Atlantis by Night PG-13 Elizabeth/Laura Cadman They both roam Atlantis at night, but see something different in the amazing city. Complete


Declarations PG Elizabeth/Sam Stargate: SG-1 crossover - Elizabeth formulates a reply to the letter she received from Sam just prior to leaving Earth. Complete

Christmas Wish PG Elizabeth/Sam Stargate: SG-1 crossover - Elizabeth makes a Christmas wish. Complete


Stops Along the Way PG-13 Elizabeth/Teyla Elizabeth and Teyla on Earth, waiting to go home. Complete


Unexpected Events PG Teyla/Laura Cadman Teyla and Laura get some news they're not expecting. Complete

Caitrin Torres

That Which Holds Promise PG Teyla/Laura Cadman Each day brings new possibilities. Complete

Lament PG Teyla/Laura Cadman Atlantis cries at night, or so it is said. Complete

Housewarming G Elizabeth/Teyla Firelight and pastry. Complete


This Woman's Army 15 Cadman/Janet   Cadman/Elizabeth   Cadman/Sam   Cadman/Vala Stargate: SG-1 crossover - This woman's army opened up a galaxy of possibilities. If only she could figure out exactly what (or who) she wanted. Complete

Forever 1 2 15 Sam/Elizabeth   Sam/Janet Stargate: SG-1 crossover - "I promised her forever - it was the only promise I did not keep." Sam Carter tries to resolve her feelings after Janet Fraiser's death and comes up with a daring plan to make things right. To bring her back. Complete


Regeneration and Tea G Elizabeth/Teyla It was odd, how empty the city seemed. Complete

Safe and Loved G Elizabeth/Teyla A snatched moment during 'The Siege Part III'. Complete

The Return PG Elizabeth/Teyla Teyla is back on Atlantis after a forced absence leaving Elizabeth unsure how to react. Complete


The Heart is a Lonely Hunter PG Elizabeth/Teyla Atlantis was a lonely place. Complete


Ko Leppe 18 Elizabeth/Jennifer Hailey Stargate: SG-1 crossover - Hailey comes to Elizabeth Weir for training and ends up getting oh, so much more. Complete

Soldier PG Elizabeth/Teyla When negotiations go wrong Elizabeth and Teyla find themselves cut off from Atlantis. Complete

Mythological 15 Teyla/Sam Stargate: SG-1 crossover - To the Athosians the members of SG-1 were legendary. Complete

Absent Hearts 18 Sam/Janet   Elizabeth/Sam   Elizabeth/Sam/Janet Stargate: SG-1 crossover - A ghostly intervention. Complete

The Hottest Places in Hell 18 Elizabeth/Laura Cadman Laura Cadman helps Elizabeth beat the heat. Complete

Sleepless 18 Sam/Jennifer Keller Sam can't sleep and goes looking for comfort. What she finds leads to something more than she ever expected. Complete


Unexpected Phantoms PG-13 Elizabeth/Teyla On a routine exploration mission, Teyla runs into someone unexpected and finds more than she ever dreamed of only to lose it. Complete

Sweet Dreams, Teyla Emmagen PG-13 Teyla/Keller Teyla has trouble sleeping after her most recent mission to pilot the Wraith ship. Complete


Doughnuts and Tea 15 Elizabeth/Teyla Relaxing with a cup of tea. Complete


Be My Homeward Dove 1 2 3 4 5 6 18 Kathryn Janeway/Elizabeth Weir Star Trek: Voyager crossover - Kidnapped and trapped in an alien brothel, Kathryn meets a woman from the legendary city of Atlantis, and only together will they find their way ... home. Complete

Lesley Mitchell

First Line of Defence PG-13 Elizabeth/Teyla Elizabeth plays hooky with Teyla and gets more than she bargained for. Complete


A Place Called Home 1 2 18 Elizabeth/Laura Cadman Taken as slaves by the Wraith, Laura and Elizabeth fight to stay alive, stay together, and get home. Complete

Time series

The Luxury of Time 18 Elizabeth/Laura Cadman They never did this on Atlantis, no matter how many times she wanted to. Complete

