Abby Lewis

Don't Fence Me In... PG-13 Laura/Ellen Life on New Caprica is hard... until it isn't. Complete

Aeryn Ryker

Epoch of Night PG-13 Roslin/OFC Epic Proportions entry. Complete

33 Minutes till Hell PG-13 Roslin/OFC Sequel to 'Epoch of Night'. Complete

Water 18 Roslin/OFC Sequel to '33 Minutes till Hell' - Takes place during the episode "Water." Nyx and Roslin deal with the crisis at hand while also dealing with their new found relationship. Complete


Genesis PG Six/Roslin Six experiences the end, the beginning, and forever in a single experience with Laura Roslin. Complete

She Dreams of Electric Sheep 15 Boomer/? Boomer isn't alone. Complete

They Walk In Beauty 15 Six/Roslin   Maya/Roslin Questions on Laura Roslin's identity and a tribute to Maya. Complete

The Cafe on Adon Street PG Roslin/Starbuck Seven days in the life of Laura Roslin. Complete

The Weight of Numbers PG Laura Roslin/Kathryn Janeway   Janeway/Seven Galactica encounters Voyager in the midst of its escape. Complete

Care for a Twirl? 15 Kara/Dee Some mistakes are meant to be forgotten. Complete


Default Programming 18 Kara/Natalie A leader does what they're programmed to do. Complete

This Wasn't In the Cylon Training Manual 18 Kara/Natalie Natalie makes Kara's skin crawl, and now she wants to return the favor. Complete


God's Chosen PG-13 Boomer Cylon/Carter Human Form Replicator Stargate: SG-1 crossover - A different world, a different life. But a kind of kinship nevertheless. Complete

Heading Home PG Cally/Layne Ishay Cally couldn't remember her name, but she knew that her lips would be soft. Complete

As Dust PG Laura/Six Who knew how much time any of them had left? Complete

The Last Time PG Laura/Six Sequel to 'As Dust' - What to believe. Complete

God's Will PG Laura/Six She has a name. Complete

Unlimited Access PG Laura/Six/D'Anna Biers Laura Roslin was looking forward to meeting D'Anna Biers in person Complete

A Question of Balance 15 Galactica Boomer/Caprica Six 1001 Nights challenge entry - balance. Complete

God's Perfection 15 Eight/Replicarter She is more than us. Better. Brighter. Complete

After the Game was Over 15 Kara/Sam Staragte crossover - After several hands of poker Kara Thrace technically owned Sam Carter. Complete

Sweet Blasphemy 15 Laura/Caprica Response to the femslash_today porn battle. Complete

Life, But Not As We Know It 15 Laura/Laura It had been her greatest fear: that death would not be the end. Complete

Doing Business 15 Six/Chiana Farscape crossover. Complete

The Light Everlasting 18 Laura Roslin/D'anna Biers When one has touched the face and form of God what else is there in life? Complete

Awaiting Your Orders 18 Kara Thrace/Susan Ivanova Babylon 5 - Kara's reputation for not following orders had followed her. Complete

Disciplinary Procedures 18 Laura Roslin/Kara Thrace Written for Porn battle prompt "Desk". Complete

The Height of Happiness 18 Laura Roslin/Six   Laura Roslin/Ellen Tigh Whilst Laura is delirious in the brig and visited by Ellen Tigh, her recurring hallucination of Six is making love to her. Ellen watches and wonders. Complete


An Unexpected Conversation G Laura Roslin/Natalie Six Laura gets an unexpected conversation from Six.. Complete


Tent City Rendezvous 15 Roslin/Starbuck No Synopsis given. Complete

Coming Home G Roslin/Starbuck Sequel to 'Tent City Rendezvous'. Complete

If You Love Something G Roslin/Starbuck Sequel to 'Coming Home'. Complete

Humanity's Children Are Returning Home PG Six/Sam Carter Stargate: SG-1 crossover. Complete


Destination Earth PG Kara/Sam Carter Stargate: SG-1 crossover - Injured and isolated on a hostile planet the two women must work together to survive. Complete

Infliction New PG Sam/Kara Thrace Stargate SG-1 crossover - Kara has to face the nightmares locked in her mind and Sam is powerless to help as Starbuck's history becomes her present. She'd barely survived most of her wounds the first time and now her wounds are about to reopen for all the world to see. Complete

Pain of Sanity PG Kara/Dee Held captive by Leoben, Dee becomes Kara's only lifeline from Leoben's cruel torture. Complete


Prisoner 18 Roslin/Cain Roslin found an unwanted guest in her quarters and takes things into her own hands. Complete


Intrinsic Betrayal 15 Kara/Sharon Kara contemplates the conundrum that is Sharon Valerii. Complete

Right Kind of Wrong 15 Starbuck/Cain No synopsis given. Complete


Human After All PG Kendra Shaw "I am Cain's legacy. I am alive because of the choices she made." Major Kendra Shaw has had a lot to pay for, ever since she became a human weapon. Complete

