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Regeneration and Tea
By CharmedLassie


Atlantis may as well have been silent. It had taken Teyla several days to ascertain precisely what was wrong with the city, with herself, but in one instant, as she had stood looking out over the seas, she had recognised it.

Elizabeth Weir.

It was astonishing how much one person's presence could affect everything to the degree that, when they were no longer there, the city appeared to crumble and Teyla herself found very little reason for besting her efforts on everyday tasks. In fact, it was merely the memory of Dr Weir that prevented her from falling into a pattern of simple sleep and mindless work. Of course, she wanted Atlantis to be running perfectly when their leader returned.

It was, however, only when Elizabeth returned that Teyla saw the difference in herself for what it truly was.

She was in the midst of the crew, yet stood out, a glowing gem. Their journey back to the city had been difficult and Teyla's desire to keep the team from bombarding her with new information, new questions and queries about Earth was overwhelming. Elizabeth, however, being Elizabeth, was all too eager to jump back into Atlantan politics. Teyla was loathe to allow it, but she could sense Elizabeth's need to do so.

So later, with all possible tentativity, she proceeded from her own quarters to Elizabeth's office, sure she would find her still working. Naturally, there she was. Since the remainder of the city buzzed merely with sleep, its leader had taken the opportunity to relax in her work. The lights of the office were dim, there was barely enough light to read by, and Elizabeth herself appeared less fraught than the persona she usually displayed to the city. Teyla couldn't help but smile softly as she knocked on the door and was admitted.

'Teyla,' Elizabeth said, her face breaking into a tired smile. 'You're up late.'

'I could say the same of you,' she replied, moving forward and holding up the two mugs she carried. 'I thought you might want some tea.'

'That sounds great actually,' answered Elizabeth, clearing a small portion of papers from her desk. 'Sorry, there's so much to catch up on.'

'Eighteen days,' Teyla said, placing the mugs down carefully before seating herself. 'It is a long time.'

'It felt like longer. All I could think of, from the moment I got there, was coming home.' Elizabeth shook her head. 'It sounds crazy.'

'That you consider Atlantis your home? I think,' she said slowly. 'That it would sound stranger were you to consider it merely a mission after all this time.'

'Well, it's more than that,' admitted Elizabeth with a small smile than didn't quite reach her eyes.

'You'll pardon my intrusion,' Teyla said after a second. 'But is everything okay, Dr Weir? You seem distant.'

'Just work.'


There was a lengthy pause during which they both sipped their tea without speaking. 'Actually,' Elizabeth said suddenly. 'I ran into a few surprises at home. My er… boyfriend… He's…'

She knew, without being told. 'He has met somebody else.'

Elizabeth nodded, evidently relieved she hadn't been forced to say the words. 'Yes.'

'I am sorry.' Teyla bowed her head, too conscious of the sensation the words had given her. It had pleased her, delighted her even. The thought of Dr Weir being available was an enticing thought, it flew alongside her sudden desires to such an extent that she was shocked. Not only because of the strength of the emotions, but because she was practically advocating the pain the woman in front of her must now be feeling.

'I was too,' murmured Elizabeth. 'At first.'

She looked up. 'At first?'

'As you pointed out, eighteen days is a long time. It gave me time to think. Perhaps Simon did me a favour. I was clinging to an old idea, a relationship that probably didn't work at the best of times. We led separate lives. Two doctors trying to save the world. Or, in my case, explore the universe. It was convenience, I suppose.'

'That will not prevent the grieving.'

'No… But it might speed it up a little.'

Teyla smiled alongside her friend, though her mind was elsewhere. Her thoughts of minutes previously were perhaps not as wrong as she had anticipated, if Elizabeth herself was somewhat pleased to see the demise of her relationship. Perhaps, then, there was some…

'Is there any hope?' Elizabeth asked suddenly.

Thrown, it took her a moment to answer, 'For what, Dr Weir?'

'Elizabeth,' the brunette corrected her. 'Please.'

'For what,' she said, nodding, 'Elizabeth?'

'Simplicity. Something without the power to go wrong. Does that sound too optimistic?'

'A little, perhaps. But nice, all the same.'

'Do you think it's possible?' Elizabeth continued after a moment. 'To… I don't know. Find someone to love and live happily ever after?'

'No,' she reluctantly answered. 'It is never that simple.'

Sitting back in her chair, Elizabeth drained the remainder of her mug. 'I know.'

Bringing herself back to the here and now, Teyla stood. 'I should leave you to your work, Dr Weir.'


'Elizabeth. Goodnight.'

'Goodnight, Teyla. Thank you, for the tea.'

She smiled briefly. 'You are welcome. I hope it helped.'

The End

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