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Interlude 14:
Bedtime Stories

By Celievamp

Sam had regained consciousness in the infirmary more often than she cared to think about to the sound of someone’s voice reading to her. Usually it was one of her guys, her team mates on SG1. The Colonel read her military histories or sports biographies, occasionally articles out of his beloved National Geographic. Daniel read her science fiction, archaeological reports, myths and legends from a thousand lands. Teal’c read her westerns or crime thrillers. The last couple of times she had woken to the sound of his deep voice retelling the adventures of Sherlock Holmes. As for Janet…

Janet read her Winnie the Pooh, from her treasured private collection. She was half surprised when she was hallucinating on the Prometheus that she saw a little girl and not a plush yellow bear carrying a jar of honey. It would only have been slightly more disconcerting than what really happened. Or what she thought really happened.

It wasn’t just in the infirmary. At home when she had a case of the night terrors or just simple insomnia Janet would read to her, her fingers stroking gently through Sam’s hair as Sam lay with her head pillowed on Janet’s stomach, the soft cadences of her lover’s voice soothing her unquiet mind. And the landscape of the 100 Aker Wood would replace the nightmares of Netu and golden rooms that were filled only with fear and pain.

And now it was up to her to return the favour. Janet was alive, but in a coma. The wound she had received on P3X-666 should have killed her, would have killed anyone whose lover was not able to utilize alien healing technology and willing to pour her own life energy and very soul into ensuring that Janet Fraiser did not die that day. The medical staff assured Sam that Janet would survive and make a good recovery. It would just take time. So ‘Now We Are Six’ had given way to ‘Now We Are Seven’ and now “Winnie the Pooh” itself. The Bear was counting Heffalumps. As Sam paused, turning the page, slender fingers tightened around hers and she glanced up, heart in mouth to see brown eyes regarding her sleepily. Sam closed the book and gave all her attention to her lover.

Bedtime stories should always have a happy ending.

The End

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