctor's orders," Sam joked. "You being the ranking officer and all."

Sam leaned down and pulled the doctor into a tight hug. "I love you Janet."

"I love you too Sam."

"Woah!" came Cassandra's voice from the doorway. "This is so cool!"

Janet turned around and faced her daughter. "Ah Cassie, I thought you were upstairs resting."

"I saw Sam's car out front, I thought she brought dinner."

"Crap, I need to go out and get dinner and that other thing," Sam laughed. "You and Cassandra can talk while I'm gone," Sam said as she blushed a crimson red. With a quick peck on Janet's cheek, Sam was out of the house.

"Is Sam moving in?" Cassie asked innocently.

"Cassie, let's just get through dinner tonight."

"Mom, I don't know what took you guys so long. Any idiot can see how you two get all weird around each other."

"Weird?" Janet asked.

"Yeah, you know all dopy eyed."

"So you're okay with our being a couple?"

"Mom on Hanka there were same sex pairings all the time. It wasn't like here, where some people get all freaked. No one ever thought anything of it," Cassandra responded matter of factly.

Sam had just entered General Hammond's office and sat down when the gate activation alarm sounded. Hammond went out to the control room. "Off world activation, sir," Walter said in his usual steady voice.

"We're not expecting anyone," Hammond replied as a look of concern crossed his face.

"No sir, SG12 isn't due back until tomorrow."

"Close the iris," Hammond ordered.

"Yes sir," Walter responded. He looked at his computer screen again and frowned. "Sir, it's SG1."

"That can't be, we're all here," Sam said as she looked over Walter's shoulder to confirm he was correct. SG1 had been ordered on vacation for two weeks. Sam had used the beginning of the week to take Cassandra to camp. Cassandra hadn't wanted to leave Sam, but this camp was for other kids like Cassandra who had lost a parent. Sam felt this would be a good place for Cassie to go, she might open up around other kids who were going through what she was.

Hammond looked at Sam, and then walked closer to the glass. "Open the iris." As the iris was opening various soldiers took their position with guns drawn in the gateroom.

Walter opened the iris. Nothing happened right away. Ten seconds later a lone figure wearing a regulation helmet and dressed in SG fatigues walked through the iris. The person looked up at Hammond and the rest of the group and promptly landed head first on the ramp.

Hammond called for medical while he and Sam raced down to the prone person. "Stand down," Hammond ordered as he and Sam raced to the prone person. Sam gently removed the helmet and gasped when she saw who it was. She looked at Hammond.


Medical came in and pushed Sam aside so they could tend to the visitor. The visitor was placed on a gurney and headed down to the infirmary. Hammond motioned for two guards to follow them. He looked at Sam and nodded. "Major, you're with me."

"Yes sir."

Hammond and Sam walked into the infirmary a half hour later. Dr. Brightman was giving orders to one of the nurses. "Give her 10cc of ringers, she's badly dehydrated."

"Yes, ma'am," the nurse responded.

Brightman noticed Hammond and Carter standing in the doorway. She walked over to them and crossed her arms. She was almost as tall as Sam. Her long brown/blonde hair was pulled up into a bun. "I know you want answers sir, but I can't give them to you yet."

"But is she?" Sam started to ask.

"Doctor Janet Frasier? It would appear so, but we won't have anything definitive until the tests come back."

"Keep me apprised," Hammond said to the doctor. "Major, it might be a good idea if you stay here."

"Yes sir." The last thing Sam wanted was to be in the same room with a Janet clone or a Janet from an alternate reality which was the logical explanation for this woman. Her Janet. The Janet she loved, and had started to make a life with was gone. And no one, not even a Janet from an alternate reality could make her feel better about that.

The woman began to stir and open her eyes. She raised her head and immediately saw Sam. "Sam?" she asked with emotion in her voice. "Where am I?"

Sam stepped forward and forced a smile. "We think you're in an alternate reality."

"I never thought I'd see you again," she whispered as she let her head fall back down onto the pillow. "It's been so long."

"Here I am," she said lightly. Sam felt anything but light. Seeing any version of Janet brought back a flood of emotions. "You need to rest, so I'll be back to check on you later." Sam turned and left before Janet had a chance to respond.

Janet closed her eyes. This definitely wasn't her Sam. In this reality Sam and Janet must not be close. She wondered where Janet from this reality was. Before she had a chance to think anymore, she fell asleep.

The following day Janet was awake and feeling herself. General Hammond had ordered a debriefing at 1300 hours. She knew her way to the conference room, but she was still escorted by a team of armed guards. At 5'2 she wasn't much of a threat but she knew from past experiences in her world, to never underestimate anyone or anything. She arrived at the conference room to find Sam, General Hammond, Daniel Jackson and Dr. Brightman all seated around the table. Jack and Teal'c were in Minnesota fishing and at this point Hammond didn't see any reason to call them back to duty. Janet felt uncomfortable as all eyes were on her.

"How are you feeling Doctor?" Hammond asked in his usual kindly voice.

"Better, thank you sir."

Hammond shook his head. She certainly sounded like his Frasier. He'd lost a lot of men and women during his years in command, but the death of Janet Frasier had hit him hard. While he always kept his manner professional, he always looked upon Janet as the daughter he never had. He was proud of his son, he had two beautiful granddaughters, but Janet filled the daughter void. Hammond sat up straighter and turned to Brightman.

