Declarations PG Samantha Carter/Elizabeth Weir Atlantis crossover - Elizabeth formulates a reply to the letter she received from Sam just prior to leaving Earth. Complete

Christmas Wish PG Samantha Carter/Elizabeth Weir Atlantis crossover - Elizabeth makes a Christmas wish. Complete


Second Prime: Heroes 1 2 15 Sam/Janet In the midst of Heroes, (parts 1 and 2 consider them re-sequenced in a way.) Unauthorized gate activity and a wayward GDO manage to open the iris and reveal a trio of renegade Jaffa, including the one time First Prime of Apophis. Will they be held prisoner or accepted as temporary allies? Complete


The Unexpected PG Sam/Janet This is in response to a challenge fluff involving Sam/Janet, Sam's lab, and a flower. Complete

Soulmates PG Sam/Janet A Christmas wish. Complete

Black Friday PG Sam/Janet Femslash_Fluff challenge. Complete

Picnic PG Sam/Janet Femslash_Fluff challenge: anywhere, blanket thief Complete

Magically Delicious PG Sam/Janet Femslash_Fluff challenge: car/SUV, lucky charms (cereal) Complete

New Year's Traditions PG Sam/Janet Midnight on New Year's. Complete

When All is Said and Done PG Sam/Janet Love and Loss. Complete

Operation SwapMeet PG Sam/Janet   Jack/Daniel Operation SwapMeet goes into action when the team are forced to deal with a lunkheaded marine. Complete

The Aftermath of the Attack PG Sam/Janet Multi-fandom crossover - The year that never was. Complete

Rub-a-Dub-Dub PG Sam/Janet Sam takes a bath. Complete

The Ninth Day of Christmas PG Sam/Janet Day 9 of my off-key 12 Days of Christmas song - Nine points circling. Complete

Day from Hell PG-13 Sam/Janet Based in the early years - Sam is having a really bad day, and subsequently, so is Janet. Complete

The Dalliance of the Eagles PG-13 Sam/Janet A love that transcends time and space. Complete


Reenactments PG-13 Multi-fandom anniversary crossover. Complete

80-Sappho 15 Sam/Janet If you've got an itch, eventually you'll scratch it. Complete


Untitled 1 15 Sam/Janet A mission gone wrong. On-Going


Snow Days in August PG Sam/Janet I honestly think the title says it all. Complete

b and Debbie

Schumi's Surprise

What a Surprise!!! 15 Sam/Janet Short but sweet, a surprise for Janet becomes a surprise for Sam. Complete

What a Surprise Too 15 Sam/Janet Surprises are the cherries in life... good and bad! Complete

What Another Surprise 15 Sam/Janet More surprises for the good doctor Complete

Hope Alone Series

Hope Alone 15 Thoughts collide Complete

Hope Alone 2 15 Sam/Janet Thoughts and worlds collide Complete

Hope Alone 3 15 Sam/Janet Thoughts and worlds collide... with the help of a child. Complete

On Top of the Mountain 15 Sam/Janet Breaking up is hard to do especially when there is help around. Complete

The Acceptance of Dominic 15 Sam/Janet How Dominic becomes part of the family. Complete

The Secret Diary of Cassandra Fraiser Aged 13 ¾ 15 Sam/Janet Cassie keeps a diary when she first arrives on Earth. Complete


Loves Appreciation Series

Why Now? PG Sam/Janet Sam realises just what she's missing out on when Janet leaves for good. Complete

What Now? PG-13 Sam/Janet Big decisions have to be made. Complete

When? PG-13 Sam/Janet Janet and Sam answer some questions. Complete

How Could You? PG-13 Sam/Janet Tragedy puts a strain on Sam and Janet's relationship. Complete

Will You? PG Sam/Janet Janet is anxious to find out what's inside the box. Complete

Nothingness PG Sam/Janet A summary would spoil the story Complete

She Pleads Guilty 1 PG Sam/Janet Sam asks Janet out for dinner. On-Going

I Can Taste it in Your Tears PG Sam/Janet One morning Sam wakes up and everything is different. Complete

Becky Sullivan

Journey Home New 15 Sam/Janet Sam and Cassandra try to pick up the pieces after Janet's death on P3X-666. An unexpected visitor reminds Sam of everything she's lost. Complete

Caitrin Torres

Welcome Me Home 18 Sam/Vala "You were going to shower. You can't shower if you're wearing all that." Complete

Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson

Sam PG-13 Sam/Janet No synopsis given. Complete


Ghost Series

In love with your Ghost G Sam/Janet What if it was Sam who died of radiation poisoning from the naquadria explosion and ascended? Complete

Completeness 15 Sam/Janet Eight months later, Janet is in danger. Complete

The one I've waited for PG Sam/Janet Having saved Janet, both women now have to deal with the unexpected consequences of their actions. Complete

Meditations on the Abyss PG Sam/Janet It is Sam how visits O'Neill in his cell. Complete

A Poem for My Daughter PG Sam/Janet The day after Sophia's birth, Sam contemplates the miracle. Complete

Fear PG Sam/Janet Janet can't believe that it's forever. Complete

The Price We Pay 15 Sam/Janet Sam has been back on Earth for a year and many things have changed. But the Ascended have not forgotten about her and Anubis in particular is very interested in Samantha Carter and her likely abilities. Complete

The Place of Our Beginning 15 Sam/Janet This started out as an AU of Meridian where Sam Carter was irradiated and Ascended rather than Daniel Jackson. You really need to read parts 1-7 first! Complete

Sugar & Spice Series

Love Trust 15 Sam/Janet A game of trust between two lovers Complete

Natural 15 Sam/Janet Janet watches her lover sleep. Complete

Still Water, Sweet Water 15 Sam/Janet Sam reflects after a strangely disturbing mission. Complete

Divide & Conquer Series

Who do you love? PG Sam/Janet Sam tries to cope with the events of Divide & Conquer. Complete

Leaving it in the Room PG Sam/Janet O'Neill just can't leave it in the room. Complete

Only One Kiss, I Swear G Sam/Janet Dealing with that kiss. Complete

Let's Make a List 15 Sam/Janet No consequences. Complete

A Thousand Dreams of Cats 15 Sam/Janet Sam makes an unusual first contact. Complete

Strange & Beautiful PG Sam/Janet Janet watches over Sam during "Crystal Skull". Complete

Telling Jonas Quinn G Sam/Janet Jonas has to find out sometime - but will he survive the experience? Complete

Desperate Measures PG Sam/Janet Missing scene/epilogue for Desperate Measures. Complete

Broca G Sam/Janet Sam's experiences as one of the 'Touched'. Complete

To Sit it Out or to Dance PG Sam/Janet "Now remember, they're just the people you went to school with. They're not Goa'uld or the President or the Tollan High Council. Just ordinary people." A college reunion won't be too big an ordeal for Sam Carter – will it? Complete

The Damned 15 Sam/Janet Janet's point of view on the changes that take place after Shifu 'gifts' his knowledge to Daniel. Complete

The Last Footwear to Fall PG Sam/Janet Sam reflects on the events of 'Unnatural Selection'. Complete

Four Weeks and... PG Sam/Janet Sam reflections on the events of 'Paradise Lost'. Complete

When We Dance 15 Sam/Janet Recovering from the memory stamp, Sam has difficulty telling apart her memories and her fantasies. Janet has an entirely different problem - now that Sam has opened up to her, is it time to move on with their friendship? Complete

I Want You 15 Sam/Janet A woman scorned. This is a flip-side to "When we Dance" Complete

Lo'tar PG Sam/Janet The Quantum Mirror brings a woman with a strange and terrible story to the SGC. Complete

Roadrunners G Sam/Janet Stargate: SG-1 / X-Files crossover - Missing scene for the X Files episode, "Roadrunners". Agent Dana Scully receives two visitors from the Air Force whilst recuperating from her experiences. Complete

Nightwalkers 15 Sam/Janet   Scully/Reyes Stargate: SG-1 / X-Files crossover - The events of "Nightwalkers" as if it really was an X file. Sequel to "Roadrunners" Complete

Though Lovers Be Lost 15 Scully/Reyes   Sam/Janet Life almost seems too perfect when the past returns to haunt Sam, and Janet finds herself in a desperate search to find her lover. Sequel to Roadrunners and Nightwalkers. Complete

Fire/Flame PG Sam/Janet Inspired by Rocketchick's wallpaper "Fire". There is a party to attend but certain minds are focused on a more private party to be held later. Complete

