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By Geonn


In the years since she'd come to Atlantis and had lived with the humans, Teyla had heard countless tales of bravery and valor. The majority of these stories focused on the exploits of SG-1; Colonel Jack O'Neill, Major Samantha Carter, Doctor Daniel Jackson and Teal'c. The adventures of these four became the mythology of Earth to her. Aiden Ford had been the main storyteller, having actually served at the SGC with the larger-than-life team.

He told her of the invisible aliens that had taken over the base, how the team had been the first to encounter the Tok'ra and Samantha Carter's idea to offer her father a chance to become a host. She tried to be subtle about it, but she often tried to focus the stories on Sam Carter. The woman was fascinating; a scientist, a warrior and a beautiful woman all wrapped up in one.

She was the sort legends were made of.

Aiden told her about the time Carter was abducted by the Shavadi and fought for the freedom of their women. Dr. Weir recounted the file she'd read about Sam and Teal'c retaking the SGC after a group of aliens had taken over and duplicated most everyone else on base. From others, she listened as they marveled at SG-1's amazing history... from the time they'd gone against orders and went on what had to feel like a suicide mission to stop a Goa'uld mothership bearing down on Earth to the incredible battle over Antarctica that had led to the Atlantis expedition.

Other Athosians seemed partial to other members of the team. She had seen Jinto wearing a gold mark on his forehead while his two friends were fighting over who got to play Colonel O'Neill. O'Neill seemed to be a favorite among most of the Athosians. But Teyla could not get her fill of Samantha Carter.

When Dr. Weir revealed that half of SG-1 would be arriving on the Daedalus in a few weeks, Teyla had hardly been able to contain herself. As the ship settled into the port, Teyla arrived in her finest ceremonial dress, honoring the many exploits and adventures of the team. She hoped Samantha Carter would be one of the two who arrived, but Elizabeth had mentioned no names.

Teyla rounded the corner and froze, amazed at the throng of people who had traveled from the mainland to get a glimpse of the nearly-mythological SG-1. She stood at the back, not wanting to seem too eager, and watched as the Daedalus crew ringed down.

Colonel Caldwell was among the first to appear. He and his command crew immediately headed inside, pausing only briefly to wonder at the crowd before continuing on. In the next group, Teyla glimpsed only a large black man before the crowd surged forward. It was, of course, Teal'c. The kids and adults alike swarmed him, blocking him from sight almost as soon as he had appeared.

Teyla tilted her head, struggling to see who might be with him... Dr. Jackson and O'Neill would both have been fun to see, but she was hoping to finally meet Samantha Carter face-to-face.

One of the Daedalus crew was standing next to her, watching the crowd. "Did they think we were bringing the Rolling Stones or something?"

Teyla had no idea why stones would cause this sort of frenzy, but she smiled anyway, still craning her neck. "The members of SG-1 are something of a legend around here. Many of my people have spent years hearing of the team's exploits and the opportunity to actually meet them..."

"Your people," the woman said. "You're Teyla Emmagan, right?"

"Yes," she said distractedly. She could now see the platform around Teal'c. They had moved the Athosians aside to allow more people to ring down. "Do you know which member of SG-1 came with the Jaffa?"

"Um, why...?" the woman asked.

Teyla smiled. "I must admit, I have wanted to meet Major Samantha Carter since I first began hearing of her."

"Oh. Well, actually, I'm a Colonel now."

Teyla turned, eyes widening as she realized who she was standing next to.

"And, to be honest, I've wanted to meet you, too. Dr. Weir and Colonel Sheppard rave about you in the reports they send home."

"Colonel Carter," Teyla said. "I'm sorry I didn't recognize you... the photos in your file do not do you justice."

Sam smiled and put a hand on Teyla's bare shoulder. "Come on... let's slip out of here before the SG-1 groupies get too observant."

Teyla smiled and said, "I know where we can go."

Sam stood in the window of the training room, leaning forward and looking at the sky through the glass. "This is magnificent," she said. "A far sight better than our training room back home."

"How is it different?"

"Window," Sam said, climbing down out of the seat. "Plus, this place doesn't smell quite so strongly of sweat." She smiled and walked over to the wooden staffs lined against the wall. "Do you train everyone on the base?"

"Only a select few... Ronan, Colonel Sheppard..."

"Me?" Sam asked, picking up two staffs and holding one out.

Teyla smiled. "I would be honored, Colonel Carter."

"Sam," the blonde said, handing Teyla her weapon.

