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Unlikely Encounter
By selenay_x


Ellen cursed inwardly as she pulled away from the young man. It had seemed a good idea at the time. Join a handsome young man for a drink, a little harmless flirtation with someone who didn't require any deep thought or effort like some others she could name. Instead of being fun, he'd been irritatingly grabby and had put her totally out of the mood. Unfortunately YD (young drunk as she had taken to calling in her mind when she couldn't remember his name) took offence to having his fun curtailed. Grabby turned into something more violent and potentially dangerous.

Just as she began to run out of options rescue came from an unlikely source. Ellen recognised Laura Roslin's voice.

"The lady said to leave her alone."

"She's no lady. And it's none of your business." The drunk man turned aggressively toward Laura.

Laura sighed inwardly why did they always have to make things difficult?. She pinned him with her best school teacher glare. "Leave. Now!"

He took a step toward her and away from Ellen. She took a step into his personal space, folded her arms and kept the challenging expression on her face. Just as she'd hoped, he's been taught by a strong minded teacher in his past and responded to the psychological cue by leaving, albeit with bad grace, showing his displeasure with a show of strength by shouldering her to the floor as he passed.

To her surprise Ellen found herself offering a hand to Laura, who accepted with a half smile and pulled herself to her feet.

"Care to join me for a drink? I have a bottle in the tent."

Laura quirked an eyebrow at the invitation and to her credit managed to sound sincere with her acceptance.

Invitation made and accepted, Ellen did her best to make Laura comfortable, well, drunk, same kind of difference. It took the better part of the bottle, but eventually she figured Laura was relaxed enough for her to ask the questions about the thing that had most of the crew and civilians intrigued, Laura's harem, as one viper pilot had improperly put it.

Considering that Laura had laughed when she told her of the speculation, Ellen carried on the line of questioning.


"Too young and so, so naive."

"Lee Adama"

"See previous response and raise you one knight in shining armour complex."


"Cute but tried to kill me."


"Far too freaky. Talks to himself or some imaginary friend. And Gods – those twitches"


"Not in this lifetime. No offence meant."

"And if I take offence?"

Laura quirked an eyebrow. "Do you?"

Ellen looked at her considering her options. The evening had been a total bust so far, and the near miss she'd just had made her a little nervous at how badly she'd misjudged the man. Hanging around boy scouts had dulled her instincts. And here, on New Caprica, Laura was different, almost as if the real Laura had made an appearance. Certainly since she had been teaching she had seemed far happier than she ever had before and infinitely more relaxed. Perhaps this Laura was open to alternative possibilities in which case the evening might have a halfway decent ending.

"No. Even I would cheerfully put him out of an airlock on occasion. So how about the main man, Bill Adama."

"Not sure he ever noticed I was a woman and if he did he was far too busy either demonising me or putting me on a pedestal."

"What a waste."

"I would definitely have to agree with that."

"So what about Starbuck?"

Laura only responded with a giggle.

"You didn't." Ellen wondered if she looked as stunned as she felt. "You wouldn't. Would you?" With Roslin what you saw was not necessarily what was actually there.

Laura smirked and leant back, stretching. Ellen's sexual radar kicked in. She could be wrong, but that move looked remarkably like an invitation. Now the only question was whether to accept. And that really wasn't a question at all.

She reached out and ran her hand slowly from Laura's knee to her thigh. Well, that answered question one, the woman hadn't made any attempt to stop her. She moved in to a kiss, deepened it when there was no pulling away or attempt to stop her.

And then there was a response. Hot, hard and sexually charged. Frakking amazing.

And then Laura broke the contact and just met Ellen's eyes with that serene, controlled look and did nothing.

Ellen sat back, regarded Laura, thoughtfully. Now that could be construed as a challenge.

"Lean back."

Laura gave her a half smile and complied with the request. Interesting. She moved into her space and initiated a second kiss. This time there was no response. Oh, so that was the game.

She looked at Laura calculatingly. She had her legs curled under her and was leaning back, one arm resting against the arm of the couch. OK, this could just work. She took hold of both wrists, turned her so her head was resting against the couch arm, then placed her arms over her head, wrists crossed.

"Don't move them."

"Ell? You there?" Tigh was confused. The lights were on, but Ellen wasn't answering. The only sound was a low moaning, interspersed with a sharply indrawn breath. Going further into the room, he ground to a halt in shock. It couldn't be. He hadn't touched a drop at all that day.

Nope. He was still seeing things. There was his wife astride the former (half naked) President of the Colonies, one hand gently circling her breast. Which meant the other was….. Oh Frak! There were some things a man shouldn't see, and this was just plain wrong.

The End

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