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The Quiet One
By Manda


There was no good reason for her to be doing this. None. She was a scientist after all. Quiet and bookwormy and way too attached to her plants. There was no reason for her to be acting like a... a… Neanderthal.

"Set. Set. Hike!"

"Oh god," Katie mumbled under her breath before starting to run.

It was a Saturday, one of the few she actually had off, and somehow Laura had wrangled her, with pleading looks and the promise of a quiet place to read her book, into coming to the mainland with her for the day. Katie should have known better as soon as she saw the other jarheads clamored around Cadman in the Jumper Bay that her day was going to be anything but relaxing. A game of tossing the football between a couple of Marines had turned into a full on touch football game, and Katie had been sucked in once more by Laura's pleading eyes.

The ever grinning lieutenant had dropped to the sand beside her and plucked the book she was reading from her hands, demanding, "Is this really more interesting than playing football with us?"

"Objectively or subjectively speaking?" Katie had shot back.


"It's Moby Dick, of course it's more interesting than a simple football game."

"And subjectively?"

"The most boring book I've ever read."

"So come play with us?" Laura had offered with a lopsided smile. "We're one player short for the teams to be even."

"I've never played football," Katie had reasoned.

Laura's smile had gotten wider. "Don't worry… I'm a good teacher. And you've got great hands."

Katie had blushed, as much from the look in Laura's eyes than anything else, but she'd reluctantly agreed.

And now, she was running. Not well, and not in any manner that was going to help her team compared to the well built and in shape Marines she was surrounded with, but she was running nonetheless. Looking around she realized she was also completely alone on her side of the field. It wasn't the first time. They hadn't made a habit of guarding her for most of the game after she'd dropped the one and only pass thrown to her.


Katie looked back just in time to see Laura's eyes meet her own. "No, no, no..." The ball let loose from Laura's fingers, spiraling through the air in a perfect arch toward the botanist. "No, no, no, no, no..." Her eyes squeezed shut, Katie cupped her arms the way Laura had shown her before the game started. She felt more than saw the ball hit her chest and bounce roughly against her arms, but she held tight. The catch was less a tribute to Katie's skill at catching than Laura's skill at throwing, but the result was the same.

A collective roar went up from those around her. She opened her eyes to discover the football still in her arms and her feet a good two yards passed the roughly drawn goal line. "Did I score?"

Cadman let out a whoop of joy and charged at her with the rest of her team. "Way to go Katie!" Hands grabbed her and passed her roughly into hug after hug as the burly Marines patted her on the back. Cadman grabbed her into a quick sideways hug, and then, grinning, smacked her hard on the ass. "Now that's what I'm talking about!"

Katie's mouth dropped open as Laura ran off after the others as they set up on defense. It wasn't so much that the idea of Laura smacking, well, anyone on the ass was such a shock. In fact, Katie had seen Laura do it more than once that day to several different guys. Katie wasn't much of a sports enthusiast, but she knew it was a sign of affection between the players. What she didn't expect was that Laura would ever do it to her. Or, that she'd enjoy the sensation so much.

It wasn't just the flush of pride at having scored - Katie was intelligent enough to realize what pure luck that had been - but the knee-jerk arousal it had caused. Places were tingling on her body that hadn't tingled like that in a very long time. It was distracting to say the least.

"Hey - just cause you scored doesn't mean you get to slack off!" Laura teased. "Let's go champ!"

A lazy smile spread across Katie's face as she jogged back towards the others already in the huddle. Laura nudged her shoulder good naturedly. "Okay, man on man coverage. Everybody know who they've got?" A collective nod went through the group of Marines. Katie stared blankly. The last time they were on defense she had mistakenly lined up on the wrong side of the field two out of the four downs. "You have Murphy," Laura reminded patiently, poking her head up enough to point the flat-topped Marine out on the other side.

"You expect me to block him?"

"Ask him out on a date, that ought to distract him," one of the Marines - Jones, she thought - offered with a wink.

