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Ko Leppe
By Geonn


The platform was set up so that whoever stood on it could see out over the waters surrounding Atlantis. At the right time of day, the room would be bathed in the oranges and yellows and reds of sunset. Jennifer Hailey approached, watching as Elizabeth Weir slowly turned and slid her arm away from her body. The woman's knees were bent, angled to the right. Her feet were firmly planted on the pad, her arms moving in circles just beyond her body. Hailey paused, tilting her head to the side as she watched the demonstration.

Weir spun, holding her hand out palm-up, and finally spotted her audience. "Lieutenant," Weir said, not pausing in her routine.

Hailey stepped onto the platform. "That looks so elegant," she smiled.

"It's called Ko Leppe," Weir said. "It was taught to me while I was in Africa negotiating a treaty between..." She glanced at Hailey and said, "You don't care about all that." She straightened, dropping from her position and picking up her towel. "What can I help you with, Lieutenant?"

"Actually, ma'am, Ko Leppe is what I was interested in. Last week, my team was offworld and there was a bit of a scuffle with the local population. I wasn't about to open fire on unarmed civilians, but I realized my hand-to-hand skills were limited, to say the least."

Weir shrugged. "Major Sheppard could help you with that."

Hailey arched an eyebrow and said, "I'd really rather not approach Major Sheppard about hand-to-hand anything."

Weir smirked. "Okay, I can understand that. All right, step up here." Hailey stepped onto the mat, standing a few feet in front of Elizabeth. "You can't really get the full grasp in one session, but we can explore some of the basics and plan a few follow-ups." She reached out, touching Jennifer on the shoulder and moving her into a slightly crouched position. "Okay, let's see if I remember my own lessons..."

Elizabeth ducked, moving across the mat as Jennifer swung the rubber stick at her. "No," Elizabeth chided. "You're leading with your arm instead of letting your body guide the weapon." She walked across the mat and stood behind Jennifer, putting her hands on the girl's hips and demonstrating a sweeping motion. "Ease into it. Let your entire body do the work."

Jennifer looked down, moving her body with the motion of Elizabeth's hands. "Okay, let me try it again."

Weir stepped back and moved to attack Jennifer again. The girl jumped back, spun and swung the rubber stick through the air.

"Good!" Elizabeth nodded, ducking the weapon as it passed over her head.

Sunset burned the training room. Elizabeth and Jennifer stood side-by-side in their poses. Both women had their hands clasped in front of them, like they were praying. They were crouched, their left legs bent while the right leg was held out in front of them. The muscles of their upper legs trembled with the strain, their feet making slow, inadvertant circles in front of them. Weir's foot was, naturally, a little more stable.

After fifteen minutes, Hailey hissed and dropped out of position. "Ow! Damn it..." She fell to the mat, clutching her leg.

Elizabeth knelt next to the girl and immediately lifted the injured leg. "It's all right," Elizabeth said. "You're getting better. It takes a long time to get the hang of it." She rested Jennifer's leg on top of her own and kneaded the muscle on the underside of the girl's thigh. Hailey closed her eyes, wincing at the pain. "Do you want to stop for the day?"

"Don't stop," Hailey whispered. Then, she opened her eyes. "I mean... we should f-finish the session."

"All right," Elizabeth said. "If you're sure you're up to it."

Hailey stood, reluctantly leaving Weir's massage. "I'm good. Although if I knew you were such a good masseuse I'd ask you for a complete rubdown after the session."

Elizabeth grinned and said, "Maybe I'll make that the prize when you manage to beat me at sparring."

Hailey smirked. "I'd call that inspiration."

Hailey stood on the sidelines, watching. She had felt Elizabeth was holding back during their training sessions, so she'd told the other woman to practice by herself at the end of each class. That way, she could do as much as she could without worrying about her partner's inexperience. Weir stood in the center of the mat, wearing her black leggings and that oh-so-tight white training blouse that made Hailey's mouth water. Her black curls were barely tamed by a ponytail, a look that exposed her lovely long neck.

She half expected music to begin when Weir began to go through the motions. She spun, thrust her hands forward, dropped into a crouch and rolled a few feet. Every move looked executed to perfection, every thrust and every stumble had a choreography to it that couldn't be matched. When she finished, approaching Hailey with an out-of-breath-and-loving-it smile, she said, "What did you think?"

"I think it was beautiful," Hailey said, trying not to stare at the sweat glistening on Elizabeth's shoulders.

Weir laughed. "Yeah. I sometimes look at it as more of a dance than self-defense." Her smile faltered. "Which probably wouldn't do you much good off-world. If you wanted to find--"

"No!" Hailey said, almost too quickly. "I mean... this is exactly what I was looking for. Besides, I... I like dancing with you."

Elizabeth smiled. "I'm glad to hear it. It's nice to have someone to work out with."

Hailey grinned.

Jennifer's left wrist was bound to Elizabeth's right wrist by a thin strip of cloth from a uniform. Elizabeth tested its strength by tugging her arm back, bringing Jennifer stumbling forward a few steps. Elizabeth put up a hand, stopping the girl from crashing into her, and resting her hand on Hailey's collarbone. "You spar while restrained. While fighting, you attempt to free yourself from the restraints." She tugged on it again, demonstrating the strength of the knots. "Ready?"

