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Don't Fence Me In...
By Abby Lewis


Laura Roslin was possibly the most reluctant at settling out of the group. Most people had given in to the 'New Caprica' assignment easily, not Laura. Laura was fighting it, hard. She had only stopped when she was promised a second chance at a relationship with someone she greatly cared for.

Ellen Tigh had been extremely flighty and had taken a while to get used to her new place as a Teacher's Assistant. Truth be told, she hated it. She'd only become a little less flighty when she was given her assignment properly. Maya had not taken to her much but Ellen didn't care… she was finally alone with Laura. Her friend, her… her good friend.

Things were awkward to start with and when Laura realised why she was feeling slightly scared she was shocked, but also not too surprised. She had always found Ellen highly annoying but pretty… and now she seemed… worried. Still, she also seemed to relax when Laura herself was near. The woman had taken to staying in her tent and when Ellen slept it was often in Laura's lap or resting her head on Laura's shoulder, the trust clear.

Laura had stumbled into Ellen once outside the tent, shaken and bleeding. Ellen had been clinging tightly to her since then and Laura found she hated seeing her terrified, her protective streak clear as she hid Ellen away, keeping Ellen safe.

Once she was sure she could handle being rejected, absolutely sure, which took a while, she decided to face facts and tell Ellen exactly how she felt. Once she had decided she found it hard to catch Ellen alone, as often happens.

When she did she found it hard, nearly impossible, to make herself tell the woman. When it was finally done she found herself pulled into a tight hug, the woman's head brushing her neck, the woman's soft kiss surprising her.

"Took you long enough Laura."


Laura smiled shyly.

"Was I that obvious?"

"Oh yeah."

The End

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