"Just get in his way," Laura corrected with a glare that had Jones looking away immediately. "Stay on him like glue." They broke the huddle, and Katie ran quickly to line up against Murphy. She smiled nervously. Sgt. Murphy had a good foot in height and at least 50 pounds on her.

"Set. Hike!"

Murphy smiled, then took off like a shot passed her. Oh not again... Katie ran to keep up, but he seemed to cover twice the amount of distance she could. Suddenly, for some unknown reason, he stopped, backpedaled, and ran straight toward her. Katie turned, trying to figure out why the hell he'd run back at her when he was doing such a good job of running away, and found the football flying directly at her.

With an embarrassing squeak, she closed her eyes and put her hands up in defense, only to find the football once more between her fingers. Oh, you've got be kidding me.


Several voices yelled at her at once, but Laura's was the most resounding. Katie took three whole steps before two hands tagged her heavily from behind. The momentum carried her forward another few steps before she tripped awkwardly and sprawled out flat on the grass.

"Murphy you big dumb son of a bitch! What the hell is the matter with you, you oaf! She's half your size!"

Katie rolled to her back, the ball still clutched in her arms, to find Cadman up in Murphy's face - quite a feat since he had a good deal of size on the other woman as well. "Sorry, L.T. I didn't mean to."

From the ground, came the sound of unrestrained laughter. Cadman, Murphy, and the rest looked down to find Katie giggling hysterically. She'd managed to stay out of everyone's way the entire game and now she'd almost killed herself tripping over her own two feet. "I tripped over my own feet," she finally managed to explain, still laughing.

Cadman grinned ruefully, then chucked Murphy on the shoulder. Murphy grinned back, muttering, "Scientists. Sheesh."

Cadman reached down to help Katie up to her feet, brushing off the grass and dirt that had accumulated on the smaller woman's sweats. "There you go, all put back together." Laura smiled, then smacked Katie on the butt again. This time the quick inhale of breath, the flash of hunger in Katie's eyes didn't go unnoticed.

Laura swallowed hard as they stared at each other for far too long, before an odd little smile spread over her face. Katie couldn't read what it meant, but she recognized the faintly predatory gleam in Laura's eyes.

"Hey - L.T.! You ready to wrap it up? We gotta get back."

The day had turned to night without anyone noticing.

Cadman blinked.

Katie sighed. The moment was gone, but she could still feel the tingle it left behind.

"Yeah, be right there."

"This was fun," Laura commented idly as they walked toward their quarters.

Katie was still cradling the football she had somehow managed to intercept. Her team had presented it to her in the Jumper on the way home as the "game ball" - apparently something of some significance in football - and had instructed her to hold onto it until the next rematch could be set up.

"Yes, actually, it was," the botanist admitted, spinning the ball in her hands. "Who knew running around in the dirt and mud could be enjoyable?"

Laura grinned. "You just need to get out more," she said as they came to a stop outside of Katie's quarters. "You'd be surprised what you'd enjoy if you just gave it a chance." Cadman's words were pitched low, her grin turned into a slow and sexy smile.

Katie swallowed hard. There was a reason she was a botanist. Plants made sense to her. People on the other hand... well, they really were an entirely different species altogether, and one she didn't have a clue about on most occasions. But Laura was smiling at her in a way that made everything tingle and go fuzzy around the edges, and she couldn't be misreading that could she?



"I'd really like it if you invited me in."

"But I'm all dirty and sweaty," she reasoned, ever practical.

"So'm I." Lara cast a quick glance around to make sure they were still alone in the hallway, then leaned in, her lips brushing Katie's ear. "Maybe we can wash each other's back?"

Katie groped blindly for the door sensor, hearing it activate a moment before Laura's lips were on hers as they stumbled through the threshold into the botanist's room. The football was forgotten, falling to the floor with a bounce before rolling under Katie's desk out of the way.

Laura's lips were hard and unyielding against her own, almost bruising, as their hands struggled and fumbled against clothing zippers and buttons desperately. Shoes were kicked off and went flying to parts unknown. Katie tugged Laura's shirt over her head, tossing it away before moving to suck and nip at the skin on Laura's neck with a low growl.