"Ready," Hailey nodded.

The two women stepped back, their wrists connected between them. Weir dropped to a crouch and Hailey made the first attack. Weir deflected her attack and put a hand on Jennifer's stomach, lifting the younger girl off the mat and into the air. Elizabeth twisted her arm to keep her wrist from snapping painfully back, following through with Jennifer's body and falling with her. They rose as one and Weir slipped her foot forward. Hailey slid back, pulling Weir with her. Elizabeth pulled back, grabbing her own hand. The two women grappled for a moment, then began to play tug-of-war with the restraint.

Elizabeth laughed, out-of-breath, and said, "This isn't supposed to be a game..."

"Then let me win," Jennifer said.

"Not that easy, missy," Weir warned. She pulled her arms back, bringing Hailey across the gap between them. The younger woman slammed into Elizabeth, knocking them both to the mat in a jumble of arms and legs. Weir ended up on the bottom, staring up at Jennifer, laughing uncontrollably. "I have to tell you, training was never this fun with... mm." Her words were swallowed by Hailey's lips. Elizabeth kept her eyes open, watching the young girl kiss her with passion.

When they broke, Hailey hung her head, her blonde hair hanging loose around her face. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I shouldn't have done that."

"What... brought that on?" Elizabeth asked, still underneath Hailey and suddenly feeling every bulge and point and curve of the body on top of hers.

"I've wanted to do it since we met."

"Oh," Elizabeth said softly.

Hailey sat up, holding her wrist in front of herself and hastily undoing the cloth. "I... have to go."


"I'm sorry," Hailey muttered, standing and fleeing the training room.

"Why did you call me here?" Hailey asked, unable to meet Weir's eyes.

Elizabeth was standing in front of her, wearing her standard training outfit. Jennifer knew that if she looked, she would be able to see the other woman's nipples through the material. Temptation was something she did not need.

"Despite what happened," Elizabeth said, "You still need to know this. It's still necessary, despite anything uncomfortable that may have happened during training."

Jennifer nodded slowly.

"Okay, turn around and face the sea." Jennifer did as she was told. The sun had just gone down and she could see the blue-black shimmering water beyond the windows. Weir stepped up behind her. "Just relax," Elizabeth whispered. Hailey felt a hand on her hip, just above the hem of her shirt. Elizabeth's other hand smoothed across Jennifer's stomach, then dipped down and touched her through her leggings.

Jennifer gasped. "Is this part of Ko Leppe?"

"No," Elizabeth admitted, kissing the slope of Hailey's neck.

"Dr. Weir..."

"Elizabeth," Weir whispered.

Her hand slipped back up, then her fingers breached the waistband of Hailey's pants. Jennifer whispered, "Elizabeth..."

"You can tell me to stop," Elizabeth said, her breath hot against Jennifer's ear.

"No," Jennifer said. "No, I can't."

Two fingers extended out, moving down, stroking as they explored. Hailey was gasping loudly when the fingertips finally touched silky, moist flesh. Weir's other hand had traveled up, cupping Jennifer's breast through her blouse. Hailey bit her lip and thrust her hips against the invading fingers. Elizabeth nibbled on her neck, accepting the weight of the girl as her muscles failed her. Gently, she laid Hailey onto the mat and rearranged their bodies so that she was on top.

Jennifer opened her eyes, looking up as Elizabeth undid her trousers and gave herself more room to move. "You're so beautiful," Jennifer said softly.

As Elizabeth's fingers slipped inside, she took one of Hailey's hands and laid it on her upper thigh. "Touch me," Elizabeth said softly.

Elizabeth straddled the younger woman, their eyes locked as they fingered each other on the floor of the training room. Elizabeth licked her lips, slowly thrusting against her inexperienced lover's hand. "You're doing wonderfully," she assured her. "You don't know how good this feels..."

"You f-feel good, too," Hailey whispered.

Elizabeth lowered her head and kissed the girl. Jennifer whimpered and raised her head to meet the other woman's lips. They locked together, fingers thrusting, hips rising and falling, their bodies beading with sweat from their new form of exertion. Jennifer brought her free hand up and touched Elizabeth's breasts, squeezing them before moving up to cup her new lover's face. They locked eyes, watching each other as Jennifer's face contorted with her orgasm. She closed her eyes briefly, she licked her lips, she moaned and her hips shook as she kept eye contact as long as possible.

When the girl was still, Elizabeth slipped her hand free and brought it to the girl's lips. They shared a kiss around her fingers, sharing more than their tongues and the taste of come. "Touch me," Elizabeth whispered against Hailey's parted lips. "Make me come for you, Jennifer..."

Jennifer whimpered and thrust her fingers forward, the heel of her hand brushing against Elizabeth's clit. She wished they had undressed, she wished they could be skin-to-skin. She felt wetness and cried out, watching as Elizabeth lifted her head with pleasure. "Did I..."

"You made me come, sweetheart," Elizabeth said, kissing the girl softly. "You made me come."

They kissed, Weir laying on top of Hailey in the middle of the training room floor. She lifted her head, brushing the blonde waves out of Hailey's face and smiling. "That concludes our training session for today."

"When can I demonstrate what I learned?" Hailey asked.

Weir kissed Hailey again, fast getting used to the idea of tasting this girl. "I could always plan a pop quiz for tonight."

The End

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