"Doctor Brightman, how is Doctor Frasier? Is she Doctor Frasier?" Normally he would have asked that question in private, but he honestly didn't feel any type of threat coming off of this woman.

"Sir, by all appearances she is Doctor Janet Frasier. Her DNA is an exact match to the DNA we have on file of our Janet Frasier."

"Doctor Frasier, what can you tell us about where you came from?"

Janet took a deep breath. She glanced over at Sam who had her head down looking at the pen she was twirling around in her hand. The close proximity to Sam was making it hard to concentrate. This Sam wore the same light fragrance that her Sam wore. "Well sir, in my reality, things are not going well. We had met a new race of aliens from PX9-3811. Initially we thought them to be friendly, but they weren't. They sent a plague to earth in the hopes of wiping out all life and then populating the planet with their own. Their own planet was going black and instead of asking for our help, they just invaded," she said harshly. "They killed my wi, um Sam, my daughter, and most of SG."

"Where were you going when the Stargate brought you here?" Sam asked.

"I was the last to leave the complex. I was heading to a new Alpha site off world."

General Hammond frowned. "Where was your Hammond? Why wasn't he the last to leave?"

"He was killed along with most of the SG unit 6 months ago. Daniel and I were the only ones to make it out. I was the senior officer at that point so I sent Daniel ahead to the planet to help get people settled. I stayed behind and packed up what I could for medical supplies. I set the auto destruct, and then walked through the gate and ended up here. Sir, if I may ask, where is your Janet Frasier?" Janet saw Sam shudder when she asked the question.

"She was killed six months ago on P3X-666," Daniel said softly. He still remembered that horrible day. The day he watched her take a staff weapon blast to the chest. It took him a long time to sleep after that.

"I'm sorry. In my reality, you saved me from that blast. But it didn't really matter much, by the time we were able to get back to earth, everyone we loved was gone. My daughter, my friends, my heart," Janet said as she looked straight at Sam. Sam couldn't look at this alternate Janet. "Is there a Cassandra in this reality?"

Sam shook her head in the affirmative. "Yes, Janet adopted her, they were very close."

Janet felt a tear roll down her cheek. "When we came back from P3X-666, we found out she and Sam had been killed when Sam went to try and bring her back to the complex. I never had a chance to say goodbye to either one of them," Janet said through blurry eyes. Sam still wouldn't make eye contact. "Sir, do you think you can get me back to my own reality?"

"Why? It doesn't sound like you have much to go back to," Daniel said.

"With all due respect, I don't belong here do I?"

"No, she doesn't," Sam said quickly.

Hammond looked at Janet and smiled. "Doctor Jackson will help you get settled into quarters and then you two with Major Carter can find a way to get you home."

"Sir?" Carter asked.

"Do you have a problem with that Major?"

"Of course not sir."

Hammond stood. "Dismissed." Everyone stood as he left the conference room and went to his office.

Daniel smiled at Janet and motioned for her to come with him. They were walking along the corridor. Daniel looked at Janet and grinned. "It's so good to see you again Janet."

"It must be hard. Your Janet is gone and I pop in for a visit. I don't think your Sam likes me very much."

Daniel stopped and put his hand on her left shoulder. "It's still fresh and raw. Sam hasn't gotten over it. I don't know that she ever will. We're all still grappling with her loss."

"Were Sam and Janet, together?"

"Yes, they were a couple. That's what makes seeing you so hard for Sam, they hadn't been together for very long. She didn't have a chance to say goodbye. We had to leave Janet on the planet. We barely got out alive. Sam will come around, she cares too much."

"Almost a parallel. You lose your Janet, and while I'm on P3X-666 I lose my wife and daughter."

"Sam was your wife?"

"Yes, well, almost. We had leave planned the following week and were headed to Massachusetts with Cassie to get married."

Daniel nodded his head. He fully understood why Sam was having such a hard time with this Janet. "You're so much like her, I don't think I could tell the difference."

"I'm just me," Janet nervously laughed.

After a couple of days things were a little more relaxed and Janet only had one escort as she walked around the complex. It was lunchtime and she found herself headed to the mess hall. She walked into the room and immediately saw Sam sitting by herself at a table off to one side. She had her head in a book and didn't see Janet come in. Janet walked over and grabbed a tray and a salad. As a peace offering to Sam she picked up a desert glass with blue gelatin. Janet walked over to Sam's table and cleared her throat. Sam looked up. "Hi, mind if I sit here?" Janet asked.

"Sure," Sam motioned with her hand.

Janet put the tray on the table then sat down. She carefully unfolded her napkin and placed it on her lap. Sam laughed. "What?"

"You're just like my Janet. She used to unfold her napkin the same way." Janet smiled the smile that used to make Sam melt. She picked up the blue gelatin and placed it in front of Sam. "What's this for?"

"A peace offering. Look Sam, I know this isn't easy for either one of us. We both lost someone we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with. And neither one of us had a chance to say goodbye."

"Daniel told you?"

"Yes he did."

"He shouldn't have," Sam said as her body posture tightened.

"Sam, please tell me about your Cassie. Is she doing okay?"

