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After the Game was Over
By Celievamp


It was Carter's last night on 'Galactica' before she returned to the 'Daedelus'. It was also the latest of several raucous nights in the mess on Galactica where much of Chief's last batch of 'Ambrosia' had been drunk and many hands of poker, or at least the Galactica equivalent, played. It was on the final tally that Sam Carter discovered, to her dubious delight, that Kara Thrace now technically owned her. Or so she declared. In part payment of the debt Sam promised to introduce Kara to the delights of tequila slammers and something called a lap-dance when the Fleet/SGC exchange programme brought Kara to Earth. Amongst other things…

Kara had somehow cleared the table for the third night in a row. Sam didn't know how she did it – pure dumb luck Kara declared. Sam knew the other woman wasn't counting cards – she was doing that and she still had a miserable night. After the game was over, the two women adjourned to a suspiciously empty crew quarters with a mostly full bottle and two shot glasses. Kara had started kissing her even before the door was closed. Sam managed to hold her off long enough to breathlessly ask. "Where is everyone?"

"Don't know… didn't specify… traded off their markers for them to frack off somewhere else for the night. Want you all to myself…" Kara muttered hands busy unbuttoning Sam's shirt.

'Presumptuous, aren't we…' Sam managed to hold it together for about thirty seconds before she twisted her hands in Kara's shaggy mane of blonde hair and brought the woman's face up to hers. "Made any other plans I should know about?" she asked before she kissed the pilot with a thoroughness that left the usually imperturbable woman wide eyed.

"Not much for planning ahead," Kara gasped, pulling Sam towards the bunk area. Quickly she pulled the blankets and pillows off several of the beds and made a nest on the floor. The racks seemed specifically designed to discourage their occupants from having sex. Kara had fallen off the top bunk once at an… interesting moment and banged up her wrist and sprained her knee again and on another occasion whilst utilising the bottom bunk had nearly scalped herself when her hair caught in the wire mesh that made up the base of the bunk above her. "Come on then, get your kit…"

She turned in time to see a gloriously naked Sam Carter straighten up after putting her discarded clothes in a neat pile on another bunk. She was something else, all right. Kara felt the burn begin in the pit of her stomach as she took in the full pert breasts, lean toned frame with legs that seemed to go on for ever and broad strong shoulders, her pale smooth skin marred here and there by scars. They didn't bother Kara. She was making love to a fellow warrior after all. Still on her knees from sorting out their makeshift bed, Kara true to form did the first thing that came into her head.

She pulled the naked woman towards her, burying her face in the blond curls at the apex of her thighs. Sam let out a surprised grunt and Kara felt her muscles fractionally tense as if her first instinct was to pull away from the intimacy but then she relaxed and her fingers wound in Kara's hair again. She stood with her legs slightly parted to give Kara's fingers and tongue access.

Kara could smell her already as wet silky heat enclosed her fingers. This time she made Sam make what sounded suspiciously like a purring sound. She nuzzled at her again, snaking out her tongue to touch at her clit as she stroked her fingers deeper, tracing the delicate labia, exploring the different textures of hair, skin and the inner surfaces of her new lover's sex. The purring got slightly higher pitched in tone. Kara smiled as she took her clit gently between her teeth, flicking her tongue over it again as she curled her fingers deeper inside Sam, taking most of the other woman's weight now as Sam's hands rested on her shoulders, desperate to hold herself up. Kara could see the muscles quivering in Sam's slim thighs. She would bet everything she owned that Lee Adama wasn't having this much fun on the 'Daedelus'.

Sam's fingernails bit into her shoulders. The pain was nothing compared to the dull ache that had set up residence in her trick knee but Kara knew that the pain would be worth the rewards. The hot musky taste of Sam's sex was the best thing she had tasted since the last legit bottle of Ambrosia had gone south. The palms of Sam's hands were searingly hot where they rested on her shoulders, her body sheened with sweat, a drop trickling invitingly down over toned abs and Kara could tell from the sustained quality of the soft moans she was wresting from the woman that she was real close. Kara braced herself knowing what was likely to happen next.

A hard swipe of her tongue across Sam's clit combined with an almost corkscrew motion of her fingers was enough to send Sam into a jerking orgasm, her head snapping back, her voice locked in a keening wail as her knees buckling under her. Kara caught her and carefully supported her all the way down to the nest of blankets. Sam's fine blonde hair stuck in sweaty clumps to her brown and cheeks, her skin was a dusky rose as the blush slowly started to fade from her face and chest.

"One… hell… of a way… to collect payment…" Sam breathed heavily. Kara let her get her breath back whilst she took off her shirt and bra and shucked off her pants, throwing the discarded clothes into the corner.

"That was just setting out the terms and conditions," Kara grinned. "I'm thinking an instalment plan, I'll go easy on the interest rate… I can…" In a move that she didn't see coming the blonde soldier somehow flipped her onto her back and before Kara could finish drawing breath Sam had her pinned to the floor, straddling her lower abdomen.

"So we're talking a regular repayment schedule then," Sam stared down into deep brown eyes under pale golden brows. "Long term?"

Kara giggled, her usually rather sullen expression transformed. "I certainly hope so," Kara raised her head to unsuccessfully nip at Sam's throat and breasts but Sam continued to hold her down with unsuspected strength. The smile on Sam's face could best be described as thoroughly wicked and for a moment Kara did wonder what she might be getting into. Sam writhed in her lap, heat flashing through Kara's body Then Sam lowered her head to Kara's breasts and mouthed her right nipple, doing something to it with her tongue that made every thought other than her need for Sam to do that again fly out of Kara's head. Sam slid down her body until she was lying alongside her, their legs entwining as Sam began to kiss her way down Kara's sternum before giving her left nipple the same treatment she had just given the right. Her fingers stole between Kara's thighs, the pad of her thumb gently rubbing across Kara's throbbing clit. Kara tried to push herself against the fingers, finding the touch too gentle to give her the release she sought but Sam held her down.

"I'm taking my time," she whispered, her tongue sneaking out to catlick the lobe of Kara's ear. "It'll be worth it, I promise."

"You're gonna fracking kill me," Kara groaned as Sam kissed her way along her collarbone, her fingers tracing labia and slit with maddening slowness. She jumped as something akin to a bolt of electricity shot through her from the base of her spine to the top of her head as a narrow pinkie pushed against the rim of her anus for a second and the tips of two fingers dipped inside her vagina, finding her sweet spot with unerring accuracy.

"You're so wet," Sam whispered. Kara whimpered as Sam withdrew her fingers and then watched entranced as Sam raised them to her lips, licking them. "And you taste… out of this world."

Kara burst out laughing at that, joined moments later by Sam who buried her face between Kara's breasts.

"I'm sorry," Sam wheezed. "… it's been a long time. I think I'm out of practice."

"Just keep making the moves, flygirl," Kara said. "You were doing just fine with those."

Sam nodded, pressing the length of her body to Kara's again, her fingers resuming the slow stroking movements they had been making moments before. "Like this?" she asked softly.

Kara closed her eyes, smiled blissfully. "Just like that."

The End

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