Carnal Cartography PG Sam/Janet After the party... Complete

A Love That's Not So Painful PG Sam/Janet Sam and Janet confront their feelings for one another. Complete

Spring Fever 15 Sam/Janet PWP As soon as she hears Peggy Lee playing, Sam knows she's in for an interesting night. Complete

Black Arts 15 Sam/Janet Rediscovering what is important. Complete

Revenant PG-13 Sam/Janet A(nother) what if for Heroes aftermath. Complete

The Snow Queen PG-13 Sam/Janet Dreams and memories lead Sam to a very personal discovery. Complete

Gravitygirl & Analog PG Sam/Janet New friendships - or are they? Complete

Grace Series

Grace PG Sam/Janet Sam wakes up in the infirmary after the Prometheus makes it home. Complete

Wise Up PG Sam/Janet Janet is worried about Sam's emotional state after the events of 'Grace' and it turns out with good reason. Complete

The Man in My Dreams PG Sam/Janet Thank god it was all a dream Complete

No Distance Left to Run PG Sam/Janet Sam is at the Alpha Site, Janet is at the SGC. They have both promised to try to reconcile the next time they meet. Complete

Born Stubborn PG Sam/Janet Sam brings Janet home. Complete

The Only Constant is Change PG Sam/Janet The only constant is change. And a year can see many changes. Complete


Sunshine PG Sam/Janet Sam and Janet are captured by a Goa'uld called Bastet who intends to hand them over to Anubis. Complete

Shadow PG Sam/Janet Escape from Bastet's planet isn't as easy as they hoped. And an artifact starts to affect Sam in ways neither of them could guess. Complete

Shimmer PG Sam/Janet Political changes put Sam's life in unnecessary danger as they try to find the key to what she is becoming. Sacrifices are made and promises kept. Complete


Past PG Sam/Janet The hunt for the Lost City is on. Sam immerses herself in the collective memory of the Ancients to find the answer. But Anubis has her scent. Complete

Present PG Sam/Janet Anubis and Sam finally confront each other. Complete

Future PG Sam/Janet Anubis may be destroyed but Sam's work is not done. Complete


Birth 15 Sam/Janet Fifth has Sam captive but old allies are coming to the rescue as ancient enmities, old mistakes come back to haunt them. Complete

Marriage 15 Sam/Janet The Nox have reunited Janet with Sam but the fight is on to save her body, mind and soul. Janet has willingly put her own life in danger to save her lover. Complete

Death 15 Sam/Janet Eighth wants her revenge. The Astrapi wants a host. Janet wants her wife back. Complete

Outside Looking In Series

Jacob PG Sam/Janet First in a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and Janet. Complete

Chloe PG Sam/Janet Second of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Agent Barrett PG Sam/Janet Third of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Siler PG Sam/Janet Fourth of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

General Hammond PG Sam/Janet Fifth of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Sergeant Davis PG Sam/Janet Sixth of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Jack and John PG Sam/Janet Seventh of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Cassie PG Sam/Janet Eighth of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Teal'c PG Sam/Janet Ninth of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Daniel Jackson PG Sam/Janet Tenth of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Dr Elizabeth Weir PG Sam/Janet Eleventh of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Major Paul Davis PG Sam/Janet Twelth of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Senator Kinsey PG Sam/Janet Thirteenth of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Ambassador Joe Faxon PG Sam/Janet Fourteenth of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Jonas Quinn PG Sam/Janet Fifteenth of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Apophis PG Sam/Janet Sixteenth of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Graham Simmons PG Sam/Janet Seventeenth of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Narim PG Sam/Janet Eighteenth of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

Martouf/Lantash G Sam/Janet Nineteenth of a series of vignettes from those close to Sam and/or Janet. Complete

More Adventures with Elextricity G Sam/Janet Sam wakes up in the infirmary after MacKay's EM Pulse Generator electrocutes her. Complete

That Slow Burn PG Sam/Janet There was definitely something between us. Neither one of us had suggested that we talk about it yet. After all, what was there to talk about - looks and smiles and precisely one kiss. Complete

Chocolate Surprise PG Sam/Janet Janet wanted it for her birthday. How could Sam refuse? Complete

Unravel PG Sam/Janet Taylah Minh has everything she could ever want: a challenging career on a project that could change her world, a loving husband and a much wanted pregnancy. So why is she dreaming about a life as `Major Samantha Carter'? Complete

Mama Said PG Sam/Janet Mama said there'd be days like this. Complete

Saved the World Today PG Sam/Janet Missing scenes (and some familiar ones) from Foothold. Complete

Down Memory Lane by the Scenic Route PG Sam/Janet Urgo wants to find out what makes Sam Carter happy. Complete

The Will Within PG Sam/Janet Janet brings Sam home after the mission to destroy Seth. (Season 3) But Sam still has some issues to resolve. Complete

Unexpectedly on the Market PG Sam/Janet Unexpectedly on the market: one human heart, rarely used. Complete

Another Six Views Through the Quantum Mirror PG Sam/Janet Another Six Views through the Quantum Mirror. Complete

I Kissed You PG Sam/Janet It was just a dream, right? Complete

Don't Miss You at All PG Sam/Janet Sam thinks about her AU selves who may have not been so lucky as she was. Complete

The Apocryphal Life of Samantha Carter PG Sam/Janet What do you know about Sam Carter? Complete

Coming to my Senses PG Sam/Janet Sam ponders on existence. Complete

The Transit of Venus PG Sam/Janet I fell asleep and dreamt that I fell asleep and dreamt. But I only remember waking up once. So am I asleep or awake? Complete

Late Bloom G Sam/Janet Remember being that young and energetic? Complete

Passionplay 18 Sam/Janet She completes me. Complete

Different Geometry 15 Sam/Janet A mission to investigate a Celtic/Mayan culture leaves SG1 re-enacting ancient myths with Janet Fraiser unwittingly caught in the middle. Complete

The Other Woman G Sam/Janet A moment's introspection. No plot. Complete

Scientific Method 15 Sam/Janet Observations, Hypotheses, Predictions and Experimentation. Complete

Cause and Effect 15 Sam/Janet Just the sight of this woman aroused her more than any other lover had done. Complete

Interlude 15 Sam/Janet When people bruise skin you've kissed, it really pisses you off. Complete

Interlude 2: Offworld 18 Sam/Janet When you miss the one you love. Complete

Interlude 3: Bringing me home 18 Sam/Janet Taking care of the one you love. Complete

Interlude 4: Storm Warning 18 Sam/Janet Written with Elizabeth Carter - You don't have to be offworld to be in danger. Complete

Interlude 5: In praise of random spontaneity 18 Sam/Janet Janet gets to buckle Sam's swash. Complete

Interlude 6: The Christening Ceremony 18 Sam/Janet There are more important things to be doing than stripping wallpaper. Stripping astrophysicists for starters. Complete

Interlude 7: Birthday kisses 18 Sam/Janet Thank god for technology! Complete

Interlude 8: Abstinence 15 Sam/Janet It's not just about the sex... honest. Complete

Interlude 9: Cherry 15 Sam/Janet Astrophysics never prepared her for this. Complete

Interlude 10: Rock Paper Scissors... Dynamite? 15 Sam/Janet The consequences of changing the rules. Complete

Interlude 11: Geometry 15 Sam/Janet Geometry had always been her favourite subject. Complete

Interlude 12: Cute 15 Sam/Janet In every other way she was a domestic goddess. Complete

Interlude 13: Meticulous 15 Sam/Janet I used to wonder what it would be like... Complete

Interlude 14: Bedtime Stories PG Sam/Janet Some rituals need no explanation. Complete

Interlude 15: Patience 15 Sam/Janet Patience is a virtue, the rewards can be sweet. Complete

Interlude 16: Context 15 Sam/Janet Every day she explores the galaxy but this, this means more to her than anything. Complete

Interlude 17: Cake 15 Sam/Janet Sooner or later, in SG1's world, it all came down to cake. Complete

Interlude 18: Candlelight 15 Sam/Janet There was something about making love by candlelight that seemed to take them outside normal time and space. Complete

Interlude 19: Bluffing 15 Sam/Janet The family that we make. Complete

Interlude 20: Storm 15 Sam/Janet Sheltering from the elements in the safest place in the world. Complete

Interlude 21: Valentine 15 Sam/Janet The best thing. Complete

Interlude 22: Soar 15 Sam/Janet What she does to me... the way she makes me feel... and after I soar, her strong tender arms guide me down, bring me back to myself, back to her. Complete

Chimaera the Way it Should Have Been 1 G Sam/Janet How Chimaera should have played. Complete

