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Want Something
By Rysler


Want Something:

Sam clicked the video recorder off and tried to give a reassuring smile to Vala, who was seated in the chair in front of her. Everything was in place, but the human element of physics would be the hardest. Sam was never sure when Vala would morph back into a pirate. Especially if she kept encouraging it.

Being alone with Vala in her quarters was becoming commonplace enough, but somehow the video recorder made it all the more kinky. No, that wasn't the word. Scandalous, maybe. Too many bad things seemed to happen when memory manipulation was involved. Too much power.

Sam squared her shoulders and said, "We're done."

Vala dangled her arms over the chair back. "You're sure we won't remember anything after you use that device thing?"

"You won't remember anything. But I'll remember it all," Sam said.

"Oh, really."

Sam pulled the DV disc from the recorder and tucked it into a case. She said, "Well, that's it," and headed for the door. Maybe if she didn't look back, Vala wouldn't--

"Sam," Vala called.

Sam gritted her teeth and turned around. "Yes?"

Vala swung off the chair and walked to Sam, not stopping until their noses were an inch apart. She said, "You ever wanted to get away with something, Sam?"

Sam didn't say anything, but she held her ground. No pirate was going to scare her off her own base. Vala's spicy scent tickled her nose, and warmth stirred inside her, traveling through her arms and legs, rooting her to the floor.

"Where I'm going with this, is, the trick to getting away with anything--a gem, an artifact, a baby--is making sure no one knows you've done it. Seems we have a handy little device to ensure that no one will know." She put her hand on Sam's midsection, and pressed gently.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Sam asked. She willed her brain not to break apart each of Vala's words and analyze them, put them into a timeline, extrapolate a prediction. Playing dumb was hard, and she realized too late that's exactly what Vala wanted.

"You Earthlings are so uptight. I know you want casual sex, but you're too afraid of the consequences. Too afraid of getting hurt. All that 'Will you still love me tomorrow' crap I see on the detergents."

"The soaps," Sam said.

"Whatever." Vala slid her hand up the center of Sam's chest, across her collarbone, and then cupped the back of her neck. "That doesn't mean you don't still want it. You've wanted it since the day we met." She leaned forward, whispering in Sam's ear, "What's stopping you?"

"It's too dangerous," Sam said, keeping her voice low. Vala's hot breath blew across her face.

"No one will know. No one will remember. You can do anything you want to me. Anything."

Sam put her hands on Vala's shoulders, and said, "I'll remember."

"So maybe you'll blush every time you look at me. But I won't remember. So do your worst. No one's watching. Not your Earth society, and not your friends." Vala squeezed the back of Sam's neck. The caress might have been meant to relax her, but the points of Vala's nails imprinted her skin.

Sam couldn't think of a way to argue without lying. She could pretend not to want Vala. But Vala wouldn't remember anyway. She pushed Vala's shoulders, backing her toward the bed. "My chance," she hissed.

"I've always wondered," Vala said, falling back onto the bed, gazing up at Sam. "Haven't you, too?"

Sam had never let herself think about what it would be like to touch Vala, to smell her, to let Vala do to her all the things she wanted to do. She'd begged Daniel for details he wouldn't give. She'd caught Vala and Teal'c in the shower once. It was all right to think of Vala and other things, but not her.

Not her.

She untucked her tee shirt from her pants, and then hesitated.

"Oh, don't change your mind," Vala whined.

Sam shook her head. She paced, saying, "I'm considering what I want from you, Vala."

"Take anything you like."

Sam surveyed the room. She picked a silk scarf from Vala's chest of drawers and said, "How about if I don't undress?"

"Fine," Vala said.

"But you do," Sam said.

Vala sat up. She tucked her feet under herself and began unbuttoning her shirt. She was fond of wearing BDU jackets without tee shirts, which made Sam wonder if she also wore BDU pants without underwear. "Fast or slow?" Vala asked.

Sam put the scarf on the bed, and then knelt with one knee, and pushed the jacket off Vala's shoulders. Vala followed with her sports bra, tossing it onto the floor. "That's enough," Sam said.

"I hardly think--"

Sam put a finger on Vala's lips and said, "That's enough."

Vala smiled lazily. She fell back onto the bed, her arms wide.

Sam gazed at Vala's legs, clad in olive khaki, before she looked at Vala's breasts, full and shapely. She wanted to touch them, feel them pliant in her hands, to kiss them, to taste the nipples and the hollow of Vala's stomch. She hadn't been with a woman since Chaska, Before that, Janet. Their deaths weighed heavily on her, and she'd avoided adding another weight like that. But she wouldn't care if Vala died, not in the same way.

And Vala wouldn't remember anyway.

Sam crawled up Vala's body, her knees on either side, and she took the scarf to bind her hands. The smooth wood headboard stymied her.

"There's a hook in the mattress," Vala said. "At the head. A handle. Just look under the covers."

Sam tossed pillows, and then found the loop on the mattress, next to the warning tag. She tied Vala's hands with the scarf, and then pulled the scarf through, tightening the bonds. She hadn't asked permission--hadn't said a word, really--but when she moved back into Vala's line of sight, Vala smiled and said, "There's no one on this base I trust more."

