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Chocolate, Huh?
By Debbie

Major Sam Carter, Doctor Janet Fraiser, and Teal'c were enjoying a friendly moment over Teal'c's sick bed. Teal'c, a colossus of a man, who had come to mean so much to the SGC, and especially these two ladies, was laying in bed looking a bit sorry for himself. Here he was being looked after by the two most beautiful women he had close contact with and all they could do was give each other the eye, while standing over his ailing body.

Janet finished looking into Teal'c's eyes with her penlight and re-assured him, "Well, whatever happened, you seem fine now. Still, I have never heard of any other Jaffa fainting before."

With his customary, barely noticeable raised eyebrow, Teal'c murmured, "I did not faint DoctorFraiser."

A look of disbelief crossed the Doctor's face and she glanced to Major Carter for confirmation of her diagnosis, something she often did, even though, as far as she was aware, her best friend had no real knowledge of health matters. As expected Sam agreed with the idea of Teal'c fainting. Indignantly the Major said, "Sorry Teal'c but you did. One minute I was talking about the upcoming mission, the next you were lying flat on your back."

The alien mountain of a man sighed to himself; he would not win this argument when he had two strong women disagreeing with him. It never ceased to amaze the Jaffa, how these two intelligent women could be "only" friends, with the amount of electricity that passed between them every single time they were close. On his world they would have been locked in a room together until the electricity had been dissipated. He pondered this thought while watching their subtle eye contact as they bantered back and forth across his bed.

Sam asked of the gorgeous doctor, "Could this have anything to do with his inability to Kel'noreem earlier?"

Looking at Teal'c, then back to Sam, staring into the Major's interested eyes, Janet answered, "Well Kel'noreem is like sleep, in the sense that it is necessary in order for a Jaffa to rejuvenate his body..."

Turning to the bemused Teal'c, she continued on, "... but not being able to reach a state of Kel'noreem on just one occasion wouldn't cause you to faint like that, would it?"

As always, his reply was much more succinct than Janet's question, "No!"

The abruptness of Teal'c's reply brought a merry twinkle to Janet's eye, as she continued, And you are in no pain?"

Again Teal'c was a man of few words, believing that speech was meant to get the facts across and nothing more, he stated quite firmly, "None!"

Sam and Janet grinned at each other, recognizing that their friend was more than a little embarrassed at his reaction to something he obviously didn't understand. Strong Jaffa just did not faint.

Thinking she would lighten the mood further, Samantha Carter, not known for her humorous one-liners, suggested with a glint in her eyes, "Maybe you were just bored with what I was saying."

Unfortunately her joke fell on deaf ears with the serious man; he stared unbelieving into her eyes. It did however please the major to see that Janet was smiling one of her beautiful smiles especially for her to see. Grinning back at Janet, she tried a surreptitious wink, and in a whiney voice said, "Oh, fine. On that note, I'll say goodnight."

While Teal'c just continued to glare, Janet smiled warmly and murmured, "Night Sam."

As Teal'c watched this gentle interplay between the two best friends, he again wondered on their obvious physical attraction to each other, and their apparent refusal to do anything about it.

What Teal'c didn't know, was that many years before, when the two women were raw recruits in the air force, Doctor Janet Fraiser and First Lieutenant Samantha Carter had dissipated the electrical energy many times over. They had spent many a night, and many a day if truth be known fulfilling each other's needs. In time, maturity and being stationed at separate air bases had called an end their mutually convenient support network. On meeting once again at SGC, the two women had made a pact to forget all that had happened before and had gone on to become best friends.

Unbeknownst to each other, however, they both wondered where the other was getting her satisfaction from these days. Although they were best friends, their history surprisingly meant they never quizzed each other about their romantic conquests. Sam knew that Janet had been married so assumed that was where Janet's preferences now lie. Janet meanwhile, being privy to a certain Colonel's sickbed and other confessions of his love for his 2IC assumed that Sam had started seeing Jack O'Neill instead. So, when Sam uttered some choice words the normally stoic Doctor Fraiser nearly fell through the floor.