Chimaera the Way it Should Have Been 2: Singing in the Rain G Sam/Janet How Chimaera should have played. Complete

Chimaera the Way it Should Have Been 3: The Way You Look Tonight G Sam/Janet How Chimaera should have played. Complete

Jolinar of Melkshur 1-4 5-6 15 Sam/Janet Sam isn't quite herself. Complete

I Miss Her PG-13 Sam/Janet Janet and Sam POV during `In the Line of Duty'. Complete

Just Because You're Paranoid PG Sam/Janet History told her that in the end everyone let her down. She had hoped Janet would be different. Complete

At the End PG Sam/Janet Everything comes to an end sooner or later. Complete

Lost Girl PG Sam/Janet Her barriers are down, destroyed and she doesn't want to replace them. Complete

Lifeboat G Sam/Janet Thirteen souls now inhabit the consciousness of Samantha Carter. Her lover fights to get her back. Complete

Tis the Season PG Sam/Janet Being secret santa to your secret love isn't as easy as it sounds. Complete

Off the Map PG Sam/Janet Janet Fraiser died on P3R666. But it might not be forever. Complete

Borrowed Time PG Sam/Janet Janet's first time in the field after recovering from the events of P3X-666 does not go well. Contains elements from my previously published story "Off the Map" and can be regarded as a sequel to that story. Complete

They Only Come Out at Night PG-13 Sam/Janet "It's dead. I know it's dead. The vaccine worked. I felt it die." Complete

A Dream Can Come True G Sam/Janet Sam Carter is still innocent enough to believe in dreams and in the possibility of true love. Complete

Believe G Sam/Janet Janet Fraiser swore to herself that she would not go looking for love. Complete

Wonderful G Sam/Janet Getting acquainted. Complete

Like Someone in Love G Sam/Janet I have to tell her how I feel. Complete

I Scare Myself PG Sam/Janet It's amazing how everything changes so quickly. Complete

This Girl's in Heaven PG Sam/Janet Sam isn't sure where she fits in anymore. Complete

In Perfect Dreams PG Sam/Janet Janet still hasn't got Sam figured out. And a newcomer to the SGC isn't making things any clearer. Complete

So Happy with You PG Sam/Janet Realisations of how deep the feelings have become. Complete

Always and Forever PG Sam/Janet They were going to be fine. Complete

An Angel Smile Upon Me PG Sam/Janet Can't see the wood for the trees. Complete

Do What You Have to Do PG Sam/Janet "For the first time in a long time I feel as if I'm leaving something important behind." Complete

Stay By Me PG Sam/Janet Sitting in the Dark. Complete

I'll Be PG Sam/Janet Welcome Home. Complete

Your Guardian Eyes PG Sam/Janet Janet always fancied that she could see Sam's soul when she looked into her eyes. But now she's not so sure. Complete

The Little Things PG Sam/Janet It's the little things that make you smile, the little things that you know you'll miss the most. Complete

Some Space, Some Time PG Sam/Janet How long does it take to become the Destroyer of Worlds? Complete

Them There Eyes PG Sam/Janet How long does it take to become the Destroyer of Worlds? Complete

One Day PG Sam/Janet Some memories are worth reliving over and over again. Complete

Saying the Words PG Sam/Janet Telling someone that you love them can't be too difficult. Can it? Complete

Proving the Impossible PG Sam/Janet Coming to terms with what you've become. Complete

Nothing is More Beautiful PG Sam/Janet Watching your lover sleep. Complete

No Map No Compass PG Sam/Janet There's no map, no compass to the human heart. Complete

Metamorphosis PG Sam/Janet Metamorphosis. Complete

Laughter and Forgetting PG Sam/Janet Laughter and forgetting. Complete

Something I Should Know PG Sam/Janet Somewhere inside is the answer. Complete

The Burdens that You Carry PG Sam/Janet Meeting the man in her dreams. Complete

You Can Live in My Heart PG Sam/Janet She had given her father another option other than death. So why was she still grieving? Complete

Contradiction PG Sam/Janet All she wants is to know the truth about herself. Complete

Negatives PG Sam/Janet All she wants is to know the truth about this other self. Complete

Denial 15 Sam/Janet All she wants is to be complete. Complete

Venus in Furs PG Sam/Janet She had been an excellent teacher. Complete

God's Chosen PG-13 Sam/Janet Carter Human Form Replicator/Boomer Cylon Battlestar Galactica crossover - A different world, a different life. But a kind of kinship nevertheless. Complete

All the Time in the World PG Sam/Janet An unauthorized traveler brings a strange and terrible story but hope for the future. Complete

The Morning After 15 Sam/Janet The first day of the rest of her life. Complete

Never Go Home PG Sam/Janet The events of the opening scenes of `In the Line of Duty' told from Jolinar's POV. Complete

The Seven Deadly Sins 15 Sam/Janet The seven deadly sins explored. Set during Upgrades. Complete

Housecalls PG-13 Sam/Janet Janet checks on her patients during `The Light' Complete

The Rules PG Sam/Janet Why do there always have to be rules? Complete

Unworthy of the Angel PG Sam/Janet 'Let no man be unworthy of the angel that watches over him.' Complete

The Good Stuff 15 Sam/Janet Being stuck in the Infirmary over the holidays might not be so bad. Complete

Let Me Go Out There 15 Sam/Janet Some things are just not meant to be. Complete

Strong 15 Sam/Janet A bitter reality or a fading dream. Complete

Ruby Slippers 15 Sam/Janet A possible answer to why Sam didn't hallucinate about Janet whilst she was on the Prometheus. Doc Fraiser was on her own journey. Complete

In Sickness And... 18 Sam/Janet She's supposed to be the strong one. Complete

In the Here and Now PG-13 Sam/Janet Dr Janet Fraiser returns home with the cure to the Ori plague after the incursion into the alternate universe. Complete

Catharsis PG-13 Sam/Janet   Sam/Minister Chaska Somewhere she doesn't have any dead. Complete

Glow 15 Sam/Janet A pool, a beautiful woman and time on their hands. Complete

Kalshek'tak PG-13 Sam/Janet Carter's didn't believe in ghosts. Complete

God's Perfection 15 Replicarter/Eight She is more than us. Better. Brighter. Complete

After the Game was Over 15 Sam/Kara Battlestar Galactica crossover - After several hands of poker Kara Thrace technically owned Sam Carter. Complete

The Long Way Round 15 Sam/Sarah Jane Doctor Who crossover - Travelling through the Stargate doesn't prepare you for every encounter. Complete

Long Way to Go PG Various (hints) Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover - A meeting in London has Sam asking a lot of questions. Complete

Fight or Flight 15 Sam/Janet A cry for help leads to a potentially deadly encounter. Complete

The Fairy at the Bottom of the Garden 15 Sam/Janet Janet's life just keeps getting more complicated. Complete

Homeward Angel 15 Sam/Janet She's still thinking, pushing the buttons squaring the circle. She has the time, she has the brains. She can do this, she can save them all, she can save their legacy. She has to believe: the angel on her shoulder told her so. It's what she does. It's who she is. Complete

This Woman's Army 15 Cadman/Janet   Cadman/Elizabeth   Cadman/Sam   Cadman/Vala   Stargate: Atlantis crossover - This woman's army opened up a galaxy of possibilities. If only she could figure out exactly what (or who) she wanted. Complete

In the Morning Light 18 Sam/Janet The Tau'ri plan fails. Sam and Janet are the only two who survive, they are held accountable for their actions by the Aaschen. Complete

Genesis 1 2 18 Sam/Janet An artifact brought through the Gate wreaks a strange and terrible transformation on the SGC. On-Going

Come away with me PG Sam/Janet Neither truly want to be here yet neither could resist the chance that they might just see each other again. Complete

Forever 1 2 15 Sam/Elizabeth   Sam/Janet Stargate: Atlantis crossover - "I promised her forever - it was the only promise I did not keep." Sam Carter tries to resolve her feelings after Janet Fraiser's death and comes up with a daring plan to make things right. To bring her back. Complete

In Her Arms PG-13 Sam/Janet She still feels close, almost as if she was watching over her. Complete

Holding True PG-13 Sam/Janet The Tok'ra had left her with the ability to heal and the ability to kill. Janet did not know which disturbed her lover more. Complete

In the Light 15 Sam/Janet Sam Carter wasn't going to let a little post-Sarcophagus psychosis get the better of her and she knew she would have help every step of the way. Complete