Sam relaxed a little. "She's had a hard time. Her grades slipped a little, but she's doing better. She left for camp this week. I found a camp that is for kids who have lost a parent. They have counselors who work with the kids. It was hard to drop her off though. My lawyer has filed a motion for me to adopt Cassie. I don't think it will be an issue. I have the entire United States Air Force at my back. Colonel O'Neill, Teal'c, Daniel and General Hammond have been wonderful to her. They all love very much. But she misses her mother."

Janet smiled. "I'm glad she has so many people who care about her."

Sam finally was relaxed enough to let her guard down. "Want to see a picture of the three of us?" Janet smiled and nodded. Sam took a picture out of her wallet, and showed it to Janet. It was a picture of Sam, Janet and Cassie taken outdoors. Janet took the picture and stared at the three happy faces. "It was taken at,"

"At Henderson Park," Janet interrupted. "We wanted to take Cassie there to tell her we were going to get married."

Sam stared at Janet and shook her head. "No, that can't be."

"Yes, we did."

"No, because that's why we were there. We couldn't possibly have the same identical event occur in different reality's without some sort of deviation."

"It looks like we did Sam," Janet corrected. "Thank you for taking such good care of Cassie. I know your Janet would be grateful. I know I would have been."

The two women finished their lunch in silence. Sam didn't know what to make of the conversation. All Janet could think about was her daughter, the daughter she would never see again. After lunch Janet ambled over to the infirmary. They had everything in order, they didn't need her help. She wanted to get back to her reality, there she would be needed. Janet found her way to Daniel's office. He had his head down transcribing something. She tapped on the wall. He looked up and smiled. "Am I disturbing you?"

"Not at all. Please, come in."

Janet entered the office and looked around. "I don't think I ever spent much time in Daniel's office."

"No, my Janet didn't either. She was always too busy patching us up."

Janet laughed. "One thing your Frasier and I have in common then. Daniel, do you think it's possible for your Janet and myself to experience the same event?"

Daniel thought a minute. "I think the chances of that happening would be possible but not probable. Why?"

"Sam showed me a picture taken with herself, Janet and Cassie; and I knew exactly where it was taken and why they were there."

"There are so many variables. It would be like you and my Janet taking a shower at the same time on the same day. There would be too many other interferences. Like you got up later, my Janet got up early. Those two single events could have delayed your taking a shower."

"I suppose," Janet conceded. "I won't bother you anymore, thank you."

"Janet, you're no bother. It's nice to see you here." Daniel turned back to his work, while Janet quietly slipped away. She was getting bored, and wanted to feel needed, to do something. Helping Sam find a solution to the problem, was probably out of the question. Janet had a strong feeling that this Sam didn't want her around. In a way, she couldn't blame her. Being near Sam and not being able to reach out and touch her, or kiss her, was making it very difficult to be in close proximity. She guessed Sam felt the same way towards her.

Janet decided to head back to her quarters and find something to read. "Doctor Frasier," she heard General Hammond call from behind. She stopped, turned around and smiled. "Yes sir."

"How are you holding up?"

"Okay. A little at sixes and sevens."

General Hammond laughed. "That sounds like my Janet Frasier. Never one to be idle."

"It's more than a little confusing, sir. Your Janet, my Sam, my General Hammond. We need a tally card to keep track."

"Well, if there's anything you need," he said and then walked away.

Daniel was sitting in his office watching the video of Janet's accident. He quickly shut it off when Sam entered. "Hi Sam."

"Hi Daniel," Sam responded as she looked down at the camcorder.

"I was just watching Janet's accident. I just wanted to see if I missed anything."

"And did you?"

"No, she took the blast to the chest and was down in seconds. I'm sorry Sam."

"This is so hard, being around her. Everything about her reminds me of my Janet. A glance, her laugh, her smile. I can't do this, it just brings it all back, everything I've lost."

"Sam, remember that Janet has lost her Sam, her daughter, and everyone who meant something to her. This has to be hard on her, seeing you, being in close proximity to you. Knowing that when she goes back to her reality, you won't be there."

Sam just looked at Daniel, knowing he was right.

Janet still couldn't shake the conversation she'd had with Sam in the mess hall. It just didn't make sense that they both would have experienced the same event. Janet entered her quarters and took off her fatigue jacket. She was wearing a low cut tank top. Janet turned when she heard a tap at the door. She opened the door to find Sam standing in front of her. Janet noticed Sam's eyes went right to her cleavage. Janet held the laugh she felt at bay. Sam was Sam in any reality. Her Sam had always complimented Janet on her ample cleavage, and loved it when Janet wore low cut tank tops.

"Hi Sam, come on in."

Sam entered the dim lit room as Janet shut the door. She noticed the tank top Janet had on showing her ample cleavage. Sam noticed a scar above Janet's left breast. "Look Janet, I want to apologize for my behavior. I've made your coming here all about me, and Daniel just reminded me, that you've lost everyone you love. At least I still have Cassandra. It's just seeing you here is so unsettling."

"It's okay Sam, the doctor in me can easily compartmentalize all of this, but the woman in me, who lost her wife and daughter, this is all so very hard. Being here makes me miss them even more. The only solace is knowing when I get back to my reality you and Cassandra of this reality are safe."

"And I'm not helping matters. So, let me start over again. Doctor Janet Frasier, I am Major Sam Carter, it's nice to meet you," the blonde said as she grinned and held out her hand to Janet.

Janet shook Sam's hand. It felt so good to be able to touch Sam, even platonically. "Major, it's nice to meet you."