Sam grunted, holding the staff across her body like the crossbar in a No Smoking sign. Teyla was in front of her, bearing down on Sam's defense with her own staff. After what seemed like ages, her shoulders burning from holding off the Athosian's attack, Sam brought her foot up and placed it against Teyla's hip. A well-placed shove and the other woman stumbled backwards.

Sam took the opportunity to retreat a few paces, swinging the staff with one hand. Teyla corrected herself and resumed her pose. "You have been practicing," she said.

"A bit," Sam admitted with a sly grin. It had been three months since her arrival on Atlantis. The project she and Teal'c had come to Atlantis for was nearly complete and they would be heading out on the next trip with the Daedalus. Teyla was struggling to keep a brave face, but she couldn't help but feel extraordinarily sad that Sam was leaving in the next few days. She had grown to greatly admire the woman beyond the stories her colleagues told.

This would most likely be their last training session. Teyla advanced on Sam, trying not to look at the Colonel's bare legs, exposed by her tight black shorts. She was wearing a black tank top, a ring of sweat visible around the neck hole. Her chest shined with exertion, her hair sticking to her forehead in a most attractive way.

They attacked each other at the same time, their staffs clacking together. Teyla found herself spun, their positions suddenly opposite, and her feet slipped out from beneath her. Sam barked a quick, "Ha!" at her victory, lifting her staff above her head.

On her back, Teyla gripped her own staff and swung it up in a high arc. The end contacted Sam's ass with a sharp "CRACK!" Sam yelped, her body arcing forward as she dropped her staff, both hands covering her bottom. She spun around, rubbing her injured buttocks, and stared down at Teyla. "Did you just spank me?" she asked in disbelief.

"All is fair in war," Teyla said, starting to get to her feet.

Sam was suddenly on top of her, pinning her to the mat. "Oh, no you don't! Want to play dirty?"

Teyla was very aware of being pinned by Samantha Carter, the heat of the other woman seeming to wash over her like a wave. She swallowed and rested her head on the mat. "I apologize, Sam."

"Say I'm the best," Sam breathed, smiling playfully.

"You are."

"Say it," Sam said, tightening her grip on Teyla's upper arms.

"Is this torture?" Teyla asked, arching an eyebrow.

Sam grinned. "My brother used to do this to me when we were little. I never got to pin him. Come on... say uncle."

"For what purpose?"

Sam rolled her eyes and just slightly released her pressure on Teyla's arms. She realized her mistake a second too late, finding herself tossed to one side. She started to get up, but Teyla was far too quick for her. She struggled against the light-skinned woman, Teyla's hands slipping over Sam's arms trying to find purchase.

Kicking against the weight on top of her, Sam lifted her shoulders off the mat and tried to use her body to get Teyla off of her. They struggled, Teyla's knees tightening on either side of Sam's body. "I'll... pin you..." Sam grunted, Teyla's hands now in her own. Their fingers squeezed each other as Sam pushed her chest into Teyla, the Athosian's hair sticking to her face.

Teyla threw herself forward, pinning Sam to the mat with her shoulders. Sam squirmed, bucked, twisted, rolled and thrust her hips in an effort to get free. When she finally gave, she realized that Teyla was not fighting back; her head was nestled in the crook of Sam's neck, her breath coming in hot, fast gasps. "Teyla, are you all right?" Sam asked, all playfulness gone.

"Samantha," Teyla said, bringing her head up. Her face was flush, her lips hanging open. She thrust her hips a few times, rocking against Sam and letting her eyes drift shut. "Oh, Samantha," she whispered.

Sam was shocked when Teyla's lips found hers, her eyes wide and her breath stopping. She suddenly realized that while she had been fighting to get free, Teyla had been experiencing something... much different. She had been pinning a sweaty, half-naked woman that was bucking against her.

'Oh, God, I was rubbing against her,' Sam realized. 'She's having an orgasm!' She felt Teyla's tongue in her mouth and closed her eyes, tilting her head to let it explore. Teyla moaned, one hand sliding from Sam's up and disappearing beneath her tank top.

Teyla shuddered, her body hitching a few times as she broke the kiss and rolled to one side.

They lay next to each other on the mat, Teyla's eyes blindly searching the ceiling as she caught her breath. Sam raised herself onto her elbows and blinked at the window across the room. She was trembling, very aware that she had just basically masturbated another woman in the middle of the gym. She looked at Teyla and saw the Athosian was staring at her. "Teyla, I..."

"I am sorry," Teyla said, getting to her feet.

"Teyla, wait."

She caught up with Teyla at the door, forcing her to turn around. She held Teyla's shoulders for a moment, looking for the right words, looking for a way to tell Teyla it was all right. Finally, she pulled Teyla to her and kissed her, their lips meeting hard at first.

