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Rethinking Priorities
By racethewind10


Elizabeth had never been particularly fond of sharing shower time. It had always seemed overly intimate and needy. Even with her rare lovers, she usually found a way to shower alone. It was a time to center and regain some perspective: perspective that she held most valuable, because Elizabeth Weir was not a woman to be swept up in emotional turmoil.

As green eyes feasted on the glistening rivulets of water cascading down Teyla's bronzed skin and talented fingers found the heat and wetness that had nothing to do with the water, Elizabeth admitted her previous views needed some serious rethinking

Her hands dug into Teyla's shoulders as the smaller woman pushed gently, inexorably inside her. The look in her chocolate eyes was positively predatory, but Elizabeth lost sight of it as knowing lips found her nipple and sucked, nipping and licking and sending sensation shooting through her already over-stimulated body.

Willing prisoner to Teyla's touch, Elizabeth let her leg be guided to rest on the ledge, leaving her open and giving her lover better access. Head thrown back, she moaned as Teyla pushed deeper, flexing her fingers and finding the places that made Elizabeth feel like she was going to fly apart.

Elizabeth couldn't get enough, the sensations were too much, too fast, and she wanted more. For all her calm, stoic exterior, making love to Teyla was a stark reminder that the woman was a warrior born. She could be infinitely tender, or - like now - she could take Elizabeth with a fierceness and a strength that stole the Lantean's breath and made her come with a strangled cry.

As the last pulses of Elizabeth's orgasm gradually faded, Teyla withdrew and wrapped her arms around the sagging woman, holding her while the Lantean regained her breath. Elizabeth came back to herself on wobbly legs, with her head resting on a proud shoulder and hands stroking her back.

She raised her head weakly to see Teyla's tender smile and receive a tender kiss.

"Do you still regret my presence here?" came the soft question. The twinkle in dark eyes however, told Elizabeth that Teyla already damn well knew the answer.

The End

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