For the next two weeks Sam, Janet and Daniel worked on all kinds of theory's to get Doctor Janet Frasier back to her reality. Sam and Janet had been working late into the evening, when Sam shook her head. "What is it?" Janet asked.

"I keep running everything, trying to figure out what even brought you here in the first place. It's not like there was a solar flare, or even a hiccup in the gate, I can find nothing. Without figuring out the origin of your arrival, trying to get you back is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Of which I would probably have better luck."

"Sam, why don't you go home and get some rest, you've been at this for too many hours. I can use some shut eye myself."

Sam nodded in agreement. "You're right."

Janet grinned. "Of course I am, I'm still the doctor."

Sam smiled. "I'll see you later today."

Sam left the complex and drove home. She entered the darkened home that she shared with Cassie. She still felt Janet's presence. Janet's piano which still sat in the living room, was a constant reminder of the times she and Cassie would listen to Janet play and sing. By now the piano probably needed to be tuned. Sam walked out to the kitchen and pulled a beer out of the refrigerator. She opened the cap and took a swig. "What am I missing here? What brought Janet back to this reality?" Part of Sam liked having Janet around. She was so much like Janet, her Janet.

Suddenly it dawned on Sam. She thought back to when Janet had arrived. Dr. Brightman had run tests, and the DNA test came back identical to Janet's. But they shouldn't have, there should have been a slight match deviation of at least 0.27%. But the doctor had said it was identical. Sam tried not to let herself get too excited. It couldn't be. This couldn't be her Janet. Daniel had seen her killed. It was on video. There was no doubt. Sam couldn't wait, she had to get back to the complex.

Janet was sitting at the small square table in her room reading. She was exhausted but wasn't quite ready to settle down. Her ears perked up when she heard a commotion. "Just open the door Sergeant," Sam's voice commanded.

The door to Janet's room opened and Sam quickly walked in. "Sam? Everything okay?" the doctor asked as she stood.

Sam didn't answer Janet, instead she walked over to the doctor and pulled on the women's tank top to reveal Janet's scar.

"Where did you get that scar?"

"I received it when I was on P3X-666."

Sam furrowed her brows. "Janet, I need you to tell me exactly what happened the day you went to P3X-666."

"Why Sam? Nothing good will come from my talking about it, other than to conjure up sad memories of the day I lost everyone I cared about."

"Janet, I know this is hard, but I need you to walk me through what happened. Please?" the blonde pleaded.

Janet could never turn down her Sam, and she didn't have any willpower to say no to this Sam either. "SG-13 had been sent there for a standard survey mission and they were attacked by the Goa'uld. SG-1 along with others went in to supply backup, but there were many casualties. I was sent into the field because there were injuries that needed field treatment before being moved. I was tending to Senior Airman Simon Wells trying to get him stabilized before he was taken to the gate. There was a laser blast which struck the left corner of my vest. It knocked me off my feet and I was out cold. I woke up in the infirmary, and was told that Wells didn't make it. The scar was a result of the laser blast." Sam just stared at Janet. "What are you thinking Sam?"

"When you woke up in the infirmary, that was when you found out that these aliens had come through the gate and killed everyone. What was going on? There must have been a lot of commotion."

"That's the weird part, initially when I woke up, it was quiet, eerily so. And just as the nurse called out I was awake, the place came alive."

"Janet, what do you know about these aliens?"

"Like I told you in the debriefing, initially they were friendly, and seemed to have technology to trade for medicine. They told us their planet was going black and they needed help. We were trying to see about locating them onto a new planet. Beyond that I don't know what the discussions were with General Hammond. Only something happened while I was off world."

"How long were you off world on P3X-666, from the time you left and then woke up in the infirmary?"

"Maybe three hours tops."

"So in three hours time, these aliens took over earth?"

"Pretty much."

"Come on, we need to see General Hammond."

A half hour later Sam, Janet and Daniel were in the conference room with General Hammond. General Hammond looked around at his elite team. "Go ahead Major."

"Well sir, I don't have all the answers yet, but I think we're looking at our Janet."

Daniel and Hammond both set eyes on Janet who had a look of shock registered on her face. "How can that be? In my reality everyone except Daniel is gone."

"Don't you think it strange that everyone else died, with the exception of one person, Daniel who was with you when you died in this reality?" Sam took a deep breath and let it out. "Sir, I didn't come to this thought lightly. It's been a lot of little things adding up over the past week. When Doctor Brightman reported that our Janet's DNA was a match to this Janet, there should have been a variable of at least 0.27%. At one time researchers thought that identical twins shared the same DNA, but they are finding out that it is not the case. There is a slight difference. The same slight difference I would expect to see between the two Janet's. I showed Doctor Frasier a picture of myself, Janet and Cassandra. She knew exactly when it was taken and why.

Daniel frowned. "What are you thinking Sam?"

"Something doesn't ring true that the aliens struck earth when Janet was conveniently off-world. And then she comes back to find complete devastation. The only familiar person was Daniel. I think sir, we need to pay a visit to PX9-3811."

"But Sam, the planet won't be the same in our reality as it is in Janet's."

"Unless it's all one in the same, and that's what I think we need to find out," Sam said forcefully.

Hammond nodded his approval. "I agree. I'm going to recall Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c. Doctor Frasier I would like you to accompany them."

