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The First Time – Third Step
By Olli



No reaction.

"Come on, Janet. Wake up."

Some muffled grunts were the answer.

Sam sat in the tent she was sharing with Janet on P1X-465 and looked at the half-asleep woman beside her. Janet had curled up and snuggled into her sleeping bag. Sam watched her for a few moments; Janet looked vulnerable and feminine to her. Sam felt this itch in her belly. She fought down the urge to brush a single strand of hair out of Janet's face. She couldn't… No one knew about her terrible secret. Not her father not her brother and for God's sake no one at the SGC. If they found out…

Sam reached out and touched Janet on the shoulder shaking her slightly. "Hey, sleepyhead! It's 0600. Half the day is gone. If you want breakfast move your…"

"Sam! I'm awake. There's no need to yell in the middle of the night."

"Janet, this is the Air Force and not the Waldorf-Astoria." Sam opened the zipper of her sleeping bag and pushed the flap aside.

"Unfortunately, it's not. Do you think the Colonel will bring me breakfast in here?" Janet sat up as well and rubbed her eyes.

Sam grinned. "Maybe. All you have to do is get up and ask him."

Janet sighed. She swung her legs out of the sleeping bag and her feet brushed over Sam's bare leg. "Sorry," Janet mumbled, grabbing her trousers and boots and crawling out of the tent. She would dress outside and comments from the Colonel or glances from Daniel she would ignore.

As Janet's feet touched her leg, Sam shivered. She could hardly suppress a gasp. Janet's skin was warm and soft and this accidental touch was all she would ever get from her. She watched Janet crawl out of the tent and got a good view of her rear. It was marvellous.

Janet had already registered how Sam had reacted to her touch. She was absolutely certain it was not due to her cold feet because her feet weren't cold. In the infirmary, Sam had never reacted to her touch in this way. Whenever Janet had given her a check up, Sam was always completely professional but in the tent, they had more privacy then they'd ever had together. Janet dressed quickly and grabbed her toothbrush. In the field, the level of hygiene was a lot lower than normal. No showers, not even a sink, just a canteen with cold water.

Some minutes later SG-1, including Janet, was seated around the campfire and had breakfast. While Janet chewed on something she couldn't identify, but had a 'best-on date' somewhere in 2015 she looked at Sam. At that moment, the other woman was sharing a joke with Daniel and it seemed the glances from last evening or Sam's reaction to Janet's touch in the tent had never occurred.

After a few weeks at the SGC Sam was already her best friend. Sometimes Janet had the feeling that Sam wanted more… But every time there seemed to be some tension, Sam withdrew and jerked back as if she had touched a hot stove.

If Sam was interested in her in an intimate way, how should she react? Janet asked herself. She had never been with a woman except for her college roommate, Clara. And that had been after a drinking contest. The next morning they barely remembered anything had happened but each had a hangover of galactic proportions. But Janet did remember the feel of Clara's soft skin on hers… And from the physicals she had given Sam, she knew how soft Sam's skin was… Maybe all Sam needed was a push in the right direction…?

"Well." O'Neill put his mug aside placed his hands on his knees and stood up. "Time to do something useful. T, Daniel and I will check out this new… new… well, this new techno-thingy the Geeks from Area 51 have figured out. Doc, for today, Carter is all yours."

"You don't mean that literally, do you?" Janet quipped. She saw how Sam blushed and suddenly began rummaging through her backpack as if searching for something.

O'Neill was speechless for a moment. "Errr. Only if you let me watch." Before Sam or Janet could say anything, he lifted his hands in a defensive gesture. "I know. I know. Political correctness. It's just a joke. I never want to make dishonourable comments about female officers. But we normal mortals have to learn to handle this… this… whatever it is -- without Carter's help."

During his speech, Sam had dared to look up again. "Thank you, Sir," she commented sarcastically.

O'Neill smiled at her, grabbed his backpack and left the camp heading north. Daniel and Teal'c were right behind him.

Sam picked up the remains of her MRE. She was already 'all Janet's' even if no one would ever know, she thought.

"OK, Sam. What should we do now?"

"It's your decision. I'm open for anything."