Oblivion 18 Elizabeth/Laura Cadman Laura turns to Elizabeth after a harrowing day. Complete

Time to Learn 18 Elizabeth/Laura Cadman Elizabeth and Laura go on their first official date. Complete

Options and Obligations PG-13 Elizabeth/Laura Cadman The future waits to be decided. Complete

The Longest Time 18 Elizabeth/Laura Cadman Coming home. Complete

The Quiet One 18 Laura Cadman/Katie Brown Coming home. Complete

Traveling Soldier PG-13 Elizabeth/Laura Cadman Laura had been through the Stargate at least a hundred times, but there was something different about this time. It might have been going from galaxy to galaxy, instead of planet to planet. Or it might have been that the first person she saw when she stepped out was Elizabeth Weir. And if that wasn't enough to steal a person's breath away, then she didn't know what would. Complete


The Man with the Soul so Dead 18 Elizabeth/Teyla AU - It would be much more fun if she could just hang him and have done with it. Judges never got to have any fun anymore. Complete


Waiting 15 Elizabeth/Aeryn Sun Fascape crossover - Sometimes, all you need is someone to wait with. Complete

Taste of the Sea PG Elizabeth/Teyla Elizabeth is gone, how does Teyla remember her? Complete

Rethinking Priorities 15 Elizabeth/Teyla Shower time. Complete


Who Talks Of Victory? Enduring Is All PG Elizabeth/Teyla   Sam/Janet Stargate: SG-1 crossover - After P3X-666, Samantha saves Janet's life but the price she has to pay is very high and she learns whom she really can count on as a friend. Complete

Sunset Over Atlantis 18 Sam/Janet Stargate: SG-1 crossover - What a way to die, the tall woman thought. It was ironically fitting. - Though taking place at Atlantis, this is basically an SG-1 story. Complete


Four Simple Words 18 Elizabeth/Teyla It all started with four simple words. Complete

Better Days G Elizabeth/Teyla Teyla spun around, maintaining her anger as she replied, "I understand your position, and I respect your beliefs and decisions, but what I fail to understand is why you continue to be so blasé toward my people and our beliefs. You continue to refuse to acknowledge what we stand for, and yet you expect my people, and me, to respect your beliefs." Complete

Falling in Place G Elizabeth/Teyla She hated this: hated being stuck in the middle-hated being divided by her professional and personal life. Complete

Losing You G Elizabeth/Teyla   Elizabeth/Kate She wasn't sure when it had happened; perhaps it had slowly crept upon her, perhaps it had always been there, but one thing's for certain-it just wasn't there. Complete

The Decision G Elizabeth/Teyla In spite of the facade she continued to put up, in spite of her reassurance toward the diplomat that she would have done the same, had she been in Elizabeth's shoes, deep down, Teyla felt resentment and perplexity at Elizabeth's actions. Complete

Twenty-four G Elizabeth/Teyla I had what he wanted-Elizabeth. In revenge, he told Colonel Caldwell. Complete

Mortality G Elizabeth/Teyla She'd seen her own mortality; how could anyone possibly understand? Complete

Celebrations PG Elizabeth/Teyla Uber - August was always a month for celebrations. Complete

Refuge PG-13 Elizabeth/Teyla When Sheppard decides to seek refuge in Elizabeth, he gets much more than he bargained for. Complete

The Visit PG Elizabeth/Laura Cadman Sometimes the best plans are always the ones, done on impulse. Complete

Pressure Points PG Elizabeth/Laura Cadman Cadman had called her 'A tease, a power driven woman, purely driven on greed and power'. And although Elizabeth hated to admit it, it was a fact. It was indeed a reality. Complete


Insomniac 15 Elizabeth/f Elizabeth can't get to sleep. Complete


Convergence 15 Elizabeth/Sam Stargate: SG-1 crossover - Shortly before her departure for Atlantis, Dr. Elizabeth Weir bids goodbye to a friend. Complete


Green Eyes PG Elizabeth/Laura Cadman Elizabeth finally says it. Complete


Happily Ever PG-13 Teyla/Sora Five ways Teyla and Sora got a happy ending. Complete