"Sir," Sam started. "I don't think Janet is safe." The last thing Sam wanted to do was put Janet in harm's way, especially if this was her Janet. She couldn't bear to lose her again.

"Major, she may spot something or hear something."

"Yes sir, of course."

Sam was sitting at the table with Janet in her room waiting for Jack and Teal'c. They were expected within the next couple of hours. "How are you doing?" Sam asked Janet softly.

"My head is spinning. I don't want to let myself get excited, and then find out I'm not your Janet."

Sam smiled and patted Janet's hand.

Two hours later, Sam and Janet walked into the conference room. Jack, Daniel, Teal'c and Hammond were already seated at the long table.

"Woah," Jack said as he saw Janet. "Looking good Doc."

"Doctor Frasier, it is good to see you again," Teal'c said as he bowed his head.

Janet smiled and bowed her head at Teal'c.

"I hear we're taking the kids on a fieldtrip," Jack said glibly.

A half hour later the team entered the gateroom ready to head into the unknown of PX9-3811. Hammond was in the control room and nodded to Walter to unlock the gate. A few minutes later the gate was ready for entrance. Hammond nodded and the team walked through with guns at the ready and they were gone. Hammond looked at Walter and sighed.

The team came through the gate. It was sitting in the middle of an open field. "So much for staying under cover," Jack remarked as he glanced around at the vastness.

Teal'c walked a short distance from the group. "There are tracks here," he called out.

"Lead the way maestro," Jack said.

The group followed Teal'c. They stopped when they heard voices. Jack motioned for Sam to take Janet over behind some bushes. He didn't want a repeat of what happened on P3X-666.

Jack, along with Daniel and Teal'c fanned out in a large circle to move in on the voices. They were all well hidden behind a cluster of trees. "You need to find the woman and bring her back," the nasal voice said. "We need her knowledge of medicine."

"Yes, good master," the voice responded.

Jack craned his neck to see over the brush. There standing facing his way was Daniel. Or at least someone who looked like Daniel. Jack pointed to Daniel and Teal'c. Daniel was taken back when he saw his doppelganger in the clearing.

The being who faced Daniel walked away leaving him alone in the clearing. Jack motioned to Daniel and Teal'c to circle in around the man. He wanted an answer and this guy, whoever he was, was going to give them to him. Quietly the trio surrounded the man before he had a chance to run off. He looked at the real Daniel and moved back in fright. "Okay handsome, who are you and why are you wearing my friend's face?" O'Neill asked the frightened man.

He bowed his head and kept it lowered. "I am Cleminach."

"Okay Clem whatever, why are you walking around with his face?" O'Neill asked as he pointed to Daniel.

"I was created specifically to look like you."

"Why?" Daniel asked gently.

"I can't talk to you about this." The man was apparently scared.

"Look, we need answers and you're going to tell us, pretty boy," Jack replied hotly.

Sam and Janet joined the group. Cleminach stepped back when he saw Janet. "You are okay," he said to Janet. "You must come with me, we must get back to our people."

"She's not going anywhere," Jack commanded. "You on the other hand, are coming with us, and we're going to chat about things." Jack motioned to Teal'c who came up beside the man and stared him down. Without a word the man followed the group. They found a secluded area in which they could speak freely. "Okay, start talking or one of your handsome heads will roll, and I'm pretty sure it won't be his," Jack said as he pointed to his Daniel.

"Sir," Sam said softly. "Perhaps Janet and I can get more out of him while you three go keep watch on the perimeter. He seems to know Janet,"

"Fair enough, he's all yours Major. Come on boys let's go perimeter ourselves."

Jack, Daniel and Teal'c left. "So Cleminach," Sam started. "Why did you take Doctor Frasier."

"We needed her."


"My master told me we needed to secure her and to do whatever it took to get her. We needed her knowledge of medicine."

"So you took her from the planet P3X-666."

"I do not know the name of the planet, only that we took her."

"Was she hurt?" Sam asked.

"Yes." He looked at Janet sadly. "You were dead. We healed you."

Sam took in a breath and let it out. Everything was starting to make sense. "So when Janet woke up, she thought she was back in her world, but she wasn't was she? She was here."

"Yes she was here. We created a facsimile of her world, just for her. We wanted her to feel at home. Just like I was made to look like your friend. That way she would be comforted."

Sam had to push down the anger she was feeling. "How did Doctor Frasier end up going through the gate and leave?"

"We did not anticipate that the gate we recreated would actually work. But apparently it did because we could not find her after she walked through it."

"Look Cleminach, we need to know more about why you did all this?"

"Do you wish to speak with my master?"

"Yes, yes we do."

Sam looked at Janet and half smiled. "Sir?" Sam called Jack.

Jack wanted to leave Janet behind with Daniel while he, Sam, and Teal'c followed Cleminach. Janet put her hands on her hips and told Jack that she was coming along. Sam hid her smile. That was Janet, nothing but firm. And everyone always had a way of obeying her, even her superiors.

Cleminach led the group to an area that housed very modern looking buildings. They met various human looking people when they entered a large complex. Cleminach led them to an area that had large double doors that went from floor to ceiling. They automatically opened and Cleminach motioned them to come in. Sitting at a long desk was a human who looked to be around Jack's age. "Ah you have brought guests," he said. It was the same voice they had heard in the clearing.