Trajectory PG-13 Sam/Janet The quantum mirror holds a surprise for Sam. Complete


Within a Dream PG-13 Sam/Janet Soon, Sam was mapping the tea-colored legs with her tongue. Complete


What Hurts the Most PG Sam/Janet Sometimes - once in a lifetime - what hurts the most is what, in the end, finally completes us and brings absolute joy. Complete

Remember When PG Sam/Janet No synopsis given. Complete

A Diva's Demise 1 2 PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Sister conventions at the Happiest Place on Earth - Who said it's a small world after all? Complete

Old Meets New PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

Snippets of Solstice PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover. Complete

In Search of Kringle PG Multi-fandom crossover. Complete


Twinkle and Glow G Sam/Janet Sam and Janet have a talk. Complete

The Datajunkie

Little White Lies 15 Sam/Janet The romantic interest of the queen of an Amazon world leads Sam to proclaim that she's mated... to Janet. Now Sam just has to tell her. Complete


Whole Again 15 Sam/Janet Sam and Janet are 2 air-force personnel, who work at Stargate Command Centre, USA. They have a wonderful 'karma' around the two of them as a pair. I wanted to write a Sam/Janet story based in England. So, what if Janet leaves the SGC because of her unrequited(?) feelings for Sam, and they do not meet again till six years later. Complete

One Night Stand? 18 Sam/Janet I always wondered what happened before the Stargate Project. The Broca Divide is when we first meet Janet Fraiser, and the scene that always sticks in my mind, lent itself to part 3 of this story. See what you think? Complete

Awakenings Series

Realization PG-13 Sam/Janet Sam's thoughts immediately after Rites of Passage. Complete

Honesty PG-13 Sam/Janet Janet's thoughts immediately following Rites of Passage. Complete

Observations PG-13 Sam/Janet Cassie's thoughts about her parents immediately following Rites of Passage. Complete

Recognition PG-13 Sam/Janet The tale continues through Sam's eyes. Complete

Apologies A request, not a story - yet. Not Started

Re-Awakenings 15 Sam/Janet On Valentine's Day Janet looks back on her turbulent relationship with Sam. Complete

Chocolate, Huh? PG Sam/Janet Challenge answer set during 'The Changeling'. Complete

Strawberries and Cream, Huh? PG Sam/Janet Colonel O'Neil intercepts a note left for Janet and can't help teasing her about her secret admirer. Complete

Archimedes Principle, Huh? PG Sam/Janet Archimedes' Principle states that the weight of the liquid displaced... Complete

Crossword Clues, Huh? PG Sam/Janet Janet asks for Sam's help in finishing a crossword. Complete

Fireworks to Go PG Sam/Janet Cassie's first Bonfire Night. Complete

The Long and the Short of It (Bah, Humbug) PG Sam/Janet Janet doesn't like having to spend Christmas Day without her best friend. Complete

The Long and the Short of It (Bah, Humbug) PG Sam/Janet 100 drabble of the above Christmas story. Complete

Cassie Presents the Stargate Panto: Janetella PG Sam/Janet Cassie has a friend in the UK and an assignment in Theatrical Dynamics... luckily, she has lot's of friends to help :) Complete

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus PG Sam/Janet Sam spends Christmas with Cassie and Janet. Complete

Demons Away PG Sam/Janet Janet releases some demons on New Year's Day. Complete

Ha'ina 'ia mai ana ka puana PG Sam/Janet Reflections on the end of a marriage. Complete

Not Mine, Yet Mine 15 Sam/Janet Sam gets a second bite of the cherrie. Complete

Valentine's Card PG Sam/Janet Sam receives a Valentine's card from a secret admirer. Complete

It's Funny How Things Never Really Change 15 Sam/Janet I wondered what thought processes allowed Dr Elizabeth Weir to immediately side with SG1 against VP Kinsey's judgement. Complete

Things Can Only Get Better 18 Sam/Janet An epilogue to It's Funny How Things Never Really Change. Complete

Rolling with the Flow PG Sam/Janet Easters future and past. Complete

Parallel Lives PG Sam/Janet   Sara/Catherine Stargate: SG-1/CSI crossover - Pure fluff at a surprise birthday celebration. Complete

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly PG Sam/Janet Three different versions of the same event. Complete

Exasperation PG Sam/Janet Aspects - Bath-Time Girl - Janet Fraiser. Complete

Good Things Come 15 Sam/Janet Aspects - Dominant Girl- Janet Fraiser. Complete

Coming Out PG Sam/Janet Aspects - Angsty Girl Sam Carter. Complete

2030 PG Sam/Janet Dancing. Complete

A Little TLC PG Sam/Janet No synopsis given. Complete

Convergences in Time PG-13 Sam/Janet Many Sams, many Janets, stories in time. Complete


Solitudes PG Sam/Janet What if it had been Sam and Janet stranded in the Antarctic instead of Sam and Jack? Complete

Five Times Samantha Carter Didn't Wear Her Uniform PG Sam/Janet The title says it all. Complete

Five Times Janet Made Sam Late For Work 15 Sam/Janet The title says it all. Complete

She Wasn't Going To Cry G Sam/Janet Especially not in front of him. Complete

Green, Black, or Desert Beige G Sam/Janet It would help if she could remember where it was they were gating to. Complete

Tactical Surrender G Sam/Janet Sometimes there was a tactical advantage in surrender. Complete

It Said Auburn G Sam/Janet Janet tumbled out of the event horizon. Complete

Trevia PG-13 Sam/Janet Sam has a bad reaction to some alien juice. Complete

Feed Or Go Mad 15 Sam/Janet   Scully/OFC X-Files crossover - Sam's been infected. Complete

We're Not Going, And That's Final PG Sam/Janet Janet puts her foot down. Complete

Strategy of Subtlety PG Sam/Janet Janet has a secret strategy. Complete

You Should Have Told Me G Sam/Janet Sam didn't tell Janet something. Complete

Something Had Obviously Gone Wrong PG Sam/Janet The men of SG-1 are in love. Complete

Insomnia Cure 15 Sam/Janet Sam has insomnia. Complete

If Only... G Sam/Janet Sam is out of control. Complete

Low-Level Primates PG-13 Sam/Janet Janet has an unusual patient. Complete

I Know, But... PG Sam/Janet Sam has a scare. Complete

The Right Thing To Say PG Sam/Janet Janet's ex-professor is receiving an award. Complete

Promise PG-13 Sam/Janet Sam makes Janet a promise. Complete

Three Wishes PG Sam/Janet Sam gets three wishes. Complete

The Question PG Sam/Janet A certain question keeps coming up. Complete

The Negotiation G Sam/Janet Sam is stuck in the middle. Complete

Five Times Sam And Janet Almost Got Caught 18 Sam/Janet The title says it all. Complete

Five Places Sam and Janet Wanted to Have Sex But Never Did 18 Sam/Janet The title says it all. Complete

A Hundred and One Days 18 Sam/Janet   Janet/OFC What if it wasn't Jack that had been stranded on Edora? And what would the repercussions be? Complete

A Different Point of View PG Sam/Janet What if it hadn't been Jack that Dr. Carter was married to in her reality? Complete

Fall From Grace PG Sam/Janet Sam succumbs to temptation. Complete

Breathe G Sam/Janet Sam needs to breathe. Complete

Because It's You PG Sam/Janet Sam has a real problem with blood. Complete

Against Regulations PG Sam/Janet Sam turns down a date. Complete

Worth It PG Sam/Janet Sam comes to Janet's rescue. Complete

North 18 Sam/Janet Sam and Janet get caught in a traffic jam. Complete

What The Hell Happened? PG Sam/Janet Something terrible happened off-world. Complete

Tough Love PG Sam/Janet A woman, and her family, in crisis. Complete

Rediscovery 18 Sam/Janet   Janet/OFC AU. Sam makes the mistake of her life and Janet begins a new life. Will a chance meeting several years later bring them back together, or has there been too much lost between them? Complete

The Doctor's Mystique PG Sam/Janet Sam comes to a deeper understanding of Dr. Janet Fraiser. Complete

French or Italian G Sam/Janet Janet has a thing for Sam's smile. Complete

The Prophecy 18 Janet/OFC Months after Janet Fraiser is lost on P3X-666 the Asgard inform SG-1 they must go through the stargate on mission... to fulfill an Ancient prophecy. They find something they never expected. Complete

Tension 18 Janet/OFC Janet is tense and worried when Kris goes on her first off-world mission, and Kris has the cure. Complete

Torture 18 Janet/OFC Kris hates high heels, but Janet makes it up to her. Complete

