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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a translation of a story I wrote for Sylvester on a German fanfic list.
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A New Year
By Olli


Sharon was puzzled. She couldn't explain why the humans had let her out of the brig today of all days. Beyond that, they had brought her to the observation lounge at Galactica's bow. She stood between two hulking Marines at the back of the room. It was semi-dark and no one had yet noticed her, so she hadn't had to deal with the expressions of hate and disdain the humans usually showed her. She was also puzzled by the view outside the panoramic window. Just in front of Galactica, the ships of the fleet had formed two long lines with their bows turned towards each other.


Suddenly Starbuck appeared beside her with both hands behind her back and a wide, familiar grin on her face. She nodded at the Marines and they removed Sharon's handcuffs. Surprised, Sharon rubbed her wrists. Often the Marines cuffed her much harder than necessary.

"Thank you," she said and Starbuck's grin widened another centimetre. For a moment a warmth flashed in the human's eyes that made Sharon forget her painful wrists.

Starbuck brought her hands out from behind her back and presented four cups in one hand and a bottle of Ambrosia with the other. Before Sharon could think twice, the Marines and she had cups in their hands and Starbuck was pouring Ambrosia into them. "Special order," she explained and nodded at the front of the room. Sharon stretched up onto the balls of her feet and peered through the crowd. She saw Admiral Adama and President Roslin standing closely together before the panoramic window talking quietly. Well, Sharon thought, it couldn't be Roslin who had given this order, so…

"You helped us and so we thought you should have a little vacation from the brig," Starbuck explained and clanked her cup with the Marines' and Sharon's.

Before Sharon could say anything she stared wide-eyed through the window along with everyone else in the room. Galactica's viper squadron roared in perfect formation along the battlestars' bow through the alley of ships. With glowing engines and coloured signal ammunition they let this little part of the dark galaxy shine in bright light.

The End

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