"Look your royal master," Jack began. "Care to share what's going on? Why did you kidnap our Doc?"

"Please," the man waved his hand. "Have a seat and I will explain everything. I am Master Kelech, first Superior of this planet."

Jack looked at his team and motioned them to sit. They still had their weapons at the ready.

"We pose you no threat, otherwise we would have taken your weapons when you entered this building."

"So you took our Doctor instead?" Jack asked.

"You see Master Kelech," Daniel said. "Doctor Frasier is a valued member of our team, and she has a family back where we come from. Why did you want her to think she had lost everyone?"

"We needed her expertise. You see, we are dying off and we can't find the reason why. We saw the skirmish that took her life. We were scanning the planet to see if we might find someone with a superior medical background to help us. She was the first being that showed promise. We saw her go down and you all left her there, so we thought there would be no problem taking her back here to our home world."

"Finders keepers?" Jack asked.

"Why the ruse of having me think that all of my loved ones were dead?" Janet asked angrily as she looked at Sam, her Sam.

"We thought you would acclimate better if you had familiar surroundings. So when we healed you, we entered your mind and from there we created a facsimile of your home. And planted the memories of your planet being taken over by aliens. Of course we couldn't create all of your loved ones so we had to make up a plausible story. We were able to create Cleminish from your memories of this man," he said pointing to Daniel. "We knew from watching that he was with you when you were injured, so we felt he would be a comfort to you, when you awoke."

Janet put her head in her hands. This was all too much to take in. She was overwhelmed with emotion as she looked at Sam, for the first time realizing that her daughter was still alive. "Why didn't you just ask for help?" Janet asked with raw emotion.

"You might have said no," the man reasoned.

"And we might have said yes," Sam said.

"We thought because you left her behind you no longer had any use for her. After all, she was no longer breathing."

"We thought she was dead!" Sam yelled.

"Easy Carter," Jack said softly. "Look Master Poobah, we understand what you did and why you did it, but it's over, Janet belongs with us. Come on team, I have some fish to get back to," Jack said as he stood.

"Wait a minute sir," Janet said. "We can't leave until we know what this plague is. We don't want to risk bringing it back with us. What exactly is your health issue?"

"Our people are dying and we don't know why. There aren't any toxin's, viruses, or any known contagion. They just suddenly drop."

"That's why sir, we can't go home until we know what this is. We've been exposed as well."

"You would help us after what we did?"

Janet smiled. "Yes, of course. You don't need to make up a story, we will help you of our own free will."

Sam looked at Janet and for the first time in six months she felt a huge weight lifted off her shoulders. Janet, her Janet , the one person who made her life fulfilled was back. Sam wasn't going to waste any time once they got back home, they were going to get married and start a life together with Cassandra. Sam wanted nothing more than to take Janet into her arms, but she knew there would be time for that later when they were home.

Janet worked day and night, and with the help of Doctor Brightman, they found the answer. A small parasite, barely detectable, was ravaging its host's vital organs. Janet and Brightman found an anecdote and trained the local healer's on how to combat this parasite. Finally the team was headed home through the gate.

They arrived through the gate to a smiling General Hammond. He took one look at Janet, broke protocol and pulled her into a hug. "Welcome home Doctor Frasier."

Janet looked up and smiled at her beloved commander. "Thank you sir, it's good to be home."

"While you were gone, we got you reinstated back to your old job as CMO if you want it. You are back among the living Doctor. Your bank accounts, credit cards, driver's license, license to practice medicine, everything, as if you never left us."

"Thank you sir."

"You can thank Lieutenant Colonel Davis, he worked tirelessly to make sure you are back among the living. Before you come back, I am ordering you and Major Carter a month's leave. I suspect you have a lot of catching up to do," he said with a wink as he turned and left the gateroom. "Debriefing in an hour," he called back.

Sam pulled the car into the driveway. It was the first time since Janet walked back through the gate that she had been out of the complex other than their visit to the planet. She was nervous as she looked at what had once been her house. "I'm glad you didn't sell the house."

"I couldn't. Cassie and I talked about it, but in the end we both agreed it made us feel closer to you."

"How is Cassie going to take all of this?"

"We'll drive up to camp tomorrow and see her. She's just going to be happy to have her mom back. Come on, let's go in," Sam urged softly.

Sam unlocked the front door and waited for Janet to enter the house. She looked around at the house, and saw her piano. She hit some keys and winced when they sounded off key.

"I'll get a piano tuner in," Sam said.

Janet slowly walked around touching everything that was still the same, yet she was seeing everything with a new perspective. "Everything looks the same, but different."

Sam shrugged. "Yeah, Cassie and I couldn't stand to change anything. We wanted everything to be as you had it. It made us feel closer to you. Kind of like you were coming back. Only you didn't." With that Sam started to sob. She slid to the floor and in seconds, Janet was cradling her. Janet knew there were no words to sooth what had happened to the two women. They both just held one another until it was dark outside. "I'm so sorry, I treated you horribly when you arrived. I couldn't handle a Janet from another reality. A Janet I would never be able to hold and love."

"It's okay love, it's over. Sam, I know you won't like this, but we should go to someone and talk to them."

"Like a shrink?" Sam sniffed.

"Like a person who can help us work through the myriad of emotions we will have." Janet knew from her experience as a doctor that they would both have days when emotions would run the gamut from anger, sorrow, fear. By talking to someone their relationship stood a better chance of staying solid.

