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Come Fly with Me...
By ncruuk


"I'm going where Sir?"

"Hawaii Mac."

"Yes Sir...." despite her verbal confidence, her expression definitely registered a respectful 'why me'.

"You're hitching a ride from Andrews...with a USAF Lieutenant Colonel Carter..."


"It's all to do with a telescope...she's the military expert on astrophsyics..."

"NASA Sir?"

"No, NORAD....anyway, you have your orders Colonel...Dismissed!"

Four hours later saw a confused Lieutenant Colonel Sarah Mackenzie boarding a USAF transport plane at Andrews, bound for Hawaii.

"Colonel Mackenzie?"


"Colonel Samantha Carter..." explained the tall blonde, extending a hand in greeting.

"You're my expert?" asked Mac skeptically.

"Depends, you're my lawyer?"

"Call me Mac..." declared Mac suddenly, recognising a spark of something akin to amusement in amazingly deep blue eyes.

"Sam..." offered Carter, deciding that, for a Marine, this lawyer didn't seem too bad.

"You know anything about the case?" asked Mac, settling herself into what was not a comfortable seat.


"You mind explaining how you commit treason with a telescope?" countered Mac, recalling the one line brief the Admiral had given her.

"Classified...until we get some quarters..."

"Understood...." And Mac did, although her back was not understanding why she'd picked this particular lump of metal to sit against.

"Hungry?" asked Carter suddenly, reaching for bag, her own stomach rumbling loudly.

"Thanks..." confirmed Mac, glad she wasn't the only one with a healthy appetite.

"MREs, chicken or beef?" offered Sam politely, holding up the two packets, wondering what the reaction would be. Much to her amusement, it was a remarkably neutral smile but the request of 'beef' was definitely made through gritted teeth, prompting Sam to query as she handed over the packet,

"What were you expecting, a cocktail umbrella?"

'Well, I'd heard about Air Force inflight service....was wondering if it was better than my partner's...."

"What's his service like?"

"Rapid....we eject a lot..."

"I thought you were a lawyer..." observed Sam, tucking into her own MRE with something vaguely resembling gusto, or at least revealing a familiarity with the best way to eat an MRE tidily.

"I thought you were a lab geek..." observed Mac, noticing her companion's eating methods, which were remarkably similar to her own.

"When I'm not blowing things up or saving my C.O.'s butt...." admitted Sam offhandedly, not sure what it was about this Colonel that stopped her being offended by the comment, "You?"

"When I'm not watching my partner's six or investigating cases...." agreed Mac, finishing her MRE before asking casually "Blown anything good up?"

'A sun count as good?' thought Sam idly before grinning what could only be described as the sexiest shit-eating grin Mac had ever seen on a fellow Officer, and saying "Classified...investigate anything good?"

"Classified....what does a Marine need to do to get clearance around here Colonel?" asked Mac, in what Sam could safely decide was the most flirtatous question she'd ever been asked by a Marine Officer.

"I'm guessing that's about the same as for a Zoomie?" asked Sam, using what she knew to be Marine slang for aviators, drawing Mac's attention to her silver wings affixed above a fine selection of ribbons resting on the blue uniform.

"How about you buy me dinner...a proper dinner?"

"I think I can manage that..." agreed Sam, glad that her instincts had been correct, "...I'll even buy you a cocktail...."

"I don't drink....I'm an alcoholic..." explained Mac, glad to get that potentially awkward admission over with early.

"Shirley Temple would work though, right?" asked Sam curiously, not in the least bit concerned by the admission.

"If you must...but I prefer tonic with a squeeze of lime...." explained Mac, unable to shudder at the thought of the horribly sweet cocktail, so often an indicator of an uncaring date.

"Guess that could work...." declared Sam, furrowing her brow in deep thought, chewing on her lip in a rather endearing fashion.

"Work?" Mac was intrigued, and rather startled to discover she was finding this Air Force Colonel 'cute'.

"I owe you that cocktail umbrella....."

The End

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