Her Special Day PG Sam/Janet Cassie's been looking forward to this day for a very long time. Complete

Fight! PG Sam/Janet "The next time you get drunk with the guys, you are not to include me in any of your bets." Complete

Kiss Me PG Sam/Janet A camping trip goes very wrong. Complete

Willing To Try PG Sam/Janet Sam needs to make some major changes in her life. She's made the biggest mistake of her life and needs to make things right... if it's not too late. Complete

A Second Chance PG Sam/Janet AU. The war is lost, so what will become of humanity? Complete

Doctor... Soldier G Sam/Janet She's not only a doctor. Complete

Koll PG Sam/Janet AU. Janet's eyes glowed and her voice resonated. Complete

That Dragon Which Slays Love PG Sam/Janet Jealousy rears its ugly head. Complete

Vandor PG Sam/Janet SG-1 return from off-world and start having problems. Complete

Grief's Tragedy 15 Sam/Janet When tragedy strikes Janet is devastated and angry. Can anyone save her from herself? Complete

No Greater Hero PG Sam/Janet Every single one of us would sacrifice anything to save her. Complete

Cold Hands, Warm Heart PG Sam/Janet We need to share body heat. Complete

Unchangeable Law 18 Sam/Janet Janet's abusive ex-husband moves to town. Will someone be able to save her before it's too late?
Note: Please read the warning.

The Unexpected PG Sam/Janet The Asgard have been keeping a secret. Complete

Prometheus Unbound PG-13 Sam/Janet Sam receives orders transferring her from the SGC to Atlantis. However, things don't go exactly as planned - someone steals the Prometheus and takes her prisoner. Complete

Beneath the Surface 18 Sam/Janet What will Sam and Janet do after 'Therra' and 'Neva' act on their feelings while Beneath the Surface of P3R-118? Complete

Saving Grace PG Janet/OFC After Sam's lonely experience on the Prometheus she realizes she's in love with Janet. Complete

Saving Grace (alternate version) PG Sam/Janet After Sam's lonely experience on the Prometheus she realizes she's in love with Janet. Complete

Ghosts PG Sam/Janet   Janet/OFC Sam discovers things are very different in the alternate timeline. Starting a new life is difficult... especially when faced with ghosts of the past. Complete

Soylent Blue PG Sam/Janet "What happened?" "Colonel Fraiser shot her!" "Again?" Complete

Wealthy Woman G Sam/Janet Janet is a wealthy woman. Complete

The Secret Admirer PG Sam/Janet Janet had an admirer. Complete

Apology PG Sam/Janet Janet and Sam go to visit Janet's parents and run into an old friend of Janet's. Janet gets to apologize for something she's always regretted. Complete

Alex G Sam/Janet Someone confesses their crush. Complete

Visiting Paradise G Sam/Janet Someone confesses their crush. Complete

Birthday Celebration G Sam/Janet It's Janet's birthday. Complete

The Bad Trashcan PG Janet/OFC Janet's having a bad day. Complete

Radiant G Janet/OFC Kris wants to share something with Janet. Complete

Same Time, Next Year G Sam/Janet They have a standing date. Complete

Snowed In 18 Janet/OFC Janet and Kris get snowed in. Complete

You Call That A Problem? PG Janet/OFC "There's just one little problem when I do that." Complete

Virus G Janet/OFC Janet has to battle a virus brought back to the SGC from off-world. Complete

Anniversary Tradition G Janet/OFC They have plans for their anniversary. Complete

Some Fresh Air G Janet/OFC Kris isn't happy with her latest mission, and Janet has a long day. Complete

The Blade G Janet/OFC Kris builds an Areth self-defense weapon that looks suspiciously familiar to Janet. Complete

Birthday Celebration (2) G Janet/OFC Janet is planning a surprise for Kris. Complete

Tarred and Feathered 15 Janet/OFC Kris receives a dubious honor off-world. Complete


A Wonderful Thing 15 Sam/C.J. The West Wing Crossover - A daring little one-evening f/f PWP. Complete


Metamorphosis 1-2 3 15 Sam/Janet Sam's interruption of Janet's video night leads to them finding out they have even more in common than they thought. On-Going


A Very Good Year PG Sam/Janet During her year in the alternate timeline, Sam makes a once-in-a-lifetime discovery. Set during Continuum. Complete


So You Had a Bad Week Sam Carter G Sam/Janet Sam has a really bad week...heh Complete

The Great Jello Experiment G Sam/Janet Jack O'Neill's annual Fourth of July bar-b-que. Complete

Waiting...Watching...Hoping G Sam/Janet Sam watches.... Complete

Ground Zero - Colorado Springs PG Sam/Janet Part of the 'Ground Zero' series and the 'Vampires, Ghosts & Zombies' challenge. Complete

Healing 15 Sam/Janet No synopsis given. Complete

One Night Changes Everything 15 Sam/Janet   Sam/Rodney Set in the AU of 'The Road Not Taken' - Sam and Rodney visit Las Vegas for a second honeymood. Complete

Pushing Through PG-13 Sam/Janet Sort of an episode tag for "The Devil You Know"... Complete

Elizabeth Carter

Exiles Gate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 15 Sam/Janet Sam and Janet both reflect back on the momentous quest of heart and soul that brought them together, during a titanic experience as Sam is trapped on a planet that the Goa'uld had destroyed the Stargate, Janet, and SGC with allies attempt a desperate search and rescue. Complete

Champions Gate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 15 Sam/Janet The second book of the series Exiles Gate. Complete

Naphalim's Gate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 15 Sam/Janet The third book of the series Exiles Gate - The War of the Fallen has passed. Now the Malakim Empire and Earth must work with the Protected Planets Treaty to make their new alliance hold firm. And yet not all is quiet in the World Symphony, Sam and Janet co-leaders of the Grigori Choir face off against not only the Malakim's enemy the Wraith, but old adversaries on Earth that seek to condemn the lovers and all they have created. And in the wind there is also the small issue of a child's Song. On-Going

Splat!!! G Sam/Janet A little scean that never made it to the 'book' Complete

More Than Time PG Sam/Janet A moment taken out of time for Sam during 1969. Complete

I Forgot Chocolate 18 Sam/Janet A romantic holiday story. Complete

And They Grow Up So Fast PG Sam/Janet Sam and Janet face the near adulthood of Cassie. Complete

You Can Fix This Right? PG Sam/Janet A slight accident on an alien planet leaves Sam in a very strange condition. Complete

This is a Fine Mess PG Sam/Janet Sam cannot convince the rest of SG1 to leave sleeping dogs lye. Complete

To be a possibility and wishful thinking 18 Sam/Janet Sometime after the events in proving ground Jennifer Hailey is granted a position in SG7 the Scientific corps, Cassandra enters into her second year at the Air Force Academy. Sam is confronted with a small problem. Complete

Dreams PG-13 Sam/Janet A lover finds comfort in her beloved's arms. Complete

All For Her PG-13 Sam/Janet Janet comforts Sam during the heartbreak of finding out her father has cancer, and Janet seeks Jacob out too see what sort of man he is that hurt her beloved so deeply. Complete

Why She Likes It PG-13 Sam/Janet Terms of endearment can mean different things depending on who says them. Complete

Star Crossed Love 1 2 3 4 15 Sam/Janet Stargate: SG-1 / Star Trek: Voyager crossover - Sam and Janet discover a second, organic looking gate during a mission and soon find themselves travelling through time to meet the crew of the USS Voyager. Complete

Eclipse 15 Sam/Janet Janet makes plans for watching the lunar eclipse. Complete

The New Meaning of Thanksgiving PG Sam/Janet Sam and Janet and SG1 celebrate Thanksgiving. Last year they were saving the earth from Goa'uld incursion, this year Thanksgiving has a new meaning. Complete

Reindeer PG Sam/Janet Sam and Janet's first Christmas as a family. Complete

Leather 15 Sam/Janet Janet desires to make this year's Valentines Day unique for her lover. And Sam has her own plans to try and surprise her beloved. Complete

For the Love of a Child PG Sam/Janet They say love is the greatest power in the universe. A grieving lover and a lamenting daughter test the limits of this declaration and the odds to bring Janet back from grip of Sargent Death. Together Sam and Cassandra defy the powers that be to restore life to the one they love with all their soul, one who should never have been lost. Complete

She Left Without Saying Goodbye 15 Sam/Janet To hell with the grandfather paradox. Complete

Suds and Chocolate PG Sam/Janet An answer to my own Challenge for LOTS: A birthday celebrated / the use of frosting in a unique manner / a kiss seen by another officer / team mate. Complete