"You're probably right, you're the doctor after all."

"And don't you forget it!" Janet laughed.

"As if I could. Oh Janet, I love you so much. My life was so empty after you left. If it hadn't been for Cassandra, I would have given up. Having her to take care of, was what got me through the days and nights."

"I'm just glad that Cassie had you to lean on. Sam, honey, can we stand? My leg is falling asleep."

Sam laughed. They had been on the floor since they had walked in the door. Sam stood and held out her hand to Janet, who readily took it.

"Have you got any wine?" Janet asked.

"Have a seat, I'll go get it."

"Bring the entire bottle, I think we have a lot to catch up on," Janet said.

A few minutes later Sam returned and found Janet curled up on the couch. She had her favorite quilt over her. "Smells just like I remember it," Janet said as she picked up a corner of the quilt and sniffed it.

Sam put the wine bottle down on the coffee table along with two glasses. Janet changed position to allow room for Sam to snuggle under the quilt. Sam uncorked the bottle of wine and poured the red wine into the glasses. She handed one to Janet and took the other. Sam raised her glass in a toast. "Here's to many more years together," she said as their glasses clinked.

With her right hand, Janet took Sam's left hand and held it. The two women sat like that for a long time, sipping their wine and feeling the close contact of one another.

"Daniel told me you spoke at my memorial service. That it was quite moving."

"The hardest thing I have ever had to do."

"Thank you. I'm glad it was you."

"Just make sure it's the last time."

"Yes ma'am," Janet said with a mock salute. "Sam, do you still at some point want to get married?" Janet asked with trepidation.

Sam put her wine glass down and turned so she was facing Janet. "Janet, yes, I want us to be married. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. A life that will be long and happy. We have a second chance, I don't want to lose that."

Janet grinned from ear to ear. "It doesn't look like Colorado will be changing its laws anytime soon, so we can still go to Massachusetts to get married. Can Cassie still come with us?"

"Absolutely, I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Sam you had mentioned that you were in the process of adopting Cassandra."

Sam shook her head yes. "My lawyer has been drawing up papers. It really was more of a formality because General Hammond was helping to get it pushed through." Sam realized that now Janet was back there wouldn't be a need for her to adopt Cassandra. A look of sadness crossed her face, a look that didn't go unseen by Janet.

"Sam, honey," Janet started softly. "I would still like you to go ahead and adopt Cassie. I want her to know she has two mom's who will love her and take care of her, and be here for her no matter what."

"Do you think I will still be able to?"

"I don't know we'll find out."

Janet put her glass on the table and pulled Sam into her. She started to kiss Sam, at first slowly, and then with more urgency. It had been so long since she and Sam had been intimate. She didn't want to rush things, but she was also feeling the need to be intimate. For tonight, she was happy to just hold Sam.

The following morning Sam and Janet headed up to the camp Cassandra was attending. Sam had called ahead to give a head's up to the director of the camp. Sam had to lie a little and told them that Janet had been severely injured and had been unable to contact anyone to let her know she was alive. He bought her cover story without question. Sam and Janet decided that Sam would talk to Cassie first and prepare her. Once they arrived at the camp, they were ushered into a private conference room. Janet was waiting in the owner's office.

Cassie came into the room and stopped short when she saw Sam. "Sam! What are you doing here? Is everything okay?"

Sam pulled Cassie into a tight hug. "Everything is fine. Cassie have a seat, I have something to tell you." For the next half hour Sam went through the whole story. Cassie couldn't believe what Sam was telling her. Sam was concerned, Cassie was showing very little emotion.

Cassandra just stared at Sam and didn't say anything. She wanted to let herself believe that what Sam had just told her was true, but she had endured so many losses in her young life, she didn't want to get her hopes up. "Sam, are you telling me the truth?"

"Yes, honey I am. I would never lie to you about something as important as this" Sam stood, opened the door and motioned for Janet. Janet slowly walked into the room.

Cassie took one look at her mother and bolted out of her chair and threw herself into her mother's arms. "Mom, you're here. It's really you!" Cassie started to sob.

"It's me sweetheart. I'm here. It's okay baby," Janet soothed her daughter and held her tight.

Sam quietly slipped out the room to allow the two some time. The director of the camp went with Sam to help her pack Cassie's things.

Cassandra was blowing her nose when Sam came back into the room with Cassie's suitcase. "Are my two girls ready to go home?" Both nodded yes.

Once in the car, Cassie needed to touch her mother, she kept her hand on Janet's shoulder to keep physical contact. Once back at the house, Cassie still needed the closeness of Janet. She couldn't believe that her mother was actually alive.

"Anybody feel like Chinese food? Those dumplings you like Cassie?" Janet and Cassie nodded yes. "You two catch up and I will be back with dinner."

Janet was sitting on the couch. Cassie came along and sat down on the couch. She positioned herself so her head was in her mother's lap. Her feet were hanging over the edge of the arm. Janet softly stroked her daughter's head. "Mom, you must have been so upset when you thought that Sam and I had been killed."

"I was devastated. I didn't know how I could go on without the two of you."

"The rational side of me understands why they did what they did. But the other part of me is angry they took you away from us. Because of what they did we thought you were dead."

"I know sweetie. I never wanted you to lose a second mother. But they did heal my wounds from the laser blast. If they hadn't I would have died. For that, I will forever be grateful."

