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By Maekala


Janet sighed as the briefing quickly wound into a second hour. It wasn't that she didn't appreciate knowing what the scientists were doing—it gave her a head's up for any odd injuries which might be coming her way—but they could prattle on for hours about things she didn't really understand or care to understand.

She glanced at Colonel O'Neill and had to bring a hand up to cover her mouth as she saw the doodles covering his page. He was currently engrossed in drawing the flames from Dr. Thomas' impending lab explosion. Janet wasn't entirely sure what had caused the explosion, but Jack had made Thomas' head overly large and he was flailing as his hair was incinerated.

Janet noticed that Daniel was passing a note between two of the other archaeologists and another giggle threatened to interrupt Thomas' droning. Hammond was trying to pay attention, it seemed, but his head kept bouncing in an unmistakable push toward sleep.

As her attention alighted on Sam, Janet was slightly ashamed at the rest of the room's inattention. Sam seemed to be taking notes as she scribbled on her pad and looked between Thomas, the board and her paper. As Sam flipped a page, Janet was intrigued to note what seemed to be complex calculations. She didn't remember Thomas talking about anything relating to math, but Sam's mind always did work in odd ways.

Janet calmly gathered her papers when Hammond declared the briefing over. They all knew that these formalities were a waste of time, but they were a necessary evil. She had been more interested in Sam's continued note taking than the upcoming projects and now she wanted to know how the other woman had managed to fill three-fourths of her pad.

When Sam was caught by one of her colleagues, Janet decided to wait for her lover in her lab. At least there she could find something to amuse herself. She continued to consider what Sam could possibly have found so interesting, as she made her way through the base. Once she was in the lab, she pulled the shorter of the two stools next to Sam's and allowed her mind to wander wherever it would.

Ten minutes later, Sam entered, grinning broadly at Janet's presence. She closed the door and immediately demonstrated how happy she was to see Janet with a long kiss.

"Hi," she greeted, pulling away just slightly.

Janet was momentarily distracted as she reveled in Sam's presence. The motion of Sam dropping her pad next to her computer, however, reminded her of her original intentions.

"Hi." Janet greeted Sam with a kiss of her own before moving around the taller woman and picking up the discarded pad. "So what had you so fascinated today?" she asked as she looked the "notes" over. The pad was filled with math equations.

When she tried to meet Sam's eyes, the major was looking uncharacteristically sheepish as she avoided Janet's gaze. In trying to get Sam to meet her eyes, she caught sight of Sam's white board and noted absently that the equations looked remarkably similar.


Sam finally looked her in the eye. Her face said she was trying for nonchalance, but she was failing miserably. "I got bored," she finally admitted, shrugging.

"You got bored?"

Sam nodded. "So I decided to amuse myself."

Janet paused as she looked at the two sets of calculations long enough to realize that they were not the same thing, just similar procedures. "Are you telling me that you were doing calculus? For fun?"

Sam started to protest, but stopped and stood straight. "It's better than depicting each of the other scientists dying horrible deaths when their labs explode."

Janet chuckled at the reference to Colonel O'Neill's preferred method of amusement. "Is this what you do during all the briefings?"

Sam schooled her features in mock offense. "Not every meeting!" She paused for a moment, like she was about to depart some important piece of information. "Sometimes I just watch you." Janet blushed and Sam took the opportunity to pull her in for another lingering kiss. As Sam pulled away, she whispered in Janet's ear. "Just don't tell the other geeks; they'd be crushed to know that their speeches are so boring."

The End

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