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Prometheus glued...
By ncruuk


"Doctor Fraiser?"

"Yes?" Looking up from her paperwork Janet waited for her nurse to explain what the problem was.

"It's Major Carter Ma'am..." began the nurse, knowing that was all that was necessary to get her boss already preparing to move out into the infirmary.

"What's changed?" asked Janet sharply, reaching for her stethoscope.

"Nothing Ma'am...except her attention span..."

"Ah...she's bored?" asked Janet, relaxing now she knew it wasn't a strict medical emergency per se.

"I'm not sure Ma'am..." came the cryptic response as the nurse led her boss out into the main infirmary towards the bed occupied by the blonde major.

"What's she doing?" asked Janet, knowing how much Sam hated being kept in the infirmary for observation, away from her laptop and experiments. After a number of arguments however, with Sam finally understanding that Janet wasn't attempting a subtle form of sensory deprivation torture, Sam had at least learnt not to terrorise the infirmary staff too much, although she did continue to pout at Janet when they were alone.

"Building something..." explained the nurse, stepping to the side so Janet could see what the ever inventive Major had got up to.

"Sam?" asked Janet quietly, when she'd taken in the sight before her.

"Hey Janet..." called Sam easily, not looking up from her task.

"Thank you Lieutenant..." said Janet quietly, in a tone that left no doubt as to what was expected of the young officer, who quickly left to resume her work on the far side of the infirmary.

Stepping inside the curtain line of the cubicle, Janet drew the curtains around the bed, shielding her lover from prying eyes.

"Did the guys smuggle this in?" asked Janet gently, gesturing towards the materials laid out on the table top which was rolled into position over Sam's bed.

"No...they were on the side..." explained Sam, inclining her head towards the small unit in the corner of the cubicle which was stocked with basic medical supplies such as single use disposable scalpels, tongue depressors, surgical tape and glue, gloves etc.

"And you helped yourself..." concluded Janet, reaching out to smooth the errant hairs that were sticking out at all angles from Sam's brow, prompting the blonde to finally look up at her lover.

"You're mad I got out of bed...I'm sorry..." began Sam, suddenly feeling guilty. She had promised she'd be better about being confined to the infirmary, but she just couldn't do nothing...

"You're forgiven...actually, I probably should have checked what you were up to sooner..." teased Janet, adopting the tone that mothers everywhere master not long after their offspring start getting into trouble. She should have known Sam wouldn't have been totally innocent and well behaved for the entire three hours since Janet had dragged herself off to do paperwork.

"Am I in trouble?" asked Sam, unleashing what Janet privately thought of as the SGC's most powerful weapon - Sam's rich blue eyes, which were currently nervously searching Janet's face for any clue as to how much trouble she was really in.

"Depends..." decided Janet, reaching to take her lover's hand in her own and start a gentle, soothing caress across the back of her palm.


"Have you left me any tongue depressors and glue?" teased Janet gently, turning now to look at the little masterpiece Sam had made.

"Was that cabinet your only stock?" asked Sam nervous.

"Why, do I need to restock it?" Sam's sheepish grin was admission enough. Janet made a mental note to get a nurse to restock.

"Is it the Prometheus?" guessed Janet, considering the model that was two thirds complete or so.

"Yeah..." agreed Sam, turning her model, which was effectively a matchstick model, although she'd had to make her 'matchsticks' by slicing up tongue depressors using a scalpel, so that Janet could see the other end.

"It's not to scale is it?" asked Janet, half expecting it to be - when Sam decided to do something, it was done with a care and precision few others could ever aspire to reach. Making a model of a spaceship from matchsticks would be approached in exactly the same way.

"I didn't have a ruler, so it's approximate..." admitted Sam, chewing on her lip as she considered her handiwork.

"Ah..." Janet really didn't know what else to say, other than telling Sam how cute and adorable she was, which, Janet knew from past experience, wouldn't do much to keep Sam's pulse and emotions calm or neutral, which was the whole point of the enforced stay in the infirmary.

"You're mad?" asked Sam, misinterpreting her lover's silence.

"No sweetie...proud..." corrected Janet, her warm loving smile confirming her words. As strange as it may sound, she really was proud of her incredibly intelligent and inventive lover, even if she did make for an almost impossible patient.

"Oh...can I finish it?" asked Sam, her nervous voice accompanied by an imploring plea communicated by her expressive eyes that Janet found impossible to resist.

"Sure..." confirmed Janet, assessing what Sam had laid out in front of her before turning to head through the curtains.

"Where are you going?" asked Sam, immediately missing her lover's company and still a bit uncertain as to whether or not Janet really was mad at her.

"I think you'll need some more tongue depressors sweetie..." explained Janet, before slipping through the curtain to retrieve some more of the wooden sticks, prompting Sam to study the reasonably sized heap she still had to work with. Surely there was enough there to finish the Prometheus?

"I do?" asked Sam when Janet returned, thinking hard about the ship she'd helped design. It wasn't the most streamlined of hulls, but she hadn't missed a lump off, had she?

"You've not got enough for your next project..." explained Janet, presenting Sam with a packet of the wooden sticks and some phials of the glue, much to the confusion of her staff, who'd expected the Major to be told off for not resting. Instead, Janet had decided to indulge Sam - it really was impossible to ask Sam to stop thinking and doing something, with Janet knowing how hyperactive and restless the blonde could get, even in her sleep. Instead, having surreptitiously taken Sam's pulse whilst they were chatting, Janet had decided to indulge the blonde and encourage her model making. It was probably the lesser of two evils, the other being a hyperactive, bored Sam Carter with no focus except her infirmary escape plan...

"My next project?" Sam was confused. Wasn't she supposed to be in trouble for not resting?

"I've always wanted my own little Stargate..."

"You're sure about that?" asked Sam, her face falling slightly.

"Yes..." grinned Janet, knowing exactly what Sam's problem was.

"Not an Asgard ship?" suggested Sam hopefully.

"Nope, a Stargate sweetheart..." confirmed Janet, ruffling Sam's short hair with affection as the astrophysicist began to pout.

"But it's circular..." began Sam, already trying to work out how she was supposed to make a Stargate using matchsticks, which were straight and angular.

"You'll think of something..." declared Janet, full of faith, before pressing a kiss to Sam's forehead and stepping towards the curtains.

Looking back at Sam one last time, Janet was unsurprised to see that her lover was already deep in thought, her long fingers turning the tongue depressors over and over as she thought through the different ways she could set about making a model Stargate, the Prometheus forgotten. Even as she watched her lover's brow furrow, Janet could see the positive effect the challenge was having on her lover's vital readouts, as her heart rate settled into what Janet knew to be Sam's 'at rest' pattern which signalled to the doctor that her patient was relaxing. Smiling, Janet pushed the curtains back and forced herself to return to her paperwork, feeling properly relaxed herself for the first time since Sam had regained consciousness in the early hours of the morning. It was funny though, thought Janet, settling into her chair…she'd always hated model making as a child.

The End

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