"I guess I should be grateful. I will be, I just need to be mad for a little while longer if that's okay?" You know Sam was going to adopt me."

"Are you okay if she still goes through with it?"

Cassie grinned from ear to ear. "Of course, I love Sam. She was totally my rock through all of this."

Sam came home to find Cassie sound asleep in her mother's lap. Janet looked up and smiled at Sam.

"It's probably the best sleep she's had since this mess started," Sam whispered.

"Hey honey, Sam is back with dinner," Janet said softly.

Cassie opened her eyes. "I guess I fell asleep. Sorry mom, I guess I'm a little old to be in your lap."

Janet smiled at her daughter. "Never."

Dinner was a festive affair. Cassandra told her mothers about her camp experience. Overall she said it was nice being with other kids who knew what she was going through. Exhaustion finally overtook the teen and she happily headed off to bed knowing she would see her mother in the morning. Sam and Janet cleaned up the kitchen, shut off the lights and headed up to bed as well. The last couple of weeks had been trying and both women were exhausted. They quietly slipped into bed. Janet snuggled into the crook of Sam's welcoming arm.

"Honey, I want us to be intimate again, but,"

"Sam, there isn't a rush. We're exhausted and our emotions are still pretty raw. It's okay if we take our time getting back to intimacy. Just being here, touching you, feeling you, is perfect for now."

Slowly things began to return to normal. Janet had to decide whether or not to return to her old job as CMO of Stargate. It was there if she wanted it. The question was, could she put Sam and Cassandra through this again if something were to happen to her. Janet didn't want to make the decision alone, she wanted input from Sam and Cassandra. In the end it was Cassandra's reasoning that gave Janet the answer.

Janet walked into the infirmary and was met with thunderous applause. Nurse Karen stepped forward as a spokesperson for the team. "Doctor Frasier," she started, "you were always the glue that held us all together and when you left it wasn't the same. Your irreverence, passion, caring left a mark on all of us. We're all glad you're back in your old job."

"Thank you, everyone. I'm glad to be back. Now, get back to work, we have sick people who need us."

Everyone laughed, then headed back to their posts. Karen came over to Janet and smiled. "Nervous?"

"Like it was my first day on the job."

"You'll be back in the swing of it in no time," Karen responded. She and Janet had been friendly outside of work, and had frequently spent time at one another's home. Janet considered Karen one of her dearest friends. "So, what made you decide to come back?"



"I wasn't sure I wanted to put her through the pain again, should something happen. But she reminded me, if we hadn't been working here, she wouldn't have been saved when her people were killed, and Sam and I wouldn't have become her parents."

Karen smiled. She remembered back to when Cassandra had been in the infirmary and she had worked closely with Janet trying to save the girl. "Cassandra was right. You've made a huge difference in all of our lives. I need to get back to work, before I get all emotional. Dinner Saturday at my place? Dottie has some new gadgets to share with Sam. Something to do with astrophysics. Plus Amy would love to see Cassandra," Karen said referring to her teenage daughter.

"We'll be there," Janet answered as she headed to her office to get her day started.

Janet and Sam returned home from their evening at Karen and Dottie's. The two had been a couple for over twenty-years and shared a daughter, Amy, who adored Cassandra. The two had hit it off the first time they met. Cassandra ended up staying over with Amy, so Janet and Sam had the house to themselves.

"Honey?" Janet asked Sam, as the two went around the house and locked up for the night. "Are you okay? You've seemed nervous all night."

"I'm fine."

"Uh huh."

Sam took a deep breath and let it out, then got down on one knee. She opened the palm of her hand revealing a sapphire and diamond ring. "Janet, I want us to get married as soon as we can get leave and go to Massachusetts," she said nervously as she slipped the ring onto Janet's left ring finger.

A tear rolled down Janet's face as she looked at Sam and then at the ring. "Yes, yes, yes," she said as she threw herself into Sam and kissed her.

"Janet, I need you, it's been too long," Sam said pleadingly.

Without a word, Janet led Sam upstairs to their bedroom. Janet tried to unbutton Sam's shirt but fumbled with the buttons. She was close to ripping the offending item off of Sam, but hesitated, knowing the shirt was one of Sam's favorites. Sam unbuttoned her shirt and quickly tossed it onto the floor. Janet easily put her arms around Sam and unhooked her bra. That quickly made it onto the floor.

"So beautiful," Janet said as she lightly touched Sam's left breast. Janet removed her own clothes and watched Sam as she removed her slacks and underwear. The two women stood holding one another, feeling the warmth coming from each other.

Sam led Janet over to their bed and gently pulled the doctor down on top of her. Sam could feel the heat of desire coming off of Janet. Janet leaned in and kissed Sam on the mouth as Sam began rubbing her hands up and down Janet's back. Janet inched down Sam and targeted in on the woman's erect nipples. She kissed one and then the other. Sam's hips slowly began to move up and down. Before she knew what was happening Janet was straddling her. Janet groaned as Sam arched her back. She bent down and kissed Sam's breasts and then slowly moved up to her lips. The two women spent hours exploring one another. Neither one was in a hurry to rush things. Tonight was the first night of many in which they could finally be together. Their long journey had finally taken them home, home to each other, and an exciting life ahead of them filled with love and companionship.

The End

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