Lesley Mitchell

Untitled PG Laura/Kara Loss. Complete

Nothing But The Rain

Bent 15 Boomer/F My take on a certain scene. What if it had been someone else had been reprimanding Boomer for a bad landing? Complete


Ice 15 Kara/Sharon Apollo finds Caprica-Sharon in the middle of the night, doing something very suspicious. Complete

A New Year PG-13 Kara/Sharon friendship The turn of the year. Complete

Hate 18 Jean Barolay/No. Six What could have happened in the Water Treatment Plant on New Caprica. Complete

Love 15 Jean Barolay/No. Six What could have happened in the Water Treatment Plant on New Caprica. Complete


Dogfight PG Roslin/Ivanova Babylon 5 crossover - I whisper my goodbye to the sunset makers. Complete


TV Butches Anonymous PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Something has to be done about Valentine's Day. Complete

TV Femmes Anonymous PG-13 Multi-fandom crossover - Something has to be done about Valentine's Day. Complete


On the Roof PG Six/Faith Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover. Complete

Ros Sawyer

Sometimes I Wonder... New 15 Cain/Gina A/U. Complete


Into This Breathing World 15 Kara/Laura Who didn't have a hard on for the president? It was a barracks joke. Kara had thought before about how Roslin's skin might feel under her fingertips. Now she knew for certain: Roslin was soft, like broken-in leather, warm and worn thin against her hand. Complete


Unlikely Encounter PG-13 Ellen/Laura Ellen finds herself in a situation she can't control and a former enemy comes to the rescue. Saul sees more than he should. Complete

So Who Won? 18 Cain/Laura Can Cain and Roslin find a way to communicate? And if they can, do they want to? Complete

Before I Die 18 Ellen/Laura Ellen realises that things have gone too far and has a last request. Complete

Tricks of the Gods 15 Laura/Six Sometimes what you see is not what is. Complete


A Woman Left Lonely PG-13 Laura/Ellen Laura isn't sure where her life is going. Complete

Dreams For Plans PG Kara/Laura She dreams of Earth. Complete

Fall Apart Again PG-13 Cain/Kara Kara tries to come to terms with the Admiral. Complete

We are collapsed in the act of just being here 15 Caprica Six/Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii Five ways Six and Boomer have found time to be alone. Complete

We Won't Need Legs To Stand PG-13 Caprica/Boomer Sharon has her worries, but she will learn to face them. Complete

You Are What You Love G Caprica/Boomer Caprica needs to know who she is. Complete


Ready PG-13 Starbuck/Kat A rewritten scene from Episode 2.15- "Scar" Complete

Pieces PG-13 Kara/Various Starbuck's 'travels' through the fleet. Complete

Susan P

If Only She Would Ask 15 Kara/Laura What if Kara Thrace had ended up in someone else's bed after the Colonial Day party? Complete


Hide and Seek series

Water PG Kara/Laura Missing scene - memories of a time before... Complete

Act of Contrition PG Kara/Laura Responsibilities and longings. Complete

You Can't Go Home Again PG Kara/Laura Kara is missing. Complete

Six Degrees PG Kara/Laura Ass kicking day. Complete

Flesh and Bone PG Kara/Laura The interrogation takes it toll on everyone involved. Choices are made. Complete

Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down PG Kara/Laura Cylons, Raiders and Drunks, Oh My! Complete

Hand of God PG Kara/Laura Taking advantage of opportunities Complete

Terias McKlay

Weakness PG Laura/Sharon A discussion of weakness. Complete


Second Fiddles PG-13 Cally/Racetrack They weren't the best of the best, but good enough for each other. Complete

Dreaming 18 Kara/Laura Starbuck has a wet dream that doesn't end where she expects it to. Complete

The Lies We Tell 15 Kara/Cain A Resurrection Ship, pt. 2, Drabble. What if Fisk had done what Kara could not? Complete

Gifts are Good PG Kara/Cally It's the little things that matter the most. Complete

Unexpected PG-13 Kara/Kat The tension between Starbuck and Kat comes to a head. Complete

The Price PG Kara/Sharon Let her die, Sharon. Complete

A Little TLC PG Kara/Sharon Starbuck suffers an injury. Complete

Bedtime Story PG Kara Thrace/Shane Vansen Space: Above and Beyond crossover - Kara has a conversation with her new bunk mate. Complete

Piece of Mind 15 Kara/Sharon Post "Lay Down Your Burdens", captured by the Cylons, Sharon tries to help Kara accept the One God. Complete


Before, During and After 15 Kara/Cain Kara usually gets what she wants, but so does Admiral Cain. Complete


The First (and Last) Meeting of the FCwPP PG Multi-fandom crossover - The First (and Last) Meeting of the FCwPP (Femslash Characters with Perceived Problems) Complete