Janet smiled. "I would like that… I mean I would like to take another look at those blue trees."

"OK." Sam turned away. 'Anything' she thought. But there was no way… Or maybe…? Could she dare to find out? But if she opened herself up to Janet and was turned down? She had to risk it. Janet was her friend; she would understand and wouldn't be offended. Sam thought for a moment. "Come on. There is a place I want to show you."

"You want to walk with me?"

"It's a nice place for a walk."

Sam and Janet left the camp heading east.

After half an hour, they arrived at the downs. The landscape had changed. There was a thick forest around their camp, but now they walked through an open area of sun-lighted meadows. There were single groups of blue trees and apart from the colour of the trees, they could have been walking through a typical English countryside. They climbed a hill which had a small group of trees on top. As Sam and Janet stood on top of the hill, Sam waved her arm. "And? What do you think?"

Janet looked around. It was a picture… She couldn't describe it. The sky was a deep blue with a golden sun. The blue trees and green meadows looked so strange to her and yet, together, they matched perfectly. The white fur on the trees fluttered slightly in the warm breeze.

"It's beautiful."

"Yes, it is." Sam had been watching Janet for the last few minutes. If Janet was interested in her then this might be her one and only chance. They were alone; the Colonel, Daniel and Teal'c were miles away. If Janet wasn't interested… Sam was certain Janet wouldn't put her on report.

Janet turned from the landscape and realized Sam was looking at her and not speaking of the beauty of the landscape. She blushed, dropped her backpack and kneeled down. "Let's not waste any more time," Janet said and pulled out some equipment.

"No, we shouldn't," Sam said and kneeled beside her.

Janet lifted her head and looked Sam in the eye. For a moment, their eyes locked and then Sam reached into Janet's backpack to help her unload the equipment. Their hands brushed and the contact lasted a few seconds longer than it should have had it been purely accidental.

Janet smiled maybe this was a chance to give Sam a little push, she thought. Their hands were still touching inside the backpack. Janet moved her fingers slightly and brushed them over the back of Sam's hand.

Sam returned the smile.

Janet watched her intensely.

Very slowly, as if she had to overcome a great obstacle, Sam leaned forward. Her breath quickened, her heart hammered in her chest.

Their lips were only centimetres apart. Janet could already feel Sam's warm breath on her cheek.

"Carter? Doc? How're you doing?" Sam's radio crackled and O'Neill's voice broke the tension.

Sam closed her eyes. Her head fell to her chest. She sighed.

"Carter? Doc? Come in!"

Sam grabbed her radio and pushed the 'talk' button. "Yes, Sir. We're on the hills directly east of the camp. Janet is looking for some of the trees."

"OK. When we return to camp, we should talk about this new piece of electronics. The Geeks overdid it. Too many buttons to push."

"Yes, Sir."

"O'Neill out."

Sam let go of her radio and looked at Janet. "Janet, what happened… I mean what nearly happened… I meant no offence… I… I wouldn't…"

There it was again, Janet thought. Sam would chicken out. Suddenly she leaned forward and grabbed Sam's head with both hands. She pulled Sam towards her and their lips met.

Sam's eyes widened in surprise; she lost her balance, fell forward and both women were on the ground. Janet still had the initiative and rolled on top of Sam. Sam responded to the kiss. As she felt Janet's tongue on her lips, she opened them. Janet's tongue slipped inside and met Sam's. They danced around, exploring each other. Sam's fingers brushed through Janet's hair while her other hand lay on Janet's back pressing them tighter together.

Janet's hand roamed over Sam's body but all she could feel was the flak jacket. She wanted more and her fingers found their way to the buckles holding the jacket in place. She fumbled with them but couldn't get them open.

With a disappointed grunt, Janet sat up. She opened her flak jacket and tossed it aside, her BDU jacket followed.

Sam hesitated for a moment but then her instincts took control. All doubt was gone. She peeled off her own flak jacket and uniform top. Her eyes again widened as Janet opened the zipper of her trousers. But then Sam did the same. She struggled a little and pulled them down to her knees. Janet then pulled her tee shirt over her head and lay down again on top of Sam. She wanted to feel as much of Sam's skin on hers as possible and her hands found their way under Sam's shirt. Janet pushed it up over Sam's breasts.

