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Coming to my Senses
By Celievamp



I can only describe it in terms of what it is not. What I am not. I know I am not dead. But I don't know how I know.

I should be scared. I remember being scared about lesser things than this.

I remember.

Is that all I am now? The sum of my memories, my experiences. A second hand life.

Nothing new ever again.



Suddenly I am less sure about the dead thing.

Don't think about it.

Think about something else.


How long have I been here wherever whatever here is?

What's the last thing I remember?

Pain… incredible pain silvering across my senses as that damn thing electrocuted me. Again. Perhaps it liked the taste of me it got the first time. It got into the record system. It asked to talk to me. Why? Why me? Does my brain give out some kind of signal to homeless alien lifeforms? Free Parking…

It's not like Jolinar. Then I could see and hear and feel everything that I was doing. It just wasn't me doing it. It was like I'd been hijacked. But this thing has got me locked up in my head somewhere and is off doing things with my body, in my body. God, I hope I don't hurt anyone. Or blow anything up.

Hey you, whoever you are whatever you are up in the control room, if you hurt anyone, hurt Janet I'll hunt you down, I promise.

Hurt Janet. Janet will be hurting. She hates it when I get injured, brings back all the old arguments about why we shouldn't have got involved, why doctors should never date their patients still less…

Oh wow, that was vivid… full sensorama, her touch, her smell, her shape, the sound of her voice as she says my name with that little catch in her voice that she knows turns me on so much, the feel of her tongue in my mouth against my lips my nipples the taste of her juices on my tongue her fingers inside me stroking stoking building up the fires inside until I boil over burst explode every inch of her skin against mine so soft warm giving the soft brush of her hair her lashes against my skin as she nestles closer to me the way that we fit together as she straddles me, her hands cupping my breasts staring down at me with that sweet smile on her face and her eyes those eyes that I could fall into forever deep chocolate that see me see my soul know me like no one else ever before ever will and the feelings god the feelings love her love her want her need her…

I can't be dead. I can't lose this lose her.

Hey! Let me out! Someone… Anyone. I am here… I am here.. I am here...

I am here…

I am here…

I am here…

I am here…

I am… staring up at her, breathing so hard that it sears my throat and there is so much pain as my body realises that it is alive again and there is so much light and sound and life and she is here and I am here. She heard me… she brought me home…

"I was shouting so loud for you to hear."

The colonel speaks but I do not hear him. Janet looks at me and her smile is the one that only I see as the fear leaves her face as she sees that I have come to my senses, come home. To her.

The End

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