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Four Simple Words
By teh_gandu


Scene: mess hall, late at night; the room is dark, with the exception of the light coming from the moon.

A sly smile forms on Elizabeth's lips as she utters four simple words in the Athosian's ear. "I wanna fuck you."

As soon as those words hit her ear Teyla feels herself shiver in spite of the heat wave soaring through the whole city. "Excuse me?"

"You heard. I wanna fuck you right here, right now."

Teyla tilts her head rightwards, brown eyes meeting green, "Really?"

Elizabeth leans closer, "Yes, really."

The warmth of Elizabeth's coffee and chocolate mint breath hits Teyla's lips. "And if I refuse?"

She grins. "You won't."

Teyla's eyebrows rise. "Really?"

"You want this as much as I do." Elizabeth states somewhat arrogantly.

Teyla laughs. "Really?"

Elizabeth grins, slightly amused. "Is that the only word you know?"

Briefly, the Athosian lowers her head before looking up with a cat-like smile. "No," she states before pushing the chair out, and as she stands up, Elizabeth pushes her against the table. "This is known as harassment is it not? I wonder what Colonel Caldwell would say."

Elizabeth laughs. "Well, if he's like any other man, which he more than likely is, then he'd buy a front row ticket; unless of course he's gay, which isn't very likely."

Again Elizabeth smiles in amusement. "I'm going to kiss you now, and then I'm going to fuck you and you're not going to stop me." She pauses briefly. "Even if we get an audience, nothing is going to stop me from getting what I want."

Teyla looks at her in amusement, as a mirthful grin forms on her lips. "I believe that my partner will not like that."

Elizabeth's eyes twinkle as a sly grin appears on her lips. "Screw her."

Now familiar with most of the Atlantean's terminology, a smirk suddenly forms on Teyla's lips. "I already do."

Elizabeth can't help but laugh. "She's one lucky b-"

"Indeed she is."

Gracefully, Elizabeth begins to stoke Teyla's features. "I'm going to kiss you now and then I'm going to-"

Teyla places her hand over the diplomat's. "You said that before, and yet neither has been done."

"I know." Elizabeth declares as her eyes twinkle. "But you keep stopping me with all this talking. And I don't know about you, but I'm through talking."

"You are not going to kiss me," she states, as Elizabeth pulls her closer. "Nor are you going to…fuck me."

That brought another amused smile to Elizabeth's lips. "Really?"

"As I said before, my partner will not like it."

Elizabeth grins, briefly kissing the Athosian on the lips. "Why don't you ask her? I'm pretty certain she won't mind."

"I believe I will."

Again she leans in to kiss the Athosian, but Teyla's hands shoot up, stopping her in her tracks.

Elizabeth shoots her an annoyed look. "I hope your girlfriend knows how lucky she is."

"I believe I am the lucky one."


"Yes, really." Teyla says, forming her cat-like smile.

"Does she know this?"

Teyla smirks. "I thought you said you were going to fuck me? After all, you have kissed me…briefly," She says, before looking at Elizabeth, tilting her head slightly in amusement. "You are not very good at this, are you?"

Elizabeth laughs weakly.

Again Teyla states the obvious, "As I said before, you talk too much."

"So I've been told," she says, flashing Teyla a devious smile. "But that's not all I do."

Teyla's eyes twinkle. "I know."

"Really? Pray tell."

The Athosian waves her hand, dismissing the subject. "I have to go…unlike you, I am tired and this heat wave is not helping."

As Teyla pulls out of Elizabeth's grasp, she begins to walk away.

"I guess your girlfriend kept you up all night."

Teyla stops suddenly in her tracks, slowly turning around, a smirk forming on her lips. "Not really."


Teyla looks at her with amusement. "Maybe I should do you." Teyla winces at the sound of those words coming out of her mouth.

Confusion and shock wash over Elizabeth's features. "Excuse me?"

Teyla grins, walking confidently towards the diplomat, brown eyes burning into green ones. "You heard."

"I think not."

Teyla grins, before entwining her fingers with Elizabeth's. "Is this not what you wanted? I suppose I could let you kiss me."

She laughs. "Am I supposed to be grateful?"

Teyla smirks. "You talk far too much; perhaps I ought to…duct tape your mouth?"