As she turned to leave, Sam looked into Janet's eyes and said, "Prescribe him some warm milk."

Many years before the young lovers had developed a dictionary of code words to arrange their rendezvous while at work. "Would you like to pop around for a mug of hot milk," all those years ago had meant, "I'm on my own tonight, come around for a roll in the hay." Now, Janet knew that wasn't what Sam had said, but it was certainly what her sub-conscious mind had heard, and for once the Doctor had been flustered beyond words. She had shyly glanced away from the departing Sam, hoping to hide her blushed red cheeks from her patient, Teal'c.

He appeared oblivious to Janet's discomfort as he tried to wheedle is way out of the infirmary, "I have no intention of remaining here Doctor Fraiser."

Janet, however, was having none of that, he had a problem, and she was going to find out what. Touching his arm gently, she stated in her best Doctor's voice, "This has never happened to you before so I do want to run a few tests."

Teal'c being Teal'c wanted none of it, he tried again, "That would be completely..."

Janet being Janet was also having none of it, before the giant of a man had time to beg, she held her hand up, and informed him he was definitely wrong, "Ah! Doctors orders." In a gentler tone she continued, "Now close your eyes and try to relax."

Giving in at the quietly insistent words, Teal'c lay back, muttering almost to himself, "Very well."

Ever the professional, she had managed to hide behind her bedside manner. Or so she thought. As Teal'c lay back and closed his eyes, he thought about the current that had just passed between his two friends. He really did read their smallest of gestures. He gently opened one eye and watched the Doctor.

Janet puttered around the ward, doing nothing but think. Had Sam meant her to hear the words she said or had she meant for Janet to hear the words she didn't say? The more she thought, the more confused the doctor became. Since agreeing to forget the past, Janet had harbored hopes of actually renewing the relationship. So, now, she was in a quandary. Her thoughts buzzed back and forth between acting on the words she had heard, and ignoring them totally. Could she use misrepresentation of the words as a way to get back in Sam's bed? Blushing at her evil thoughts, she felt Teal'c watching her. Turning to face him she smiled shyly.

Teal'c called her over. Looking her straight in the eyes, he said in a bemused, but firm voice, "JanetFraiser, I think you have a mug of bovine lactose at a ridiculously high temperature waiting somewhere for you. Go home."

For a moment Janet's brain failed to decipher his words. This had to be the first time in the six years he had been at SGC, he had called her "Janet", and at first she couldn't quite believe it. Once she got past the use of her name, she actually heard the words he had spoken, and the questions tumbled in her head. Had Sam really said what she thought she had heard or could Teal'c really read minds? Did she really care? Suddenly, smiling evilly, she leaned over, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and taking a page out of Teal'c's own book, she kept her words simple, "Indeed."

Leaving a wistful Teal'c caressing his cheek, she turned on her heel and was gone.

That was why Janet Fraiser now found herself outside Samantha Carter's house, terrified. Wondering how to play the next few minutes, she leant across the front passenger seat and pulled a small package out of the glove compartment. Smiling, she walked up to the Major's front door and knocked gently.

Moments later the door opened. A look of surprise crossed Sam's face as she asked, "Janet, what are you doing here at this time of night?" Holding the door open for Janet to pass, she waited expectantly.

Handing the small packet of powder to Sam, Janet whispered, "I'd rather have a mug of hot chocolate."

The doctor watched her best friend carefully and saw instantly the moment the penny dropped. Her mouth dropping open, Sam stared into dark ebony eyes. 'Come to bed eyes as always,' she thought. Glancing up and down the street, she pulled Janet to her body, leaning on the door; she expertly locked the door while covering Janet's lips with a smoldering kiss.

Long, delicious moments passed before Sam withdrew. Sharing a breathless smile with the doctor, Sam grabbed Janet's hand and led her slowly into the house. At the kitchen door, she whispered into Janet's ear and felt a wonderful shiver course through both their bodies at the words, "Chocolate, huh?"

The End

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