Feeling Sam's skin on hers sent a wave of enjoyment through Janet's body. She shivered despite the warm sun shining on them.

Sam moaned; goose bumps appeared on her arms.

They kissed again, this time skin on skin. Sam roamed over Janet's bare back, and then she shoved her hands into Janet's trousers and under her panties. She squeezed Janet's buttocks and Janet moaned into Sam's mouth. Janet wiggled her hips and pulled her trousers down to her knees. Sam moved slightly and her thigh slipped between Janet's legs.

Janet gasped at the touch on her hot centre. She hadn't even recognized how aroused she had become. She brushed her centre hard against Sam's thigh. The motion caused a groan from Sam because Janet's thigh was now pressed against her own wet folds.

Janet now moved at a steady pace. They kissed again but Janet had to catch her breath as she had pressed her face onto her lover's shoulder. Sam grabbed Janet's buttocks again increasing the pressure. Now Sam moved as well rocking her hips against Janet's thigh. They fell into a steady rhythm moving their hips. Janet's hand found its way under Sam's bra. As she began to caress the sensitive flesh Sam moaned loudly.

Sam continued the massage of Janet's bottom. She dug her fingers into the soft skin pressing Janet harder and harder onto herself with every rock of her hips.

They reached their climax rapidly.

"AH!" Janet cried out. Pure pleasure exploded inside her. Her whole body convulsed only to relax for a fraction of a second before the next wave of her orgasm rushed through her.

Sam continued to move holding Janet with both arms and watching her lover's face as Janet experienced her release. She could feel her own orgasm building inside her. Sam again increased her movements pushing even harder against Janet's thigh.

Janet collapsed on top of Sam. After some moments, she registered Sam's motions and realised that her lover hadn't reached her climax till now. Janet took up her movements again and brushed the sweaty hair out of Sam's face; she wanted to see the moment her lover attained her release.

Sam's arms convulsed around Janet's back, while her own back arched. She cried out loudly as she rode out her orgasm. Janet could feel the jerking muscles in Sam's belly. She watched the blonde's face; it was a picture of pure lust.

Sam's movements slowed down. Finally, she closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath. She felt Janet's lips nibbling on her throat. Suddenly, Sam realized what had happened. It was a mistake, she had been overwhelmed by her arousal, had let happen what never should have happened. There was no way… She couldn't do it.

Sam was still holding Janet as she spoke. "Janet?"

Janet, propped on her elbows, looked Sam in the eye. "Yes?"

"I love you. I think I loved you from the first moment I saw you… but… but we can't… I'm sorry… I'm sorry…" Tears streamed down Sam's face.

Janet was in shock. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Wha--? Why…? We… I thought…?"

"I'm gay. No one knows. Not my family, not General Hammond, not the Colonel, Daniel or Teal'c. I know what will happen if someone finds out about you and me. I…I've had to deal with it before."

"We… We can leave this between us. No one will find out. We can…" Tears appeared in Janet's eyes.

"No, we cannot. Something like that can't be hidden. I know it. Some years ago, there was another woman… We were nearly kicked out of the Air Force by the same officer who tried to seduce me -- against regulations, obviously. Major Garland was… I pulled some strings and got a transfer. Susan… Susan resigned. I couldn't do anything for her. I never saw her again."

"But we…"

"There can't be a 'we'. I'm sorry. I love you, Janet but… I'm sorry…" Sam whispered. Carefully she took Janet by the shoulders and rolled her aside. Sam stood up, dressed and grabbed her backpack. She fled from the hill with tears in her eyes.

Janet was still lying on the ground. She pressed her hands to her face and let the tears fall. "I love you, too," she sobbed.

O'Neill, Daniel and Teal'c stood together and stared at O'Neill's radio. As Sam and Janet's voices trailed off, they looked at each other. O'Neill's face was a mask of stone. Teal'c lifted an eyebrow. Open-mouthed, Daniel's gaze shot back and forth between the two of them. Finally, he found his voice again.

"Oh my…"

The End

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