Katie didn't want to think about how long it had been since she'd touched another woman like this. For all of its charms, Atlantis could really be like a small-town high school when it came to certain things: Who was in the doghouse; who was breaking the rules; who was sleeping together. Knowing that, she'd avoided casual encounters at a cost to her own libido. Foregoing sex was better than being known as they village bicycle, even if one of the German scientists, Dana-something, already had that title.

Laura unhooked her own bra, then went to work on Katie's, somehow managing to pull both her shirt and bra off with less awkwardness than normal. In a flash of movement, Katie found herself face to face with the wall, Laura's lean body pressed firmly against her back. "Don't move." Katie nodded. Nothing short of the self-destruct was going to make her move or do anything that might stop this now that it had finally started.

Nimble fingers flicked open the catch on her pants before quickly tugging them down and off her legs, her sensible white underwear going with them. Laura's hands trailed slowly up and down over the back of her thighs, eliciting the slightest quiver of her skin and the sexiest moan Laura had ever heard. Finally, her hand moved higher, palming over Katie's ass, rubbing slow circles.

"Is this what you want? My hand on your ass?" she asked, leaning heavily into Katie's side, biting lightly at the other woman's ear lobe with every word. Numbly, Katie nodded, rotating her hips to press back into Laura's hand. The idea had never occurred to her before now, but for some reason the very thought of Laura's hand on her ass, spanking her, felt exactly right.

The first blow was light, teasing, and nothing like the firm swats Laura had given her earlier during the game. Katie wiggled back against her. "More? Harder?"


Katie didn't need to see Laura's face to know she was smiling. The next swat was harder. The instant sting melted into a blissfully warm tingle throughout her body. Laura's hand fell again, this time with sure, even strokes. Each swat sent her higher and higher until she could practically feel the endorphins swimming in her veins.

Abruptly, Laura stopped, pulling away long enough to turn Katie around and press her into the the wall. Katie let out a low hiss as her reddened ass met cold metal. Laura fisted her hand in Katie's hair, pulling the smaller woman to her for another kiss as she pressed her harder into the wall. Trapped, Katie had no where to go when Laura's hand trailed down from her neck, over her breasts, before her fingers moved firmly between her thighs.

If Katie had moaned loudly before, it was nothing compared to the sound that echoed around the room as Laura moved her fingers in and out of the scientist's body, ruthlessly working her harder, higher, until she shuddered and came hard around Laura's hand.

Absently, some part of her mind registered Laura moving against her in frantic strokes, groaning softly. Katie opened her eyes to find Laura grinding against her, her own hand moving under the BDU pants that had never quite gotten taken off. Katie moved to help, but Laura brushed her hand away. "S'ok... just... need... ooohhh ..."

Laura leaned heavily into Katie, trembling as she came against her.

Stumbling, they both managed to collapse on Katie's too-small bed, panting heavily.

"Holy god I needed that."

Katie smiled languidly. She hadn't done much, but apparently it had been plenty for Laura. She made a mental note to do better next time… when she could actually think coherently again.

Grinning, Laura looked over under half lidded eyes, then pulled Katie to her for a much softer kiss. "If I'd have known a little football was all it was gonna take to get you going, I would have invited you ages ago." Laura's hand drifted lower, rubbing gently over Katie's still-red ass.

Katie sighed contentedly and settled against her, mumbling, "It wasn't just the football."

"No, I guess not," Laura said softly. "Didn't hurt you did I? I might have been a little over-eager."

"Not at all," Katie answered, leaning up to nibble at Laura's ear. "I hope you're not tired." She smiled wickedly. "I remember something about someone washing my back."

Laura grunted softly, but managed to stagger out of bed, despite her protesting muscles, tugging Katie along with her, with a teasing smirk. When the smaller woman walked ahead to make sure she had fresh towels, Laura took the advantage and swatted at her ass playfully. Katie turned, that feral, hungry look flashing in her eyes again. Laura grinned, as if she'd discovered a new toy, already cataloguing the ways she could put this new information to use. "It's always the quiet ones."

The End

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