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Interlude 8:

By Celievamp





A sigh, soft, resigned, the shifting of a body on a bed, the whisper of bedding being bundled, a pillow being punched into shape. Silence.

“You’re sure.”


“Nothing I can say to change your mind.”



“That’s the way it has to be. You agreed.”

“I know. But that was…”

“Yesterday. I know.”

“I need to…”


“Not even kissing.”


“I can’t even snuggle…”

A snort of suppressed laughter. “Snuggle?”

“You know what I mean. And don’t mock the horny.”

“No snuggles. Not for a week.”

“How long!”

“We agreed. A week. Just to see.”

“But I love you. I love being with you. You know that. You do know that, right. It’s never been just about sex. I mean the sex is fabulous but…”

“I love you too.”

“A week. When did the week start – today? Or when we talked about this last night.”

“From last night.”

“So six more nights to go.”


Another sigh. Restless movement, limbs curling, foetal, seeking comfort.

“And you can’t do that either?”

“What? How did you…”

“Puhlease. I’m not deaf… or stupid. I know you’ve got it down to a fine art.”

“You’re never getting me drunk again. Obviously I tell you all my secrets.”

“You’re a cheap drunk but lovable. And yes, you tell me everything. Deal with it.”

“There’s no way I can do this…”

“Admitting defeat all ready? That’s not like you. What happened to the kick-ass…”

“She’s tired and she’s lonely and she misses you and she’s beginning to think this was a really really stupid idea.”

“Six more nights.” The sound of another body moving, another pillow being punched into shape. A soft imprecation. “I never said it would be easy.”

“Can’t we just… I don’t know… take it as read that we’ve done this relationship test thing and passed with flying colours. I mean we’ve gone more than a week before without being together.”

“I suppose…”

“And I really really miss you.”

“I miss you too, sweetie.”

Bodies moving, coming together, taking up familiar poses, a dark head resting on the shoulder of the taller blonde, the blonde’s arm across her smaller companion’s body, cradling her, the brunette’s hand resting just under one of the blonde’s breasts. Legs entwined, thigh pressed to centre. Soft lips touch, sweet words whispered.





The End

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