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I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
By Debbie

"Samantha Carter is coming to town,

Samantha Carter is coming to town,

Samantha Carter is coming to town.

She sees….."

It was the first Christmas that Cassandra Fraiser had been on earth and Samantha Carter was spending the festive season with the new Fraiser family.

Sam had supposedly gone to bed, leaving Janet to enjoy some private time before the big day. So, sitting quietly in front of a log fire, sipping her customary Christmas brandy, Janet Fraiser had to chuckle to herself as she heard the gentle singing voice of one, big, strong Captain Carter. Who'd have thought that soldier Sam could act like the big child she had been since arriving in the house earlier that evening.

The tired but happy doctor heard the lounge door open and footsteps creep towards the garage door. She gently called out, "It's no good hiding, Samantha Carter, I heard you singing."

An obviously startled Sam Carter jumped and stuttered, "Janet? I was just… just going… huh… didn't know you were still up…"

"Just going where? There's no point in sneaking around, I'm the all-seeing, all-knowing Mama Bear now, you know," laughed the small brunette.

Continuing into the garage, Sam returned after a few moments and threw on the lounge lights, "I wasn't sneaking around, Janet, I just wanted to surprise you."

Sam saw, and heard the gasp from Janet and was quietly pleased she could cause that reaction. She knew this Santa outfit would come in handy one day.

Janet was awestruck and speechless. Samantha Carter in a short, red Santa Claus outfit was a sight to be seen. Her heart tumbled over in a way it maybe shouldn't, but who cared. In her eyes tonight, Sam Carter was decidedly desirable.

It was Sam's turn to chuckle. Grabbing Janet by the hand she pulled her into a standing position, "Come on Mama Bear let's go deliver this sackful of presents."

Leading Janet by the hand, she went first to Cassie's room. Not a word was spoken as they lay out the presents at the foot of the young girl's bed. Janet filled the stocking she had always used as a child; the stocking her parents had given Cassie when they had first been introduced to their already beloved granddaughter. Looking at Sam, she saw tears glistening in the captain's eyes, and knew that hers, too, were pretty moist.

Quietly Sam gave Janet a hug, and then directed her across the landing to the doctor's own bedroom. Following her in, Sam pushed Janet into bed, tucked her in with a small smile and kissed her forehead. She then turned to leave the room. Anticipating Janet's question, the tall blonde put her fingers to her lips and smiled, as if to say, "wait", switched the lights off, and then left.

Mystified, Janet stayed where she was. Minutes passed with gentle sounds of somebody switching the lights off downstairs. Hearing the bleep of the house-alarm, Janet smiled to be so well looked after. It was something she could get used to. She heard footsteps creeping up the stairs, then the same gentle words she had heard before…

"Samantha Carter is coming to town,

Samantha Carter is coming to town,

Samantha Carter is coming to town.

She sees….."

Janet heard her bedroom open and footsteps approach her bed. Still no words were spoken as the doctor felt somebody reach above her head and fiddle with something high up. She broke the silence with a query, "Sam?"

Sam laughed, "So, almighty Oracle, what do you know now?" She switched the bedside light on and looked down at the small woman lying in bed in front of her.

At the look of bewilderment on Janet's face she relented with a gentle, "I really did want to surprise you, Janet." Handing over a small envelope she smiled and asked her friend to open it.

Doing so, Janet saw a small note and another envelope. She read the note…

'Look up and then open the other envelope.'

Glancing upwards she saw a small sprig of what looked suspiciously like mistletoe. Shaking and bemused, she glanced at Sam. Sam looked quite anxious, even scared. She said, "Please open the other envelope, Jan."

The doctor slipped her finger under the flap and drew out a note written in Sam's unmistakable writing…

'Can I be your Santa Claus, Mommy?'

The S and the C were in gold letters and something finally clicked in Janet's brain. Samantha Carter is coming to town, Santa Claus is coming to town: Mistletoe, Kissing: Santa Claus, Mommy. Oh!!

She looked up at Sam, amazed and bemused. For once in her life she was lost for words. Looking into Sam's cerulean blue eyes, seeing a love and desire she had never seen before, she was quite literally lost.

Almost imperceptibly Sam whispered, "Kiss me?"

Finally answering the question, Janet Fraiser reached up and threaded shaking fingers into Sam Carter's short blond mane, pulling the head down to meet hers. Just before their lips met she breathed a gentle, "Yes... and more?"

The End

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