Heartbeat PG-13 Sam/Janet After the events with Fifth's torture, Sam must cope with the pain he left behind. Complete

The Unabridged Lockdown PG-13 Sam/Janet Lockdown needed Janet's touch, and so I decided to revise it with Janet in control rather than some clinical ice cube. This is character central so some bits of the episode will not be seen to bring you more of our beloved Napoleonic Powermonger. Complete

A New Affinity 15 Sam/Janet Sam contemplates a proposal. Complete

Going to Movies with Carter and Fraiser PG Sam/Janet Movie nights. Complete

Play it Again Sam 15 Sam/Janet The team enter a place said by locals to be full of horrors. Complete

Enter the Fantastic PG Sam/Janet Machello once again strikes?with his Goa'uld killing weapons this time the effects carry a heavy price for a member of SG1 and Janet must come to the rescue and try to make things right once again. Complete

Ripples within Ripples PG Sam/Janet No synopsis given. Complete


Contraband 18 Sam/Janet Sam smuggles some offworld tech home and Janet accidentally walks in on her experimenting with it. Complete

Epiphanies 18 Sam/Janet After being fatally shot, Janet finds herself alive and recovering the in home and company of someone very unexpected. Is it all an illusion or is she on the verge of brokering a treaty that could change the tides of the war against the System Lords? 'Heroes' fix-it/alternate universe timeline. Complete

Phoenix 15 Sam/Janet The emotional aftermath Janet suffers after events in "Entity". Complete

Glad You Came 15 Sam/Janet After several long hard weeks at the SGC, Sam and Janet unexpectedly stumble across each other cutting loose and enjoying some much needed down time. Complete

Human Reality PG Sam/Janet Sometimes nature asserts itself at the most inopportune moments in life. Complete


She Blinded Me With Science 15 Janet/Dana Scully X-Files crossover - Frasier and Scully at a medical school class reunion. Complete

Playing With Fire PG-13 Sam/Janet "What are we doing, Sam?" Complete

New Beginnings 18 Sam/Janet Sometimes what you want is right in front of you the whole time. Complete

Humanity's Children Are Returning Home PG Sam/Six Battlestar Galactica crossover. Complete

Event Horizon PG-13 Sam/Janet When travelling the stars, it only can take an instant for something strange and wonderful to happen. Complete

Side Effects 18 Sam/Janet Happy Birthday to Oxfordshoes2! Smutty muse wanted to play. Complete


Keep It Simple, Stupid PG-13 Sam/Janet February 13... what a lovely time to start planning for Valentine's Day... Complete

Gingerbread PG Sam/Janet Janet makes some special gingerbread cookies. Complete

Sleepover 15 Sam/Vala It's Vala's first sleepover and her research has revealed some very interesting games to play. Complete

Cossatot Means What...? 15 Sam/Janet Sam and Janet explore the rapids in a canoe. Complete

Steaming up the Mirror 18 Sam/Janet It's just conserving water. It's the considerate thing to do. Complete

Situation Normal... 15 Sam/Janet   Cassandra/Jennifer Hailey Sam walks into a situation she never expected. Complete

A Little Warning PG-13 Sam/Vala Vala comes up with a unique escape plan. Complete

The Race is On 18 Sam/Mac JAG crossover - Sam is angry. Anger turns to racing. Racing turns to something else. Complete

Promises to Keep 18 Sam/Mac JAG crossover - Neither of them can stay. Complete

One Fainting Robin 18 Sam/Janet A long mission ends on Valentine's Day and Sam needs comfort. Complete

Suspicion 18 Sam/Janet Janet is abducted by an enemy long thought dead. When the team manages to recover her, Sam becomes suspicious of Janet's loyalty. Complete

Ko Leppe 18 Jennifer Hailey/Elizabeth Stargate: Atlantis crossover - Hailey comes to Elizabeth Weir for training and ends up getting oh, so much more. Complete

Mythological 15 Sam/Teyla Stargate: Atlantis crossover - To the Athosians the members of SG-1 were legendary. Complete

Absent Hearts 18 Sam/Janet   Sam/Elizabeth   Elizabeth/Sam/Janet Stargate: Atlantis crossover - A ghostly intervention. Complete

Conventioneers 18 Sam/OFC Sam lets down her guard with the help of a mysterious woman. Complete

Conflicting Realities 15 Sam/Vala Vala takes a moment to settle her mind. Complete

Close Encounters 18 Sam/Vala Sam tries to deal with her recent... Vala problems... in private. But Vala, naturally, isn't exactly helping matters. Complete

Give and Take 18 Sam/Olivia Law & Order: SVU crossover - A new, unidentifiable date-rape drug in New York City brings SG-1 to the offices of the Special Victims Unit. Complete


Destination Earth PG Sam/Kara Thrace Battlestar Galactica crossover - Injured and isolated on a hostile planet the two women must work together to survive. Complete

Infliction PG Sam/Kara Thrace Battlestar Galactica crossover - Kara has to face the nightmares locked in her mind and Sam is powerless to help as Starbuck’s history becomes her present. She’d barely survived most of her wounds the first time and now her wounds are about to reopen for all the world to see. Complete

Key PG Sam/Vala Sam is kidnapped and treated as a prisoner by an alternative SG1. Complete


As One 1 2 15 Sam/AU Janet The quantum mirror presents some curious issues for Sam and the rest of the team after Doctor Janet Fraiser's death. Complete

Elephant PG-13 Sam/Janet A phone call, followed by dinner. Etc. Complete

Tether 1 2 15 Sam/Janet A shiny black box wreaks havoc on Sam and Janet's lives. Complete

Something Good PG-13 Sam/Janet Janet needs a stand-in date. Sam steps up, in more ways than one. Complete

Family 15 Sam/Janet An anniversary and a new friend spark some soul searching for Sam. Complete

Impact 15 Sam/Janet A simple car accident has serious consequences for Sam and Janet. Complete

Jennifer Mahony

Destiny's Mission 15 Sam/Janet When close friends, Major Samantha Carter and Dr. Janet Fraiser, think they have all the time in the world, both fear risking their friendship too much to reveal their hidden desires. But when a routine mission sends SG-1 seven years into Earth's future, there's no time like the present. Complete

John O'Connor

File Sharing PG-13 Sam/Janet A computer virus compromises some personal interests at the SGC. Complete

Legacy: The Real Story 15 Sam/Janet Machello's anti-Goa'uld virus causes some unusual reactions in Janet Fraiser. Complete

Urgo's Challenge 15 Sam/Janet Urgo's insistent demands cause Sam to act completely out of character. Complete

Recovery 15 Sam/Janet After fighting Osiris in the Egyptian desert, Sam and Janet are staying in a Cairo hotel until they can fly back to the US. Complete

Back To School 18 Janet/Lois Smallville crossover - Janet decides to drop in on Cassie at college and instead meets her roommate. Complete

Ascending Angel 18 Janet/Morgan le Fey   Sam/Janet Janet is offered ascension. Complete


A Compassionate Loophole 15 Sam/Janet Sam has a 'window of opportunity' that she cannot refuse. Complete

Shifting Opinions PG Sam/Janet Strange things start to happen after SG-1's return. Complete

Shifting Opinions 2 - The Sequel PG Sam/Janet Sometimes there are consequences... Complete

Christmas Traditions PG Sam/Janet Sam and Janet add to their Christmas traditions. Complete

Urges PG Sam/Janet Urges... need I say more? Complete

When You Were Gone PG Sam/Janet A lot had happened, in this world and the next. Complete

The WOO Chronicles

In The Beginning PG Sam/Janet The beginning of what can only be described as consequence-free activities. Complete

Insightful Suggestions PG Sam/Janet Jack and Sam are inspired. Complete

Sharing Opinions PG Sam/Janet Phone a friend (?) is taken to a new level. Complete

Too Early PG Sam/Janet One must be careful not to be too early. Complete

Medical Advice PG Sam/Janet Sam gets some medical advice. Complete

Round four? PG Sam/Janet Sam invites Janet to a show. Complete

Bob PG Sam/Janet Kinsey was right. Complete

Hysterics PG Sam/Janet Janet walks in on Sam. It's awkward (but funny). Complete

Delivery PG Sam/Janet The SGC gets a delivery. Complete

Duck PG Sam/Janet Always know when to duck, also to never cross with Teal'c. Complete

Dressed to the Nine PG Sam/Janet Sam gets dresses formal. Complete

Shakespeared PG Sam/Janet Jack needs to read more. Complete

Special Delivery PG Sam/Janet You never know what to expect. Complete

One Giant Leap PG Sam/Janet Sam made it, Janet is on standby, Jack's in control. What could possibly go wrong? Complete