Elizabeth grins in amusement, her eyes flickering to the Athosian jacket. "Aren't you hot in that?"

Teyla says nothing, merely covering Elizabeth's lips with her own, only to pull away briefly. "You talk far too much."

"What about your girlfriend?"

Teyla hides her confusion well as she lets go of Elizabeth's hands. "She is, ah…how do you put it? She is yesterday's news?"

To this day, the Athosian still fails to understand the meaning behind the saying.

Elizabeth throws her a dark look, and Teyla can't help laughing. "What?"

"You've been spending waaay too much time with John and Rodney."


"They're not really my type."

The Athosian grins, before leaning in. "And who is your type?"

Elizabeth winks. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Teyla looks at her in amusement, before tilting her head left and pressing her lips against Elizabeth's.

She feels the Athosian's hands wrap around her waist, pulling her closer as her own hands thread through Teyla's soft and feathery hair. It was then Elizabeth decided to be the one to take control, and that if Teyla wanted control, she'd no doubt have to fight for it.

But Teyla-being Teyla pulls away briefly. "I hope the next time we carry this out, you will not be late."

Elizabeth replies with a sheepish smile before tilting her head left, leaning in, and pressing her lips smoothly against the Athosian's.

As she continues to feel Teyla's clammy hands underneath her skin, she begins to trace Teyla's bottom lip with the tip of her moist tongue. At first Teyla chooses to ignore this, but as Elizabeth's tongue begins to demand entrance, Teyla has no choice but to succumb to her demand.

As usual the Athosian is greeted by the unique essence of coffee mixed with chocolate mint, while Elizabeth, Elizabeth is hit with Athosian tea, berries and honey, but truth be told, neither wouldn't have it any other way.

Elizabeth feels the Athosian's grip tighten, her tongue entwines with Teyla's as they begin to fight for control.

Elizabeth now finds herself blocking out every other thought and the day's events, merely focusing on the now. Teyla's still alive, and for her, that was the main thing.

She finds herself inhaling the Athosian's scent, although at this moment, Teyla's scent is far from normal; unless you call smelling like pine normal.

As Elizabeth gains control, she finds herself becoming dizzy by the scents coming from Teyla and from the heat wave.

As their tongues continue to entwine, Elizabeth finds herself becoming deprived of oxygen, but chooses to ignore the screaming voice in her brain.

Again, as the kisses deepen her consciousness screams for oxygen, and again she chooses to ignore this warning.

Teyla pulls away, struggling to breathe, and as her breathing slowly returns to normal, her eyes twinkle deviously, as she grins deviously. "So do you still wanna fuck me? Or would you prefer me to screw you?"

That brings an amused smile to Elizabeth's lips, and she lets out a small chuckle. "You'd think I'd get used to you saying those words, but it still feels strange."

Teyla grins slyly, before allowing her hands to lift her lover's top. "Perhaps I should ask Doctor McKay or Sergeant Bates or even Colonel Caldwell," she stops mid sentence, before unzipping Elizabeth's pants, pulling them and her laced underwear down, "if they find it strange."

"Rodney would no doubt find it amusing, Michael would freak out, but Steven…."

"As you said, he would buy…front row tickets, would he not?" The Athosian's voice exudes confusion as she stands up.

Elizabeth grins. "I'll tell you what: if you like, I'll ask the Colonel whether or not he would…if you quit giving me all these heart attacks, because one of these days Teyla you might not-"

"I am still alive." Teyla points out, now sitting on the table, swaying her legs.

It's then that Elizabeth notices that the Athosian isn't wearing any pants. She smiles slyly, before standing in front of the Athosian, her eyes twinkling deviously as her hands sit on Teyla's legs, pushing them apart. "Only just," she states. "I'm not sure what I'd done if Carson hadn't…" her voice trails off as she walks in between the parted legs.

"As I said, I am alive…of course, there are those who believe it to part of my plan…I wonder if that includes me seducing you."

Elizabeth smiles faintly as the Athosian cups her face, planting a kiss on her forehead. "That's funny, because I could have sworn it was the other way around."

"And if I can recall, you did not fight me off…nor did you need any persuading." Teyla says matter-of-factly.

