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Green Eyes
By weirfan


As they danced in the middle of the ancient ballroom, surrounded by all the other dancing patrons at the Valentines Day event, Elizabeth Weir hesitantly wrapped her right arm around the neck of the gorgeous younger Laura Cadman. Moving in closer as a slow song started to play, she wrapped her other arm around the red head's lower back, right above her bottom.

Laura wrapped her arms around her as the song reached its climax, and they slowly danced on. Elizabeth had leaned her head where the side of hers and Laura have touched, and she could smell the perfume that Laura was wearing. It was a soft and sweet yet strong scent, just like the woman who wore it.

As the song ended and another had started up, Elizabeth leaned back to look into the beautiful green eyes of the woman who had become her lover in the past year, the eyes that saw into her soul. She had never verbally professed her love to the younger woman, but in that moment, with Laura wrapped in her arms, the beautiful song, the sweet scent, and the brilliant glow of green orbs that were Laura's eyes, the words softly came out of her mouth.

"I love you," Elizabeth said only loud enough for Laura to hear.

A slow grin broke across Laura's face at Elizabeth's words as she then pushed herself on her tiptoes to lean in and chastely kiss Elizabeth's right cheek. As Laura descended back to the ground, she responded verbally, "And I you."

Elizabeth was very happy to finally be able to actually say it; though she was pretty sure Laura had gotten the same message by other means. She leaned in and pressed her lips against the beautiful rosy ones she had come to know so well in the past year, slowly parting them with her tongue.

As Laura deepened the kiss, rendering Elizabeth nearly breathless, she pulled back, and looked into those glowing green eyes that seemed to say that it was probably a good time to leave now. They quickly disentangled their arms as they slowly snuck out of the ballroom, walking arm in arm back to Elizabeth's quarters, the night had only just begun.

The End

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