Foul PG Sam/Janet Batter up! Complete

Beware the Lights PG Sam/Janet Will Sam save Janet in time? Complete

2 vs 2 PG Sam/Janet Just a little "friendly" game. Complete

Not Bluffing PG Sam/Janet Sam and Jack do something that should be done out of the loops (in my opinion). Complete

Caught Red Handed PG-13 Sam/Janet Janet is caught red handed. Complete

... In Time 1-5 6-10 15 Sam/Janet   OFC/OFC She came flying through the gate and landed hard, rolling onto the concrete floor. Guns aimed but she didn't notice them. She wouldn't have even cared after what she'd just been through. Her whole body ached, not that that mattered either. She had a mission; she just hoped she came through at the right place... Complete

This Love From a Gurney PG Sam/Janet Sam keeps getting hurt because her mind keeps wandering... Complete

Watching Your Step PG Sam/Janet Sam needs to watch her step... Still. Complete

Last Words PG Sam/Janet Critically injured, Sam says her last words... Don't panic, it's not sad. Complete


For Want of a Nail PG Sam/Janet Challenge: Sam/Janet, off world, rope. Complete

Open Secret PG Sam/Janet Challenge: Sam/Janet, Sam's Lab, Flower. Complete

Higher PG Sam/Janet Response to the 'even angels' Challenge 7, Prompt 2. Complete

Revelations PG Sam/Janet Response to the 'even angels' Challenge 6, Prompt 1. Complete

Lena Smith

I'll Be All Right G Sam/Janet Sometimes things don't work out the way you want them to. Complete

How Many Times? G Sam/Janet How many times can you save the world? Complete

The Nearness of You PG Sam/Janet Amazing how the right person can make you feel! Complete

So Complicated G Sam/Janet Unexpected emotions complicate Sam's life. Complete

Predictable PG Sam/Janet No synopsis given. Complete


Sea of Dreams 1 15 Sam/Janet Sam and Janet have hidden their feelings from each other for too long. Sam takes Janet and Cassie on a holiday to cheer Janet up. Can they hide their feelings for much longer? On-Going

Not What You Think PG Sam/Janet Sam arrives home early from a mission and gets an unwelcome surprise. Complete

Lesley Mitchell

Daydreaming 18 Sam/Janet Sam's mind wonders while stuck in a boring meeting. Complete


Janet, My Janet 18 Sam/Janet During "Ripple Effect" Sam connects with an alternate Janet in a way she never did with her own Janet. Complete

Little Mac

Precious and Few Are the Moments We Two Can Share PG Sam/Janet A few moments in the lives of Sam and Janet. Possible fixit for Heroes Complete

Stolen Moments PG Sam/Janet A few stolen moments between Sam and Janet. In my universe Heroes never happened. Complete


The Request PG-13 Sam/Janet This is a response to meeshyickle's challenge in sam_and_janet LJ community. The story takes place during "Singularity", before the last scene of the episode. Sam has something she needs to ask from Janet and it all goes from there. Complete

The Day of Unfortunate Events PG-13 Sam/Janet When I started writing this I didn't have a clue where it would go. Finally it turned out to be a bit silly Sam centered fic, showing a little different side of our favourite astrophysicist than is usually seen. I think I wrote this because in my opinion no one can be calm and considerate all the time [Sam pretty much is]. Takes place during S03 or S04. Complete


Calculus PG Sam/Janet Janet discovers how Sam amuses herself during briefings. Complete


The Evolution Series

Bridging The Chasm of Doubt 1-4 5-8 15 Sam/Janet Sam meets the new CMO for the Stargate Program. Complete

Tribulations 1 15 Sam/Janet New friends and foes threaten Sam and Janet's relationship. On-Going

Odyssey 1 2 15 Sam/Janet A mysterious woman makes Sam an offer she cannot refuse. On-Going

Mirabile Visu 15 Sam/Janet Sam and Janet finally recognize what's been in front of them all along. Complete

Missing You PG Sam/Janet Sam makes a decision. Complete


Let Me Make You Smile 18 Sam/Janet Janet hasn't long adopted Cassie and she and Sam have only recently started to become good friends. Janet returns home after a bad date to find her baby-sitter waiting up for her. Complete

Michelle Davison

Ancients PG Sam/Janet What happens when an Ancient legacy hits home? Complete

Cold 15 Sam/Janet When alternate realities converge. Complete


I'll Be Home for Christmas... PG Sam/Janet Didn't the Universe get the memo? Samantha Carter wanted to be home for Christmas... Complete

Santa Who? PG Sam/Janet Multi-fandom crossover - Who believes in Santa Claus? Complete

Tell me it's not real... PG-13 Sam/Janet What if 'Heroes' did happen, but we weren't the only ones watching Daniel's video camera? Complete

Denim Tush, one careful owner, not for sale... PG Sam/Janet Samantha Carter copes with retirement... Complete

Philosophical Sunday PG Sam/Janet Lazy Sunday afternoons take on an interesting twist when your day job is saving the planet... Complete

Mortality is the Greatest Enemy PG Sam/Janet Angst. General Hammond's vigil as his goddaughter copes with the death of her love. Complete

Lean on us, all of us... PG Sam/Janet The SGC takes a moment to thank their two most special ladies, Sam Carter and Janet Fraiser... Complete

Come Fly with Me... PG Sam/Mac JAG crossover - Colonels Mackenzie and Carter share an meal. Complete

Colonels at 7... PG Sam/Mac JAG crossover - Sequel to 'Come Fly with Me...' Complete

Lobster and Chocolate PG Sam/Mac JAG crossover - Sequel to 'Colonels at 7'. Complete

Fred PG Sam/Mac JAG crossover - Sequel to 'Lobster and Chocolate'. Complete

Midnight PG Sam/Mac JAG crossover - Sequel to 'Fred'. Complete

Astronaut Ambition? PG Sam/Mac JAG crossover - Sequel to 'Midnight'. Complete

In-Flight Service PG Sam/Mac JAG crossover - Sequel to 'Astronaut Ambition?'. Complete

Prometheus glued... PG Sam/Janet A model patient. Complete

Desert Snow PG Sam/Janet Marooned during a snow storm. Complete

We're Not Doing That PG Sam/Janet Damn Microsoft. Complete

Semisolid Suspension of Proteins PG Sam/Janet Jello shots. Complete

Cleansing Rituals PG Sam/Janet Sequel to 'Semisolid Suspension of Proteins'. Complete

Pool Shark PG Sam/Janet A simple game of pool. Complete

Inter-galactic Radio Shack PG Sam/Janet A birthday present. Complete

Squeaky Clean PG Sam/Janet Shower. Complete

If You Must Stomp PG Sam/Janet Janet has a headache. Complete

Ophidiophobia PG Sam/Janet Sam has an itch of a decidedly unpleasant kind. Complete

Kitchen Sink Fluff PG Sam/Janet A challenge answer that includes everything but the kitchen sink. Complete

Why God invented Am-Ex PG Sam/Janet Why does RL explode right before I'm taking a vacation....I was still sending work emails at 11pm last night for heaven's sake! Complete

Alien Defence PG Sam/Mac Stargate: SG-1 crossover - Samantha Carter needs a lawyer and gets rather more than she might have otherwise expected when the 'original' SG1 reform (minus Daniel) for another tangle with the Replicators deep in Asgard space... Complete

Charlie's Angels - the Intergalactic remake PG Multi-fandom crossover - Thor has a problem, but O'Neill knows exactly who can help... Complete

Is this This? PG Multi-fandom crossover - Even femslash couples need to see the shrink sometime.... Complete

September, in the Rain PG Sam/Janet September, in the rain, in DC. Complete

ocean gazer

Elemental PG-13 Sam/Janet The four elements and a day in Sam's life. Complete

Eco-Friendly? PG-13 Sam/Janet Carter and Fraiser are forced to look at their feelings on an alien world. Complete

Drive PG Sam/Janet The intricacies of a new relationship take some work. Complete

Clueless 15 Sam/Janet When Carter acts strangely after a mission, it's left to Fraiser to find out why. Complete

An Ordinary Life G Sam/Janet Janet spends a day at home - thinking, gardening, and cooking. Complete

All That Remains PG-13 Sam/Janet Sam's thoughts after learning her dad has cancer. Complete

Aftermath PG Sam/Janet Transferring Sam's mind to her body was the easy part. Complete

