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Open Secret
By kimly


"You have non-reg material in your lab, Carter," O'Neill stated, idlely leaning against the door jam.

"Yes, Sir." Came the distracted answer as Sam continued to enter the simulation parameters into her computer.

"What's it doing here, Major?" Jack scratched behind an ear.

"Looking pretty, Sir." Sam turned from the screen and began expanding the equation on the whiteboard.

"You're not a 'pretty' girl, Carter."

"Thanks, Sir." Sam's tone signaling her feelings towards his comment, her main focus taken with a new variable.

"You are a pretty girl… woman! A pretty woman… no, not pretty, beautiful. Beautiful woman… I mean…" Jack stammered, sure he offended his 2IC and possibly tripped across a fraternization reg or two.

Sam sat back down in front of her computer and entered another line of code. "You're not making it any better, Sir." She looked up from her work, clasping her hands in front of her keyboard and finally paying full attention to the Colonel.

"So where'd ya get it?" Jack motioned with his chin hoping to divert attention from his babbling.

"A friend, Sir." Sam looked bored.

"Cheep friend, Carter. Couldn't afford more than one?"

"It's from her garden, Sir," Sam explained, saving the file and starting the simulation. "Is there something particular you wanted, Colonel?" She rose and pushed the stool she was using under her work bench.

"Good, you're done being geeky. Let's grab a beer." O'Neill turn and began wandering down the corridor.

"Sorry, Sir." Sam grabbed the bloom, smiling as she twirled the stem between her fingers. "Daniel's still on base, try rescuing him."

He turned and caught her wistful expression as she examined the flower. "Looks good on you, Carter."

Sam turned out the lights and made sure the door locked securely behind her. "What does, Sir?"

"Love, Carter, love," Jack answered simply, striding down the hall. "Tell the Doc to have a good weekend, Major." He turned and disappeared down the passageway towards Jackson's lab.

The End

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