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Better Days
By teh_gandu


Scene: Balcony

The hardest thing in life for a person to do would have to be forming a friendship or relationship with a complete stranger and opening up to this one in particular individual-and Elizabeth Weir was no exception.

"May I join you?"

"If you want," Teyla replied flatly.

"I'm sorry?"

Teyla spun around, maintaining her anger as she replied, "I understand your position, and I respect your beliefs and decisions, but what I fail to understand is why you continue to be so blasé toward my people and our beliefs. You continue to refuse to acknowledge what we stand for, and yet you expect my people, and me, to respect your beliefs."

Weir held her gaze. "Teyla, as I said to Halling-"

"It would not have harmed you to at least acknowledge our beliefs."

"Teyla, I res-"

Teyla walked toward her, anger flashing in her eyes. "I don't think you do," she replied. "I understand why you refused my people to prepare us for…our death. But you had no right to speak to Halling the way you did. Granted, in the end everything turned out fine, but nevertheless, you should not have been so harsh or rude."

Teyla walked toward the doors, and as they slid open, Weir spoke. "It wasn't meant to be a blatant disrespect toward your people or towards their beliefs and if I came off sounding rude or callous, then I apologize; I truly am sorry. And yes, I'll admit I should learn more about your people and your beliefs. But don't you ever tell me that I don't care, because I do." She spun around, anger surfacing in her voice as she continued. "In spite of what you all believe-"

"It isn't just about the lack of respect toward my people-it is also about the lack of trust. And perhaps I am stepping out of line when I say that. After all, you had taken us in, although it was done without your say-so-"

Weir raised an eyebrow as perplexity settled in. "Have I done or said something offensive?"

A smirk began tugging at the corner of Teyla's lips, "Respect and trust work both ways, Doctor Weir. You say that you care, and clearly, you care for your people, but I wish you would show us some of that respect, trust, and care. I wish you would show me some of that."

"Excuse me?"

Teyla didn't reply, instead opting to walk through the open doors, leaving Elizabeth alone to reflect on her harsh but truthful words.

The End

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