"Had you not used that oh-so-innocent-but-seductive smile, I don't think I'd've allowed you to do anything."

Teyla tilts her head briefly before giving her one of those smiles. "You mean this one?" She asks, looking at her innocently, before planting a kiss on the diplomat's soft lips.

Elizabeth grins. "If we're not careful, people will start to talk again." She murmurs in the Athosian's ear, lacing her hands with Teyla's. "This time they'll actually believe…"

Her voice trails off, and as she begins to nibble down Teyla's ear, she feels the Athosian inhale deeply. Upon reaching Teyla's earlobe, she sucks it briefly, before finishing her sentence. "…that we're sleeping together."

She grins again, before kissing the Athosian's forehead, left and right cheek, and then meeting her lips. As Teyla's lips part, allowing Elizabeth's moist tongue to enter, where again each is greeted by early sensations, Elizabeth's hands gently push off the jacket, throwing it aside, confirming her thoughts.

As their kisses deepen, Teyla finds herself being pinned to the table.

Suddenly, Elizabeth tears away, her eyes falling to the Athosian's naked body. "Or worse, they'll actually believe that we're seeing each other."

Again, in spite of the heat wave, Teyla feels herself tingle, as Elizabeth's warm, coffee-and-chocolate-mint-flavoured breath hits her.

Teyla grins, before moving up the table. "Perhaps another rumour is in order?"

"That's how we got into this mess in the first place." Elizabeth states, lying on top of Teyla, kissing her chin, before making her way down her throat and chest with soft kisses, taking in the taste of Teyla's salty, pine scented, humid skin. "All this sneaking around, all this denying…sooner or later someone's actually going to ask John whether or not you two are actually involved."

"T-t-that…" Teyla's breathing becomes more rapid as she feels the kisses travel from her chest to across her neck. Her eyes close briefly. "…was not my fault."

Elizabeth pauses briefly, allowing a smirk to form, before raising her head and locking eye contact. "I beg to differ."

Teyla can't help but shiver as her weak spot is found, she inhales deeply as she feels the sharpness of Elizabeth's teeth sink into skin. She begins to leave another trail of kisses down the Athosian's neck, chest, and breasts.

Considering how they were supposed to be keeping their relationship low-key, the Athosian was more than surprised at her partner's recent behaviour, and it would no doubt be a matter of time before Colonel Caldwell found out about their relationship.

The Athosian grins. "And yet us being here, so in the open, so…naked, ready to have sex…how does that help?"

Elizabeth pauses, as a mischievous smile forms on her lips. "It doesn't," She purrs before taking the taut nipple into her mouth, sucking it gently in a repetitive motion.

Teyla shivers, as a moan escapes her lips.

Elizabeth switches breasts, again taking the taut nipple into her mouth, this time sucking it harder, more teasingly.

She pulls away, briefly looking at the flushed Athosian. "But I figured that it was time for us to give the mess hall a proper christening."

Confusion washes over Teyla, bringing a smile to the diplomat's lips. "A blessing."

"I see."

Elizabeth begins to plant kisses down the Athosian's abdomen, licking her navel, before moving further down.

Teyla bites her bottom lip, to prevent her from giggling.

"Do you? Lord knows, I wouldn't mind going around the city christening each room."

Teyla grins, like a Cheshire cat, closing her eyes briefly. "I would like that."

Elizabeth now begins to lick Teyla's inner thighs, gently pushing the Athosian's legs open, as she makes her way towards Teyla's vagina, the diplomat's slow licks continue up to the clitoral hood, after repeating this a few times, Elizabeth begins to lick around the labia, avoiding the clit.

Teyla's quiet and soft moans rise.

Elizabeth begins to feel the Athosian swell up, this time she pushes Teyla's legs back as far as they can go, before deeply pushing her tongue into the Athosian's wet passage. Where she continues to the penetration with her tongue, she soon begins to feel the Athosian contract, thus allowing her to move up the clit, where she applies a firm pressure and continues to works in circular and repetitive motion. She feels Teyla's clit harden, as she continues her rhythmic pattern.

Teyla's once quiet moans are now anything but that, as her body arches she clutches lover's hair, uttering a simple word in her own language before reaching her orgasm, shuddering at her release.

