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A bit TLC could never hurt
By sinadino


Sam leaned against the doorframe, waiting for Janet to come back home, she had called the base earlier to ask when the doctor would be off duty.When she heard the distinctive sound of the doctor's car she went back inside and bounced up the stairs.

This had been a bad day...a real bad day; one of those where it seemed that everything had turned against her. The only thing she wanted now was to get into bed and cuddle with her lover until sleep overcame her. She opened the front door, dropped her briefcase, tossed her mantle over the handrail and slowly moved up the stairs; obviously very tired.

When she reached their bedroom, the blonde stepped out from behind the door; slowly, so she wouldn't startle her lover but Janet didn't even see her. She walked into their bedroom and fell onto the bed.

"Janet?" The woman in question jumped and looked at Sam.

"Oh sorry, hon. I didn't mean to startle you."

"I'm fine Sam; just a rough day and I'm dead on my feet."

"Mind if I help you?"

"Not at all."

"Well then… the bath is all yours."


"I filled the tub, so you could relax. You want something to drink?"

Janet just stared at her.

"Janet? You okay?"

The brunette shook her head and smiled, "A glass of wine would be great," she said slowly rising from the bed and walking towards to the bathroom.

"What?" She demanded when she saw that Sam hadn't moved.

"Oh, I kinda hoped you'd ask for wine," she said and opened the door to the bathroom.

Janet gasped; the whole room was lit by candles, beside the tub stood a decanter and two glasses.

She turned around and looked at Sam, "When...how?"

Sam grinned, "This evening and I did it step by step."

Janet expression was dumbfounded, "But…"

"I called the base earlier and Abby told me about your day. I just thought a little TLC couldn't hurt."

Janet sighed happily and leaned against the longer frame of her lover, "No... that could never hurt," she said tugging the blonde to the tub.

The End

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