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Unexpected Events
By amitee


"I must admit this is a first for me," Keller says, gazing up at the screen. Teyla merely raises an eyebrow. "And you're sure you -"

"Quite sure," Teyla says firmly. Her fingers curl tighter around Laura's.

"Is this a common occurrence among Athosians?" Keller asks as she starts to wipe the ultrasound gel from Teyla's stomach.

"I'll do that, thanks," Laura interrupts, jealousy spiking through her, and takes the towel from the doctor's hand.

"It has been known to happen."

"Well, congratulations."

Teyla smiles. "Thank you."

Laura watches Keller walk away, still looking slightly flustered, no doubt thinking about how she will write this one up for the SGC. "You could have been nicer to her," Teyla whispers in her ear, and pulls her shirt down.

Laura leaves the towel on the exam table. "I tried! But she kept looking at us funny."

"Am I to assume there's some strange Earth taboo about two women having a baby?" Teyla asks, in the tone of voice that Laura understands to mean she's not supposed to actually answer.

"There's usually a man involved," she can't help but say dryly.

Teyla's mouth twitches. "I suppose this will only serve to fuel the rumors about us and Colonel Sheppard."

Laura tries to cover her choking as they leave the infirmary and fails. Teyla nudges her as Sheppard walks by them at exactly that moment and they both burst into giggles. He looks at them in alarm and hurries in the opposite direction.

"So," Teyla says, once they've composed themselves. "Your thoughts?"

"Other people are having families, too." Laura's pointing it out more to herself than to Teyla, still trying to make sense of it all. "Stargate Command will be more reluctant to recall me to Earth now, and that's definitely a good thing."

Teyla says softly, "I could not bear it if you were to leave."

"Are you kidding? I wouldn't go. But we'd have to take the kid and hide out on the mainland." She's pretty sure that the Colonel wouldn't send anyone searching for them.

"I do believe if it were to come to that, John and Elizabeth would make your excuses," Teyla says knowingly. "Although that could possibly mean telling your commanding officers that you have perished in the line of duty." She frowns, and Laura resists the urge to push the corners of her mouth back up into a smile. "But I think we're getting a little ahead of ourselves," Teyla continues. "You are all right with this?"

"Can't say I ever thought a woman from another galaxy would be having my baby," she replies, and to give in to the desire to kiss Teyla, not caring who sees them. Teyla slides her arms around Laura's waist and backs her around the corner into a more secluded alcove. Laura nuzzles at her neck. "But I'm excited."

The End

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