Elizabeth smiles before making her way up the Athosian's humid, shivering body with licks, again taking in the taste of Teyla's salty, pine scented skin. And again, her teeth sink into the Athosian's neck…before meeting her lips.

The Athosian parts her lips, allowing her partner's tongue to enter her mouth; Elizabeth's tongue briefly flickers across the bridge of her mouth, before entwining her tongue with Teyla's.

Her legs tangle with Teyla's, as they play a game of tug-and –war, the Athosian becomes overwhelmed with the after taste, and allow her nails to sink into her partner's humid, shivering body. As their kisses deepen, the Athosian's nails sink further into Elizabeth's skin.

At first it used to hurt her, but now, Elizabeth finds that she doesn't even flinch…much.

She pulls away gasping for air, before pushing matted strands of Teyla's hair from her forehead. "You're…so…fucking…beautiful." She gasps, still struggling for oxygen.

The Athosian smiles sheepishly, feeling the colour rise to her cheeks. She watches as droplets of sweat fall from Elizabeth's face, hitting her own, a brief smile flickers across her lips before capturing some drops with her tongue.

As Elizabeth closes her eyes, her back sharply hits the table; she feels the warmth of Teyla's breath hit her, as the Athosian utters two simple words. "My turn."

Elizabeth finds her throat drying up as Teyla's lips crash hard against her own, slipping her tongue into Elizabeth's mouth, entwining her fingers with the diplomat's.

Unknown to both women, a figure steps out of the shadows - Sergeant Bates. He pushes his cock back into his boxers, zipping them up, before wiping his hands on his pants as his breathing returns to normal.

God, that felt good…

As much as he hates Teyla, the sight of the two women was more than enough...he's a man after all, and men have needs. Lame, but true. One thing's for certain--he'll never look at that table in the same way…nor will he sit at that table.

He'd never heard the diplomat swear, not even once and now, now he knows why.

He'd witnessed everything-from the first word to the last.

Hell, as soon as both women embraced and started kissing, his brain had immediately dropped to his pants, and he'd begun to stroke himself while watching the erotic sight. But now with his brain back in gear, he'd have to take the higher road and speak to both women and give them the chance to step down from their roles…otherwise he'd report them to Caldwell himself.

After all, the rules and regulations are there for a reason. Regardless of how people in Atlantis see him, he is a man. Divorced as a result of stupidity, but nevertheless, a man with needs. However, he's also a man of principle, a man of morals, and a man of discipline.

A cruel sneer breaks on his lips before he turns to leave; he'll leave them be…for now.

Tonight…tonight he'd sleep, and tonight he'll let it pass, but tomorrow, tomorrow he'll confront both Teyla and Doctor Weir, and make them well aware that the ball is indeed in his court.

Of all the things he suspected, this was the last thing that crossed his mind. He wonders whether or not Teyla slipped the doctor something, because he'd never had Elizabeth down as a woman who'd go against everything she believed in or stood for. But of course, the very thought of Elizabeth having no control over her actions is ludicrous.

Bates doesn't know what to think, but then again, she isn't on the top of his list, the untrustworthy Athosian remains number one on his list.

Colonel Caldwell will deal with them both, and of course he'll voice his opinion to the Colonel. He doesn't want Elizabeth to lose her job; he has always had far too much respect for the diplomat, and in spite of her recent actions he'd prefer to see Elizabeth keep her job.

Bates has never trusted the Athosian; ever since he first met Teyla, he always knew she was not one to be trusted. Whilst others were blinded by her, he'd always felt that she couldn't be trusted, and this, well this just confirmed everything.

Regardless of what others will say, he has a feeling that this 'relationship' with Doctor Weir is part of the Athosian's plan, and one way or another, he'll prove it.

He's gone beyond the point of caring what people really think. Everybody knows that he still doesn't trust Teyla and he still hasn't hidden his feelings, but he'll show them, he'll show everybody what Teyla Emmagan is all about. He'll show them the real Teyla Emmagan and prove to them that he was right from the beginning--that she couldn't be trusted.

No matter what the cost is, Teyla Emmagan will pay, one way or another, and this opportunity couldn't have come at a better time. And if worse comes to worst-if Elizabeth loses her job as a result of this action, then so be it.

The End

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