"Are you sure about that?"

"I'm sure," Vala said. "Aren't you sure when you want to try some miraculous technological trick, and everyone else is scared to death?"

"I have to be," Sam said. She bent down and kissed the side of Vala's hip, right above the waistband.

Vala closed her eyes. She said, "Besides, you can't kill me. You need me for the next mission."

Sam chuckled. She unbuckled Vala's belt, and then opened the top button of her fly.

Vala said, "Don't make me wait, Sam. Don't make me wait for you any longer. I couldn't bear it."

Sam met Vala's eyes. She unbuttoned the remaining buttons, and then dipped her head to kiss the crux of Vala's belly along the neatly trimmed edge of dark curls. Vala didn't wear underwear, after all. Sam yanked Vala's pants down to her thighs, leaving her exposed. She ran her tongue along the fold where Vala's hip met her leg, and then lower. Vala moaned. Sam pulled the pants past her knees so she could push Vala's legs apart and kiss her center, shining with wetness, coating Sam's cheeks as she delved deeper into Vala, twisting her tongue inside her.

When Sam came up to breathe, she asked, "Why would you ever steal anything material, when this is so much better?"

"Who says I don't steal hearts?" Vala asked.

Sam took one last taste, and then slid up Vala's body, one knee on either side of her thigh. She said, "I'm going to fuck you."

"If I'd wanted romantic, I would have lit a candle," Vala said. She smiled at Sam, and pulled against the scarves holding her wrists.

Sam kissed her. She forced Vala to taste herself. Vala thrust her tongue between Sam's lips, seeking more. Their mouths pushed against each other, wrestling as much as kissing, and Sam bit into Vala's lower lip. Vala groaned, arching up, pushing her hips against Sam's.

Braced on one elbow, Sam used her free hand to reach down between Vala's legs and squeeze.

"Yes, there," Vala said.

"Don't talk," Sam said. Vala bit her lip. Sam slid two fingers inside Vala, and Vala grimaced, but stayed silent. She spread her legs for Sam, bending the knee that wasn't trapped under Sam's weight. Sam settled into her, pushing her fingers in and out of Vala, until her knuckles burned from Vala's squeezing. Vala was tighter, smaller than she'd expected.

She slid her thumb over Vala's clitoris. Vala bucked. Her heavy-lidded gaze was still on Sam's face. She curled her teeth over her bottom lip. Sam fucked her harder. The tendons between her thumb and fingers stretched. She pressed into Vala, using her weight behind her hand, thrusting. Though she'd told Vala to be quiet, Vala urged her on, begged, by the way her stomach convulsed and her throat shone with sweat.

Vala jerked when she came. She opened her mouth in a soundless scream, and her whole body, shuddering, went rigid against Sam's hand. Sam held her, and then as Vala settled again, and began to breathe, withdrew. She slid her hand up Vala's side, leaving a wet trail, and traced her lips. Vala licked her fingers.

Sam said, "I don't know where that came from."

Vala grinned. She said, "That place is inside all of us, Sam. Untie me."

"Not yet," Sam said.

"Well. What about you?"

"What about me?"

"Sam, come for me." Vala squirmed underneath her, trying to touch her, to stimulate her. "Please, Sam."

Sam straddled Vala, grinding down, using the friction of her pants seam. She groaned, approaching on the edge. Sweat poured off her face. Vala twisted her hips, lifting her knee into Sam, and Sam bucked. She surrendered to the currents running through her. Charged nerve endings hailed her orgasm. "Vala," she said, falling back onto Vala, underneath her, letting Vala's easy breathing infuse her maddened body.

Vala chuckled, and said, "Let's do that again."

"Maybe later. You won't remember this."

"I'll look at you and know," Vala said.

Sam pulled her dog tags off her neck and sat up. She untied Vala, and then took Vala's tags, too. She unclasped the chains and switched one tag, so that each necklace held both their names.


"I never had a real best friend," Sam said. "I was a nerd. I had my father, though. The military. The rules. But here. A friendship necklace." She laughed and put the dog tags back around Vala's neck, and said, "Try not to get yourself killed. This would be hard to explain."

"Thank you, Sam."

"You won't remember."

Vala sat at a dirty wooden table, examining the dog tags in her palm. She ran her thumb over the bumps that spelled out Samantha Carter. Of all the rejections and insults that had happened at Stargate Command to drive her out here, this desolate planet in the middle of nowhere, waiting to welcome evil in her soul, Sam's hurt the most. She sighed and hung the dog tags around her neck, tucking them under her shirt. "I thought we were friends," she said to her beer glass.

"I thought." Her mind wandered to flashes of Sam's bare stomach, dragging against hers, to the smell of Sam's hair filling her nostrils, to the soreness in her shoulder and the tiny scabs that might have been old teeth marks. Memories of things she'd never tasted filled her mouth.

She squeezed Sam's tag, hard and cold, between her fingers, willing it to break.

The End

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