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The Visit
By teh_gandu


Sometimes, the best plans are always the ones, done on impulse.

Of course, there are reasons why clichés exist. In this case it'd be the cliché of: 'Think before you act'.

Of course the clichés Laura always heard were the ones from her mother: 'Without careful planning, without putting thought into our actions, the end result will be that of a consequence, greater than you could possibly imagine'.

Okay, perhaps that was more to do with her lecturing than anything else.

Which was why, it wasn't a wise idea, for her to remain froze to the spot, with her jaw ajar, and silent as the dead of night-no sound-no apology-not even a simple 'hello' or a lame 'I'm lost'-nothing!

For standing in front of her, with unruly hair and wearing nothing but a traditional dark red South African nightshirt (barely above her thighs), and a half-crooked smirk was the cause and effect of her sudden impulse-her sudden and erratic behavior.

Cadman knew she was gawking- which was the last thing she expected-but to continue to have remained silent?

Weir's eyebrow rose, arching partially. "I don't look that bad, do I?"

Suddenly, the floor seemed far more appealing; Cadman ducked her head, as heat rushed toward her face.

"I'll take that as a yes, then shall I?"

This is bad, this is very, very, bad.

Of course, it certainly didn't help, when her eyes ran back-and-forth down the diplomat's legs-but Elizabeth didn't notice and Cadman wasn't sure whether to be relieved or infuriated-not that she wanted Weir to notice-okay, that was a lie-maybe, just maybe, she wanted her to take notice-just a little bit.

"This is my causal nighttime look. I was thinking of going commando," Weir joked, trying to lighten the mood but ultimately failing.

Cadman's eyes widened at the thought of seeing the older woman commando.

She closed her eyes and began to inhale and exhale deeply-silently. Hoping and praying that she wouldn't get a panic attack. And that Weir wouldn't notice. Unfortunately, for her, Elizabeth did notice. "Laura?"

Cadman wanted to smirk, but found she couldn't. She couldn't help being taken aback and surprised that Elizabeth knew her name.

Cadman had to admit that her name-Elizabeth's that is, sounded exotic by itself and there had been times, too many times in fact, when she'd imagine calling her by her given name.

But of course, she couldn't.

After all, that wouldn't be professional like, now would it?

And yet, there have been times, when she'd called the diplomat by her given name-only to have woken up, aroused and unfilled. But that's what you get for having exotic dreams about the woman who was put in charge of the city.

"Are you okay?" Weir paused, waiting to see whether or not the young cadet would response. When she didn't, Weir added, "You can say something, anything, even if it's a syllable."

Cadman turned into a darker shade of pink, "I'm sorry to have disturbed you from your sleep," she finally said, her head still lowered.

"Well," Elizabeth said, lightheartedly, "I was just expecting a single syllable, but for you to have said a full sentence-what an honor."

Briefly, Cadman's eyes flickered up-bewildered. She opened her mouth to reply, but found herself at a loss and instead, opted to leave like the coward that she was.

Because that's what she was after all, if she couldn't tell Elizabeth the truth or come out with a half decent lie, then the only other option was to leave, whilst she still had the chance.

She spun on her heels, only for Weir to grab her hand preventing her from leaving. "Are you okay?" she asked, again reiterating her pervious words. "I'm sorry if I offended you."

Cadman tried ignoring the electric feeling that just jolted through her system. Slowly, she raised her head. "Y-you didn't offend me," she muttered.

Weir gazed at her, searchingly and questioningly. "Are you sure? Because-"

Cadman held the older woman's gaze, a faint smile began tugging at the corner of her lips, at the realization that she would just about anything to have five minutes alone with this beautiful woman. "I'm certain…Doctor Weir."

But, it needed to be asked, whether or not the diplomat felt the same way.

Weir gave her hand a gentle squeeze, suddenly reminding Laura that she hadn't removed her hand from the diplomat's grasp like she originally thought.

"I don't mean to sound like a broken old record here, but, that's the third time I've asked, and you've yet to reply."

Laura held Elizabeth's gaze, without a doubt longer than she should have.

And although fully aware of the consequences and repercussions of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Laura certainly didn't hesitate before acting upon her impulse.

She felt Elizabeth's body freeze and tense up in reply.

She almost pulled back, but felt Weir's lips curve into a smirk as she pulled her closer. "So, that's why you're here?" she murmured. "Well, I do like a woman who knows what she wants."

Cadman's eyes shot open, not having realized that she had closed them. She blushed in embarrassment.

"You look adorable, when you blush."

Well, that certainly didn't help matters, as more embarrassment occurred. "You know, Laura," Elizabeth, suddenly said, in a devious tone, as she pushed back the younger woman's hair.

She gazed at her, yet again, her smile, now becoming enigmatic. "I love a woman who takes the initiative." Elizabeth's lips trailed, from the corner of Cadman's lips toward her ear, as Weir, once more in a devious tone, whispered, "You could always, show me your potential, if you'd like to that is."

Cadman couldn't help the heat rushing toward her face.

Weir couldn't help smirking, her lips brushing against Laura's. "I'll take that as a yes, shall I?" she murmured, parting her lips, as she struggled to hit the panel.

The End

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