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The Luxury of Time
By Manda


Elizabeth eyes her cell phone then tosses it back into the heap of clothing on the floor next to her purse. "Rodney called."

"Did he?" Laura stretches, her arm brushing against Elizabeth's stomach as she reaches for her glass of wine on the nightstand. "What'd he have to say?"

"I don't know. It went to voice mail."

Laura smirks, her eyes traveling up and down Elizabeth's naked form. "Can't imagine what could have been occupying your time."

Elizabeth smacks her lightly on the arm. Laura laughs and takes another drink of wine, emptying her glass.

They never did this on Atlantis, no matter how many times she wanted to. No matter how many times they'd come close and then backed off. Sleepless nights spent chatting in the mess; M5B-344 with its Goddess rituals and heavy wine; almost dying (repeatedly) only to come back through the Gate and see Elizabeth smiling at her.

There were so many times Laura had almost just grabbed Elizabeth and kissed her. Kissed her until she didn't feel numb inside from pain and loss; didn't feel half-dead from exhaustion; didn't feel alone. But she hadn't, despite the looks that stretched between them in staff meetings; despite the far from casual way they brushed against each other in the transporters.

Until now.

Elizabeth grabs the bottle of wine, splitting the last of it between their glasses. She swirls hers around, watching the play of light through the red liquid, before sipping it all down.

"That's quite possibly the sexiest thing I've ever seen in my life," Laura says with a type of open arousal and reverence that Elizabeth has never heard before. It's more intoxicating than the wine.

She sets her glass aside, and takes Laura's without question, setting is beside her own on the nightstand. When she turns back, her eyes have gone dark, almost feral. Laura swallows, her mouth dry as sand, and slides lower on the pillows.

Elizabeth moves over her, smiling just enough to show a hint of even, white teeth. Her tongue flicks out to moisten her bottom lip, and Laura moans at the prospect of where else that tongue will lick, where else those teeth will bite.

She's almost glad they never did this on Atlantis. If they had, there would have been guilt, and rules, and more drama and attention than Laura would have been comfortable with. Here, there is just the SGC with its incredibly lax policy toward its team's personnel. Here, Elizabeth is no longer her boss, and while the loss of Atlantis has been traumatic for all of them, this is definitely starting to make up for it.

Elizabeth lowers her body down slowly against Laura's taking plenty of time to slide and rub against every inch of exposed skin until their eyes are level, as well as their mouths. She leans down, dark hair brushing Laura's cheek, her teeth sinking into the confluence of skin between Laura's shoulder and neck. Laura clutches at the sheets, then thinking better of it, grabs Elizabeth's shoulders, her fingers digging in almost painfully, urging her on. How it took Elizabeth mere minutes to find this spot, this one fucking spot, on her body that makes everything hum and spin and sing like nothing else, she has no idea, but now that the brunette's found it, she hasn't let up.

Laura gasps as Elizabeth sucks at her neck, the sound of her breath heavy against her skin. Elizabeth's hands are moving, cupping her breasts, teasing her nipples, but all of it is overshadowed by her mouth sucking and licking and, dear god, biting at her neck. When Elizabeth's fingers move between her thighs, feeling how wet Laura already is, Laura blushes, almost ashamed of how easily turned on she can be under the right conditions.

Elizabeth pulls back, the sparkle in her eyes telling Laura she's considering doing something Laura will either hate or love. Laura nods, just the tiniest hint of up and down motion, and Elizabeth smiles. "Turn over."

Laura turns and Elizabeth settles into position, straddling her hips. Laura can feel the wetness from where their bodies are pressed together and takes some comfort knowing at least she isn't the only one so quickly turned on. Elizabeth presses her body down, her hips rocking against Laura's. Laura hisses, sucking in air between her teeth, as Elizabeth kisses her way up Laura's back. She brushes away long locks of strawberry blonde hair, her fingers winding through it, before tugging back just hard enough to make Laura moan again. Elizabeth leans down, her mouth finding Laura's neck again, her free hand under Laura's waist, moving down, down, until her fingers find soft curls.

Laura rises up, just enough to allow Elizabeth better access, resting on her forearms and knees. She groans as Elizabeth's fingers slide inside her, feeling completely surrounded and possessed both in and out, as Elizabeth marks the skin of her neck and fills her at the same time. She grinds back into Elizabeth, her breathing rapidly turning from long gusts of breath to short pants of air as Elizabeth curls her fingers and hits just the right spot. "Oh, fuck, don't stop."

She thinks Elizabeth will laugh, and feels foolish for practically begging the other woman to fuck her, but there's no amusement in Elizabeth's voice as she moans in response and moves her fingers even faster. Deeper. "You're so wet," Elizabeth whispers, biting down her neck, her shoulder. "So wet for me."

Laura nods, almost incoherent as her fingers dig into the pillows, cramping from how hard she is clenching her fist. "Elizabeth." She whispers the name like a prayer, asking for something unknown. Elizabeth tilts her hand, fingers moving even deeper, and Laura knows she's found it. She comes hard, calling out Elizabeth's name again, the sound reverberating off the mostly bare walls of Elizabeth's bedroom. Her knees and arms give out under her, trembling too much to keep her up, much less Elizabeth with her, and they both collapse as one onto the bed, Elizabeth's arm trapped under Laura, her fingers still buried inside.

Elizabeth rolls them just enough so that she can free her arm, carefully extricating herself from Laura, before settling the other woman back against her. Laura turns in her arms, smiling languidly, the way only someone who has been well and truly laid can. Elizabeth reaches up, tenderly brushing away the strands of Laura's hair from her face that have gotten even darker with perspiration. "You have a nice trip?"

Laura smiles wider, considers telling Elizabeth it's quite possibly the best she's ever had, and then thinks better of it. No need to give away all her secrets at once. "Very nice." She leans in, kissing Elizabeth slowly, letting her appreciation show in the way her tongue flicks and tastes Elizabeth's mouth. Laura's hand moves down her body slowly, the lightest of touch, but she shudders under it. Elizabeth takes her hand, pressing it between her parted legs, and Laura doesn't need to be told what the other woman wants. Fingers used to working with delicate materials, like plastic explosives, work over Elizabeth's body, circling the tight bundle of nerves once, twice, three times before backing off to dip inside. Elizabeth growls, but Laura only smiles. "Patience."

"Out of patience," Elizabeth hisses, her head lolling back against the pillow as Laura's fingers move faster, seemingly everywhere at once.

Laura leans in, capturing Elizabeth's mouth once more, smiling against the other woman's lips as she moves her fingers hard and fast against Elizabeth's clit, the unexpected move sending the brunette crashing over the edge with a surprised gasp. She clutches Laura's shoulders, her fingers digging so deep Laura is sure there will be bruises in the morning, rolling with the orgasm as it slams into her.

They lay like that for some time, basking in endorphins and afterglow, before a distinct buzzing rouses their attention. Elizabeth leans over the side of the bed, fishing through her clothes to find her cell phone once more. The screen shows an incoming call from John. Laura watches her eyes narrow in consideration, just for a second, before she mutes the phone and tosses it back onto the clothes.

"You're not going to answer it?" Laura asks, slightly incredulous.

Elizabeth smiles, a hint of sadness in her eyes. "It's not my job anymore. Besides – it'll be easier to check all my voice mails at once. Much later." She smiles, that predatory glint in her eyes again, and leans in to capture Laura's lips possessively. Laura sighs and leans into the kiss with everything she has. She's glad they waited to do this until now. They never would have had time to enjoy it on Atlantis.

The End

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