As the kiss deepened, Sam parted her lips and eased Teyla back, pressing the shorter woman against the wall. Sam slipped her tongue across the roof of Teyla's mouth, her hand sliding under the other woman's tank top to trace her spine. Teyla moaned into Sam's mouth, trembling as her own hands rested just below the curve of Sam's hips. Her fingers seemed to burn through the thin material of Sam's shorts, caressing the tight muscles and soft, pale skin.

Teyla spread her legs and hooked one over Sam's hip, pressing herself against the Colonel's warm thigh. "Teyla," Sam breathed, moving her head to one side and nipping at the other woman's earlobe. Teyla's long, cinnamon-colored hair fell over Sam's face like a wave, sticking to her cheeks and forehead, enveloping her in the other woman's scent. She swirled her tongue in Teyla's ear, making the other woman sag against her.

Sam's shorts were torn as Teyla shoved them down, the elastic snapping and turning them into a useless cloth. Sam didn't mind, lifting one foot and then the other to kick them aside. She hooked both hands under Teyla's thighs and lifted her. The Athosian took the hint and wrapped her legs around Sam's hips, lowering herself until her ass was against Sam's midsection.

Pulling her head back, a few strands of Teyla's hair still stuck to her flesh, Sam locked eyes with the alien beauty and moved a hand between their bodies. Teyla gasped at the first invasion, her breath stopping, her eyes falling closed. Eventually, the tremors subsided and she began to rise and fall on two fingers... then three. Her body shook, sweat pouring freely down her face. Her legs tightened around Sam's body, her breasts straining against her tank top as she arched her back and came once more.

They both fell to the mat, Teyla sprawled on top of Sam, kissing whatever she could get her lips on. Without getting off of her, Teyla slid a hand down Sam's now-bare hip, over her thigh and between her legs. "Teyla," Sam whispered, pressing her head into the mat while lifting her hips to greet the touch she knew was coming.

"Samantha," Teyla whispered, moving her hand ever-so-slightly and causing a cataclysmic reaction. Sam's body jerked as if she'd been shot, her hands turning to talons and gripping Teyla's shoulder. She gasped wordlessly, Teyla watching her face intently as she crossed her fingers in the good-luck gesture McKay had taught her. She scissored the entwined fingers in and out, feeling the moisture beginning to coat them, her free hand squeezing Sam's breast through her tank top.

"Oh, God, Teyla," Sam panted. Her neck and cheeks were bright red, her eyes squeezed shut. She trembled when she came, her legs trying to close around the invading hand.

They found each others lips, sagging bonelessly into each other. Sam kissed Teyla's forehead, cradling the other woman's head to her breast. "Uncle," Teyla said, kissing the curve of flesh through the thin tank top. She looked up at Sam with a coy half-smile. "For whatever that is worth."

Sam laughed and cupped Teyla's face, pulling her in for a searing kiss.

The Daedalus was huge in the window of Sam's temporary quarters, a permanent reminder of her imminent departure. She stroked Teyla's hair, planting soft kisses on the other woman's pliant lips. Her bag was sitting on the bed, packed and ready to be carried on board... but she couldn't bring herself to pick it up. She rested her hands on Teyla's shoulders, kissing her once more before resting her forehead against her lover's.

"I'll be back," Sam said. "And you could always come to Earth some day."

"Colonel Sheppard has invited me several times. However, I believe I would prefer you as a tour guide." She kissed Sam's knuckles and turned to the window, looking at the sleek lines of the Daedalus. "You should go. Colonel Caldwell will start looking for you soon."

Sam kissed Teyla once more and said, "I will be back. That's a promise."

Teyla pressed her face against Sam's shoulder, squeezing her tightly before stepping back. She lifted Sam's pack from the bed, handing the strap to the Colonel. They smiled, leaned in for one last kiss, and then Sam said, "I should go. Or I'll... really have a problem leaving."

"Be well, Colonel Carter," Teyla said.

"And you, Teyla Emmagan," Sam said. She lifted two fingers in a good-bye wave and finally forced herself to turn around, walking away from her quarters. Once the doors had slid closed behind her, Teyla sat down on the bed and ran her fingers over the sheets. She stayed there, watching until the Daedalus lifted off.

Once the ship was gone, letting the sunset wash uninterrupted into the room, Teyla lay down on the mattress and curled into a ball. It was the same position she'd adopted many nights during Sam's stay, only she was used to having a warm body to wrap her arms around. She closed her eyes, smelling Sam on the sheets and pillow, and fell asleep with a smile on her face.

The End

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