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Divide & Conquer 4
Let's Make A List
By Celievamp

"Well, there's something you should think about, Doc.  All those loops.  Both you and Carter heard the `no consequences' thing as well.  There are some tales I could tell about the two of you. I'll never look at jello in quite the same way for starters."  He grinned
as the Doc stopped walking and turned to look at him, a distinct deer in headlights look on her face. 

`Sweet,' he thought.

No consequences.

It would not go away.

Sam looked at the page of equations she was working on to try to understand the concept that time was looping back on itself every ten hours or so. At least according to Colonel O'Neill and Teal'c.

The same ten hours over and over again.

No consequences.

You could do a lot in ten hours. Fulfil many, many fantasies. All her life people had told Sam that she lived in her head far too much.

That was the thing about secret relationships. The things they could not do, the things they thought about doing took on sometimes epic proportions. Even simple things like exchanging a kiss or a loving comment in open sight.

No consequences.

It was time to come out of the shadows. To live life in the open not in her head.

The piece of paper drifted to the floor in the breeze of her passing.


"Oh, hi Sam. Still no news back on the Colonel's test results I'm afraid."



"No consequences."

Janet Fraiser found herself entwined in her lover's arms in front of what seemed her entire dayshift.

There was a momentary stunned silence then a wolf-whistle and a round of applause. Guess they hadn't been that discreet after all – no one seemed particularly surprised, Janet managed to think before Sam's talented tongue fried a few thousand synapses.

They did not die in vain. All too quickly Janet found herself hustled towards her office by one very excitable Major. "Come on Janet, we've got five hours before the loop starts again and this never happens. We have to make a list."

Making a list. That wasn't code for anything that Janet could think of in their varied sex life.

"Sam, what…"

"I want to make love to you in front of the Stargate, that's one."

Ahh, that kind of list.

"Ooh…kay," Janet said carefully as Sam closed and locked the door.

"So what do you want to do?" Sam was seated at her computer, and opening up Word.

"Sam, I know you're a role model for A-type personalities, but do we really need to write this down?" Janet asked. No consequences. She had got with the programme. "Time's a wasting here, girl." She swivelled her chair slightly away from the desk and stood between Sam's thighs. "And some of the things on my list take time and preparation." Her voice had dropped an octave. She watched Sam's pupils dilate as she unbuttoned Sam's shirt, lifted her tshirt clear of her waistband and let her fingers scribe gently across the pale cool flesh feeling Sam's abdominal muscles twitch under her touch. Sam reached round her and turned off the computer.

"No list."

Janet shook her head. "No list." Her hands drifted up to cup firm breasts, her thumbs gently rubbing over the nipples, feeling them plump up under her touch. Sam's breath hissed in her throat. That always got to her.

"No list," Sam nodded, then leant her head to one side as Janet's lips and tongue began to travel up her throat. "I can do that. I can be…. Ahh… spontaneous." The last ended on a slight squeak as Janet's fingers tweaked her.

"So, you want to make love in front of the Stargate," Janet breathed in her ear. "We can do that." She unbuttoned Sam's waistband, slid down the zip, her fingers creeping inside, carding through the soft hair that protected Sam's sex. Her other hand rested gently at the back of Sam's neck, drawing her down into a mindblowing kiss of her own. One of Sam's hands was making its own journey under Janet's labcoat, the other methodically removing the pins from Janet's hair letting it down around her shoulders. This wasn't a fantasy for either of them. This was just togetherness. This was just the appetiser.

Sex and the Stargate.

They brought a blanket with them. Carpet burn was bad enough but neither wanted to find out what kind of damage metal mesh could do to their sensitive areas. Sam had had its pattern impressed into various parts of her anatomy already from various high speed less than controlled exits through the wormhole over the years.

Long forgotten volleyball skills allowed Sam's bra to decorate the top of the ring. Sam herself was braced against one of the chevrons as Janet kissed her way down her abdomen, her fingers stroking slowly up her inner thighs as the double pronged attack converged on the target area.

Sam's scream brought Lieutenant Simmons running into the control room to see what was going on. Someone found him in a dead faint about twenty minutes later but by then…

Sex in Hammond's office.

Janet placed the photo of the General's grandchildren face down on the cabinet. Sam had cleared the desk into the wastebin. Turning to her lover, she lifted Janet up and arranged her on the broad expanse of highly polished mahogany before positioning herself over her lover's body. For the second time in an hour she tasted Janet her body shuddering as Janet's lips, tongue and fingers brought her more pleasure than she thought possible. Though maybe the setting had something to do with it.

They came within seconds of one another, drawing out the long shuddering climax. Sam's knees were beginning to hurt and the way Janet was wriggling probably meant she had a numb bum. They kissed and rubbed away each other's aches and pains. As they vacated the office Sam glanced back at the desk and winced. That was going to stain.

Sex 'n' Jello

They had raided the Commissary on the way to the VIP suites. An entire consignment of blue Jello and a squirty can of whipped cream.

"I don't like the taste of cream," Sam had tried to object when Janet picked up the can.

