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SOUNDTRACK: Lamb "Zero" from the album `Lamb'.
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An Angel Smile Upon Me
By Celievamp

I read somewhere once that any people you meet are a figment of your deranged imagination because the average population of the universe is zero. So many many planets, so few of which hold the seeds of life. Sum it up and it comes as close to zero as you're likely to get.

When you add alternate dimensions into the mix as well…

Somewhere I am dead. Somewhere I never met Janet, where I never joined the military, where I got engaged to `General' O'Neill and worked for a civilian-controlled SGA with Catherine Langford. At least I died well, according to Daniel.

Somewhere Teal'c is still in the service of Apophis. Daniel doesn't think that will be the case for much longer. He definitely sowed the seeds of rebellion in the man's mind. If he survived the destruction of the Mountain. He could easily have killed Daniel. I doubt if any Teal'c would accidentally miss a target that easy.

Somewhere, Colonel O'Neill is a General. He commands the SGC or the SGA as I think Daniel said it was called. His son is still dead. But you have to wonder where his path forked.

Somewhere there is a Cassie that is still with her family on Hanka. They are still subject to Nirrti's experiments, but they are at least alive because we never went to their world thereby causing Nirrti to terminate her experiment.

Daniel did not meet his counterpart. I think he's rather glad he didn't. If he was alive, the Daniel Jackson of that world was living and working in archaeological obscurity. He had not gone public with his theories. Daniel tried to search for any reference to him on their version of the Internet but only got a few hits, mostly for papers relating to his doctorate.

It sounds fantastic, almost too much to believe but Daniel got a staff burn through his shoulder from somewhere. And I checked that room myself five minutes before we heard him scream. He wasn't there. I swear, he wasn't there.

Daniel had a piece of paper clenched in his hand that he claimed to have brought back with him from this alternate world. I have no way of proving or disproving that. The paper looks no different to that we use to make notes on in the Briefing Room. The note contains a Gate Address, a live one, according to the dialing computer. Daniel says that it is the location of Apophis's strike fleet against Earth. An attack he swears is coming.

Daniel says this is true. I have to believe him. Alternate universes are a theoretical possibility. We have brought the mirror back to the SGC for further study and threat assessment.

But everything is thrown into chaos now. Senator Kinsey wants to shut us down. Reassignment notices are already being made. It can only be a matter of days. I can't begin to think on what will happen if Janet and I are reassigned to different places. It's more than likely that we will be. There aren't too many military bases that need a virologist and an astrophysicist on their staff. Janet's tried to talk to me about it but I can't… I won't…

River in Egypt. If I don't think about it it won't happen. If I don't make any arrangements with Janet then everything will work out as its supposed to and I won't need to make any arrangements. If I don't acknowledge it it will go away. Please. Please go away. I'm happy now. I don't want things to change.

All those worlds, all those possibilities. And yet I have no idea what to do.

It bothered Sam that her counterpart was engaged to the Colonel – or rather the General in that world. To be honest, it bothered me as well. I've always been… jealous is the wrong word, suspicious of the relationship between Sam and Colonel O'Neill.

They're close. They understand each other. Other teams talk about them – the four of them – in hushed tones. Even the marines. They are already legends.

I think they're planning to do something really really stupid. But then so is the Government. Senator Kinsey wants us shut down. I'm expecting redeployment any day. Sam hasn't been round the last few nights. I'm worried about Cassie. My adoption of her is legal and above board, all the paperwork in place. But at the end of the day she was born on a different planet, under alien skies. Due to what Nirrti did to her she has a non-terrestrial substance in her blood: naquada. We don't know what health problems that – and whatever Nirrti's genetic heritage to her – will cause in her future.

I need to talk to Sam so badly right now. The likelihood that we will be redeployed to the same base is so remote… I don't know whether what we have will survive a long distance relationship at this time. But I need her in my life. Cassie needs Sam in her life.

But she's hiding in plain sight again. She won't talk to me about it. I know she's just hoping that it will all go away or that it will sort itself out without her having to get involved. It's driving me insane but I know that if I confront her on it she'll just close up even more.

That's it. I've waited long enough for her to come to her senses on this. I'm going to her lab now to talk to her. People make long distance relationships work all the time. Why should we be any different.

The alarms have just gone off. Unauthorised activation of the Stargate. Whatever they were going to do, it's begun. My email pings. It's a message from Sam. I scan the first lines…

"Janet, by the time you read this…."

Oh god. What have they done?

The End

ZERO – Lamb - Lamb
There's no one here today
'Cause someone took the light away
There's nothing in my heart
Don't think I could even start to explain
I can't stand the pain of losing something so much a part of me
Though in reality you were hardly there in my heart, in my heart
You were everything, everything
You were everything, everything

In these few hours a breath of summertime has turned to winter rain
In such little time all my hope has gone
Will it ever be the same
All I ever wanted was to see your face
To see a little smile from my little one and let
You know, and let you know
You were everything, everything
You were everything, everything

Babe I did all I could just
To give you life
I'd have done anything
Just to give you life life life li-ife

Out there in the dark your little spirit is lost without a home
Oh don't be afraid I'm thinking of you, no you'll never be alone
Someday, somehow, when the time is right
May an angel smile upon me and give you life
To give you life
I'd give everything
I'd give everything, everything
I'd give everything to give you life
To give you life
To give you life to give you life give everything
I'll give everything give everything
I'll give everything

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