A Dawn in Every Darkness PG Sam/Janet What happened after Janet died on that battlefield? Complete

Passages PG-13 Sam/Janet Sam thinks about her best friend. Complete

Never Too Late To Change PG Sam/Janet It's never too late to change. Complete

Lines in the Sand 15 Sam/Janet After a traumatic event, Sam and Janet have feelings to sort out. Complete

Janet Fraiser and the Christmas Letter PG Sam/Janet Janet's writing her first Christmas newsletter. It's not as easy as she'd thought. Complete

Imitations 18 Sam/Janet When Carter and Fraiser find that they are not quite themselves, nor are they in any place they recognize, they realize that they can rely only on each other. Complete

Haunted Thoughts PG Sam/Janet Fraiser helps Carter deal with some difficult emotions. Complete

Fight Club PG-13 Sam/Janet Sam fights to save herself and Janet when they are taken prisoner. Complete

Where Angels Fear To Tread Sam/Janet Janet helps Sam after events in In the Line of Duty. Complete

Um ... Untitled PG-13 Sam/Janet Never, ever, go on vacation with SG-1. Complete

The Road Less Traveled PG Sam/Janet An unexamined life is not worth living. Complete

Thanksgiving Vignette 15 Sam/Janet Did Sam ruin Thanksgiving? Complete

Statements PG-13 Sam/Janet Janet wants to know what Urgo said about her. Complete

Different Types of Need PG Sam/Janet Daniel isn't the only one affected by what happened ... Complete

Christmas With the Kalashi PG Sam/Janet The team is off-world on Christmas... Complete

Closer To Fine 15 Sam/Vala friendship   Sam/Janet The aftermath of being prisoners... Complete

In the End Is the Beginning 18 Sam/Janet How do you stop the zombie apocalypse? Time travel, of course! Complete


First Time PG-13 Sam/Janet The doc will do it for the first time... Complete

First Time - Second Step PG-13 Sam/Janet Through the Gate and beyond. Complete

First Time - Third Step 18 Sam/Janet Through the Gate and beyond - third step. Complete

First Time - Fourth Step PG-13 Sam/Janet Through the Gate and beyond - fourth step. Complete

Accidents and Possibilities PG-13 Sam/Janet Doctors make the worst patients. Complete

A Little Help 18 Sam/Janet If you lose something important. Complete

Heroes PG-13 Sam/Janet How "Heroes Part 2" should have ended. Complete

Urgo PG-13 Sam/Janet Was Urgo really such a pain in the...? Complete

Good News PG-13 Sam/Janet Sam, Janet, a baby... Complete

Toys PG-13 Sam/Janet The pitfalls of technology. Complete

Black Ops PG-13 Sam/Janet A secret mission must be carry out. Complete

Pixie Child

Personal PG Sam/Janet Jack's bored, Sam's the only other one on base and she just wants to be left alone. Complete


Oh My 15 Sam/Janet Sam is left at the SGC with a slight injury as the rest of SG-1 travel off-world and Janet takes the opportunity to suggest she relax. Complete


Second Coming PG-13 Sam/Janet No synopsis given. Complete

Time Waits for No One 1 2 PG-13 Sam/Janet Babylon 5 crossover - SG1 gets stuck in the future. Ivanova is there. Carter has no clue why Janet has never been comfortable with PDA. On-Going


Not Quite Shakespeare PG Sam/Janet Sam tries to write a romance novel. Complete

Deadline PG Sam/Janet Time is running out. Complete

Clay Figure PG-13 Sam/Janet Sam needs cleaning up. Complete

Chocolate Lunch PG-13 Sam/Janet Cassie isn't impressed with her mother's lunchtime menu. Complete

The Raven

Forsaken 15 Sam/Janet Stuck on an uninhabited planet, Sam and Janet are forced to go a bit cavewoman as they await a long overdue rescue... Complete


Who Talks Of Victory? Enduring Is All PG Sam/Janet   Elizabeth Weir/Teyla Stargate: Atlantis crossover - After P3X-666, Samantha saves Janet's life but the price she has to pay is very high and she learns whom she really can count on as a friend. Complete

Be Omen to me and Oracle PG-13 Sam/Janet Sequel to 'Who Talks Of Victory? Enduring Is All' - After coming to Atlantis Janet learns to deal with her new lover's nightmares and finds out just what a vital role Sam played in bringing her back. With a lot of spiritual and meditative stuff going on. Complete

Though They Sink Through The Sea 1 2 18 Sam/Janet Samantha saves Janet's life but the doctor falls into a coma and Sam has to pay a high price for breaking the rules.
Note: Please read the warning.

Gaia 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 18 Sam/Janet   Xena/Gabrielle When Xena and Gabrielle meet SG-1 on the home planet of the Amazons it opens a whole lot of possibilities for Samantha and Janet and the door to some action. Complete

Memory Lane 18 Sam/Janet Did you ever ask yourself why Sam was nowhere to see during the preparations for the first Abydos mission? Here's an answer. Complete

Sunset Over Atlantis 18 Sam/Janet Stargate: Atlantis crossover - What a way to die, the tall woman thought. It was ironically fitting. - Though taking place at Atlantis, this is basically an SG-1 story. Complete

Back From The Abyss 18 Sam/Janet Samantha has a hard time dealing with Janet's death. She drinks and neglects her work until someone comes to help her. Complete


Want Something 18 Sam/Vala Vala has other memories unremembered. Complete


Backwoods 18 Sam/Janet Janet takes Sam to see an old colleague for help; they don't make it. Complete

Flood Basalt 15 Sam/Janet Sam gets a command she doesn't want, especially with Janet along for the ride. Complete

The General's Daughter 18 Sam/Carolyn Sam is opportunistic and reckless. Complete

The General's Daughter: TLC 18 Sam/Carolyn Sam's busted. Dark. Complete

Liminal Space 15 Sam/Vala Aboard an Ori battleship, Vala learns of a captured Tau'ri. Complete

Serendipity, Almost PG Sam/Sam Carters with time on their hands... Complete

Toy Expo 18 Sam/Vala Vala discovers some new delights of planet Earth; and so does Sam... Complete

Grease-Monkey 18 Sam/Janet Grease-monkey Sam. Complete


Another Break in the Wall PG Sam/Janet No synopsis given. Complete

What is and What Should Always Be PG Sam/Janet Sequel to 'Another Break in the Wall'. Complete

Pulling the String 15 Sam/Janet Set post-Heroes. Janet has a choice to make. Complete


Reality PG Sam/Janet AU - No synopsis given. Complete

Waiting Surprise PG Sam/Janet No synopsis given. Complete

A bit TLC could never hurt PG Sam/Janet No synopsis given. Complete

One Thing Leads to Another PG-13 Sam/Janet Prompt: Sam/Janet, leather and a golden retriever. Complete

One Way Trip G Sam/Janet No synopsis given. Complete

Revenge 18 Sam/Janet A Halloween story - a Vampire shows up and Character death occurs - an AU story take on the "relationship" between Sam and Janet. Complete

Susan P

Drawn To the Rhythm PG-13 Sam/Janet Janet finds Sam showering in the SGC locker room and gets a pleasant surprise. Good, clean, naked girlie fun ensues. Circa second season, I guess. Complete


Dial V for Vala 18 Sam/Vala Vala wants to know about certain earth customs. And Sam becomes a not-so willing tutor. Complete

Not Sex 18 Sam/Vala Sam doesn't want to have sex with Vala. Really. Complete

That Thing You Do 15 Sam/Vala Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Fortunately for Sam, she has Vala. Complete

Trouble 1 15 Sam/Vala Inside Cheyenne Mountain, trouble is spelled V-A-L-A. On-Going

Déjà Vu All Over Again 15 Sam/Janet An alternate universe of the season four episode "Window of Opportunity". Rather than Jack and Teal'c, Sam and Daniel are stuck in a time loop. Complete


The Games We Play 15 Sam/Janet Teal'c encourages Sam to face her inner demons and hidden feelings. Complete

Shifting Ground 15 Sam/Janet Extra scenes from season five's Proving Ground. Complete

Convergence 15 Carter/Weir An SG-1/Atlantis crossover - Shortly before her departure for Atlantis, Dr. Elizabeth Weir bids goodbye to a friend. Complete


Siberian Heat 18 Sam/female A Russian scientist helps Sam see what her heart wants. Complete


Beat of my Heart 1 18 Sam/Janet AU. Sam and Janet met long before the Stargate program, but how do they handle War, Injury and a failing marriage, along with falling for each other? On-Going