Janet grinned, her eyes seeming to get several shades darker. "But I do. Especially when it comes with extra special sauce." Sam's mouth opened, closed again with a snap. There was no comeback to that.

Janet lay on the bed, propped up with pillows. She tipped up the bowl of Jello, shivering slightly as cool blue dessert made contact with her skin. Sam watched silently from the foot of the bed as Janet's fingers mascerated the cubes of gelatine over her breasts and belly. "What are you waiting for, Sam?" she asked. "This is your fantasy, remember?"

"Nothing I imagined ever looked this good," Sam crawled up the bed to join her. She lowered her lips to Janet's right breast. She licked it clean of jello, taking the peak into her mouth laving the nipple with the flat of her tongue, her hand resting on Janet's thigh to hold her steady as Janet bucked at the sensation. Jello began to slide, slurp, half melting in the shared body heat, transferring from skin surface to skin surface as intimacy became urgency became primal became white hot soul shattering mind expanding dimension shifting… The world could have ended and neither woman would have noticed or indeed cared.

They lay, almost bonded together by a thin layer of gelatine as their breathing slowed, their sight came back and their higher brainfunctions came back on line. Both giggled at the distinct peeling noise as Janet eased herself off Sam and reached for the can of whipped cream.

"My turn."

Sex in the Shower.

The squelching sticking sensation of drying jello got old very quickly. The two slightly dazed and more than a little nauseous lovers made their way down to the locker rooms to clean up before getting down to business again.

They opened the door. Jack O'Neill was half into what had to be the most awful pair of trousers imaginable as they burst into the room. Janet was wearing her labcoat half buttoned up and not a lot else. Sam was wearing her t shirt, her trousers were half undone and she was barefoot. Janet's exposed skin and hair were liberally decorated in the remains of the blue jello. Sam had whipped cream in her hair.

"Well as you're taking the loop off, sir, we thought we'd…"

O'Neill held up his hand. "Let me guess. Jello wrestling?"

Janet was fascinated by his trousers. The last time she had seen something like that it was an HBO series about Bertie Wooster.


"Teaching Teal'c the finer points. He's got one hell of a backswing. Does tend to slice to the right a bit though… but, I mean, when the green is on another planet. Got to be some kind of record hasn't it? Tiger Woods eat…" He lost focus for a moment as his mind finally provided him with a visual for what the two women had been up to. Eating…

Sam had her own visual to deal with. The Colonel was using her precious wormhole to play golf. Did he have any idea of the kind of damage a high velocity golf ball could do? What if one hit a DHD?

Janet sensed her distraction and used to her lover's mental processes knew that if she didn't want an abrupt end to their fantasy fucking session she had better get her on track again. "Well, if you don't mind sir, we'll just get cleaned up." Both women edged past him and fled for the showers. It did not take much persuading for them to do their bit for energy conservation and shower together.

They clung together under the warm spray, their skin fragrant with soap, wet hair clinging to scalps.

"How long?" Janet asked, knowing that Sam would know, probably to the second.

"About five minutes," Sam said sadly. "You realise we won't remember any of this once the loop switches back."

"Not consciously," Janet said, turning so that the spray ran down her spine, feeling her shoulders relax. "But some part of us will, I'm sure. And well, we can always do it again another loop. The Colonel seems to think it could take a while longer to figure out the translation."

"Mmmm," Sam said, her back against the cool tiles of the shower cubicle. Her limbs were heavy, tired, her muscles felt the consistency of golden syrup. It was only her skin keeping her together. She had seldom felt so good, so… sated. But it might be a while before she ate jello again.

"Let's go out with a bang shall we?" Janet suggested, one soapy hand spreading across Sam's abdomen.

"Mmm mmm," Sam smiled, her eyes closed as she felt Janet butterfly kiss across her chest. She let her hand slides around Janet's hips, cupping her beautiful ass for a moment before travelling up to touch the dimpled recess at the base of her spine, feeling her shiver at the touch. Three minutes to go. Janet's hand was around the back of her neck again, drawing her down into a kiss. Sam's hands were on her waist now, lifting her smaller lover off her feet, Janet's legs twining around her, their breasts pressed together. Tiredness forgotten they kissed long and hard, hands grasping at flesh, at hair. Sam turned her so that Janet's back was pressed up against the tiles now, Janet's lips on her throat, her shoulder. As Sam's fingers penetrated Janet's centre, Janet bit into her shoulder, marking her.

One minute. Janet's head cracked against the tiles as she flung her head back as Sam's thumb caressed her clit. She was past caring. Nothing existed apart from the sensations running through her from her centre, she whispered Sam's name and then screamed it aloud as the world whited out…

Janet looked up as her assistant brought her another sheaf of reports for her perusal and signature. She had hoped to meet Sam and the rest of SG1 for breakfast in the commissary but that didn't look like it would happen now. Perhaps she could catch up with Sam later, maybe even snatch a few minutes alone…. a particularly sweet image of Sam's body pressed against hers came to mind and she smiled and then frowned. When had that happened? They never did it on base it was one of their rules. Maybe it had been a particularly vivid dream.

She gazed at the stack of reports and sighed. It was going to be one of those days. She could tell.

The End

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