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Safe and Loved
By CharmedLassie


Elizabeth embraced her the moment the door was tightly shut. 'I thought for a minute…'

'Yes,' Teyla interrupted hastily. 'I would have given anything to have been able to contact you.'

'I'm just glad you're alright,' Elizabeth answered, pulling back and kissing her briefly, aware that they were in a hub of the city, but not particularly caring at that moment in time. 'I was just…'

Teyla grasped her hand and sat them down at the desk. 'You don't have to explain.'

'Yes,' she objected. 'Yes, I do. Teyla, I've spent months ignoring how I feel about you and I've never actually admitted it properly, not even to myself.'

The Athosian lowered her eyes. 'I know how you feel and there is nothing wrong with it.'

'Well, I wasn't of that opinion,' she admitted. 'Not until now. I was content to… I was happy in secret. I didn't want anyone else knowing though. I was selfish.'

'You have a difficult job. Have I ever complained?'

'No, you haven't. But that's because you're a better person than I am.'

Teyla shook her head. 'I think perhaps I understand better than you do. You forget, Elizabeth, I am also a leader. If these were my people, my old friends and colleagues, I would be as hesitant as you to tell them something which I and they cannot escape from. Atlantis is a private world, there is no getting away from it when times are hard for you. I would not want you to be… embarrassed by me.'

'I'm not,' Elizabeth asserted, squeezing her hand. 'At least, I don't wanna be. You have to believe that I'm only truly happy with you. I mean, I love my work but I… I think I finally found something I love more. Someone I love more.'

'I should get lost in the city more often,' Teyla quipped then raised her hand to Elizabeth's cheek. 'I will not push you.'

'I like to think I'm pushing myself. It's a habit I picked up when I was younger. Got me where I am today.'

'In a recently besieged city in the Pegasus galaxy with multiple casualties and Rodney walking around in a daze?'

She nodded. 'Yep, pretty much.'

Teyla laughed and kissed her forehead as she stood. 'We do have work to do.' She paused and turned around. 'And you must ask Colonel Everett about that drink he promised you.'

Elizabeth raised an eyebrow. 'A lesser person might detect a hint of jealousy.'

'I said I was understanding, I did not say I was perfect.'

After watching her to the door, Elizabeth quickly said, 'Teyla, I love you.' She blushed a little as she walked forward and smiled at the figure in front of her. 'I've wanted to say that for weeks. I just wasn't brave enough. We've just battled the Wraith and yet I couldn't say that.'

'You just did,' Teyla replied, pressing their lips together briefly. 'I love you too, Elizabeth.'

The End

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